Gershwin Hotel

, New York City, United States
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Gershwin Hotel

, New York City
3 star

Rooms: 110

7 East 27th Street - New York City - New York - 10016 - United States Hotel Website | | 212 545 8000
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Reviews - Gershwin Hotel

The staff were detrimental. the rooms are fine.
Submitted by: Brinkman in 21/07/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
My experience was that the hotel staff made so many mistakes that it began to be like a dark comedy. The rooms are very modest but they are fine for the price in NYC except when they start jacking them up by $20 increments as you try to find other options at the last minute simply saying that the last person I spoke to had made a mistake. I was supposed to pay $169 tax included. I ended up paying $217 for my little room after searching in vein late at nite for another joint and enduring contradiction after mistake after out and out lies. If I didn't have such a fun friend to hang out with it would have been truly despicable. They have REALLY great art/photography in the place so if you end up there after all my blubbering check out the various hallways.
Great location, cool hotel and perfect location.
Submitted by: Ghazwan Hamdan in 04/05/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Great hotel. There is no need to stay anywhere else in new York. location is perfect, midtown and just off 5th av. The rooms are like apartments, very adequate and clean. When I go to New York I tend not to stay that much in the hotel room apart from sleeping. This is the perfect place for someone who wants a good cheap place to crash. If you want bling bling then go somewhere else. Big up to the Gershwin.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Gershwin Hotel

Excellent, for the price

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at the Gershwin for three nights in mid-March. Prior to arrival, I had read many of the negative reviews on this site. Needless to say, I was more than a little apprehensive.

But, I found the Gershwin to be a pleasant place to stay.

I've now come to the conclusion that all of these reviews were written by a bunch of whiners who a) don't travel very much b) can't cope with anything that looks slightly different than what they're used to at home and c) have never before heard the expression "You get what you pay for."

Prices at the Gershwin are cheap -- especially considering its great location in Manhattan (the Flatiron building was just a short walk away). The subway was a few blocks away. Restaurants were nearby, and a 24-hour grocery was just around the block.

For the price, I was prepared for the worst. But I found my queen-delux room to be comfortable and -- most importantly -- clean.

No, it's not a new hotel. The building is old, and as with any old building, it's showing its age in places. That's to be expected, so I'm surprised at how shocked people apparently are by this. This is New York, not Orlando. Buildings here have a little bit of history, and dare I say, character to them. If that bugs you (along with complaints about slow elevators, too hot water, etc) then stay at a Marriott. I can deal with some minor, minor inconveniences in exchange for the Gershwin's low, low rates.

One thing a reviewer pointed out that I did notice was slamming doors.
The room doors are rigged in such a way that they slam shut with quite a bit of force. Not sure why, but it might not be a bad thing to change.

As for the interior, the Gershwin is funky, in a good way. The renovated bar and lounge were very cool, and each night folks were lined up outside to get in. The room interiors and hallways were interesting as well.

I never saw the share-a-bathroom-with-strangers rooms, so I don't know what those rooms were like.

Hotel staff were courteous and helpful. No problems there at all.

If you want to spend time in Manhattan without blowing all of your budget on a hotel room, then the Gershwin is a great place to stay.
It's a little more bohemian than a Holiday Inn, though. But if you go in with that knowledge in mind, you'll have a great stay.

looking back...

from A TripAdvisor Member
my girlfriend and i stayed in december 2002 and at the time we had vey little complaints. Victor was great, we never had to see the concierge and we basically used the hotel as a place to sleep. the magic of NY overshadowed any minor faults that we could see and so long as you aren't too fussy, it's not all that bad. we got our broadway tickets from the half-price ticket booth in times square and got cabs to and from the airport. unless you have a real complaint to make the staff dont need to be consulted. overall it isnt that bad, new york is there to be explored and the hotel makes for an ok place to sleep in between seeing this amazing city.

Stay elsewhere

from kat517
One word: Cockroach. While we were looking at artwork on different floors, my friend stepped on a dead cockroach in the hall. At least it was dead, but the sound was disgusting. Our room was decent and clean.
They were having plumbing issues and we were without hot water for 1 1/2 days. Cold showers are not fun! We had received a notice one night that hot water would be off until 10am the next morning. The next day we arrived back in the hotel around 2pm to shower and it was still off!
Staff was not that helpful and didn't seem to care. We should have been compensated but a "sorry for the inconvenience" would have been fine.

s nicer :)

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed at the Gershwin the weekend of the snowstorm in Dec (12/5/03).
Terrible place. No anything, forget amenities. No heat, no hot water, toilet worked inconsistently. The staff was discourteous and always looking for a tip. It is very odd that the management has not noticed the gang of complainants that gather at the desk every day, let alone the internet. The funniest thing is that they are 'redecorating' the lobby and putting in some kind of bar area. How about putting in an elevator for average size adults that might even work? Maybe some basic utilities? Basically, not only is it highway robbery, its a lack of respect towards the guest. It's not like its for free!


from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from staying in this hotel. Not bad but quite basic. It reminded me of a very large guest house rather than what i would consider a hotel.

Rooms were functionally clean. Clean enough to stay there without any real concerns but has a lot of age showing in certain areas - around pipes, sink hole, shower rails, taps, etc.

It definitely seems to aim more towards a student traveller market than anything else. Location was not bad. About 7 streets/blocks down from the Empire State building and about a 30 minute walk from Times Square - although it was quite a deserted area in the evenings.

I wouldnt stay there again, just because i like a few more creature comforts and would like to stay a little further up the island, but if you are just looking for somewhere to drop your head at the end of each night then it may suit you fine.

A very different experience

from A TripAdvisor Member
I went to the Gershwin hotel last week as part of a school trip. We stayed at the Gershwin because we were all on a budget and it was probably one of the cheapest hotels in NYC!

When we arrived, check in wasn't so bad, especially seeing as there was about 40 of us. It was quite quick and we were all given rooms within 15 minutes.

My first impressions were okay. I liked the art and decoration at first, kinda because it's bohemian and went with the studenty-atmosphere we'd come in.

But anyway.

As soon as I got to my first room, the problems started. (And I say first because it wasn't the only room we stayed in.)

The second we walked into our room on the 8th floor, we were appalled by the mess. The room was totally trashed. It looked as though somebody was already staying in it. Me and my room mates grabbed our suitcases and got the (very slow) lift back down to the lobby and managed to gab our way into getting another room.

This time we were put on the 9th floor. Our second room was much nicer, but after the first room my initial thoughts weren't so good on the Gershwin.

The lift-operator guy Dee was nice, he agreed that our first room was a tip and it was out of order. He said the managers are spending more money on doing up the new bar than what they're spending on the guest's comfort.

Our first night at the hotel was freezing. Out television had awful reception. The only channel we could get was the Weather Channel. That night I had a shower as well. It was extremely hot and whenever I tried to change it, it would be freezing. I had one shower while staying in New York because I couldn't stand it.

Also, the toilet wouldn't flush properly, which could lead to highly embarrassing situations.

And another thing that annoyed me. They had nowhere to buy drinks if you were thirsty (no cafe, like they said there was), and the closest coffee shop was a good block away (which was terrible in the freezing climate when I went). So I had a bottle of Lucozade by my bed which I kept to drink at night.


The maid threw it away on the second day, and the bottle was almost full! That REALLY annoyed me, I'm just glad I didn't go in summer!

The radiator was making noises all night, you could hear people slamming doors and screaming, and on the Friday night when the bar was open, it was like a rave in the lobby. Not exactly the safest place to be.

We all agreed by the time we left that it was an awful hotel, and isn't even good enough for students, because the majority of us where art students and we didn't even like it one bit.

Some of us made up quotes mocking the hotel because we didn't like it.
Didn't feel very safe there at all during my stay.

I definitely won't be going back in the future, there are better budget hotels, I'm sure! The only good thing about the Gershwin was the location (round the corner from the Empire State Building and next door to the Mueseum of Sex).

Enough said, really!

Cool, Clean, Convenient, Campy!

from westendkathy
When I saw the reviews of the Gershwin (after a friend had already booked rooms for our group of 5), I was very apprehensive--even packed a washcloth and clean pillowcase. Our group was five women, ages 47-58.We were amazed by what we found from the front facade on. It was under renovation, so there was no bar, lounge, or dining room. What we could see of the renovations looked like it will be a very nice area to relax, hear live music, and have a drink. The front desk staff were nice enough but pretty disorganized--we had booked 2 rooms with 2 double beds in each room. Well, there is no such configuration in the hotel. But they did have an extremely cool suite with Queen bed, another room with double bed, and 2 rollaways. They also didn't key our cards right, so there were a couple of trips back and forth. Staff were pleasant about correcting their mistakes. For the confusion, they waived part of the rollaway fee.The rollaways were comfortable enough.
The bathrooms were well-decorated, no problems with water pressure or temp. The Picasso room had a bathtub big enough to do laps in. We did not hear doors slamming all night--things were quiet, although they were pretty booked. Room temperature was easy to control. Each room had an extra pillow and blanket. Decor was...well, you'd have to see it to believe it, but we were entranced by all the unusual touches. I think our coffee table began life as a surfboard. Everywhere you looked, there was something cool and artsy, but also functional if it needed to be.They supply good quality toiletries and adequate towels. Request for ice and extra towels were handled okay--had to make an extra call once, but that was the only glitch. The suite had a refrigerator-microwave combo, plus coffee-maker. Bathrooms had decent hair dryers. Linens were clean and odor-free, with a sheet under and over the blanket, and attractive duvet (easy to wash between guests) over what seemed to be a down comforter. Two robes that appeared freshly laundered were in the closet. Houesekeeping staff were efficient and pleasant. Painted wood floors were kept clean both in the rooms and public areas.After checking out, they will keep your bags for $2 (I think) until you are ready to go to the airport. This was a big help since check-out is 11:00 and our flight left at 5:30. We would all stay there again, and/or return with our families. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

A tad Fawlty Towers but I would stay again.

from A TripAdvisor Member
First I have to say that for the price the Gershwin was comfortable and central. Now for my story. After booking and emailing the hotel I was assured that we would be allocated a smoking room. Arriving late at night, we were told that no smoking rooms would be available for 2 days. After a long flight via Detroit this was very bad news for we naughty girls. True to their word (at last) we were allocated a smoking room after 2 days. Both rooms were clean and comfortable with more than adequate toiletries. The air conditioner worked wonderfully during our warm September stay, but I did notice the gap around it which would probably have been a nightmare during a blizzard. Agree with the previous poster that the bathroom window was either not there or unobtainable. Fortunately we were not overlooked. The staff were curteous but not very helpful at times. Oh, maybe they were just nice people:) Would I stay there again? For the price YES! I could not fault this hotel on location, cleanliness, peaceful nights, and price. I am hovvering over the book button but would like an honest "Yes" when I book a smoking room. Please Gershwin???


from A TripAdvisor Member
Looking for a reasonably priced hotel in NYC can be a real production but after our stay at the Gershwin I realize the old saying rings true You Get What You Pay For!! In the mist of NY's worst snow storm the small bathroom window would not stayed closed, the airconditionor in the bedroom area was still in the window and had no installation around it which led us to stuff our bed comfortors over the window to protect from wind and cold. To top this off the one floor radiator that was in the room is set on a timer so just be prepared to stay in the room only when the timer is on! The hardwood floors are filthy and warped in areas. Although the room and halls are a mess the staff at the front desk and maid service was very accommodating

on the downhill slide

from A TripAdvisor Member
I've stayed at the Gershwin twice - once in 2001 and again in 2003. I had a pleasurable experience the first time - the rates were cheap, the room was decent, and the free bottle of wine was a nice touch.
Unfortunately my visit in 2003 was very disappointing. The hot water took a long time to heat up, the rollaway was the worst I've ever slept in and the downstairs bar was closed. The hotel was still cheap, but buyer beware - you get what you pay for.

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Sightseeing If you want to get around easily and cheeply get a 48Hr ticket for the sightseeing bus companies. You can hop on or off where ever you want and you get to see all the sights at the same time. You also get a great boat ride out to the Statue of Liberty thrown in for the price. We were so happy we got this on the first day.

Sightseeing If you want to get around easily and cheeply get a 48Hr ticket for the sightseeing bus companies. You can hop on or off where ever you want and you get to see all the sights at the same time. You also get a great boat ride out to the Statue of Liberty thrown in for the price. We were so happy we got this on the first day.

"If you are taking a cab to MSG be sure to" Get out on the 7th Avenue side.


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  • gershwin hotel new york
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  • Address: 7 East 27th Street - New York City - New York - 10016 - United States
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