Villa Roma Resort Hotel

, Callicoon, United States
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Villa Roma Resort Hotel

, Callicoon

Rooms: 230

356 Villa Roma Rd - Callicoon - New York - 12723 - United States Hotel Website | | 845/887-4880
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Relaxing and Enjoy Experience

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed at the Villa Roma over the Summer in August. Had a great time. Found the staff helpful. The girls at check in was a little slow but overall they were freindly. The activites for kids was good. They had a great camp for children all day to keep them busy so my husband and I could enjoy the pool area and the entertainment outside. There were activites running all day until late afternoon. The Bingo seems to be a big hit with everyone. The Cappicinno Bar was a nice afternoon treat with the Starbucks coffee and pastiries. The meals were fine. We enjoyed the family style dining and meeting new people at our table. Caesar's Night was very entertaining with the staff greeting us as we entered the dining room and then singing before the meal. Quite an enjoyable meal. There was no lunch schedule in the summer, but there were a number of places to have lunch from the convenience store on property to three restaurants. We enjoyed the evening shows in their nite club every evening. The waitstaff in the Nite CLub could have been a little more faster with our drink order. The best was The Villa Roma Idol show. The talent that performed was both good and entertaining. Hats off to the Villa Roma for this idea.
Overall it was a relaxing and enjoyable vacation for our entire family and we are hoping to return next year.

Going back again next year

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed for a long weekend with my family in mid-August and had a great time. The kids loved the activities, we bowled, road paddle boats, swam, played bocce. The club house meals were outstanding. We were checked in quickly, the bellboy was quick and had a great sense of humor, we asked for local activities and went into Callicoon, ate at the 27 Main Street Restauraunt - GREAT food, we canoed down the Delaware River (only a 15 minute ride from the resort. We also went into the town of Jeffersonville (10 minute ride) and shopped at the cute shops in town. I am looking forward to going back next year. Also want to try a winter stay for the skiing on-site. We got a babysitter through the front desk and just my husband and I went to the show at night - excellent to spend the day with the kids and the evening alone. The countryside is very peaceful - what a great weekend.

Stay away!!

from Brendonia
The slick ads made me think it had changed from the tacky, smelly place I remember from my childhood! I was wrong. The room still smells of mildew. The front desk is sorely understaffed. The service desk staff pride themselves on their rudeness and ignorance. The children's activities are sporadic, the preteen activities are a joke. There is not enough staff to man the activities so there were loads of cancellations over the four days I was stuck there. Far too expensive for the little service/entertainment I received. The diner quality food was just that. However, I thought the wait staff in the main dining room was great. At mealtime and at the pool, my conversations with other guests included their similar complaints. I sure wished I had found this website and read the other reviews before I booked my trip.

nice resort,employees are unfriendly

from A TripAdvisor Member
visited the villa roma,hard to find somewhat,many long islanders there,starting with the activities 1-shows were good,kids activities were good,lounge is booring,2-food-breakfast was good a mix of everything,dinner was good ,nice selection,,but busboys were very slow in cleaning up ,but the waiters did a nice job.they have bartenders walking around taking drink orders during dinner,keep a close eye on what they charge you they mis charged me twice and thought the ten dollar change that i was getting was her tip for two drinks served to me ?3-the pool area is crowded during the summer,the bar was a joke the barmaids were outright unsociable and rude,also some of the employees need to learn how to treat guests,saw it first hand with alot of people at the villa roma 4-rock climbing was good for the kids the gym was nice ,several times during our stay the lights went out,5-checkout was very easy im still waiting for my reciept in the mail two weeks already.all in all the trip was O.K. but i will consider another place to go ,they need to kick it up a notch it caters to many seniors and not middle aged people as much

its o.k.

from A TripAdvisor Member
visited the villa roma for a three day stay at 430.00 a nite for four people a little high in cost for what we recieved..the food at breakfast was good,dinner varied with some good choices,the ceasers buffet was excellent,to start the room was a deluxe and was clean and spacious with a refridge,i stayed in the lodge area,which when you look at it from the outside it dosent look that good.the resort in some areas need renovating,but the pool area is excellent ,the food at the pool is o.k. the bar by the pool is nice but the barmaids were outright unfriendly and miserable like they didnt want to be there,several people complained about that,they have a off track betting system there which if you like to play the horses it gives you alot of choices.The entertainment one night had two jugglers who where great and the next night a comedian it was a treat to see hbo comedian Adam Ferrara preform he was great,his opening act was a cabaret singer who was about sixty years old and dragged along her preformances singing like a karoke bar singer HORRIBLE.but all in all this place was good for a three day stay,but next time ill try another place like woodlock pines.

Weekend from Hell

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have been going to Villa Roma for the last 8-9 summers. We were there just for the weekend this time and it was horrible. The Dinning room maitre'd was extremely rude. We sat on Saturday for over an hour before our orders were even taken and the waitress didn’t even understand English. There were two other tables that came an hour after us and they were getting their dessert when our order was just being taken. After the order was taken we then waited another 45 minutes before being served. When we got the dessert we could have considered it breakfast. To me that is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE !!! That same night before we sat, the tables were mixed up and there also weren't enough seats per table. The breakfast was the same. Two hours for eggs, what a DISGRACE. The communication barrier between the guests and the waiters, waitresses and bus boys were horrendous. The pool area was so crowded my family of 5 couldn't even get two seats. The men in our party played golf and the fairways were a disgrace. They also called for a "wake- up call" and they never got the "wake up-call. The men were given a voucher to eat breakfast at the Golf Club House, the waiter tried to charge them extra money for eating there. We were told it's more expensive to eat in the dining room than at the Golf Club House. Every year we've been there, there's has been a major problem with the bill and of course it was in your favor. Some of our party stayed in the suites. They had no hot water for showers. Every where we went we came across rude, obnoxious and lazy employees. The incompetency of the information desk was again unacceptable. We were continously given wrong information about your facility.

wedding from hell

from LaurenB1
As my cousins guest I was looking forward to a memorable event. We unfortunetly had to bear a
disorganized, dirty disaster. How inept can a resort be handled. The bridal party were directed to a professional beauty staff! They almost all ran to redo themselves.
The food was just bearable and the whole event a sad reminder to stay closer to home. Sadly this is a resort that truely needs upgrading.

We enjoyed our Springbreak vacation in the Catskill!

from schong
I have read a lot of negative reveiws from this website and was nervous about spending a week of Passover at Villa Roma. The weather was not great at all during our stay and Villa Roma has a number of good outdoor recreations that we can only enjoy a few times. Our check-in was fast and efficient. Since we have booked our stay through timeshare, the timeshare check-in was in a separate building at the entrance to the resort. There were four counters to service the check-in and we get our keys and two informative packages of information in five minutes. We have decided to cook our own meals based on some dinning review from the other guests from this website. We shopped at a Walmart half an hour before arriving at the resort. The closest market is fifteen minutes down the hill and not bad for grocery. The resort has a small and expensive deli among the timeshare units. We shopped there a lot in between our stay for ice-cream and stuff. Our two bedroom first floor unit was large and well spaced. The kitchen was well equiped but with older appliances. Still everything work and were very clean. The living room area were large and comfortable. The master bedroom were smallish with a regular size jet-stream tub. The second bedroom were much larger with two queen and a good size bathroom. Over-all our unit was comfortable with older funitures and appliances but very clean. The resort timeshare unit comes with daily maid service. It is good to have our beds made and unit clean. The lady who takes care of our unit was very polite and only come to clean our unit when we put the "maid service needed" sign on the the door. On tuesday afternoon, there was a timeshare complimentary cocktail party. It was very nice, they have an open bar for an hour and keep bring out snacks and treats. The complimentary food were all very tasty. They brought out platters of cheese, fruits, pizzas, fried shrimps, some Italian pastry snacks, lots and lots of food. At that point we were regretting that we didn't go for the meal plan which is a bargain for $125 a week for adult and $75 for kids. The menu for the week has lobster, lamb rib rack, salmon filet and Filet Mignon. The dinner were five course meals with desert. The main hotel where they house the main swimming pool and the boutiques were hosting a big passover convention. It was very crowded. The swimming pool was heated with life quard. We still find plenty to do at the bowling alley, go cart, rock wall climbing and bumper boat. Spring is still chilly in the Catskill and the rainy weather is not really vacation weather. Our stay at the Villa Roma could be improve by these elements. We have at Villa Roma, more than other vacation, get a chance to relax instead of running around a theme park and working on our laptops. Both my husband's and my cel phones and Blackberry don't have signal in the Catskill Mountains. We view that as a sign to relax and drop all the equipments in the drawer for eight days. We did manage to have wireless internet at the main hotel for $7.50 an hour. See your Villa Roma, we did enjoy our stay!

Villa Roma - Stay Home!

from pisces22572
Villa Roma is a special place for me or was in 1996, that is where I met my husband when we were set up on a blind date. He was working there for the summer and my best friend had a timeshare at Villa Roma. Since 1996, we have made frequent trips back there and in 2005, i am ashamed to say the place has just gone downhill.
We booked the Couples Getaway package with our 2 best friends and thought we were in for a great weekend. We arrived in the pouring rain on Saturday, April 2nd at about 10 am and were hoping that since they were grossly underbooked, we could get checked in early, not the case and we were treated very poorly at the front desk. We amused ourselves with shuffleboard, video games and bocce ball and at about 2:30 my friend asked a maid if our room was ready. We then got in line at 2:30 to check in only to find a line of about 20 people. it took close to ONE HOUR to check us in and I missed the class i wanted to take. The front desk INADEQUATE AND SLOW.
Dinner was a horror. The food was TERRIBLE. For $180 i expected more than 4 mozzarella balls, 4 chef boyardee size raviolis and a prime rib that my dog wouldn't eat. This was supposed to be a "Taste of Italy" service was poor, the photographer didn't even come to our table for our picture and it was just an overall disappointment. Marty's Lounge is very cool but the band they had there was AWFUL! We tore out of there at 10:00 pm to see the comic, Stewie Stone, he was very funny.
The next day we had breakfast hich was decent but again, poor service waited 20 minutes just to place our orders and that was only because we got up to complain that no one approached our table and then we decided to go bowling. WELL! that was closed for a family reunion. I think that is ridiculous, when you pay $180 for a one night trip, you should be entitled to the same facilities as everyone else, they promoted a Couples Getaway yet gave preference to other people.
I would not recommend you waste your money on this place. They charge way too much and deliver way too little.

s ok, but service was not really good....

from aquarius2971
I have been coming here since the 1980s and watched my grandparents visit with their timeshare, my parents, then us, but then we had to sell it for personal reasons in 2000. I was recently here this past weekend for the Couples Overnight Getaway. Here, 5 years later, while the resort is still very clean and beautiful, the service was very very poor and slow. Since the "Overnight Getaway Weekend" was just for one day/night, my husband and our best friends (another couple) decided to make a day of it to enjoy all the activiites so we left early. Now mind you, in April, this place is not as crazy and busy as the summer, but we asked 3 times if we can get into our room early for a early check-in and they said that they were so booked and the rooms weren't ready until 4pm the latest...come on...there was like what 300 people in this whole huge place. ok, so we go and enjoy the activities, but it's kind of hard that they wont let you in your room until 4ish and cocktail hour starts at 5:30pm.nice unpacking and showering time...what a rushjob..the place was totally empty in the of course when our room was ready, there was a load of people waiting in line now for check in which took literally 50 MINUTES in line! now it was 3:30pm by the time we got our room..gee..thanks...That was the first thing...2nd..they tell you that they're having a Taste of Italy dinner (which i went to all those years and they give you lots of food!)..nope..not this time..we got 4 little pieces of ravioli in our appetizer, and a prime rib (italian foo??) that was dry and not really a choice in dessert..not even CAKE! so what did we pay $180 for?? hmmmmm...the service was very slow..short staffed...took forever to get dinner AND 30 MINUTES to get a waiter to order breakfast...Because of the rain, we wanted to leave early the next morning, so we decided to get in some bowling which opens at 10am...we get there and we were told we're not allowed in..only for the "family reunion people" nice...what the heck did we pay for?? So just because there's some family reunions that came up..we should've been offered all the services too since it was a "package"....things have really changed there...just customer service wise....some of the staff are really not nice and don't care about you..they're like "Oh well." i'm very sad to see that the Villa Roma after all of these years have gone downhill...speaking of hills...we used to enjoy the lovely hills which overlook villa they are nothing but condos, condos, and more condos....Hey if you want to add and keep adding, do it but start redoing the rest of the place so it can fit everyone and add more waiters/waitresses....oh and don't be so cheap on the charge an arm and a leg for accommodations there including food...make sure the people are satisfied. All i have to say is that it's just sad, very generation....

Top Local Tips for Callicoon

What to do! Callicoon is becoming an artsy/craftsy type of place. This season there is a Farmers' Market set-up at Bethel Woods off of Rt. 17B. There is the Museum at Bethel Woods and you can also go into the Village of Jeffersonville, which is very cute, with a couple of very good restaurants and a lovely gift shop and there are actually things to look at as you walk up and down the street. You can go canoeing on the Delaware River in the proper time season. There are also several very good restaurants in Callicoon.

Year Round Fun The Villa Roma is open year round, however if you are looking for great deals the Winter Months are when you should book your trip. Check for their off peak dates, they're all online. Also, if you want an even better deal, look for a group who has a planned trip or go with a group of family and friends through their group sales department. We always deal with Kevin from group sales.

Pretty much any season The Callicoon area is basically a summer vacation spot. There is the Deleware River for rafting in summer. Nearby, there is Bethel Woods concerts on the old Woodstock site. Lots of golf. In the winter there is skiing at the Villa Roma.


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  • hotel roma
  • Address: 356 Villa Roma Rd - Callicoon - New York - 12723 - United States
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