Mandarin Oriental New York Hotel

, New York City, United States
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Mandarin Oriental New York Hotel

, New York City
4 star

Rooms: 251

80 Columbus Circle - New York City - New York - 10019 - United States 2128058800
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Understated elegance
Submitted by: Dick Bourgault in 06/09/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
My wife and I enjoyed our recent visit to the MO. Although the MO is located in busy Columbus Circle, within the Time Warner complex, and surrounded by shops, theaters, restaurants, and things to do, the MO has a sense of discreet solitude. The interior is very elegant but understated and simple. The room we had on the 52nd floor overlooks Central Park and Columbus Circle below. The staff was extremely pleasant and courteous. It doesn't get much better than this!

Historical Traveller Reviews of Mandarin Oriental New York Hotel

The Lobby Lounge

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just came back from a 3-day weekend in NYC with mom. We didn't stay at the Mandarin but decided to walk over to Columbus to check it out after seeing the beautiful pictures and hearing so much about it. Arriving at the 35th floor, I was amazed at how beautiful the place was so we decided to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and dessert at the Lobby Lounge. We were seated right next to the window and I can't even express how priceless the view was. Dessert was amazing and the staff was so inviting. It was pricey but worth absolutely every penny. This isn't a hotel review but I was so amazed with the experience I had and if you have the time you should really go and try it. You will love the detail that they put into everything. It was a view and dining experience like no other...,very intimate and relaxing. So even if you dont have the money you can still experience what the hotel has to offer to the people that walk through its doors.

Outrageous Price, Standard Service

from A TripAdvisor Member
While the hotel is nice, it is VERY VERY overpriced. The "service" was nothing that would justify such high room rates, I would expect much more attentive staff for that rate. Im sorry, but for $595 a night I would expect a HUGE ROOM and LOTS OF AMENITIES. Instead I got a small room on the 45th floor, with a spectacular view, and lots of amenities. A view, flat screen TV, bedside controls, and seperate shower/tub in the bathtroom are not enough for the hotel to charge $595. The room was WAY to small for that price. I would say my room was in the neighborhood of 400 squarefeet. I would say rooms at this hotel are worth AT most $450 a night, if you are paying more than that, stay at the Four Seasons or ST REGIS hotel. Also I was talking to a a man in the elevator who said he booked an "Expedia" rate of $429 a night, and he said his room was overpriced, I would hate to see how small his room was!! LOL...

An enjoyable experience

from A TripAdvisor Member
First off, I loved the hotel and found my stay to be a truly pleasant experience. Yes the rooms are a bit small and the prices are exorbitant. But it's New York. If you want cheap, go to Cleveland.

But I must say to "Extremely Disappointed"--it's not really fair of you to give such a negative review based on a 5-minute encounter with one doorman at a hotel at which you didn't even stay. Next time offer a tip to the doorman when you ask for a taxi. It's customary and expected--especially if you're not a paying guest of the hotel.

Extremely Dissappointed

from A TripAdvisor Member
Although a beautiful hotel, I can not give the Mandarin Oriental Hotel a favorable review. After watching the fireworks show, and walking around the city, my sister and I accompanied, a few friends back to the hotel. We were staying at the Swissotel and after hearing them boast about how beautiful their hotel was, we decided to go see it for ourselves.
When we arrived there was no doorman to greet us at the door, he was actually at the front desk chatting with the front desk clerk. When we passed them they stared at us blankly, and then asked us if they could help us. The whole exchange was quite cold, not at all what I expected from a 5-star hotel.
The tip of the iceberg was when we were on our way out. We left through the mall exit, after searching for an ATM machine, and returned to the front desk so that my sister and I could get a cab to return home. It was 4:30 in the morning and pouring rain outside, yet once again we had to open the doors ourselves. Now I’m not sure if it was the fact that we were young or Black, or a combination of the two but the same doorman and front desk clerk we had not passed but a half hour before, asked us if we were guests at the hotel. My friend replied that yes we were indeed guests. Incredulous, I asked the front guest clerk why the doorman asked this question when then they both saw us come in. To this she replied, “Well, we saw you go in, but did not see you go out.”
Stunned we went outside to wait for the doorman to hail us a taxi. While waiting, we observed the doorman who had previously neglected to open the front door for us, open it for a different group of guests at the hotel. The final insult came when after trying to hail a taxi for my sister and I for about 5 minutes, the doorman pointed us towards the umbrellas and told us we were better off standing on the corner and hailing the taxi from there. My brief visit to the hotel was terrible, and I would not under any circumstances visit there again.

mixed feeling about this hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I love this hotel chain in general. We've actually stayed at the San Francisco one and the Miami one in the last six months. The new york one is gorgeous, but the drawbacks to this hotel is likely related to the fact that it is in new york. The rooms in SF and Miami were spacious and gorgeous.. The room we had in NY was small but still well decorated. The location of our room (near some service area where room service carts kept entering and the door kept slamming) was lousy. We were also at the end of a hallway where there were literally 4 other hotel room doors outside our door and no noise insulation, and our neighbors felt very comfortable slamming those doors around. For 600+ a night, this is not quite what I had in mind.
Yes, NYC is crowded and real estate is at a premium, but I had expected more from the Mandarin Oriental. We still love this hotel chain, but the new york city one didn't achieve the level of comfort that the other ones did.

2nd time around --Well done.

from A TripAdvisor Member
I visited MO New York in early December, when their doors were first opened, and was disappointed. I don't think they should have opened so soon, not only was the building still in pieces (chipped paint on doors, walls, ceilings; TV not functioning, internet down, room service 1.5 hours, pool closed) and the level of service was not their. The staff's service lacked efficiency, it seemed no matter what I asked for, and it took 30 min.I was back in New York last week, and stayed at the Ritz Central Park, my first. It was a disappointing experience from the start, but to their credit their management staff was courteous enough to find me another hotel, offering the MO New York. I agreed to move, thinking I would give them another shot --and Ritz was picking up the charges for my 2 night stay.I was welcomed back warmly, funny how they somehow remembered me. The arrival was smoother than I had remembered, and the on duty manager was gracious enough to extend a suite upgrade, even with a sold-out hotel. The tea did not take 45 min this time, the pool was open-what a view! I made a point to inspect whether the staff had gone back to touch up the paint chips on the doors and walls, which they did! The WiFi was up and running, so convenient and calming to sit early morning in the sky lounge overlooking Central Park, perhaps the best view in New York.Reading some of the previous comments, I sympathize with my fellow 'guinea pigs' for trying out this property, however my second experience reminded me that one bad encounter is not always the end-all. My hats off to the extremely courteous bell staff, front desk staff, and the level of professionalism put forth by all. Understandably any new property is going to have its own growing pains. Improvement is essential, and I felt sharing my story illustrates this. The newest and the best in New York, the second time around Has anyone been to their new property in DC?

Wonderful weekend experience

from A TripAdvisor Member
Wonderful stay over weekend at the Mandarin Oriental. We were celebrating a birthday, which was acknowledged at check in. Plus our room was upgraded with a wonderful Park View. Though the Trump Hotel was directly infront of us, we still had a great view all the way uptown. The service was wonderful and the staff brought up a special birthday dessert which was a nice surprise. The room was absolutely beautiful and luxurious. We were expecting the service to be a little "off" but were pleasantly surprised, by the attentiveness of the staff.
They were very efficient and quick to take care of any requests. When we came back to the hotel in the evening there was a line outside the hotel for the popular MO Bar, but as long as you are staying in the hotel and show your room key you are able to go directly upstairs. The only downfall was the parking costs - $55 for one night! Understandably this is NYC, but the hotel should have some type of reduced rate. All in all, it exceeded our expectations!

Sadly this was one place I was more than happy to check out off

from MadeInScotland
I had high hopes for our visit to Mandarin Oriental New York and had emailed the Manager in advance to way lay any concern I had from reading messages on here. As this was my partners first time in New York I wanted to make sure we had no unnecessary issues or problems. We had several communications between staff and were assured that we would have a memorable stay. I had booked the stay through Centurion Travel Services for 2 nights for 1 in a Premiere Hudson View room with Lunch for 2. In my mail I requested a quiet room on a high floor away from elevators and service entrances, basically a room that would be quiet.

We were collected from JFK by a stretch limousine (surprise for my partner) from our long haul flight and arrived at the hotel around 6pm on Friday. Our arrival rather worryingly there was no doorman or bell boy. My partner and myself were left to drag our bags in to the unmanned reception area, we then made our way to the lift which turned our to be the entrance for the residential apartments!

We eventually made it to the reception and were checked in by a very warm and courteous staff member who proceeded to take us to our Premiere Hudson View room on the 51st floor. The hotel was jam packed so they had been unable to upgrade us as had been mentioned in our previous correspondence, but this was not really a big deal.

The room was delightful, small, but very well furnished with a wonderful bathroom and views of NY/Hudson River. As we settled in we were surprised to hear a lot of banging, on investigation it appeared that our room was located directly opposite a service entrance.
Unfortunately the doors had little if any sound proofing making the noise rather unbearable. As we had previous correspondence with the manager and staff I had assumed there was some mistake and returned to the check in desk. On return it appeared that they had no other rooms available, and I asked to talk with the Duty Manager. After a short while I was then shown a room next door, but as you can expect this still had issues with noise. I returned to the reservation desk to be met by a rather abrupt and cold duty manager, I referred to my correspondence previously with the General Manger, but his had little if any impact. The Duty Manager then went on to inform me that due to the configuration of the hotel a large number of the rooms suffer from noise.

Nearly an hour later, frustrated, tired and late for a meeting, the Duty Manager informed us they found a room but that we had to wait for housekeeping to freshen it up. As we were already late we told reception that as long as the room was quiet to go ahead and move our bags. On our return we found that our hotel had become he number one spot in New York and that we had to queue to gain entry I explained our situation but was told to wait in line!

Eventually when we regained entry we found ourselves moved down to a room on the 43rd floor with a wonderful view of the Trump Hotel (Supposedly Park View)! The room was again comfortable and nicely decorated although not as pleasant as the original and with a smaller bathroom even though the room was classified an upgrade. There was no note in the room or message from the manager which would have helped in a small way to placate the situation. Instead every detail about this hotel that now went wrong had became a very big nagging one.

Unable to sleep partly due to jet lag and also the annoyance of the situation I went down to the lobby to write an email to the manager conveying my concerns. I arrived in the lobby at 6am and found that there was no one around, and I mean no one, so I went behind the reception desk and called the operator to order some tea. Eventually staff arrived 20 minutes later as did my tea. In the meantime I put together an email for the manager and logged on to the hotels WIFI network to send it. Yet again I was faced by another problem the hotels WIFI setup was not functioning so I asked to speak to the next Duty Manager and presented the email on my laptop. He was exceptionally courteous and understanding of the issues and assured me that he will do all that he can to put us into a nice room. I reasserted that we did not want an upgrade just a room as originally agreed "on a high floor away from elevators and service entrances".

We were out for the rest of the day and returned to the hotel at around 6pm on Saturday. At reception we picked up our keys for our new room located on the 42nd floor 9 floors down from the original, although I believe we were meant to be impressed by the fact we had been awarded a suite. The suite was cold and unwelcoming with no carpets just black floor and occasional rugs, compared to the other rooms this one felt inferior in finish infact as though it had not been finished. Again no note or message from the manager. It also appeared to be located right on Columbus Circle meaning that the noise levels were higher than any of the previous rooms! Understandably we were at the end of our tethers and realised that this hotel was never going to be able to deliver on service or promise, something we found very disappointing for a member of the Mandarin group. As previously arranged I spoke to the Front Of House Manager informing him of my dismay at the hotel and its handling of our situation. What is the point of extensive communication with the hotel's General Manager when the requests are ignored. In all fairness he did wish to resolve the problems, but as we were departing the next day we felt there was really nothing they could do to restore our faith in this hotel.

On Sunday we were joined by a friend for lunch in the hotels restaurant which was very enjoyable, infact the breakfast and Lunch were about the only 2 times this hotel really lived up to the Mandarin vision. As it was late and the restaurant was due to close we decided to take our tea and coffee in the lobby, but on transfer were told by another member of staff we would have to wait an hour for a table as the hotel lobby is very popular!

Then came check out with the Duty Manager from our first night, the bill came out and contained a few errors. Firstly it contained charges for lunch which was complimentary and secondly it contained a charge for 2 nights when we were on the Centurion offer, 1 night free.
Starting to feel like a pariah I noted these mistakes to the rather disgruntled Manager who went onto inform me that as my reservation had been made by Platinum Travel the offer of the free night was not valid.
Thankfully I had a confirmation from Centurion Travel in my suitcase and found this rather needless situation a prime example of the hotels negative attitude. To placket the manager I travelled down 35 floors to our stored baggage and collected my paper work, queued up for the lift and returned to the reception. After some more discussion she begrudgingly removed the 2nd nights charge, however had she referred to my correspondence with the manager this embarrassing situation would have been avoidable.

My partner and myself had a wonderful weekend in New York and a memorable stay at the Mandarin Oriental, but for all the wrong reasons.
This hotel fails to live up to the values of this superb group and failed to tackle problems when it had the opportunity. Indeed the hotel has many wonderful aspects and is a visual delight, but I'm sorry to say that it is a victim of its own success. Queuing up to get into you hotel, queuing up to sit in your on lobby and being given assurances that are not met does not a 5 star hotel make , far less a Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Sadly this was one place I was more than happy to check out off and will not be returning to soon.

Nice but no Four Seaons

from josiegrammer
I agree with the previous post. This is a beautiful hotel and the views are spectacular. But at this price I would prefer to stay at the Four Seasons. The MO has much smaller rooms and to me is a little too hip.
Plus the service is not nearly as good as the Four Seasons. The bar was cool but we had to wait 30 minutes to get in even as a guest of the hotel. I'm gald that we stayed and were able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city for a night but won't stay there again.

great experience, but Four Seasons still best in NYC

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just got back from the MO NYC. We'd actually planned to stay there last November but it wasn't quite open (there was some slippage as is normal with new buildings of this scale). To their credit, MO gave us the "soft opening" rates when we went back last week, and upgraded us to a Premier Central Park View room on the 51st floor as we were celebrating my birthday and our anniversary.The view, obviously, is incredible. Although Trump's building is right in front the position of the new tower is such that you still get great views around it.
However, the room is pretty tight for space - if you're from the UK you may have stayed in a 'Travelodge' and the room is just like a more upscale version of that kind of room. The high-tech tv/computer set up is a little too tricksy - like other reviewers, we did have to call tech support (in our case just to be able to change the volume on the TV!) but to be fair they were fast on the scene and quick to fix the problem, which remained fixed.There were a few little glitches with the service, overall it's just not as slick as the Four Seasons - possibly it just needs some bedding-in time, although both my wife and I noticed the quality of fit-and-finish is nowhere near the FS standard.For such an expensive and high-profile (and spectacular) building it really seemed like they'd "spoiled the ship for a ha'peth of tar" so to speak.We found the Asiate restaurant a bit like the hotel - i.e. very flash and spectacular but a bit too tricksy. Sometimes fusion food sounds unlikely but really works when you taste it (the shrimp with pasta cooked in paper with XO sauce is superb), but mostly it tasted as odd as it sounds. To be fair, though, we had eaten the previous evening at the consistently excellent Four Seasons restaurant (not affiliated with the hotel) and the night before at Daniel Boulud's DB, and both were really exceptional, so Asiate had a high bar to reach.It will always be full, because of the beautiful room and stunning view, and it's definitely worth a look.The intimate "MO bar" across the lobby is fabulous, but permanently very busy with both New Yorkers and tourists from other hotels, as is the lobby bar. I guess it's the view again - quite a rarity still in NY.One nice touch is the private access to the shopping centre from the hotel's elevator - makes you feel privileged somehow! The shopping is nothing special but there's a good Dean & Deluca in the Borders store and some great restaurants which should all be open by the time you go!Overall, then, fantastic experience (and great view) but next time, if I were paying the full rate, I'd still choose the Four Seasons - for the same money you'd get a (less spectacular) view and a much bigger room, plus it's quieter, better quality and smoother service. But I am grateful to have experienced the MO.

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The Met and Central Park This is a good hotel for being close to the park and the metropolitan Opera.

Lincoln Centre The location of the hotel was fantastic. Right by Central Park, near interesting shops and museums and for us near the Lincoln Centre where we had tickets for the opera one night.

Fun restaurant Stanton Social, great for families with teenage children, couples young and not quite so young. Fun food for sharing, everything really tasty and hip feel.


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  • Address: 80 Columbus Circle - New York City - New York - 10019 - United States
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"Understated elegance" - Dick Bourgault

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