Hudson Hotel

, New York City, United States
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Hudson Hotel

, New York City
4 star

Rooms: 1000

356 West 58th Street - New York City - New York - 10019 - United States Hotel Website | | 2125546000
3109 Traveller

Reviews - Hudson Hotel

I can't hear you
Submitted by: John in 31/08/06
  • Age Group:
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
If you want to sleep any earlier than midnight, don't get anywhere below floor 10. The noise from the bar is magnified up the builiding and into your teeeeeeennnnnyy tiiiinnnnnyyyy room.
Don't be scared!
Submitted by: Barbara in 30/04/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
After winning a room through Priceline, I checked reviews on this Hudson Hotel. "Oh no!" I thought. I was taking my 2 twenty-something daughters on a fun 4 day trip to Manhattan and wanted everything to be perfect. Well...from our first view of the hotel lobby to our last goodbye to the staff, it was absolutely pleasant! Yes...the rooms ARE small, but if the 3 of us could do it, you can too. Our room on the 7th floor was always very clean, beautiful, and came with a very comfortable bed. The heating element IS noisy, but it worked and we were so pooped at night that it didn't bother us at all. The location is great. Away from the zoo of Midtown, but right next to Columbus Circle subways and Central Park entrance. There is a great sushi restaurant 3 doors down, a cafe called The Flame across the street that has a great (and quick) breakfast, and some very good pizza at John's, also a few doors down. The hallways weren't as dark as I was expecting. There is free coffee in the cafeteria every morning, even if you don't want to partake of the expensive breakfast buffet. The staff remembered us and always spoke. We never encountered any attitude like I've read about in some reviews. We will definitely stay again. I'm aware that it's not for everybody. Especially if you're used to hotels in the south. But we loved it. Don't ever pay rack room rates for this hotel though. You can get a good rate through priceline or even by calling and asking for one.
The Worst Hotel!!!!!
Submitted by: Lee in 24/03/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
If you feel like wasting your money on a room the size of a 10' x 10' box and the worst service ever, than stay here. The Staff as well as the Managers that work at he hudson hotel have no clue on how to provide service. Who the Hell is Running that Place? and What's with that smell?
Do Not Stay At The Hudson
Submitted by: Chris Schlenk in 25/10/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
I stayed at this overpriced hotel this past weekend for just one night, and it was one of the worst experiences I've had in terms of customer service and incompetence.

First off, I tried to pay with my debit card and they claimed that they could not "get it to work", so they insisted that I go get cash. After walking 6 blocks to find my bank to withdraw the $500, I returned and paid in cash. Today, I checked my balance and they had deducted $1250 from my debit card, in addition to the $500 I paid in cash. When they "could not get my debit card to work", they were actually charging me multiple times. I am lucky I just happened to go to the bank today to cash a check because, had I not, I would have bounced my next couple of checks due to their HUGE error. Then when I went back to fix the mistake, they made me feel like it was my fault that they messed up!

After that, the place was mediocre at best... def not even close to worth the price. As trendy as this place tries to be, it is just a poor excuse for trying to cram as many people in as they possibly can. Each room feels like a shoe box. The elevator took more than 20mins to arrive one day. The lounge was overrated. I could go on, and on, and on...

I've stayed at much less expensive places in Manhattan that take an interest in ensuring that their customers are treated with respect and dignity...

Memorable, Hip & Stylish
Submitted by: Brian Adams in 26/06/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
My wife and I were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and we planned to spend a weekend in New York. Our goal was to eat at one of the finest restaurants, see a classic broadway play, take a horse and buggy ride through central park, hop from club to club and then spend the evening it a great Hotel. Well we did it all and our night at the Hudson was one not to be forgotten. We left the streets of New york only to find an excillerating hip crowd at the hotel lounge/club. When we returned to our room we found it extremely comfortable and intimate. The european style bathrooms, optional shower view, and quality decorative woodwork made for a most pleasurable and memorable evening. After our first stay we will be sure to make another vist the next time we are in town.
Cold and noisy
Submitted by: Matthew Pierce in 23/06/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Booked after being seduced by Schrager credentials. Fairly pricey, and a million miles from the comfortable luxury other reviews had quoted. Smallest room I've ever seen, let alone the smallest I've ever stayed in. Relentlessly cold in the room (admittedly during December, but still...), noisy from the crowd in the perpetually dimly-lit lobby, and snooty service. Please don't bother with this place. Try the Sofitel instead.
Trendy But Vague
Submitted by: Marcia Invernizzi in 23/05/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Great place to stay but beware of booking online. The rooms are tiny--so tiny there is really no place to put your suitcase. So tiny that it's actually kind of fun. You think of yourself as Lilliputian. The entire hotel is also DARK. So dark you can get a little crept out. The ubiquitous techno music adds to the trendy mystique. There appears to be quite a twenties-something drinking scene in the bar at night. All told, it was an experience worth having--but probably not repeating. Especially when charged twice!
Impossible stay
Submitted by: Norman Bobes in 23/05/05
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I made a FATAL mistake going online to make a reservation at this property. Although hyped as NEWLY REFURBISHED. When I came to my room at midnight (I had just flown in from the west coast) my wife and I were stunned. The room was so small we had to squeeze by one another to get about. It could not have exceeded 350 feet in volume. For anyone claustrophobic it was an impossible stay. I offered to pay ANYTHING for a larger room but no go. It seems when a third party (the online guys) buys a room and resells it. There is no accounting available to credit that towards another room that stay. I will never book another room online again.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Hudson Hotel

Holiday RUINED!!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My boyfriend and I just got engaged, he'd planned this surprise trip to New York so we could buy the engagement ring - and after a 7 hour flight, we arrive at the Hudson at 1AM, try to check it and they tell us that they've OVER BOOKED, and "here's five bucks for a cab - there's a hotel down the road that can accommodate you". I go mental - but the staff don't care. I even cried - but that didn't work! Interestingly enough, the dump of a hotel down the road, is a recent acquisition of Ian Schaggar (pre-refurbishment) and it's MORE expensive!


Hot or hot?

from A TripAdvisor Member
I had an issue come up with the heat believe it or not. Since it is cold out you would think you would need the heat in the room, however the room was burning up (to the point I couldn't sleep). I tried turning the air on and it was shooting out heat. I called the front desk and they transferred my call to the engineering dept. That call rang busy so I tried calling back the front desk and no one would answer my call. I tried for 20 minutes straight to get a response from the front desk. Finally the same person from the front desk picked up and was very smug with me about the issue and said that he would send someone up to fix the problem but they were really backed up so it might be awhile. No one ever showed up to fix the problem and the heat was still blowing out the unit when I vacated the room at 10:30 am. Needless to say the last night I was there I was up until 3:00 am in the morning cause I couldn't had to be 80 or 85 in that room since the heat wouldn't shut off. I even had the window open and couldn't get any sleep. The only reason I got any sleep was because the wind starting blowing outside and blew in some air. I left a message on the general managers voicemail and thus to date have not received a return response. Needless to say I will not be staying at the Hudson again, and apparently they aren't too concerned about it. If you are looking for service.....this is probably not your hotel. On a positive note, the hotel was very pretty inside however if you are looking for a spacious room your out of luck on this one. Let's put it this way, you could stub your toe on the toilet trying to get into the tub. Personally I hit my knee on the bathroom doorknob while trying to put my pants on. There is no where to store your the clothes that you have brought (such as a dresser) the only thing available is a closet bar (without doors).

Hudson Hotel: The Faulty Towers of NY (only smaller!)

from A TripAdvisor Member
Where do I start without coming across as the biggest whiner of all time but I am struggling to find a single positive thing to say about this much hyped hotel.

Here is our story in all its painful and unbelieveable detail.

We had arranged to meet my sister and her fiance who live in London and thought they'd like the Hudson - new, hip, great design and from all media accounts, a terrific bar. We made the booking for all of us on using our US issued credit card. My sister called the Hudson direct a week before our arrival in NY and booked an additional nights stay as they had got on an earlier flight from Heathrow. Credit card details were taken - confirmation for booking provided.

They got in at around midnight and when they finally made it to the front desk were told without any apology that there was no room for them because they were overbooked. Several other weary travellers were having the identical discussion and also getting no where. After half an hour of yelling at each other (tres noisy as bar kinda blends into front desk) they were handed a five dollar bill and told to take a cab to their "other" hotel - The Empire.

Jet lagged and defeated by gorgeous young things with no decision making power, they complied. FYI The Empire is an old hotel which has been acquired by the Schrager group but is definitely in its pre-reno stage. When they checked out the next morning, to add insult to injury they were presented with a bill for $250 (the original confirmed booking at the Hudson was for $180). The people at the Empire had no idea what the arrangement was so we were told to go and sort it out at the Hudson. We arrived at 9:30am as my sister had been told that they would have a room ready for them first thing in the morning. This as with everything else we came to experience at the Hudson was bs. We started another round of "discussions" with zombies on the front desk that cleary should have spent more time in Hospitality 101 than getting A+'s in Attitude 101.

Finally a manager appeared - a helpful but apparently very stressed German man who was the new manager of the hotel - and by new I mean one week on the job. He tried really hard to help us but the Hudson is so totally unprofessional and run by in our opinion "incompetent-don't give a * amateurs" that nothing was getting resolved.

Meetings were cancelled as we were still standing in the front lobby at midday as no room was forthcoming. The manager told us we would be upgraded (both my sisters room and ours) and luggage taken up to the rooms. When we returned later in theafternoon it took us about 5 phones calls to get our things brought up. Our compensation was 12 comp drinks at the Hudson bar, an upgraded room (hate to see the un-upgraded rooms) and a vage verbal offer of a discount/comp night for our next stay (like we are rushing to get back to the Hudson NOT).

When we checked out they had double billed us for both rooms - ie had charged us directly and the Hudson had also charged us. Our account was fixed but my sister is still waiting for the credit to show up on her card (this is almost a month later).

Is the hotel new? -yes. Is the hotel hip? - yes. Is the bar cool? - yes. The larger upgraded rooms are tiny but they are really nicely put together - the linens are good and the room is aesthetically pleasing.

Having said this we were disgusted with the treatment we received and appalled at what we suspect is a scam whereby the Hudson deliberately overbooks in order to divert guests of the Hudson to their crappy pre-reno hotel up the road. Shame on you Mr Schrager. The Emperor is wearing no clothes - the media and word of mouth is going to have to catch up with this concept soon enough and there is not enough newness, hipness or coolness than can sustain a hotel as dreadfully run as this one.

My grandfather had a great saying that applies beautifully to the Hudson:

"You can't make strawberry jam out of cow manure no matter how much sugar you add".

There are hundreds of great places to stay in New York - the Hudson, in the opinion of four well travelled people, is this is not one of them.

Very Disappointed

from A TripAdvisor Member
We had heard this hotel this was THE place to we gave it a try. What a big disappointment to say the very least. The rooms are teeny tiny as we were told but come on, you can't turn around without knocking something over...our lighting did not work, the window panes were sooooo thin, we could hear every noise outside and the poor quality in overall construction was evident in the, cheap...the main check in foyer was the only nice area. Service was average at best...We'll never stay there again!!!

If your Single, Small and Trendy

from A TripAdvisor Member
Very Chic looking hotel lobby entrance, and bar. The restaurant was excellent. Beautiful decor. However instructions should come with your room on how to habitate it while using it. Two people in one room? NO Way, it was so small we had to take turns just to hold the shower curtain while showering so curtain would not stick to our body while cleaning! The bed was comfortable but took up most of what little room there was to sit at desk. hallway on our floor (15th floor) was water damaged and dripping as wellas damaged carpet.)
Stylish cocktail bar with pretty people was fun one night, and disco elevator was a bit much....
Not for everyone, but a must see bar and excellent restaurant. Just don't stay there!

Perfect for one night romantic getaway, if you can afford it.

from dksodfij
If you can afford it - it's great for a one-night romantic getaway or a theater night on the town.
"Guilty" of spending close to $500 for one night stay, my wife and I ended our trip to the city with buying toys for the boys in F.A.O. Schwartz and went back to Connecticut, full of great memories and romantically re-charged...

Small rooms ha ha

from A TripAdvisor Member
We thought the staff were pleasant and helpful.
What did amaze us was the size of the rooms the brochure said small rooms but should have said minute.
We had no storage space i.e. drawers and only a small hanging rail, we ended up living out of our suitcases for a week.
The bathroom was also an experiance it is the first time we have had to pull the shower curtain in order not to see each other from the rest of the bedroom.(i.e. the glass pane in the shower cubicle).
As someone over six foot tall it was no fun using the toilet and having to sit sideways in order not to bump my legs on the facing wall.
We never used the bar or restaurant because of the prices. We can however recommend the Coliseum Bar a few doors away and for good wholesome food try Kennedys on 57th Street.

ve seen more comfortable prison cells..

from A TripAdvisor Member
I booked the Hudson Hotel for my trip to NYC because I had heard it was a stylish, high-energy, fun hotel. It might be all that, but it was also the most uncomfortable hotel I have ever stayed in. The rooms were claustrophobicly tiny. Without getting out of the bed you could touch every wall in the room. The bed was smaller than a normal queen size (a princess sized?) bed. Actually it wasn't even a bed but a mattress set on the floor. The AC did not work in the room and it got to about 80 degrees after you showered. There was no desk or table big enough to work on. There was no dresser in the entire room. The windows could not be opened by one person. The hotel ran out of foam pillows (my wife is allergic to down). Etc., etc., etc.

My wife and I left after one night and moved to the Westin on Times Square where we had a wonderful(!!) stay.

The Hudson rocks

from A TripAdvisor Member
Being a creative and follower of Mr P Stark work, I was elated to know that a new Ian Schrager hotel was opening up in Mid-town New York.

I arrived at night after a long and stressful flight. The interior - decor does not disappoint. Like some of the other reviews have said, it has a very lively and stylish clientel. That makes you want to make the effort to dress-up when ever stepping out of your room.

Checkin was swift and professional by a girl with a lovely smile called Brooke who looked after me through out my 3 day stay. As it happened, Instyle magazine were holding a pre Oscars party in the Light bar, which was off limits to guests, but I managed to gate crash later and hang out with the celebs and beautiful people.

Yes the rooms are small but very cosy with all that you would expect for the price ($95) in a 4 star Hotel, I made very good use of the hifi to entertain guests.

As for the view forget it, kept my blinds down through out. There are plenty of fresh clean towels in the bathroom and I wiil say I had the best shower in my whole existance ever.

The 24 hour hotel gym was also very good with a good selection of machines and free weights and T.V screens if you get bored, you also get fresh towels which was unexpected.

The room service like most hotels is to be used with caution, I was feeling jet-lagged and could not face the cafe, so ordered a bowl of cereal which was priced at $6 but after paying all the taxes, plus tips it came to $18.

Apart from the room service guy, the staff on the whole were very professional and helpful. I was able to book a extra night with no problems at all. I spent my last night in New York at the Paramount Hotel in Times square, which left no impression, I found myself yearning to be back at the Hudson.

The whole experience enhanced my stay in New York.

On returning to London I recieved a personal letter from the Hotel Manager, thanking me for the comments I left in a note at the checkin desk and inviting me to phone his office directly should I wish to stay at the Hudson again in the future.

I'm looking forward to visiting the west coast and staying at the Mondrian in L.A.

Avoid at all costs !!!!!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Avoid this hotel at all costs !!!

Booked a month in advance for a high level room, got there after a long flight, arrived at 11pm (with my fiance), 4th floor looking at a hotel chimney (upgraded room). Noone offered to take our bags!. Also the lights weren't working in the room. Went to the bar with "residents" cards, bouncers denied us entry, (said bar was at full capacity though bareley half full) but managed to let in single girls and their friends. manager sorted things out EVENTUALLY!. The barman had the same attitude as the bouncers in the respect he only served single girls, my fiance waited 30 mins to get served. Concierge desk had the attitude that sighseeing tips was too mundane a request for them, even though i had saved them time by booking my own restaurant reservations at: Jean Georges, Union Square Cafe and The Daniel. The last night was spoilt because after a days sightseeing and shopping we went back to the hotel to find the hotel was closed of for a FDNY fundraisng event, obviously no problem with this....but we had to enter the hotel throught the basement and WE WEREN'T TOLD ANYTHING ABOUT IT !!!!

The whole attitude of the staff, the ridiculous prices for food, the lameness of the bar was disgraceful and i have never seen anything like it from a hotel.

I had read the positive and negative comments about this hotel on this very website, however unfortunately, i believed the hype and only listened to the positive comments, much to my regret. so please take this as a warning and not as a someone writing out of spite, as i am a fair person and have never needed to complain about a hotel before.

Derek Cheung

P.S They did offer me a complimentary night stay at the Hudson, as some sort of compensation, however i will still never return to this hotel, EVER! It ruined mine and my fiance's first trip to New York.

Top Local Tips for New York City

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Flights When travelling to New York I recommend an early morning flight, this way by the time you get through immigration (which can take an hour an a half) together with your onward journey to your hotel (up to another hour if you hit rush hour) you still have the rest of that day to enjoy the sights of New York, of which there are plenty.

milos restaurant amazing upscale greek place on 55ht/5th with the most delicious sea food and very good looking crown and atmosphere


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  • Address: 356 West 58th Street - New York City - New York - 10019 - United States
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