Depe Dene Motel Hotel

, Lake George, United States
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Depe Dene Motel Hotel

, Lake George

Rooms: 4

3494 Lake Shore Dr - Lake George - New York - 12845 - United States Hotel Website | 518/668-2788
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Reviews - Depe Dene Motel Hotel

Submitted by: V in 17/06/10
  • Age Group: 5160
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
For the past 8 years we have been going to the Depe Dene for an annual venue. I guess we were gluttons for punishment. Not anymore!! This last visit pushed us over the edge. Every year that we have been there, there has been a problem with the water. Either the hot water doesn't work or the water itself doesn't work. One year we had no water for 2 days. The owner, being the cheapskate that he is, wouldn't call a plumber to fix the line. He kept going to Home Depot to get parts. When his maintenance person was unable to fix it, he was fired! It wasn't his fault-it was a major break. No, we did not get any compensation at all-the owner's excuse was that a biker on his motorcycle broke it. Lame. I will give him credit for last year and this year for getting the hot water heater fixed right away though. But, what I don't understand is why they don't check/replace parts as soon as the water is turned back on. These sit all winter so obviously there's going to be problems. Now for the cabin. I can understand a little mildewy smell. After all they sit closed up all winter and are opened right before we come in but they don't clean spider webs or even spray inside and out for the Carpenter Ants. The shower is ridiculous-the shower head is so low that you have to bend down to take a shower and I'm not even tall! The kitchen lacks-if you want to actually cook while you're there you better bring your own pots/pans. And dish towels too. One year I opened the silverware drawer and it was filled with 2 inches of water. I had to empty, clean and dry the drawer and the silverware. The rugs are sticky, dirty and smelly. I don't think they've ever been cleaned. I guess they vacuum but that's even questionable. The couch and chair are sticky, dirty and smelly too. And they are falling apart. The cushions are sunk down and it's like sitting on a board. With the $$ this place charges, I can't understand why they don't replace them. They have to be at least 20 years old. The beds are gross too. I will not sleep under their sheets and blankets. I bring a sheet that I put over the bedspread and my own blankets. I even bring my own pillow. Only one bedroom has a mirror. The lighting in the bathroom and bedrooms is dark and yellow. It makes you look like you have jaundice. Now for the office staff. Although a couple of them can be pleasant, you can tell they don't want to be bothered. Two years ago they had someone in there that caused a lot of problems. She lied, lied,lied. Last year the owner said he fired her because of the problems. Well, guess who was back this year? Yup, same woman. And she lied, lied, lied again. When she was there two years ago she rented the cabin across from us to kids-no adults. All they did was scream and yell all nite-they were sleeping in cars, etc. She didn't care. Last year the owner apologized and promised us it wouldn't happen again and that they don't rent to anyone under 25 but last year there were more kids. This year the same. These kids screamed and yelled all nite. Each time there were no adults in the cabin. I called the office around 10:30PM and she said to me that she went down and told them to be quiet and then told me that they were going out. Well, they went out alright-outside the cabin where they continued to scream and yell. Once again she lied. We finally closed all the windows, went into the back bedroom, closed the door and put on a table fan we brought with us. We did try calling the office again but she had locked and left. That's another thing-God forbid you have an emergency at nite. There's no one in the office after 10-10:30PM. They don't even have a number to call or leave a listing of the police or fire dept. You're on your own. You have to wait until the morning for the office to open and even then they don't get in until 8AM if your lucky. Needless to say we're not going back next year. Eight years is more than enough. We're not the only ones that they have lost either. A lot of the regulars from over the years didn't come back. The owner doesn't care-ask any other business owner in town and you will find that they don't like him at all. He's nasty and uncaring. Just in it for the money. He didn't even say anything to us this year at all-would show up for a quick visit to the office and leave. Stay at the Boulders - heard it's much better. We have found a place that's new, clean and has a friendly office staff that is there 24/7. Can't wait. Steer clear of the Depe Dene. Maybe a long time ago it was nice but not anymore. It should be sold and bought by someone that would try to make it nice again
The Worst Resort I have ever Visited
Submitted by: Ken in 25/07/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We planned a vacation with a bunch of friends several months ago and they picked the Depe Dene (which we now refer to as the dumpy Dene). I personally called the Depe Dene and asked a lot of questions about the resort. When I arrived I found that they lied to me about all of my concerns. The pictures on the internet were definitely touched up or about 20 years old. My first question I asked was about the size of the Lakeview Townhouse. I was told it can fit 6 adults comfortably. My group was 4 adults and a 5 year old, 2 year old and 10 month old. It was a very tight fit. They tell you that the kitchens come equip with silverware and dishes. This stuff was gross; I wouldn't even give it to a bum to use.
Here is the list of all of the issues within the first 10 hours of my stay

1) House was infested with Ant and Mosquitoes. We couldn't even let our children play on the floor. Ants were falling from the ceilings, in the rug, in the beds, all over the toilet bowls.
2) Carpets were Very Dirty. I would rather eat off of the sidewalks in NYC then touch the carpets.
3) We found Nail Clippings in the carpets.
4) Bathroom was moldy
5) Bedrooms had cobwebs
6) Sheets were ripped and disgusting
7) Mattresses we as hard as a rock
8) The Sofa's stunk like dirty feet
9) The TV was on a small round table. It wobbled so much that we feared it falling on one of the kids
10) Bats we flying around under our outside deck
11) A bunch of people from Staten Island rented about a dozen houses around us and were rude and obnoxious. These guests had a “Chucky” doll hanging in a noose in the front of one of the houses. Poor images for little children. It sounded like a frat party every night and our children could not fall asleep. We complained to the front desk and they told us they can make noise up to 11pm.
12) The Toaster did not work
13) People that worked for the resort were nasty. It seemed like we were bothering them when we would complain about something.
14) The pool was dirty.
15) The offer wireless internet and it don't work. When I called to complain, they told me it was my problem.
16) Bulbs were out all over the house
17) They showed no urgency to my complaints.
18) Not enough parking around the houses.

After two days of complaining about the ants and other issues, I finally lost it when an ant was crawling on my 10 month old. My wife and sister-in-law went to the front office to complain and got nowhere.
I finally went too the office and demanded a full refund. I asked for the owners or the managers and the ladies at the front desk stared me down like they were the victim. I threatened to take them to court and sue them for the house rental for a week and all four adults salaries for wasting vacation. I also threatened to call the Board of Health because Ants should not be crawling on children. They told me it would take several hours to get approval for a refund. I then told them that I would stand at the front door of the resort and tell everyone what a dump the place was. Within 5 minutes I received a full refund. They even refunded the money for the two nights I stayed.
Then proceeded to tell me that I was not welcomed back. I laughed!
Don't let them scare you, if you have issues be aggressive and raise your voice and threaten to sue them and call the Police. They will refund your money if you push the issues. The place is a dump, and they should not be called a resort.
I took pictures of all that I have listed. They threatened me because I told them I would write a bad review. They told me if I had intentions of writing this review, they were going to reverse charges on my credit card. I needed to let people know.
We told everyone we ran into about the Depe Dene Resort and they all told us they hear complaints all of the time. Do yourself a favor, spend a little more money and go to a better place.

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Awesome! Lake George is a great place to visit! I go back year after year

Amusement parks Great Escape was a lot of fun for the kids, especially the water park section. Look for coupons and specials.

Boating Look out for gas prices


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  • depe dene lake george
  • depe dene hotel
  • Address: 3494 Lake Shore Dr - Lake George - New York - 12845 - United States
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