Manhattan Broadway Hotel

, New York City, United States
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Manhattan Broadway Hotel

, New York City
1 star

Rooms: 39

273 W. 38th - New York City - New York - 10018 - United States 212-921-9791
429 Traveller

Reviews - Manhattan Broadway Hotel

Submitted by: Tara in 10/10/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Very dirty.....towels r like grey in color
Hate this hotel
Submitted by: Marcus in 22/11/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I would never stay at this hotel again. The bed smell and the sheets was dirty and their was rats and roches. Their was a alot of hair in the bathroom. The phone, tv, and the blow dryer didn't work. I check out the same day. never agains the staff was so rude....
Tacky And Shabby
Submitted by: Elizabeth in 05/10/05
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
A great location near Times Square. But the hotel room was shabby, dark (a window looked out on a high wall), airless, very cramped and
altogether unpleasant. There was barely room to move about the double bed. The sheets were too small for the bed and inevitably we were sleeping on the mattress. Clumps of plaster here and there showed where attempts had been made at various "repairs" of ugly walls.
Having prepaid a substantial amount for the room, we were stuck there. It seriously detracted from our New York holiday. Avoid it!
Worst Suite I Have Ever Stayed In
Submitted by: Kerry in 05/10/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Was looking for a suite for a larger group but ended up in a room separated by a sliding glass door. The Elevator only held two people and the place was being renovated. Thank god it was not as expensive as some of the other hotels or I would be a lot harsher.
Dirty And Old
Submitted by: Patricia in 05/10/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Spain
  • Traveller type: Large Group/School
The location is good because you are in the centre of the city but the hotel is dirty and old and there is no room for your clothes and personal belongings. People are nice.
Perfect Well Priced Hotel, Pity Bout Location
Submitted by: Sinead in 05/10/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: Ireland
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
We stayed in the Manhattan Broadway for New Year's celebrations 2004-05.Hotel was lovely. Extremely large spotless rooms. Free coffee all day & night, continental breakfast in the morning was a great start to the day. I can't fault the hotel. Staff in the hotel was so helpful. I would definitely go back if you could transport the hotel 8 blocks up the road!!! Broadway down at 28TH is not that safe but once you walk over one avenue (onto 5Th ave) your very safe!! Great hotel at great price but location lets in down.
Submitted by: Christi in 05/10/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
When we arrived, the staff was very friendly and helpful. However, the room we were given, in the dead of winter, had a broken window that didn't completely close, making the room very cold, and the light didn't work. The room was so small, the bed almost touched the walls on both sides of the room, and you had to almost climb on the bed to get into the bathroom. Upon letting the staff know, they immediately gave us a new room that was larger, had working windows, and the lights worked. We got lucky, because if the hotel had been completely booked, we would have had to cancel our reservation and stay somewhere else, because we could never have stayed in those conditions.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Manhattan Broadway Hotel

Too many over-exaggerations....

from wfflegrl
I too went to NY for New Years and stayed here from 12/30 - 1/6. I was terrified after reading the reviews here, but it was already paid for and my friend and I really could not afford to stay anywhere else. Yes, the elevator was small, but fit my friend and I and our 4 suitcases.
The room was small, but who goes to NYC to "hang-out" in their hotel room? We had a queen sized bed, extra blankets and many pillows. Unlike most other "travel-rate" hotels in NY that we considered, this hotel had in room bathrooms (not shared bath). Our bathtub, let alone the room, was not roach infested - I did not see one bug during our whole time there. Because I am obsessed with my own personal hygiene, I brought my own towel and pillow, but I did not see anything wrong with the sheets, pillows or towels of the hotel. I found the staff to be friendly and personable. I did not think the location was in a questionable part of town and not once did I feel unsafe there. In fact, I would stay in this hotel again, and I would stay here even if I was travelling alone. Perhaps some of the other writers are correct - if you're used to 5 star service and ammenities, or you are a family, you would be better off spending a little more money for a little nicer place. But like I stated before, my friend and I are young and single, out to see the sights, not to just hang out in the hotel - for that reason I would recommend this hotel.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Well it's cheap, close to evrything but if you have some standards go some place else. If you do venture to this hole-tel bring your own sheets and blankets. We got warned before we even got in by the NYPD that is was a "Sketchy" place. The only reason I say bring your own sheets is because when we got there there was blood stains on our sheets. Other than that it's an economical place to stay in the heart of Manhattan.

How can one stay here

from A TripAdvisor Member
Well, let me give you my brief story about this place. Me and three of my friends came for new years from Dec 30 to Jan 4. Before we left california to new york I had read that this place was a pile of S**T.
Well what I read was definetely right! my friend had to bring a few cans of lysol in order for us to get some sleep at nite, which we didnt because the sheets were full of somebody else's hairs. Truley disgusting. The rooms were as small as a airplane lavatory, true from what others have said about this place, and the elevator, lets not go there. But as far as the room goes, we could not even fit there, imagine 4 big guys, football looking guys in a small room like that, no dont think so. With the roaches running around it was an agonizing experience. We did get to move into another room on the 1st, which was bigger, and more suitable, but still crap. At one point we wanted more towels, the people at the front desk said for us to come down and get it ourselves, good service!! hense the sarcasm. As far as this place being close to the good spots, that is true, but this place is truely a dump, i will never stay there again, price was fine, but i didnt get any good sleep during my nites there. Its strange to me how the big hotel inspector people lets this hotel stay in business, and how does a hotel like this get a name like Manhattan Broadway? U would think it would be a fabulous hotel with that name. Go Figure. Have fun!

Oh Dear!

from RoamingRoaming
New York City is an awesome place, this hotel is not! Its dark, dingy, stinky and you didnt really feel comfortable leaving your things in the room whilst you went out. The reception guy couldnt really speak English and looked embarrased to work there and the lift is the smallest lift I've ever seen. It is only $99 per room per night but take my advice and spend a little more for something a bit nicer. If you arent bothered about the above then the hotels location is spot on for Times Square and Broadway but next time I visit, I wont be staying here!

i must not be a rockefeller

from A TripAdvisor Member
well, i dont know about everyone else, but i was pretty happy with the whole experience at the manhattan broadway. maybe im just not accustomed to travelling in high style. i didnt see any bugs or dead transients, have my luggage stolen or get urinated on by a staff member. what i found was a small, affordable room in a great location.
everything worked fine from the remote to the shower(and the bed) and really what more does a youn person need staying in manhattan for the evening. so if those are your intentions.... this is th eplace for you.

A horror flick

from A TripAdvisor Member
Where do I begin... First there was the chicken cooking in the window, then there was this horrifying smell that came out of the place, then the halls were not even wide enough to fit your suitcases through, the floors were sticky and dirty with garbage on them, then when you got into the room it was even worse. There was holes in the walls, no heat at all, there was a wonderful veiw of an allet wat through the nice sheer curtains that were hanging in my bathroom, our shower had no knob on it and there were bugs crawling all over the bottom of the tub. Oh yes, don't forget that dirty bedding with hair and who knows what else in it (stains on my sheets and need I say more). I would advise looking at higher scale places to stay because I wouldn't even give this place a star at all. You expect something to look somewhat like that pictures you see on the internet, what you don't expect is something that looks like this.

Terrible hotel - stay away

from A TripAdvisor Member
I can concur with the bad reviews here -- this place is awful. Broken elevator, sticky floors. Room had no towels and the ones we got were dreadful -- and no washclothes or hand towels. No shampoo, only 1/3 roll of tp; no cups; 2 roaches in the tub, broken tub fixtures, holes plugges with toilet paper. Hot, small, stuffy, noisy room. The dresser contained a bag of red pills of unknown origin and no bible -- even the Gideons don't want to come to this place! The woman who checked us in was the only pleasant person we encountered all weekend.We found Trip Advisor just before we left, but our reservations were pre-paid. At least we knew what was in store. Skip this one. It isn't worth the price.

Clean, cheap and good location

from A TripAdvisor Member
Of course it was not the Waldorf Astoria, but it also costs only 100 Dollar per Night! The Rooms were clean (we first got a very small one for the first night and the stuff gave us a new, larger room without that we asked for it), big enough for 2 persons, bath-room was cleaned every day, TV worked and the furniture were all right. Stuff is friendly! We had two windows, but no sight, because of the wall of the next house. But who cares, we haven`t been much in our room anyway.
Just straight over the street is a great Deli for cheap Breakfast (4 Ham/Cheese Bagels plus 2 drinks for less than 8 Dollar), were you can also sit and eat upstairs! Good location, only 4 Blocks to Times Square and all the musical theatres! Not the Best, but for people that do not need glamour and luxus the right place to stay.

This place is terrible

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was definately this hotel I've ever stayed at in my life. When we first arrived we were informed that they didn't have the room we reserved. We had reserved a double bed, but since they didn't have that they gave us two single bed rooms. The next night at 11:30 while we were all sleeping they called to inform us that they had a double bed room available and we had to move. The rooms were also disgusting. They stunk and were not clean. The bathroom floor was sticky, and there were bugs in the bathtub. Our room also didn't have an air conditioner. Instead, it had a tiny piece of crap fan that didn't even work. Also the remote to the TV didn't work. The remote didn't even match the TV. The elevator is also a tiny, slow, piece if **##. It's faster to take the stairs. This place is disgusting. Take my advice and DO NOT stay here.

The Worst Hotel!

from JuanCR
This is the worst hotel I have stayed in my life.The room we were horribly different funky smells, the bed cover felt slimy to the touch, the window was broken. The sole elevator was smaller than an aircraft lavatory. It fits 2 (slim) persons (standing back to back) and one luggage. Period. The area around the hotel seemed quite unsafe at night. It can be positively scary to get back to the hotel late at night, so proceed with caution .This place is a steal in terms of the price for a hotel in Manhattan, I would not come back there, even if the pay me for stay there.

Top Local Tips for New York City

Tickets for Braodway Save your money and buy your braodway tickets at tckts in time square. If you are not picky about where you sit for an evening performance wait till about 5 or 6 and go to the booth and you can get a very good deal on tickets. Also remember theatres in New York are older and small so even when you nose bleed it you can actually see pretty well (You end up looking down onto the stage, which I prefer). Oh and remember to pick a couple of backups in case the show you want is sold out.

The best Hooka Bar in NY If you're into Hooka smoking and relaxing in a beautiful setting, then head to the Village and go to The Horus Lounge (510 Laguardia Place - between Bleecker & Houston) I've been to many Hooka bars in San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York and this one is by far the best. They employ a belly dancer to come in during the night and she performs beautifully and gracefully. The locals who frequent this bar are jovial and not rude. They serve alcohol and coffees with some food items. Cheap prices and great atmosphere - Highly HIGHLY recommend going!

Airport Transfers My partner and I learnt the hard way, definately book Airport Shuttle transfers to/ from Manhatten. We got stuck trying to wave down a taxi at about 3pm and couldnt get one for 45 mins, in the end a shuttle we didnt book felt sorry for us and picked us up... HIghly recommended, they pick you up from the hotel, no worries, no fuss and we made our flight. Its approx $16 p/p + tip compared to $45 in a taxi (flat fee) not including tolls/ tip.


Other names for Manhattan Broadway Hotel

  • manhattan broadway hotel new york
  • manhattan broadway hotel
  • manhattan broadway budget hotel
  • manhattan broadway
  • hotel manhattan broadway
  • Address: 273 W. 38th - New York City - New York - 10018 - United States
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