Park 79 Hotel

, New York City, United States
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Park 79 Hotel

, New York City
2 star

Rooms: 100

117 West 79th Street - New York City - New York - 10024 - United States Hotel Website | | (212) 787-3300
694 Traveller

Reviews - Park 79 Hotel

Historical Traveller Reviews of Park 79 Hotel

OK for the price

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed here for one Saturday night in August 2003. The location was awesome - right near Central Park, Natural History Museum and a great Sunday flea market. It was what I expected for the price - a place that a starving artist might live in. (Made me feel like a real struggling New Yorker!)

The room was a decent size, had a functional tv, a wash basin, two twin beds (which I pushed together) and even a private toilet - all for around $90 (including tax). The toilet cracked me up though - it was smaller than an airplane toilet and had been obviously been added as an afterthought. You had to walk up one step and a large person would not have fit in there!

The one complaint was that the elevator took way too long to get up to my floor (was near the top floor) so I had to keep taking the steps.

I was only staying for one night so I was able to tolerate the room b/c the location was so nice. I even found free parking right on the street just steps from the hotel!

almost, but not, acceptable

from A TripAdvisor Member
I was pleased when my girlfriend and I first arrived at the hotel -- the location is good (right next to Central Park, two blocks from Zabar's and Sarabeth's, very close to a couple of different subway lines and a cross-town bus) and the room was tiny but perfectly fine.
The problem came up at night, when we realized that everything in the next room (as a previous poster has said, what was obviously once part of the same room, now partitioned off by a thin sheet of plywood) was as audible to us as if there had been no wall. Until 2:00 am we clearly heard their TV (X-Files), their conversations (about some hot but manipulative girl being into one of them), their cell-phone arguments (with someone in Chicago, over what time someone's sister was getting home from a date), their nose-blowings, mysterious steam sounds -- everything. And though they were up late for my own taste, they were not talking or TV-watching particularly loudly. We ended up pushing the bed to the other side fo the room, so that our heads were by the window and the sounds from next door were a little drowned out by the traffic noises. Also, minor problem: the cosmetically renovated bathroom had cheap enough plumbing that the sink had no gas trap. The bathroom smelled of sewage.


from A TripAdvisor Member
This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. I can understand the point that some of the other poster's have made,i.e. If you want luxury then you should have to pay for it, but I have stayed in Paris (x3), Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cologne and many other budget hotels and have always had an enjoyable experience. I usually like to spend quite a lot of money when I go away, but I prefer to spend it in restaraunts, bars, shopping etc which is why I thought that a budget NY hotel would suit me fine. I have always thought of hotels as primarily a place to sleep, after all, who wants to go to NY and spend all of there time in a hotel room? I always thought of myself as the kind of guy that would be happy with anywhere as long as I could get my head down for the wrong I was!!

I booked the Hayden by travel. I arrived at about 13:00 on a Thursday and was able to check in straight away. Sitting in the lobby were two guys who happened to be from where I'm from in London. they were just leaving to get to the airport. They told me that it wasn't very good, I now realise that this was an attempt at the understatement of the year so as not to ruin my holiday by telling me the truth!

I was immediately a bit suspicous as none of the desk staff spoke english, I went to my room and I couldn't beleive that I had actually booked it. It was an absolute disgrace, I half imagined that I would see prostitutes and crack dealers roaming the halls! The first night that I went out I was in a state of panic at the thought of having to go back to the hayden and was seriously considering booking into the Hilton for the rest of the trip. My one saving grace was that the Friday night/saturday morning (4am EST) was the rugby world cup final which i went to watch in Clancy's pub. Therefore I didnt actaully go to bed on friday night and just about managed to grab a couple of hrs sleep on saturday morning so I suppose technically I only spent 2 nights at the hayden. Anyway, to summise, an all round horrible experience and I would advise anyone to stay well clear. YOu can find much better for the same price, alternatively, it really is worth the extra few bucks for a nicer hotel.

Fair, but you can do better for the same price.

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Hayden is rather run down. There was some renovation activity going on during our visit, but most of the rooms I saw, including ours, were not top flight.

The private baths are rather jury rigged affairs that are neither inviting nor comfortable. They appear to be hasty installations to a hotel that originally had no private facilities.

The room itself was drab, with bare light bulbs. On the good side, the staff was fine and the clientele mostly other middle-class people looking for a bargain.

For the same price, you can get better accomodations, but you have to be willing to look.

Hayden Hall is good enough!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I didn't have any problems. The main thing is I felt safe. If you're not real picky, you certainly can't beat the price. You tend to walk a lot in NYC anyway, so a bed to lay your exhausted body until you go out again the next day is good enough for me.

Best Hotel Ever

from A TripAdvisor Member
Best hotel ever. Had a jacuzzi in my room and they brought the compimentary breakfast up to the room in the morning. Excellent service.

t stay at this hotel***

from fargone
I booked a single room for one night at the Hayden Hall hotel, New York on the 13th September 2003. The website quotes the check-in time as being 15:00. Upon arrival I witnessed a disturbing scene. A French visitor was asking for his personal valuables from the receptionist. He was given an empty box. When he tried to ask the receptionist to look again, the receptionist brusquely told him that that was all there was. Another waiting guest and I looked on as the French visitor understandably became irate with the receptionist, who then made an effort to "take another look". The correct box was then found... The other waiting guest and I were then told that rooms were not ready yet. At this stage, the time was 14:55. We were told that we could leave our luggage in the storage room. But after witnessing that disturbing scene, we were very reluctant to do so. In the end, after much arguing we had to wait until 15:15 before the receptionist checked us in. When asked for his name, the receptionist refused to give a surname. All he would divulge was his first name (Robert) which probably wasn't his real name anyway. Fortunately, the other waiting guest was an officer which probably gave us a bit more leverage. My room was on the 7th floor. The floor decor was extremely unkempt and old as was my room. Everything about the room was at least 10 years old. Paintwork, fridge, TV, ceiling fan (there is no air conditioning) and bed. The towels were stained. The bathroom was also of the same condition. When I took a shower, I had to wait 10 minutes before any hot water came through the taps. The bathdrain blocked up almost immediately leaving me swimming in soapy water during my shower. Funnily enough, I ventured onto the floor below during the night since the shared toilet was occupied. I found that the bathroom/toilet on the 6th floor was a completely different story and was obviously recently refurbished. I can't say whether the rooms on the other floors were any different from mine but it seemed to me that you get what you pay for. The other waiting guest paid a lot more for his room but got a room on the 4th floor. My advice is to steer clear of this hotel unless you are really strapped for cash. It spoilt my night in New York and I was very uneasy about the safety factor.

Possible the Worst Hotel in New York

from SmartGuy475
We needed a place on the West Side before the World Series game. We checked the picture on the Website, and figured we were only going to spend 7 hours in the room anyway- let's give it a shot.
So we arrived Thursday evening. The front desk clerk was multilingual... in every language except English. After a 1/2 hour check in, we went to the room. Luckily, New York was comnfortable at 60 degrees because the room did not have any heat. I don't mean the heat wasn't working; the room actually lacked a radiator which was removed from the floor leaving the pipes exposed. To warm up the bathroom, we let the blow dryer run for 30 minutes.
The wood floor was filthy and the rug wasn't much better. The bed was actually comfortable though and the t.v. and phone worked. There were no furnishings to speak of. It was actually quiet from 3 a.m.until 7 a.m. until we were awakened by the opera singer in the adjoining room.
I would advise staying there if you want a good New York war story. It is too bad it couldn't be disinfected because the location is great right off of the Henry Hudson Parkway exit at 79th street and is convenient to the subways and Lincoln Center. I would bring my own bedding next time along with a few gallons of Odo-Ban and start drinking heavily to pass the time.
But it didn't jinx us. We saw the best 7th game in history for us Yankee fans as the Yankees tore the hearts out of the Boston Red Sox yet another year.

Holy ****! Bugs in the bed!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My brother and I stayed there in January 2003. There were small black bugs in the bed, duck tape holding the broken slabs of glass that made up the window, a face towel acting as the gap between the window and window sill. The bathroom rarely had toliet paper, and had broken shower sliding doors that jammed- (very scary when you cant get out for a bit!) The heat did not work, and the front desk refused to give us a second blanket in the middle of bloody winter! AHHHH! For your sake, find another place- I'll put it this way---I'd rather of slept on the floor in the lobby, than the room I paid for....filthy.

If only I had seen these reviews beforehand

from A TripAdvisor Member
I came across the Hayden Hotel on the internet and having seen the rooms displayed on their website was more than happy to stay there.
Decent cleans rooms at an affordable price or so I thought. I booked a double room with a private bathroom for myself and a friend who was due to arrive later that day. A young couple ahead of me at checking in were already upset on arrival which should have given me some indictaion of what to expect. They had paid for a room only to find that it had been double booked and they had nowhere to stay, a lucky escape some might say. Having paid on arrival and given the price of $79 per night I then found that I was going to have to pay $99 but hey I thought that's still cheap for what I was expecting. From the website I was under the impression that I would be getting a newly refurbished room with a private bathroom, TV with HBO movies and all the general amenities you might expect. What I got was a tatty room with a stained, dirty thread bare carpet, mirrors covered in mould, a ceiling fan that had not been cleaned since time began, dirty sheets, pubic hairs on the toilet seat, the shower was hanging from the wall, a tv with only 2 channels, a remote that did not work, a wonky table and 2 metal folding chairs to sit on, paint peeling from the dirty brown walls and the view from the window was a wall. Having complained I was told that only the top 2 floors had been refurbished as yet and that they would move me the next day. To be fair they were as good as their word and did give us a marginally better room freshly decorated walls, clean bathroom and half decent furniture. However locking the door to the room was difficult to say the least as it didnt shut properly and the maid service was dire not once was the bed linen changed the most you could expect was the rubbish taken away and occasionally some clean towels.
The room itself had obviously at one time been bigger and now converted in two with a paper thin wall. This meant that the couple in the next room who were into whips and chains could be heard clearly at all hours. The location was excellent fairly quiet and close to all the sights and easy for hailing a taxi. After coming back one evening from sight seeing they did add a curtain rail and curtain to the window so we could have some privacy. Unfortunately their plumbing also leaves a lot to be desired and we awoke one morning to someone else's excrement blocking our toilet. Having reported this it was dealt with promptly.
On checking out I was charged $421 worth of phone calls for three 10 min conversations. Granted they were international calls but I think was extreme. If you do decide to stay at this hotel be VERY specific on what you require and hopefully you may get it. After a lot of shouting and being persistent I got the price of my room discounted and the call charges dropped

Top Local Tips for New York City

Subway Pass Get a metro pass to cover the whole of your trip. That way you can jump on a subway and moved around the city quickly and easily. The subway is totally safe, we rode it at night without a problem.

Metro Card If you're going to be in town for a while, get a pre-paid (7-day) metro card. I used mine on the subway and on all my bus rides in the City, Brooklyn and the Bronx. You can't beat this for a bargain. Bus stops also have routes posted so you know which bus to take and where it's going. Public transport was very reliable and useful during my stay.

Use the Subway! Daily and weekly Metro tickets are wonderful - very cheap and easy to use. Get out as far as Jamaica Bay and Coney Island quickly and easily.


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  • park 79 new york city
  • park 79 new york
  • park 79 hotel new york
  • park 79 hotel
  • park 79
  • hotel park 79
  • Address: 117 West 79th Street - New York City - New York - 10024 - United States
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