Wynn Las Vegas Hotel

, Las Vegas, United States
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Wynn Las Vegas Hotel

5 star

Rooms: 2700

3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas Strip - Las Vegas - Nevada - 89109 - United States Hotel Website | | 702 770 7100
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Reviews - Wynn Las Vegas Hotel

Loved the view
Submitted by: Sherry in 22/10/06
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
My husband and I have stayed at nice hotels, but the Wynn Las Vegas was the ultimate. Service was great, employees very friendly and helpful, everything was very clean and top notch. What a view from our 55th floor window of the rainbow over the mountains and hotels.
Tacky yet New
Submitted by: Jay in 13/09/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Slow check-in and slower check-out. This hotel thinks they are God's gift to the resort industry. Hell no! This is tack middle-American glitz for people who don't know any better. I can't wait to return to Hard Rock Hotel! Hell yeah!
Great Staff
Submitted by: AJ in 19/04/06
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Towers check-in was excellent. Staff great! Food at the buffet, other than shellfish was mediocre and overpriced. Rooms are nice but also overpriced. Property not easy to navigate. Le Reve needs a shot of excitement. Bellagio (same orginal owner) much better...
You can't lose at Wynn
Submitted by: Jill in 24/05/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
The hotel is truly fabulous. It's a great spot to go in vegas where you don't have to worry about crying babies in the restaurants. It's a great "adult" property. The restaurants are phenomenal and there is no property in town that has a more beautiful room. Floor to ceiling windows and flat screen televisions in the bathroom!! It was perfect for a romantic getaway from the usual. I will return any time i am in the city. Don't stay anywhere else!
Need more time
Submitted by: Roger Hill in 30/04/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
What a fantastic hotel, we did not have enough time to see all the great things on offer, will have to go again.
SW Steakhouse
Submitted by: RLincoln@DC.RR.COM in 01/08/05
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
It was a last moment decision to come to Las Vegas and we were unable to get three nights at WYNN. We stayed at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay. However, on July 27, 2005 we had dinner at the SW Steakhouse. A little of our background. We have dined literally at many upscale restaurants including Jules Verne in Paris and the Queen's Grill on the Queen Mary II and many other fine restaurants in the U.S . and Europe. This is our basis for the comparison to the SW Steakhouse. The service by 'Mike' was excellent. My husband had the Thermidor and I the Sea Bass. Well prepared and very good. HOWEVER, a few suggestions: For the calibar that the restaurant portrays the water bottle (Evian) should not be left on the table while being served but placed elsewhere for the customer to use as needed. The wine bottle was also another error in that it also was left on the table. When we inquired about an ice bucket we were told, not by Mike, but by another waiter that people have to ask for the ice bucket. The Ceasar Salad was mediocre. Somebody needs to practice on how to prepare a better one. As an added touch it should be prepared at the table even if the customer is charged more. In all honesty Mike, our waiter, made our time there a more pleasant one. We are not critizing but for an upscale restaurant the foregoing were our suggestions.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Wynn Las Vegas Hotel

Families Beware!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My family visited the Wynn this past mother's day. We were surprised to see a sign at every entrance that reads "No Strollers Allowed." This is the first time I had ever seen such a sign in my 12 years of living in Las Vegas. To accommodate this odd request, my wife removed our baby girl from her umbrella stroller and carried her in her arms. I then folded up our stroller to it very small, umbrella-size and carried it safely under my arm. A few hundred feet inside the door, we were confronted by security and asked to leave the hotel. We were escorted to the door until we left. I then decided to check the stroller at the bell desk and make my way through the casino. After our brief walk-around (there isn't anything at the Wynn that you can't find elsewhere) we stopped at the bell desk to pickup the stroller. A few feet from the bell desk and about 30 feet from the front door, we were again stopped by security and asked to leave the hotel because of the stroller. My wife, 10 month old child, and myself were again escorted out of the hotel by security. Happy Mother's day. Never again!

Really rough around the edges

from kendallg
Just returned from a one-night weekend stay at Wynn.
First the positives: the pool area is great. Luxurious with many nice touches like the little padded island lounges you can lay on in the middle of the pool. Blackjack (under a tent) was fun, too, though one of the days they didn't open it because it was too windy. The rooms are a good size, with great views and trendy touches like the flat screen tvs, etc. We overlooked the stunning golf course. The people working in the casino and at the bars were very nice.
The ugly: the service, as mentioned many times, can be dreadful and frustrating. Every time you call the front desk, from inside our outside the hotel, you are put on hold forever. Ditto with the bell desk (we ended up carrying our bags down on the way out.)
We had a giant cockroach in our room and they never sent anyone up to get it or really seemed to care too much. They offered to move us but we were already unpacked and for one night it wasn't worth the hassle.
The toilet overflowed on the same night and it took TWO HOURS to get someone up there to fix it. By my fifth call, they person in housekeeping basically told me, "I already told you I called engineering.'' The first person they sent up thought I wanted the towels changed! Finally got the guy with the plunger at 11:30 p.m.

t Believe The Hype

from A TripAdvisor Member
This place is not ready for prime time. I stayed here for two nights Sunday, May 1 and Monday, May 2, I actually checked out and did not stay the third night I had originally reserved and stayed somewhere else this place was so horrible.

When I booked at the Wynn, I could not wait to get there. This was a surprise for my wife, who thought we were staying somewhere else. The first problem was check-in. This was the single longest check-in I have ever had at any hotel and I have stayed at many different hotels both in Las Vegas and all over. I was the fourth person in line (so that's right, only three people ahead of me) and it took over an hour and a half to get checked in. They said they were having computer problems. I.e. this meant having to wait almost ten minutes for a second key to be made for my room. In addition there were only ten people working the front desk for a hotel that size on it's opening weekend. Later that week I went to Bellagio which had almost 20 people working and it was only mid-week.

When we got up to the room, the flat screen HDTV was not working, so you couldn't access the menu, watch TV, etc. I called down to the front desk to put a request in to have this fixed. I sat on hold for 26 minutes, I timed with my watch since I knew how long check-in took, however in their defense the automated voice was very polite in reminding me a dozen times how important my call was.

After two hours, the television was finally working. Now you would think a 5-star hotel would offer something like something off the room, shop discounts, free bar drinks, or something for the inconvience. I will let you guess what the Wynn offered.

The room itself was nice, however a little disappointing, I think the picture online and the description give it a little too much credit. Although it is one of the nicer rooms I've stayed in, I have been in better, and for the money, you can find a lot better on the Strip.

Despite all of this, the biggest problem that I had with the whole experience had not even presented itself yet. Parking!!!!

The parking garage next to the building is only three or four levels. That's it!! For a hotel this size it was terrible. I am not familiar with every hotel, but this has to be the smallest garage for any hotel on the strip. Then entire time we were there, we never once were even able to park in the garage it was always full, many of the people were not even hotel guests. There was however valet parking, however the two times we used it, we waiting one time almost 15 minutes to get up to the valet, the second and final time was almost 30 minutes to get to the valet, they were so backed up with cabs, limos, etc. You can imagine the wait to pick up your car when you were ready to go out again. Many times we parked across the street at the Frontier and walked over because it was ridiculous to spend an hour in the process of dropping off and picking up at the valet. You could be up to your room and back with plenty of time.

When I went to check out (which took 22 minutes with only one person again, slow computers, go figure) I told them I was dissatisified with my stay but they didn't really seem to care. Just a simple apology and that was it.

Needless to say this place is not ready for prime time by any stretch, maybe they will work the bugs out again, but I won't spend over $300 a night to find out. They couldn't get parking right, or their computers at the front desk to work, but the high-end, no one can barely afford shops were open, their computers and registers were working. You get the point, the priority was clearly on making a visual impact at the expense of the whole experience. Next time Steve, pay more attention to getting guests in and out of your resort, and less time worrying about getting the golf course up and running.

Stay at the Wynn and lose

from SLB38
Maybe my expectations of a stay at the Wynn were too high, but at $400+ a night I expect good quality.

Our room looked good, good size, nice finishes, even luxurious until you had to stay longer than five minutes. We stayed for four days, the aircon unit was covered in dust, every draw had sawdust in it and none of the remote controls had batteries. Not major problems, but not what you expect from a so called "exclusive" hotel. The internet didn't work and the CD player wasn't connected up to the sound system in the room. And the carpet was frayed with mud on it.

All of this at 1am when we arrived, as they say you only get one chance to make a good first impression....

We complained the next morning, they cleaned up the room and provided us with batteries so our remotes worked. Then we tried to eat. Went down to breakfast, queued up for 15 minutes, got no where so went to Starbucks. Then tried to book for dinner, to be told that ALL restaurants were full. So we ate at Ceasers Palace, great service and great value.

The next morning again we tried for breakfast, again a massive queue. Why don't hotels like this have a separate queue for hotel guests? Aren't we important to them?? I was fuming at this point and went to the front desk to complain, had to wait in a queue to complain... Got breakfast at the golf club, was ok, was told that we should book for breakfast if we wanted it over the weekend as it was going to get busy.

The show (La Reve I think) was incomprehensible rubbish and the waterfalls, well, were like small weak waterfalls. Boring, go to the Bellagio if you want to see a proper show with water.

Overall I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. If you chose to stay here, you have more money than sense. Hotel guests aren't looked after, the rooms were dirty and the whole experience overated. And it took us over 30 minutes to check out of the place.

Go stay at the Bellagio, Ceasars or the Venetian instead.

Fine, Just And Only Fine

from larover
Just got back from 3 days at The Wynn and I would have to say everything was fine, nothing special, nothing outstanding, just a nice resort on the strip. I would rank it behind Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons, The Ventian and The Hotel At Mandalay Bay and maybe even The Mirage. It was better than most other hotels on the strip but nothing special in any way you look at it...whether it be design, rooms, room service, casino (here I really have to say nothing special at all....totally average) the pool, dining options or location.

I don't know why Steve Wynn was all over rasing everyone's expectations. He clearly should have been lowering them.

Pretty views - but a rough opening

from A TripAdvisor Member
My mom stayed in a Tower Suites room over opening weekend. The room was very pleasant in an asian-modern way - although hardly a "suite" - which I always consider being multi-roomed. The view from the floor to ceiling windows along one side of the room, overlooking the pool and the golf course, was amazing.

A few complaints though.

It took 15 minutes to get any hot water up to the 19th floor where they were staying any time we wanted to wash our hands, take a shower, etc. Also, there is no signage indicating which lanes are entrances and which are exits at the Tower-Suites-exclusive South Entrance to the hotel, so I saw many people entering the exit lanes (an accident just waiting to happen). Once I managed to navigate the entry to pick my 64 year old mom up at an appointed time - I was met by a security guard who rudely told me I couldn't pick her up from the front of the Tower Suites, but had to go around and park in regular parking and walk back to TS to find her. He also suggested that I call her cell phone to let her know I'd be late - I explained she didn't have one. I could see valet parking lanes ahead of me and asked if I could valet my car - he said no and insisted I exit the property and drive around to the other entrance. Was it because I was driving a Honda Civic with local plates and not a Bentley from California? I don't know but - I felt he was very rude and made me feel "unworthy". I ended up ignoring him and driving up to the security person in front of valet. She said - of course you can valet or drive through to pick her up if she's a guest!

Can you say communication breakdown?

As a local, I probably won't go back unless I have to.

Wynn - a Beautiful Experience

from mokki
I have to agree with most of the reviews here. I too stayed at the Wynn hotel on opening weekend May 1-4th and my only regret was leaving the resort to come back home. The entire experience was so lovely even with some of the minor housekeeping mishaps. The rooms are so comfortable. The bedding with the 340 count sheets, the HDTV's in both the bedroom and bathroom, the wonderful toiletries, and the remote controlled curtains - all added to my luxurious stay. You don't feel your in Vegas because of the resort feel to the property and you basically don't have to leave the property because Wynn thought of everything. My husband and I also ate at the Red 8 restaurant and had a fabulous Asian dinner. For my birthday we ate at the SW Steakhouse where the service was IMPECCABLE! The chef personaly came out to check if our dinner was to our liking. It was! My filet was outstanding as was my husband's. I too read alot of the Trip advisor reviews to help with my decisions on choosing a hotel...and I hope this will give the readers a better idea of what a wonderful new resort the WYNN actually is!

Very Rough Around the Edges

from KTwoPhilly
We just got home today from a week stay at the Wynn. Upon arrival we were missing some items in the room (pillows, robes, etc) and we called house keeping to have them delivered, not only did they not deliver them they only cleaned our room 1 time all week. We asked for a humidifier because the rooms are very dusty and there are lots of particles of construction all over. The AC was covered in dirt. Well we asked for a humidifier and for them to clean the room but they put a refridgerator in the room and didn't even clean it. They gave us a 300 dollar discount for the whole fiasco. The restaurant Alex was terrible. The food was bland and the wine was terrible. I didn't even finish my dinner or wine on the 110 fixed price menu. The decor is amazing and the restaurants Red 8 and Corsa were excellent. I also heard that the SW steakhouse was not good either. I recommend eating at Mesa Grill in Caesars. Customer service is certainly not that of a five star restaurant.

Wynn- Remove your Name

from A TripAdvisor Member
Steve Wynn shouldn't be so proud to be putting his name on this HOTEL
Service was the worst I have ever experienced. If you advertise 1st class, at least your service should be better than a Holiday Inn. Rooms are lovely but with very bad service, equals customer ill will. I won't be back. Who needs to beg for accurate, timely service and then pay dearly for it.

Very Disapointed!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband, I & unborn child stayed for one night at Wynn Las Vegas on Saturday 30th April the day of the Opening Party. We had a Resort Room with Waterfall View costing $400, the room was lovely but I would never stay there again.

I booked the room when bookings were first opened months ago and then later booked the show Le Reve for 10.30 & a dinner reservation at 7.30. When we got there, we checked into the room for a rest and then went down to pick up our show tickets, we were told that the show had been cancelled (why they couldn't they have told us beforehand?), thankfully they managed to get us in to the 8.00 show but we then had to get our dinner reservation cancelled and rebooked at 10.00. This was a major problem as they had stopped taking reservations for dinner that day. Also we were not allowed to see the menus as they apparently had not been printed and they wouldn't let us down to the restaurant to look at the board.

Eventully we got to the show, which was very arty and hard to grasp, there did not seem to be a point to the story and I didn't find it thrilling at all at $125 a ticket I wish I hadn't have bothered.

We went to dinner at 10.00 at the Brassiere, dinner was lovely but because we were not VIP's we were pushed out of the Parasol Down bar as soon as they caught sight of us. The Waterfall show is also very overated.

The next day we packed and went to have a buffet breakfast queued for 15 minutes without moving so decided to check out and then go back. I phoned the bell desk but after 15 minutes on hold we gave up and dragged the bags down ourselves. At the bag storage area I was told to "Come on, Come on!" by the valet.

We went back to the Buffet which at this point had at least 45 minute wait, so we went to terrace point Cafe we were told we would have to wait 30 mins to be seated and then 30 mins to be served. We gave up!

We complained and they gave us a discount on the room, but we go to a lot of 5* hotels and I have never been spoken to or treated like I was at Wynn Las Vegas. I wish I had stayed at the Bellagio.

Top Local Tips for Las Vegas

1/2 price show tickets The Ticket Outlet at the Fashion Island Mall has 1/2 price day of show tickets. If you're not picky about what you see... it's a great place to get tickets... but don't expect the world... just be pleasantly suprised.

Mesa Grill -- AVOID You would think Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill would be great. Unfortunately, you will get the feeling that no one is minding the store. The house margarita is not good, and the food service is bad. About half of what we ate was good, the other half not so good. I love Bobby Flay, but hate this restaurant! He needs to do a house-cleaning of the wait staff and management.

eiffel tower restaurant in the paris hotel. food and service are excellent. most of the window seats are for two people and they offer excellent view of the bellaggio fountain, which shows every 10-15 minutes. not to be missed.


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  • Address: 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas Strip - Las Vegas - Nevada - 89109 - United States
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