Nevele Grande Resort Hotel

, Ellenville, United States
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Nevele Grande Resort Hotel

, Ellenville

Rooms: 700

Nevele Rd - Ellenville - New York - 12428 - United States | 845/647-6000

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Historical Traveller Reviews of Nevele Grande Resort Hotel

Our trip was filled with well planned activities!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have just returned from our weekend trip with the NYPD. There was a big group of us (400 +). Coming into this trip I had read the reviews.
I wasn't sure if this resort was going to meet my expectations.
However, we had a wonderful weekend. We took advantage of the skiing, ice skating, tubing, swimming, and dining facilities. The list could go on. There were many activities planned for the adults, as well as the children. Many of the reviews had prepared me for the worst. However, our hotel room in the Fallsview was clean and spacious. The staff did the best to their ability, considering the the amount of guests they had there that weekend. We were greeted with valet parking and a bell boy. Our meals were served by a friendly waiter. I would not consider this a five star hotel. However, I believe that we did get our monies worth. The activities were reasonably priced. Like I said previously, we took full advantage of them.

Family Fun!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Great winter weekend getaway for the family within 2 hrs from NY or CT.
Lots to do with a low key comfortable atmosphere. Super beginner ski hill plus skating and tubing. Magicians, mini-golf inside. Also stuff for parents. Good food. Just needs a bit of updating to complete the package.

re with a group

from leijsw
just returned from a group trip. that part of it was fun but i would never, ever recommend this hotel. the food was simply OK. the main desk staff were unhelpful, and the common areas and hallways were frequently dirty and/or so old they looked hazardous. if you can get past this stuff and enjoy a great trip with friends and kids, you can have a great time. the room was clean, as was the pool

A Kid Friendly Hotel with Plenty of Schmaltz

from A TripAdvisor Member
How many places can you go to with each meal bringing back scenes from "Dirty Dancing" or "Walk on the Moon? Where can you tell the waiter that you would like lox and bagels in addition to your breakfast of pancakes and eggs and to "bring sausage and bacon" for the table -- no extra charges here? In fact, nothing is extra in the dining room. Would your grandma tell you that the brisket was $5.00 extra or you could only have a small plate of pasta? The mantra at the Nevele is eat and eat some more. This is as close as you can come to eating in your Grandma s dining room, but be in a restaurant.Which nightclubs that feature certainly known entertainment have kids in the front row and throughout the room -- a Las Vegas style room? The entertainers seem to cringe a bit in trying to perform without using four or even five letter words. This is the new Borscht Belt, the new Catskills. This is what remains from the bygone era of the Concord, Grossingers, et al. As a kid, I went to these places and believe that these places have had better days, but these hotels are not dead.Yes the hotel is perhaps, at best, three star and the food can be good but certainly not gourmet. But the waiter is happy to bring you another entree or another until you find something you like and where can you get authentic Russian dressing mayonnaise with a spot of ketchup. The rooms were recently renovated and surprisingly spacious while the service was a bit sparse and only occasionally helpful a residue of the tight times. The health club was well above average and the indoor pool was more than adequate. But this is not your typical vacation. With all do respect to Marriots and Hiltons, these are bereft of sentimentality or schmaltz. The Nevele is a working replica of a theme park where adults and kids can see the world as our parents did when this was in fact the center of the entertainment world.

Hazard! Avoid!! Run for the hills as fast as you can!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My friend warned me that this place was positively unbearable, but I am not fussy at all - I'm less fussy than almost anyone I know, and I often can tolerate and even enjoy things other people can't tolerate - but let me tell you, and please take it from me - this place is nothing short of disgusting.It's like the management is very cheap or money-grubbing, and they cut a lot of corners that they really can't get away with cutting.Possibly the worst part of all, assuming you have a nose, is all of the various and putrid stenches, which pervade each room, including the dining room.The food is not only seriously unappealing, but hazardous as well. The menu is limited, and repeats its componens - for example, if on the lunch menu, you notice "penne and mushroom sauce," you can be reasonably certain that dinner will include the option, "fillet of grilled chicken with mushroom sauce." The food is, for the most part, low-quality and recognizably frozen. (The shrimp tastes mighty... strong)But it gets worse. By comparison, the point about the food is a petty complaint. The staff is unresponsive - you will wait hours if you need anything. It was freezing in our room, so we called the front desk from our room to ask how to operate the thermostat. They couldn't TELL us where the knob is; instead, they promised to "send someone up," and though I clarified that my inquiry was about the location of a knob, they couldn't do anything but tell me to wait for assistance.Nobody ever showed up, but three hours later, we went down to dinner. When we returned to our room, it was scorching hot. The heater was blowing hot air, and we still didn't know where the thermostat was.The activities within the building include things like "carnivals" wherein you can throw a ping-pong ball into a cardboard box to win a plastic hat or some Mardi-Gras beads. In addition to these activities are some sort of phantom activities, like the noon "Welcome Buffet." We slept through breakfast that day, anticipating a buffet, which was scheduled to take place at noon in the lobby. At least a hundred people showed up, but the food never did... the crowd buzzed with complaints, and I, appalled, demanded to see the manager. I was laughed at BY STAFF, and I had to wait over half an hour, standing at the front desk.The shower was terrible. I think the showerheads are special money-saving, pressure-control showerheads, because the water, turned all the way on, trickled out of the faucet.I could go on for pages. Let me just summarize: the place is rundown, moldy, seedy, and disgusting (the ceilling drips, the carpet and furniture are stained, blah blah blah) the staff is unhelpful, the odors are unbearable, and the food service is extraordinarily hectic and slow. Don't stay here!

Watch your credit cards!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I had attended a state convention in November, 2003. and upon check out had a zero balance! 2 weeks later my credit card charged was charged for $200+, this was an unauthorized charge and after the employee told me my credit card number was destroyed, wrong! You could not check in without leaving a credit card for incidentals! Incidental of over $200 of which when I left, I had a zero balance. 2 weeks later a charge appears on my bank statement and they where in no hurry to rectify this error. Everytime you called there, because the hotel never returned calls when the personnel of whom was suppose to be rectifying this, told me they would call back the same day. Well not until I had called and emailed several people did I receive a call back! It finally was rectified, but this should never of happened! So be cautious if you stay at the Nevel Grande Hotel, I didn't see anything "Grand" about the entire hotel! Possibly in it's day early 50's it might of been a Grande Hotel, but by todays standards-NOT!

Never Go Back; Researching Refund

from dbugner
I recently returned from a PTA state convention held at the Nevele Grande. I wish I had read the reviews before signing on. This place was nowhere near worth the money paid. I had to laugh--even the somewhat favorable reviews were on the mark--"yes, the place is rundown, but if you know that going in..."! I find it hard to believe a huge place like this is able to stay afloat. And if this place has been "renovated", I can't imagine what it looked like before. The check-in was lengthy and the reception people were not very knowledgeable. I stumbled across information I wanted by chance, near the front door, not because anyone knew where it was. The lobby furniture was dirty, stained and, since I had to sit down, it was uncomfortable too. The beds didn't have mattress pads on them and I am wondering how long it will take for the maid to find my message written in the dust! The meals were OK but they were rushed. I hate when a waiter takes something you're still eating.
However, the opposite effect occurred when I wanted to order wine with my dinner. Different people were for different things, and it's hard to say what took longer, getting to order my wine or actually getting it.
Let's just say that if my roomate had been 60 seconds faster with her dessert, I would have left without my wine. The whole place had a weird smell to it too. Then there was the mold growing on the ceiling in a hallway, visibly fuzzy, and the puddles of water accumulating on the floor in one part of the tunnel area. I also wonder how people can talk about "the wonderful view". We took a short walk Sunday looking for the horses and came across "the dumping ground". All kinds of broken furniture and garbage just kind of sitting there in various piles.
Also, I wondered why there were no crosswalks for people trying to safely navigate through the parking lots of all the buildings. And there was an abundance of leaves, which accumulated on the walkways for slippery walking..I slipped and almost fell the first time I went through the area. Must be this resort does not own rakes! And having a pool in the main building didn't mean you got to go in. It closed at 6PM! How does that fit in with a convention or conference schedule? I guess I could go on and on about the disappointments. But I don't want to spend any more time on this unpleasant experience.

read the reviews/got scared/went/laughed alot

from A TripAdvisor Member
I read the reviews on this page before attending a confernce in NOV.03at the NEVELLE GRANDE. When we arrived I asked the security gaurd about "THE TOWERS", he said " you must have read about the reunion people..." we laughed. Got scared when I read about towers floor 6 so when the desk gave us the room card... TOWERS- 6TH FLOOR--OH NO! we laughed again. Went up in the elevator, doors opened- the hall did smell like LYSOL, BUT the room was FINE- opened the window to let air in for awhile and had NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. you must realize that not all rooms are used at all times and sometimes they need an airing out. The Towers were renovated about 6 years ago (they say) Although our room was haunted. At 3 AM the bathroom door slammed shut and the room smelled like JEAN NATAY (spelling) a fragrance I haven't smelled since I was 7 or 8 years old at my nani's house. The food was fine,wait staff were helpful at our table(we laughed alot) There were hundreds of conference people like us who were trying to check in,(but not enough desk staff on duty)they did offer all of us standing in line a drink and finger food,that was nice. Hallways were cold-(big deal-it was 30ish deg. outside). We walked up to the FALLS---Beautiful place. Met a coulple that were there 50 years ago on their Honeymoon and came back to take another picture(how sweet), While some of our friends had a totally different experience that weekend in other areas of the resort, we were fine in... THE TOWERS!

t have to

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have to agree with the other reviews I've read. Our organization meets here every October and this is the only reason I go. The place is smelly, dingy, dirty and unfriendly. The wait staff isvery friendly - looking for tips??? Check your bill before tipping. I noticed our bill included a hefty tip already added in. When I asked who receives the tip, I was told that everyone from the wait staff to the housekeeper receive their tips from it. This information was not offered until I asked. I do not advise booking a vacation here.

Not bad for the money

from shp64
We were there for Columbus Day Weekend, 2003. If I had read the other reviews here before booking I probably wouldn't have gone, which would have been a shame. We had a wonderful time. Yes, the place is rundown, but if you know that going in, you can appreciate the good points to the place.

Bottom line for us was we paid $600 (incl. tax, but not tips) for 2 nights and 6 all-you-can-eat meals for 4 people (because there's no charge for kids) and we only drove about 2.5 hours from home. Not a bad deal.

We found our room, the main lobby area, and dining room to be very nice. Not exactly "Grande" as the name implies, but clean and comfortable.

Our room was in the Collonades section of the towers, on the first floor. It had been recently renovated and I thought it was very nice, although a bit small. The windows needed a good cleaning and the air conditioner didn't work very well, but the bedding was new and clean.
The TV was new and got every cable channel imaginable. There was lots of closet and dresser space. The outer hallways were newly renovated as well, but probably not vacuumed as often as they should be.

The main lobby and seating areas were newly-renovated and really nice.
There was a newish lounge with a coffee bar and lots of comfy sofas, overstuffed chairs, tables, etc. We spent some cozy time there curled up with books.

The dining room was bright and cheerful. The chairs were very comfortable. The dining is similar to a cruise ship in that you are assigned a table and a pair of servers for the length of your stay and you give them one tip at the end. Our servers were very sweet. They knew our children's names and made a point of remembering what they liked. However, they each clearly had their own areas of responsibility. The waitress did the entrees, the busboy did the appetizers & desserts & drinks & cleared dishes. If you asked the wrong person for the wrong thing, they'd agree to get it, but you'd never see it. We never felt rushed, but on Saturday night they were very busy and didn't clear the dishes as quickly as we would have liked.

Also, like a cruise ship, there were only a few selections each night.
1 Salad, two soups, One beef dish, one chicken, one fish, and one vegetarian. I couldn't call this food bad, but they're lying when they call it "gourmet". I felt like I was at a wedding at the local Elks Club or VFW Hall -- salad w/ russian dressing, chicken francese, cheesecake. Tasty and filling, but not at all creative. If you went to your local diner and had this food, you'd be happy with it.

It was great for the kids, though. They could try an entree, and if they didn't like it, the server would bring them a different one. Or if they did like something, they could have seconds.

Breakfasts and lunches were better than dinners, I think. They had omelettes, lox, fruits, juices, pancakes, french toast. We ordered some of everything and liked it all.

Lunch, for some reason, offered many more options than the other meals -- 6 entrees, 3 cold and 3 hot. Again, we asked for some of everything and it was all good -- again, by diner standards.

We spent a lot of time walking around outside. The grounds were so pretty and the weather was perfect -- a little warm for October. We don't play golf, so I can't judge the course except to say that it looked beautiful as we walked along the outskirts and there were a lot of people playing. The tennis courts looked like they needed resurfacing, but there were lots of people playing.

The outside pool was closed and drained, but I could see that it was run down. The masonry around the steps and sides were crumbling. The paint on the railings was all peeling off. I could see that it was probably pretty spectacular in it's day, and I hope someone invests some time and money to bring it back. They could even keep the 50's decor, which is considered "retro" now.

They have a gorgeous skating rink & ski lodge also in an late 50's, early 60's retro style. Again, the interiors are old and run-down, but it only takes a little imagination to see what it could be. The skating area is huge and is used for roller blades until October, and the ice in the winter. They also have a ski lift to a small hill. I guess it's good for beginner skiiers, but it looks like it would be more fun for tubing (which they also offer).

They also offer horseback riding for $25/hr and pony rides for the kids for $5 each. My son and I went on a trail ride and loved it. The horses were clean and well-mannered. The views were spectacular. The guide, Charlie, was sweet and attentive.

They offer a kids camp for ages 3 (if potty-trained) on up. My 7-yr old son went for an evening and had dinner and a dance party with about 13 other kids his age. He had a great time. They charged $10.00 for 2.5 hours. He also loved the arcade, the pool tables, & the indoor mini-golf (18 hole).

We took a look at the indoor pool, but didn't feel like swimming.
Again, very cool late 50's, early 60's decor. The pool is huge for an indoor pool -- maybe 30x60 feet. Very clean. Tiled sides and bottom.
Lots of lounge chairs around. Very inviting.

Okay, so I told you about all the things that we liked about the place, here are the bad points. A lot of the structures outside of the main hotel are not renovated. A lot of the guest rooms are in outer buildings -- I walked through a couple of their lobbies, and was appalled. They were dark. The smell was dank. There were fake plants with thick layers of dust. If the rooms were anything like the lobbies, I'd be screaming for a refund.

The indoor game areas (arcade, golf, etc) were badly rundown as were the hallways leading to the. The hallways leading to the pool reminded me of walking the halls of my old high school. The ballrooms were disgraceful. If you were thinking of planning a meeting here, take a look in person before booking.

In spite of all that, we had a great time. We had fast, friendly service, nice accomodations, and reasonable prices.

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  • Address: Nevele Rd - Ellenville - New York - 12428 - United States

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