Best Western Robert Treat Hotel

, Newark, United States
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Best Western Robert Treat Hotel

, Newark
3 star

Rooms: 170

50 Park Place - Newark - New Jersey - 07102 - United States 973 622 1000
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Inexpensive with subtle class
Submitted by: Jennifer Kraut in 29/06/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
I enjoyed the Robert Treat Hotel. It was not an expensive hotel and definitely not the most luxurious, but the staff are extremely helpful & courteous. I stayed there a number of times and found it to be comfortable and accomodating. I preferred this hotel over the Newark Hilton.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Best Western Robert Treat Hotel

The robert treat is remodeled

from hcox
I had read the other reviews and really didn't want to stay there based on the negative reviews. I was with a group and when we got there I was really surprised at how beautiful the lobby was and how helpfull the desk clerks were. The room was on the small side but other than that everthing else was great. My room had a view of NYC. Everything was clean (kinda new looking) and I didn't hear any noise from any source. Ice machines on every floor. If I ever need a room in Newark,NJ I would gladly stay there again. If one were going to a show at the NJPAC as we did it is right across the street from the hotel. Based on the convenience to NJPAC and being downtown Newark it was a bargin at under 160 a night. with our group rate we got a free breakfast buffet which had a good variety of food. I recommend this hotel to anyone. Thier exercise room was like a small gym. They spent a lot money in there. It even had two 32" flat screen tv's.

Beware Kaplan Students Staying At The Robert Treat Hotel

from Diagnosis
I was a bit apprehensive about staying in a hotel for 6 weeks that I had never heard. I was taking classes nearby and this was the hotel I was recommended. Considering I had no other choice, I took it. It was definitely not the best study environment considering every weekend was always a loud party-like atmosphere...the walls are paper thin and people enjoyed screaming and yelling all night long. The front desk staff in general was VERY INCOMPETENT and no one had A CLUE as to what was EVER going on. For instance, no one knew why the fire alarm kept going off, where the mall was and the manager blamed ME for getting my hub cap stolen from the unsecured hotel parking lot...NO 24 hour security for cars in the hotel that is in downtown newark, NJ....go figure....driver beware. I switched rooms 3 times, finally getting a modern one. At least this room was okay. At first I was told i wasnt allowed to switch but i just went back the next day and asked a different person at the front desk...again, no one had a clue....well good luck to all who are staying at the Robert Treat.

Pleasantly surprised!

from MSP_in_DC
Booked this before finding the reviews here, and I admit the reviews made me very nervous. Zero availability in Manhattan for under $350/night though, so I had no choice but to stick with it.

My experience was totally different than much of what I read here. I had a delightful time. This is not a Marriott or Hyatt, but for $100/night it was terrific.

I arrived at Penn Station at 9:30 at night. Sure, the bus depot end of the train station has some people hanging out, but nobody being disruptive or mean. The walk was easy and actually kind of pleasant. Walking out Raymond St., you basically go past a Marriott hotel, Seaton Hall law school, the HQ of the gas & electric company, turn the corner at a paved plaza next to that, and you're there. I encountered no nefarious characters along my walk (unless you count caffeine addled aspiring lawyers), and no reason to be afraid. The sidewalks of Newark are not very busy at night though, which can be kind of intimidating to some people. There was plenty of car traffic however.

There was some big event at JPAC and at the hotel itself so the place was teeming with people, but as I approached the desk the fellow looked up immediately, smiled, and got right to work checking me in.

The room was decent. Typical mid-level hotel furnishings like an old Holiday Inn or Days Inn. The room was reasonably sized but would have been better with just 1 bed instead of 2. Everything was quite clean. The closet had an iron and ironing board. The bathroom was nothing fancy, but reasonably spacious and spotless. Good water pressure and quick hot water even on the 11th floor.

By the way, I also had dinner at the restaurant because somebody else wrote about it. The restaurant is definitely more upscale than the rooms, and would fit just fine in a much higher end hotel. The meal was actually terrific from appetizer to main course to dessert. The service was friendly and efficient. And that was in spite of the place being absolutely packed with people. I would recommend giving it a try any time.

I like the Robert Treat, and I like Newark

from Isis7400
First of all, I disagree with the other reviewers who think that this is in a "shady" area of Newark. The Robert Treat is downtown, which is one of the better areas of Newark. It is across the street from my law school (Seton Hall Law) and a few blocks from Penn Station. There are certainly really bad neighborhoods in Newark, but this isn't one of them. Anyway, I've stayed here many times, most recently with my parents this past weekend. We have always enjoyed it. It is SO much better than other hotels in Newark because it is within walking distance of Newark Penn Station (and the trains into New York and to the airport) and more importantly, it is within walking distance of the Ironbound, which is definitely the best neighborhood in Newark (I lived there for two years and LOVED it.) If you stay at the Robert Treat, try taking a walk down to Ferry Street and getting breakfast at one of the many portuguese bakeries or dinner at any number of excellent restaurants. Of course, if you are unaccustomed to a very urban environment, and the diversity that comes with it, you might not appreciate the Robert Treat, or Newark, for that matter. I suspect that the shuttles don't run constantly because many people opt to walk to the train station or restaurants, or to take the nj transit train to the airport. The only reason I give it four stars instead of five is that sometimes I've found the staff can be less than helpful, but it depends on who's working.

Jekyl and Hyde Hotel w/police

from rnicole
This hotel.... the "historic" Robert Treat... is not even in its original building. The current hotel is next door and was built in the 60's with completly diffrent architecture. Terrible experience... but a better price than staying in manhatten.
1) We were only given one room key for two people
2) We reserved a king sized bed but received a double. thankfully they didnt charge us extra.
3) Our pillows seemed unusually lumpy, and when further examination, they were actually peices of foam ripped up sewn into a casing.
4) The so-called "twice hourly shuttle" actually runs whenever they want. The driver was often absent and needed to be found in the morning to take us to Penn Station, which is within walking distance. However, the neighborhood is so shady that any walk to or from the hotel after dark would be taking your life into your own hands.
Every time we called for the shuttle to pick us up from Penn Station, save for once, it was said that it was either "at the airport" or only ran "on the hour." Twice we had to walk home from Penn station after one AM.
Once, they reimbursed us for the cab fare back to the hotel, but the following night they refused, and even went as far as to yell at me.
5) Late at Night and in the morning, the front desk staff, driver, and even the SECURITY officer are often seen sleeping. This is especially nerve-wracking seeing as the neighboorhood is shady at night and full of beggars and people trying to "bum a smoke"... or more.
6) With 3 shuttles, I was told a variety of things, ranging from "one doesnt work," to "we only have one driver." Actually USING the 3 shuttles would make thier claim to run them twice hourly a reality.
7) They do have a beautiful ballroom and conference space which was unfortunetly rented out to a College party. The room it was held in was supposed to hold 500-700, but people just kept coming in-until two am! The police had to come a number of times to kick people out and they reported almost 2,000 people crammed in. When the party finally wound down, there were at least 3 parties in guest rooms. On my floor, at least two rooms were FULL of people, and the floor above us had three rooms of loud drunk people until 3am. After numerous calls to the front desk, the police came and kicked a few people out. This lead to some fights outside of our building which were lound and dangerous. The parties did not stop there! The loudness continued until 3 when the police arrived for a THIRD time to finally shut it down. The next morning, we were told we didnt have to pay for that night, since it involved no actual sleeping. Upon checking out, this was untrue. We had to pay for our full stay.
8) If you do stupidly choose to stay here, do not expect a manager before 11am or after 5pm. A request to call him at a resonable hour was scoffed at.
9) Buy your own newspapers! The website and brochure claimed daily free newspapers. We never received one, and there is nowhere within a few blocks to purchase one!
10) The hotel resteraunt does not have breakfast, although each room has hotel-coffee. The nearest coffee shop, Starbucks-3 blocks away, says it opens at 6 but actually opens at 7. Also-mostly closed on weekends.
11) There are often very questionable people hanging around the lobby after dark.
12) dont bother to complain to the desk, they will outwardly yell at you, deny facts and laugh at you, that is, if they dont ignore you.

clueless staff

from erfiddle
I stayed at the Robert Treat recently and got a really good rate, and had business across the street, so thought it couldn't get any better. Well, that was about the best of it. Although the room was clean and the maid was very nice and detailed in her work, this was all overshadowed by clueless staff, unhospitable front desk, and a horrible shuttle service. The only time I got them to do anything was at 4:30 am and that was to check out. The shuttle took an hour to show up at the airport even though I repeatedly was told it would be there in 5 minutes. The front desk couldn't find our reservation I had confirmed that morning, and then tried to charge the wrong credit card at the end. They were even less helpful when asking about the area and this is NOT a good area. DON'T walk around after dark. Don't even walk around during the day. I will never stay at this hotel again. Although room service was fairly prompt, the food is mediocre and overpriced. I didn't know that one establishment could be so utterly useless and devoid of any desire to help the paying customer.


from ryvalry
Not in a very good area. Lots of vagrants at the end of the block.

After 1 night there they said that I had to leave because the hotel was going to be full the next night. What?? I had prebooked 3 nights there 2 months before. Went to the front desk and took my confirmation printout (thank goodness I had it) and had to prove to them that I was booked for another 2 nights. The clerk seemed like she sucked her teeth and took the paper and photo copied it. She went back to her computer and did something and handed me back the paper without a word. So I had to ask if I could stay and her one word reply was Yes.

The elevators broke down and they sent me to a side one that took me to a floor that had locked offices and locked stair wells.

The next day I came back and went to put the key in the door and it wouldn't work. Went down to front desk and they reset it. Going up on the elevator was another guest who had the same thing happen. Must be something that they do often - lock you out of your room.

Airport shuttle may leave only once an hour because we came down a little after 9AM and the clerk said that the next one would be at 10. But it only drops you off at the airport train so if you have a lot of luggage, it could be inconvenient.

Rooms were ok, but dark from lack of lighting. I wouldn't stay here again but to each his own.

t Stay Here

from TiaEsq2006
I agree with the comment “This is the most inhospitable” hotel. I stayed at Robert Treat July 06. The staff needs to WAKE UP and learn how to be responsive. Getting anything done (dating back to calling about reservations) was like pulling teeth. I came across the hotel manager’s name and voicemail number however, he was never available and did not return my voicemail during my stay. Just so that you know, here is just a little info about my experience at this place;

-Called at 7am (tues) in the morning to request an iron. Told by front desk that it may take 10-15mins for the iron because the housekeeping manager was not in yet. Called back after 15mins and the same person at front desk told me that he will call housekeeping again to see what the delay was. Called front desk again, at this point it’s 7:30am (a half an hr. with no iron.) Same guy tells me housekeeping was settling into work and would bring the iron. We get into a little yelling match, He claims housekeeping staff is on the elevator on their way to bring me the iron. Still NO IRON. So I gave up on the iron at 7:50am. That’s when I left a message with the hotel manager and he never called me back before I checked out for the day.

I have never ever stayed anywhere and had such an experience when requesting something. What killed me was that it seemed as if the worker at the front desk was playing games with me. Why would he lie. Just tell me that the bottom line is that I can’t get an iron because housekeeping is not there. And how is housekeeping not there on Tuesday at 7am? And why does housekeeping necessarily need to be there for me to receive an iron?

Jeeeez this place sucks.

Also note that, (which some others have mentioned in previous posts)
-the room is ridiculously small. I stayed in the “superior room”. They should have told me that it was European style.
-room is very very cold. It was still cold even after we turned the AC from full blast.
-you can hear everything from the rooms next door such as, cell phone ringing…a girl talking ( I heard her entire conversation).
-slow elevators

the staff was lazy

from A TripAdvisor Member
I called 3 times to make a reservation and the staff could not answer my questions.
I needed a king bed and they acted like I asked for something special.
When I checked in I had to wait 15 minutes for someone to come to the desk.
The rooms are very small but I thought they were clean. When I was getting ready to leave to check out I looked around the bed and found an old beer bottle and a very large roach. The only good thing about this hotel is that it is in a good location for NJPAC.

Clean and kidding!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed in the Robert Treat for the third time in three years and all three years the front staff was friendly, helpful, and took care of any problems. Every rooms have been spotless and had excellent heating.

The only problem I had the first year was being able to hear a Rutger's student's stereo...I'm a light sleeper. The front desk apologized and, as I asked, quickly changed my room assignement. Ask for rooms up high to avoid this possible problem.

The on site restaurant's (Maize) service at dinner was disappointingly not as good this year as in the previous two. (Had to ask for each glass of water, salt and pepper, staff was arguing with someone on the phone, etc.) However, a hamburger, the best fries in the world, and a small salad was $12.00. Breakfast was previous years it was awesome!

Great value for being so close to the city!

Top Local Tips for Newark

Jekyl and Hyde Hotel w/police one crowd during the day and a shady crowd at night

Ironbound Check out the Ironbound- Newark' best kept secret. It's a fairly large neighborhood right behind Newark Penn Station. Many people who haven't lived in the area have never heard of it, but it is by far the best neighborhood in Newark. It has it all- great food, drink, friendly people, diversity, wonderful street festivals. I lived on Ferry Street for two years and it is really my favorite place I've ever lived (and I've lived in London and Tokyo as well!) For a great time, head down to Ferry street for Dia de Portugal (Portugal Day) in early June. In reality, it is a whole weekend (and a good chunk of the preceding week too) where they shut down the streets to traffic and have bands, vendors, tons of food & sangria, a parade, etc. You will be shocked at how many people pack into the ironbound for this event- and at what a great time you have (especially if you are part/all portuguese- you will never have been prouder of your heritage, I promise!)

NJPAC If you are going to NJPAC this hotel is right across the street.


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  • robert treat newark
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  • best western newark
  • Address: 50 Park Place - Newark - New Jersey - 07102 - United States
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