Pennsylvania Hotel

, New York City, United States
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Pennsylvania Hotel

, New York City
3 star

Rooms: 1705

401 7th Ave - New York City - New York - 10001 - United States Hotel Website | | 2127365000
5138 Traveller

Reviews - Pennsylvania Hotel

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Fine for shopping and location
Submitted by: Anne in 07/01/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Ireland
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Stayed in this hotel November 2006. Had read all the reviews so was pleasantly surprised. The hotel is old but spotlessly clean even though the corridors were very shabby. The craic in the bar was great and the food lovely. If all you want is somewhere clean and safe to lay your head after all the shopping and sightseeing this hotel won't be beaten for price and location. Try Mustang Harris up the street for fab food. Enjoy
Submitted by: Tracey in 21/12/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Ireland
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
I was slightly apprehensive goin to the pennsylvania hotel coz i had heard good and bad reports but it was class the location was fantastic across the road from madission square gardens were i was iucky enough to get tickets for Barbara Streisand and an ice hockey match.The hotel is literally 5 mins walk to Times Square and 10mins to 5th Avenue. the room myself and my friend had as students it was brillant big and spacious and the beds were really comfortable.It is near all happening places such as planet hollywood and the hard rock and a number of Irish bars such as Tir na nOg on 8th Avenue and The Playwrite off 6th Avenue. The staff were excellent and extremely friendly. Everyone in the hotel were lovely. I will deffinately be returning!!!!
Great Holiday
Submitted by: Tony in 04/12/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From:
  • Traveller type: Pleasure Seeker
Great place to stay will stay again
Would never stay there again!
Submitted by: Y in 29/11/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Ireland
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
Best part was the hotel lobby, and location. Room was large but needed to be renovated badly. At least it was serviced daily with clean sheets and towels. Worst part was to wake one morning to see a mouse run across the room! Yes a mouse! Would not stay in this hotel again - been to NYC on numerous occasions this would have to be the worst hotel!
Hole In The Wall
Submitted by: Jewel in 29/11/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
Grossed out. I was thinking the Pennsylavania Hotel would be a nice place due to its location. After getting to a room, which was the size of a shoebox with broken furniture I found a roach crawling around in my room. After screaming, I went to reception and was placed in a better room with no AC and seemingly like Las Vegas desert heat. Please people if you need to stay somewhere..think twice about staying here.
Friendly staff
Submitted by: Susan in 10/11/06
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
Staff were friendly. The rooms were very basic. The telly was temprimental, but we didn't stay in so it was fine it was just a base.
Submitted by: Catherine in 22/09/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: Ireland
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Checking in did take some time. When we first arrived the room we were given looked like it hadn't been decorated since 1920. We had to stay there til the next afternoon - there were no other rooms available til then. But we were then given a small but clean room. When you're in NYC all you want is somewhere clean to lay your head at night and somewhere very central - this is it! Going back again in November 2007
Refugee Centre
Submitted by: Andrew in 20/09/06
  • Age Group:
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
My missus and I booked a trip to New York, The highlight was to See U2 at Maddison Square Garden. As Penn hotel was just across the road why not stay there?
I will add now I have stayed in many hotels in many countries and all the hotels in the USA I have stayed in have been great, so I expected a Large hotel in central Manhattan to be at the very least OK. But........
Problems began on arrival, the lobby was full of teenagers, probably on a school outing, all were larking about and nobody seemed to be interested in stopping them smashing the place up.
Various Eastern european looking people were eying people in the check in que up and down, in what now began to feel like a refugee centre.
After a increadably long wait to check in I looked at my wife who now looked extreamly scared any we turned from the desk,fought through the crowds and headed towards the lifts.
The lifts had a 1930's charm to them but that was the only good thing I could say.
As soon as the doors opened we were swept in by a gang of teenagers, while the people inside the lift were unable to get out.
On arrival at our floor we were greeted by a disgusting corridor with peeling plaster on the walls dim lighting and sticky carpet complete with many stains.
Our room was a hell hole, we barely were in a few seconds before heading straight back to reception to complain.
Of course we had to stand in the que again.
The stressed looking guy at reception gave us a new room before we had chance to say anything, you got the impression this happened a lot.
A new room, a new floor except this was even worse.
Dirty sheets, dirty window sills, a window wouldn't close, filthy bathroom with door hanging off, bare electric wires everywhere, it just went on and on.
I phoned down to reception and was put through to the manager, To be fair she done all she could for us and gave us another room for one night, and promised she would "up-grade" us for the remaining 2 nights.
But the third room was just as bad, by now my wife was in tears and saying we should head back to the airport to fly home.
We didn't do that, I phone round various hotels and booked a hotel in the wall street area with a a promise I could look inside the rooms before paying anything.

We went straight outside, didn't bother hand our key back and took a taxi to the other hotel.

What a difference, slightly more expensive, but CLEAN, quiet, comfortable and had friendly staff.
The missus perked up, and had herself a girly soak in the fantastic bathroom.

I didn't care that I lost the money on the rooms I'd paid for at the Penn.
Our stay at the other hotel was fantastic.

And the U2 concert was brilliant

(As we left MSG I couldnt help but feel sorry for the couple we saw getting out a taxi with their bags and entering the Penn)

You have been warned, I wasn't!
Pennsylvania Hotel my gosh
Submitted by: Gary in 20/07/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
There is a restaurant in the Pennsylvania Hotel that is great, Joe owns it, i forget the name. The rest of the hotel is abysmal.
I won't go into detail. The room was disgusting. I felt what it was like to be in prison.
Just DO NOT STAY THERE. I don't care if it's 40 bucks a night.
Please do me a favor and stay SOMEWHERE ELSE!
It's the worst hotel I have ever ever stayed at.
The location is great; so what.
Stay somewhere else.
I survived the stay there; you should not try.
Hotel Pennsylvania, not recommended
Submitted by: Ben in 14/07/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Large Group/School
My group (My E-Media class, my year and the newly enroled students; in addiion to some Drama and Multimedia students as well as around half a dozen lecturers) had planned to go on a trip to New York to soak in the atmosphere, culture and to see the sites in addition to seeing the various forms of media or other items that related to our respective clases. Two locations had been initially proposed and after the first was discarded after a group vote (The first was a hostel near Central Park West) we opted for the Pennsylvania Hotel, impressed with the images on the web page and it's central location.

Upon arrival we saw how good the location was, the hotel is based across the street from Madison Square Garden, Penn Station and within a few blocks of Macy's and the Empire State Building. The hotel is also within less than half a hour's walking of Times Square and is well located for shopping, travel and sightseeing. So the hotel has the merit of good location.

However, upon arrival the group was met by a overcrowded lobby and evidence of staff who seemed overworked. After what might have been a 45 minute wait we were able to get our bags placed into a single hold room until it was time for check in (We were able to amble around Manhattan for a bit to while away the wait time we were given). Check in itself also appeared to take a similar amount of time due to an unknown problem with the key cards but we were eventually able to get moving again.

After collecting our bags we stepped off the elevator and were greeted by a less than pleasent sight in the hotel corridors and later our rooms. It's true that you get what you pay for an in the case of a college group there was no exception, however it is my personal belief that the area where our rooms were booked was not suitable or representative of the money we had willingly paid to stay. The corridors (we were staying, if memory serves on the 4th or 5th floor) exhibited damp and mouldy wallpaper, as well as chunks of missing plasterwork and small bits of debris on the carpet.

I had read some of the reviews beforehand, including indications that areas were under renovation but this wasn't apparant there.

Entry to our room proved difficult due to the security guard inadvertantly locking behind the previous people to occupy the room (Initially it looked like there was in fact a problem with the key card itself). A member of the staff was nearby and remarked that this appeared to be a regular problem. After managing to wrestle the door so the guard would unlock (It required a rough ram using my shoulder) we were able to enter our room (After taking a look at the door the security guard would move and lock itself into place due to the way the door shook when it closed). The impressions didn't improve much with the rather dingy decor and damaged furniture. Much of the furniture felt it was either little cared for or placed there in the cheaper rooms as they would likely be rented by students (The assumption that either these could be afforded if they were broken or effective hand me downs, it remains unknown but the impression isn't hard to achieve).

There was evidence of infestation, while we did not see anything suring our stay there was a report (Backed up by one of the lecturers) that a mouse had been found in one room as well as reports of leakage and smells in other rooms.

The view was reasonable I suppose, however you could look into other hotel room windows and it overlooked a dark and dank interior space of the building... however that is not specifically the hotel's fault, more a design flaw.

The bedsheets were cheap, but reasonable but they did cause a worryingly large amount of static electric shocks so be careful when using electric items. In addition several of the wall outlets had disconnected from the walls and I was concerned of electric shock.

The quality of the calls that could be made with the provided telephone seemed patchy, however I did hear reports that some didn't work at all.

The bathroom was small, as you'd expect with room planning in a city like New York where real estate was prime, but a number of the fittings were rusted and the shower was constantly leaking or running all of the time as it could not be shut fully off.

The room was unsuitable for the people occupying it as they would have surely known in advance there would be at least four people to a room, we had two large single beds and a sofa bed but no place for the forth person to sleep (It was fortunate that one person slept most of his nights in another room) but reports of insufficient beds weren't uncommon in our group.

Upon investigation and reports on the site it is fair to say that the more 'reasonable' rooms were on the 10th floor and above, but I still feel that even if the rooms below were to have basic services they should have been rendered clean and safe for better reviews.

Security was somewhat questionable, there was a notice and a hotel employee near the elevator banks who was placed there to check that people approaching the elevators had a hotel key, however during the entire trip we were never asked. Members of the group were also able to enter the basement and conference areas without challenge.

I will reitterate that in location, the Pennsylvania Hotel is in a prime location for shopping and sightseeing in Manhattan. However, unless you're able to afford the more expensive rooms I would recommend staying elsewhere.

School/College/University groups: I heavily recommend you stay away from the Pennsylvania and seek alternate occomodation.

I would also recommend that the owners and operators of the Pennsylvania look into restoring or upgrading the lower floors of their hotel so that even if the facilities are basic they are safe and clean.

While I will honestly admit that I had some unfair expectation after staying in the Beford Hotel in the West 40s of the city (Which is a fantastic hotel I would always recommend) I believed there were some basic standards that were either broken or ignored here.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Pennsylvania Hotel

I Had A Good Experience at the Hotel Pennsylvania

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania in May of 2002. It was my 2nd trip to NYC & the 2nd time I would stay in the hotel. To be honest, after the long flight & long ride in I was looking forward to getting my room & crashing. There was NO record of my pre-payment through package purchased through travel agent. This slowed things down but the clerk assured me it would be straightened around the next day. So, I went up to my room and found it to be dingy but hey - you get what you pay for. The towels were plentiful & clean, the bed comfy & clean, the furniture dated granted but I've stayed in worse. (Try a bug-infested bungalow with no toilet paper in Cuba.) I guess I'm just not fussy. If you want the Waldorf at a Pennsylvania price - dream on. The room was clean, the staff helpful. In any event, this original problem was straightened out & I received apologies all around as well as a letter in the mail with another apology AS WELL as a voucher for the next time I stay I will receive a free room upgrade & a few other goodies. This hotel is in a GREAT area, the door-men/taxi "getters" & concierge people were all super. The maids were great & I would definately stay there again.

The City dump looked attractive after this.

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at the hotel Pennsylvania in early december, 2002, and it was the most disgusting place I have ever stayed in, in my life. I will say for the most part the hotel staff were polite, and lobby was great (I would rather have just set up camp and slept there), but the rest was disgusting. We stayed in room #356, we went up there at 6pm to discover the room hadn't been cleaned yet. Everything in there was scored/marked up, the beds sagged, the walls were covered in marks (our friends across the hall had mold), our bathroom ceiling was cracking and caving in, and you wouldn't ever want to let any skin touch the floor. When we called for towels and extra blankets it took the staff over an hour and a half to bring them, and even then the blankets had holes in them. The "view" from our window was a brick wall about 10 feet away. After the first night we forced them to change our rooms, and we went up to #1022, which although bigger, still had holed sheets. One night at 1:30am I had to go down to hotel management so that they have someone finally send towels..after we waited more than 2 hours, there were 20 odd people lined up who wanted to check out because their rooms were so bad. One group of 3 people were put up in an uncleaned room with one bed. One thing that we all found pretty funny about the experience was that they check your room key before you could get into the elevators...well as we all figured "what do we care if they let us in or not, we don't even want to stay here!".

t stay please!

from A TripAdvisor Member
First i would like to say that PLEASE DON'T BOOK A ROOM HERE. They are horrible. First i walked in the room ans had to wear bags on my feet i was so scared to walk on this filthy, mushing, wet, dirty floor. The draps smelt so bad and where litteratly black. The bath room had mold and there was no shower curtian. I was VERY unpleased by their surface. They were rude and cruel and would not let me have a refunde. PLEASE don't go here it'z a nightmear.

The good, the bad and the ugly

from A TripAdvisor Member
Every negitive review you read here is true! We read them before we left for our trip and didn't think it would be as bad as everyone said- but it was!!!! It looked like something from the Shinning or an insane asylum! Hadn't been cleaned in years.. rooms were gross. Halls scary. We watched people checking in, only to see them later, checking out! We were on 3rd floor before we complained and got moved to the 11th (renovated floor). Even those rooms had their own set of problems. IF you go there take Clorox wipes, Draino, curtain for the bathroom window, and a LOT of PATIENCE!

Dismiss the Negative Comments!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My girlfriend and I just returned from a three-night stay at the Hotel Penn. We were VERY concerned about staying there but unfortunately we could not be released from our prepaid agreement through - $535 for three nights (including tax).

We read some very disturbing reviews just prior to leaving for NY and went prepared to battle the elements. We packed extra towels, earplugs, roach bait, etc - it was as if we were planning to stay in the worst-of-the-worst hostel.

Upon arrival, we were able to get a room immediately and were granted a newly renovated room - Room #1025A. The room was a corner suite with plenty of room and closet space. We didn't have towels upon arrival but someone quickly brought them to our room. We ended up blowing the electricity in our room with two hair dryers but we found it to be more entertaining than frustrating. The only quasi irritation came on our last day during checkout - massive lines for check out and luggage storage - be prepared for 30-45 minute process.

We had the most amazing time in NY and were pleasantly surprised by the Hotel Penn. We were only in our hotel for about eight hours of each day - only to sleep and shower. You don't travel to New York to stay in the hotel - there is so much to do and most of which is nearby the Hotel Penn. Location, location, location....

Anyone who travels knows that New York is old and full of "dumpy" hotels that are expensive - Being realistic about your expectations will help level-set your experience. So if you want something immaculate AND cheap, try New York New York in Las Vegas instead.

The Poor Reviews Are Accurate!

from bonus180
Stayed 5th to 8th Dec 2002 - This Hotel is dirty, poorly run (heating didn't work & it was freezing) and not deserving of it's 3 star status. Cheap? compared to what? an unclassified motel?
If you've booked - get your Travel Agent to move you now (don't leave it till you get there). We didn't hear one good word said by anybody!

NY is a great place (we were there in May), we'll be back - but not to the Pennsylvania!

p.s. you can tell the Hotel management don't care by all the poor review postings.

Great Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
I read the reviews on this website after I'd booked my stay in the Pennsylvania and was a little worried. However, my experience was quite different than the other reviewers. We arrived at 2 p.m. and were checked in immediately (even though check-in isn't until 3 p.m.). Our room was small (as I'd expect of a 2 star city room). It was very clean. The entire room was in very good condition. We had a huge TV, a dressing table, drawers, wardrobe and a clock radio. The bathroom was also very clean. The maids cleaned the room every day and replaced the towels. All of the staff at the hotel were very friendly and polite. We checked out as easily as we checked in. The only problem we had during our stay was a broken light bulb in a table lamp. After we had informed reception, someone came to replace the bulb within 10 minutes. I'd recommend the Pennsylvania to anyone who wants a great value hotel in an ideal location. If you want something more upmarket then I'd go for a more expensive 4 or 5 star hotel.

Charming, Going Back Again

from A TripAdvisor Member
First of all, the building is beautiful, it's in the heart of Manhattan and directly across from Penn Station. You can tour NY without a car very easily from this location by walking, using the subway, etc. Secondly, the unrenovated rooms have old Victorian furniture, I think maybe the original from the 1930's, which makes the rooms charming despite old water marks or worn furniture and old fashioned bathrooms. Our room very much reminded me of my grandmother's house in the sense that she also kept all the old original furniture from when she got married along with musty old shades, etc. The beautiful lobby and brass swinging doors add a treat to your way out or in and help make up for the flaws of the unrenovated rooms, if unrenovated is what you choose. You cannot beat this price and you won't be spending much time in your room anyway with so much to do literally right outside your door. Our bathroom was clean with a nice door for privacy, plenty of water pressure, etc. Sure, go down the street and stay at Marriott but spend a fortune, if you can afford it that is. I just made reservations to take a friend back to the same hotel after taking my son this summer for a tour of NY. The easy access allowed us to see everything we wanted to see in NY at that time in only 3 days. This time its for the night life!

Only O.K.

from A TripAdvisor Member
While the website for this hotel looked wonderful, the only nice thing about it was the beautiful lobby. It did take a long time to check in, but even though we were early for check-in they gave us a room. The room itself was fine, even though it was smallish and kinda dingy looking. The only problem was that somebody else's luggage was still in the room! Once that FINALLY got straightened out, we soon learned that the air conditioning wasn't working very well. It was a Saturday in June, and the maintenance men must have had the weekend off, because after we complained multiple times we finally had someone fix it on Monday morning. And we finally got an alarm clock on Monday morning too. Good thing we didn't need it over the weekend!

All in all this hotel was O.K., with a great location directly across from Penn Station and a couple restaurants and snack shops in the hotel. I would stay there again, but only if I got a really, really good rate!

Cancel your reservation now!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The website is very misleading. Glossy pictures and a nice flash reservations system, are not a true representation of this hotel. The rooms are the worst I have stayed in. They are tiny, dirty and not really fit to keep a dog in. We'll be asking for a refund.

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  • Address: 401 7th Ave - New York City - New York - 10001 - United States
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