Sahara Hotel & Casino

, Las Vegas, United States
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Sahara Hotel & Casino

, Las Vegas
3 star

Rooms: 1709

2535 Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas - Nevada - 89109 - United States Hotel Website | | 702-737-2111
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Reviews - Sahara Hotel & Casino

Pretty good deal - somewhat of a time warp
Submitted by: Maura in 08/10/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
While this is not a luxurious hotel, it is from a different era ... not the extravagance of Mandalay Bay but far less pretentious. Easy to get to the pool - large pool with no mid day closings like some of those on the strip. The wait staff in the gambling area are dressed in somewhat normal attire - rather than women with too much flesh hanging out everywhere. Reasonable rates, still on the strip without the foot traffic that you encounter further up the strip. Enjoyable.
Submitted by: Luis in 16/10/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Large Group/School
My wife and I go to Las Vegas at least a couple of times a year. We're exactly the type of people Las Vegas marketers target: DINKS in our 30's. Our places of choice are Mandalay Bay and The Wynn where we're always treated like royalty. We just returned from our stay at the Sahara this week. The only reason we stayed there in the first place is because we travelled with a large group for a convention. The Sahara is by far THE WORST HOTEL IN THE WORLD. This place needs to be imploded out of its missery. The service is HORRIBLE, the staff INCOMPETENT, and the building is in a state of great disrepair. This place is not completely useless, can always serve as a bad example!!!
The Worst
Submitted by: Beckie in 31/07/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Having been to Vegas a dozen times, this was the only bad experience I've had with a hotel. This place is in dire need of repair or better yet, implosion. Slow check-in and unfriendly staff, unconditioned hallways and elevators, and one of three elevators slowly that by the time you leave your room and make it to first floor you feel in need of a shower. First day bathroom sink wouldn't drain. Next morning, bathroom floor covered in water from major ceiling bubble leaking and on the verge of busting...luckily did not fall entering the room. Called front desk that rang for literally 12 minutes, finally had to find main number to get an answer and transferred to manger Paul. Not one word of apology for any inconvenience, as I was going to miss appointment at the furniture market...not one word of concern, only "we'll get someone up there to look at it and if needed get you another room." after waiting on that and telling us we'll be moved to another room, were told we must wait to have the luggage moved...they would not do it without me being there. Been on cruises and stayed at many hotels and never found this to be the case. Still not one "sorry about all of the aggravation" or a simple comp for a dinner or anything to make up for the total inconvenience from anyone! Missed more than 4 hours of time I was to be at the market due to this neglected and poorly staffed hotel. If you are considering staying at the Sahara for the lower rate, do not do not do not do it
Submitted by: Mel in 28/06/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
I just returned from Vegas and have made it my mission to post this on every travel site I can. I know the complaint letter I sent to the Sahara will probably get tossed in the trash unopened, so this is my way of (hopefully!!) saving others from this rotten hotel.
We were in town for a wedding at the MGM and decided to stay at the Sahara because of its rates and because it is along the monorail line. From the moment we checked in, we received nothing but attitude and bad service. When we entered the room, we noticed it did not have a minibar. Stupid me, I thought all three star hotels had a refrigerator. We needed one because my husband is a diabetic and has to keep his insulin cold. When we called down to request one, we spoke to someone who sounded like he was reading from a script. I explained our situation and had the script repeated to me, word for word. I tried to explain that this was for medical reasons, to no avail. We had to keep his meds on ice the whole weekend. We also tried to get an iron brought to the room because ours was broken and the ironing board cover was beyond filthy. That took three hours and a call to the manager who could not have cared less. At check-in, we noticed blood spots and smears on the wall next to the bathroon and had a stained (with what??) towels in our bathroom. The whole experience was completely disgusting and stressful and has soured us on Vegas. It will be a long time before we come back...
Sahara management needs people skills
Submitted by: Jim in 07/06/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Relaxation Seeker
I'll cut and paste my complaint email that I sent to the Sahara into here. Let's just say the Sahara management needs to be sent to courses on how to deal with people.

To whom it may concern -

I recently stayed at the Sahara Hotel for a period of 10 days. I checked out on June 4, 2006. After leaving the hotel I discovered I left my jacket behind in my room ( Room 1786 ). I've been in contact with housekeeping at the Sahara and they do indeed have it. My problem now resides in getting it back. Originally housekeeping was going to ship it to me C.O.D. but after discovering that I live in Canada they said they can't ship C.O.D. out of the USA and they wanted me to send them the cost of shipping before they would ship it. Housekeeping informed me that cost of shipping would be about 10 dollars. I asked to speak to the manager, Paul, about possibly getting the Sahara to foot the cost of the shipping. The jacket weighs less than a pound by the way. I didn't get to speak to Paul as he was out at the time. I did get to speak to someone else, however and he had such an obnoxious attitude that I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Unfortunately I didn't get his name. He said to me that there was no way he would even give Paul my message as he said that there was no way that the Sahara would even consider paying the shipping cost. He came across as so arrogant and obnoxious that I just couldn't talk to him anymore because I was steaming so badly.
I do realize that it was my own fault for leaving the jacket behind but I guess I thought that the Sahara might want to consider it somewhat of a good will gesture to send it back to me for the meagre shipping cost of 10 dollars after I had spent almost 3000 dollars including airfare, hotel costs and dropping money in the Sahara Casino and restaurants. I know that I'm not some whale that comes into your hotel with 10's of thousands to spend but I was hoping you might want to do something small to keep the ordinary working guy happy and coming back to stay with you. If I was this type of huge money spending whale, I'm sure you wouldn't think twice and eating such a small cost to keep me happy. I do make about 4 trips to Vegas a year and now I can strike the Sahara Hotel off my list of places to stay or even visit.
The message that gets played while waiting on hold at the Sahara about treating hotel guests like family doesn't appear to ring true as I hope you wouldn't treat your own family as badly as I've been treated by your hotel. When my friends ask about me about this last trip to Vegas and staying at the Sahara, I'm sure you've got a pretty good idea of what I'll tell them. But I'm positive you could care less because you've got my hard earned money now and have moved on.

I do hope this message does get through to someone but I'm not counting on it............

Not too bad!
Submitted by: Alek in 21/02/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
A very good deal for its price,
very luxury room (I stayed in the older building), nice interior design & decoration,
very pleasant atmosphere, both - inside the room and hotel's hallways.
But... the LONGEST wait-time to check-in I ever seen. Customer service (at check-in) is absolutely horrible. Out of 15 service windows only 1-3 are working. So, standing in line for check-in could take up to an hour (maybe more)!
Oh, yeah. And the wait for an elevator is like waiting for a bus in a suburb: wait and wait... until Christmas. Old, old elevators, but... as long as they work and don't get stuck ;-)
But otherwise,
quite pleased with the hotel.
Usually cheap, some great points.
Submitted by: Suzy Q in 08/02/06
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
Haven't stayed at Sahara for a while, but have stayed several times in the past. Rooms are nothing fancy, but usually well priced. Be sure to note that they charge $4 a day - local phone calls and energy surcharge ($1 phone, $3 energy) - charged to you regardless of use - many 3rd party sites don't let you know this. Also, it is worth $10/night extra for "deluxe" rooms - more non smoking available in the Tangiers Tower, and you get to individually control the air/heat!!?? I have never stayed in other towers, but have noticed that most reviews with complaints are for the other towers.

They have a nice pool area, with cheap cabanas. The days of $1 blackjack are gone, but it doesn't seem to have hurt them. There is sometimes $3 limit blackjack, but watch out for tables with continuous shuffle machines!

The steakhouse is great, the Mexican restaurant varies, and the buffet is now overpriced since they have gone up again recently.

The Sahara is the northernmost shuttle stop for the Monorail - and it is more convenient than at most monorail stops.

If you are driving, they have two valet parking areas (strip and Paradise Rd) as well as a self park garage.

One of the best things about the Sahara is the Casbar lounge - with music and comedy, no cover, almost every night. Divas of Comedy is great. The show The Platters, The Coasters, and The Drifters is excellent.

The Sahara is a good choice for North Strip hotels if you can get it for a good rate.
Get rid of the time share vultures!
Submitted by: Ellen in 03/01/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
This a comfortable, non intimidating atmosphere. where you really get your money's worth. The comps are constant and user friendly. I stay twice a year and will keep coming back for more. They need to get rid of the time share vultures.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Sahara Hotel & Casino

Sahara was Average

from Julie123Lincoln_NE
We had a quite a few people going to Vegas in April 2003 and we were looking for a rather cheap place to stay. We got what we thought a good deal at the Sahara. The hotel was fine, but it was a LONG ways from places we wanted to go and it was hard to get a taxi there. We only ate in the 24 Hr. cafe while there, average food and usually had good service except one morning we had a waitress that was the worst waitress I've ever had. The rooms we o.k. and the help was o.k. I don't think I'd stay there again, only because it was so far away from everything and it was just an average place.

Old Time Vegas

from A TripAdvisor Member
The first time we went to Vegas we stayed at the Sahara mostly because of the price. The Sahara is at the complete far north end of the Strip. This means you will be catching a taxi (if you don't have a car) to get to the heart of the Strip. The first night we walked our way down, and because of the size of the buildings, distance can be a little deceiving; before you know it, you can have walked quite a few miles. But let me back up; when drove into Vegas we came up the Strip and past all the flashy casinos until we came to the Sahara. The Sahara pales in comparsion to most of the others. Check-in was uneventful and the staff seems pleasant enough, but the Time-Share Hawks, located right next to the entrance, have to go. The room was on the cheesy side, but that was to be expected for our first experience here. We have since then learned to look for places with better creature comforts. The whole place has smoke smells ingrained and this includes the non-smoking room. The casino floor is very smoke filled, and this is understandable being Vegas, but the Sahara is on the high end of the smoke scale. We thought the buffet was pretty good for the price and we'd eat there again, but we never go that far up (or down depending on how you look at it) the Strip to visit the Sahara anymore. It just doesn't offer much.

Sahara-dirty and dingy

from A TripAdvisor Member
Our party of 4 stayed at the Sahara for six nights checking out on 5/6/03. Check-in went smoothly when we arrived shortly after midnight, except that there was no bell-hop service available because it was "after regular working hours". We knew that the Sahara was one of the older hotels and was only rated 2 stars. so we did not expect elegance , especially at the cheap price we were paying. However, the rooms were very dirty-you could , and we did, write your name in the dust on the nightstands and dressers. (Our names remained there the whole time and are probably still there.) Dust balls were covering the floors under the beds and wads of dirt were stuck in the air conditiong grills, which, when turned on smelled strongly of mildew. The bathroom exhasut fan did not work at all except for creating a huge racket. Complaints at the front desk about both the dirt and the nonworking fans were completly ignored. The bedspreads had several holes ripped in them and the chairs were full of burn holes. We were told when we made our reservations that each room had either 2 queen or 1 king size beds. What we actually got however, in both rooms were 2 double beds that were lumpy and way too soft. The front desk told us that nothing else was available. Guess you get what you pay for-or less.

Good Deal

from A TripAdvisor Member
We had never been to Vegas and was trying to stay within a budget. The Sahara was affordable. The rooms were old but the Casino and staff were nice and we had no problems. The food there was good including the coffee shop, believe it or not. My dad lives there so I will stay with him next time. But overall, I would have to say this was one of the best vacations we were ever on, not due to the Sahara but we had a good stay. We highly recommend getting out and visiting all the big glamourous hotels, WE HAD A BALL

Fantastic Hotel!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I have returned to this hotel for five years in a row for the NASCAR races. The food is great, the service is supurb, and the pay offs are HIGH! This year we walked away with $3,700.00 and it cost us $500.00! We are already looking forward to the next trip!! Thanks!Cyndi Mercedes

As expected! A great, run-down place!! Value, Value, Value!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We recently had our annual excursion to Las Vegas for March Madness. The Sahara is about as us low-rollers expected it to be. POOL: All things considered, the POOL is ABOVE AVERAGE. In fact, it might be just a tad too nice for the hotel! We enjoyed it, but wished they were better staffed and that the pool bar had been open on Friday (It was open on Sat). We ended up bringing our own booze out to the pool, which worked out OK.CASINO: This casino epitomizes the low-roller's casino. I love it for that reason. Smokey, small and unmemorable. The biggest problem was that the Casino refused to adequately staff the tables, so at any given time, there were only 1 or 2 craps tables open, even though people were lined up to get in on the action. Just bad planning. Another thing to note, I liked the fact that the casino was small, as I was always able to find someone from our group. Don't fool yourself, though. The Casino is really a dump, even though we had a great time there!FRONT DESK SERVICE: Although miscommunication between the front desk and the maid staff delayed our check-in, the Staff was VERY friendly and helpful. I rate the Front Desk staff very highly.MAID SERVICE: Helpful, friendly, quite adequate.BUFFET: For $7.50 (for dinner), this is a great deal. This is by no means a top quality buffet, but there's a lot of choices and you can't beat the price. As expected.COFFEE SHOP: Open 24-hours. Quick, easy, cheap. Compare food to that of a bad Denny's. As expected.NASCAR CAFE: I'm NOT a NASCAR fan, but this restaurant is quite impressive as far as "theme" restaurants go. Worth a trip during the day. The burger was pretty decent. Also, the bar area looks like it would have been fun.ALEXANDRIA TOWER ELEVATORS: Shady. Close your eyes. The elevators are quite dumpy.ALEXANDRIA TOWER ROOMS: About Holiday Inn quality. Dumpy, by Vegas standards.ALEXANDRIA TOWER SUITES: A GREAT DEAL. These might have been the only rooms renovated in this tower. The BALCONIES are that overlook the STRIP. A HUGE bonus. Also, the wetbar worked out nicely. We stocked it with all sorts of booze and food. The ice machines in the hallway also worked out nicely for the Margaritas. The Suites are pretty darn nice, all things considered. We booked 3 of them, and they were all nice -- If you book, try and get a top floor suite -- 14th Floor and above, for the best views. The Suites don't compare to those of the MGM (where we stayed last year), but neither does the price -- These were much cheaper. And, like I said, there's not too many places on the Strip that offer Balconies.LOCATION: The location is a little bit far from the "action" on the Strip, but we spent time at OGs, and it's conveniently located to that establishment. Also, cabs are cheap, so we just cabbed everywhere.SERVICE: Apart from the front desk, and the on-duty maid, I don't think anyone else works at this hotel!! The buffet is totally 'serve yourself, help yourself' and the cocktail waitresses are few and far between on the casino floor. Nevertheless, the services were about as expected!WOULD I STAY AGAIN: I would definitely stay here again with a group of friends, in the Alexandria Suite. It was a cheap, fun time!

sahara hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
We have just returned from a 6 night holiday in Las Vegas. This was our first time in Las Vegas, where we stayed at the Sahara Hotel. Obviously we booked the holiday in England and didn't know anything about the hotels, therefore the Sahara was pot luck. Even though it obviously was'nt as 'glam' as some of the other hotels we were really impressed with this one .We arrived on Valentines Day with no problems checking in, the room was clean, airy, non-smoking and with heating/aircon over looking great views of part of the strip and the mountains. We eat the buffet most mornings which set us up for the day, must recommend the made to order omelette! The casino is excellent and we spent a lot of time going back to ours due to the relaxed, friedly atmosphere and the tables start at dollar minimums!! It is quite far from the middle of the strip- even though we did manage to walk a few times!! The cat bus comes every 15 mins if you don't fancy the walk for 2 dollars. I wouldn't recommend the Trolley bus as it takes too long even though we had the best lady driver in the world! Overall we has a brilliant holiday (loved Shadow lounge at Casears Palace) and if we came again we would probably stay here. The weather was perfect for Vegas, blue skies and an aveage of 65f. The only thing we didn't like was the Fremont street Experience. The casinos were smelly, the food looked foul (opted for MacDonalds!!!) and the light show lasted the whole of 10 minutes. We were back on the strip in no time! We lived by 'The Rough Guide to Las Vegas' this became our bible and it was unbelivable accurate. For e.g Fatburgers was rated as the best burger, the bellagio best buffet, Top of this world best restaurant and they certainly were! On the way back to Manchester we missed our connecting flight at Atlanta due to a delay from L.V so Delta put us up in a hotel and we had to go via JFK the next day. It wasn't too bad even though we arrived home a day later than expected. Delta upgraded us for free first class through B.A which kinda made up for the delay!

Great Place

from A TripAdvisor Member
When I first visited Las Vegas, for 5 weeks (Red Flag at Nellis!) in 1988, I fell in love and vowed to return. It took 14 years and was I shocked at the change, from Stardust southbound I didnt recognise the place, its all new. My wife and I chose to stay at the Sahara because of the great room rates and it was a name I remembered. I believe it is the one of the very few hotel casinos in Vegas that retains the feel and essence of a real casino in the city as I recall it. We stayed 10 nights and loved every minute. What I liked about the hotel and its location was its lack of falseness that the newer hotels exude, also the lack of illegal immigrants trying to thrust unwanted porno coupons into your hands is was a big plus, especially if you are taking kids. The staff were all very friendly, the food was good ,I recommend the breakfast steaks. The room was large and comfortable. I for one am going back there this April.

Terrible food and service

from A TripAdvisor Member
We recently visited the Sahara on 2/15/03 during our vacation to Las Vegas. At first glance, this hotel seems very nice. However, the service was horrible. It was next to impossible to find anyone to help you. They definately are understaffed. The vallet gave us the keys to our car to get it ourselves. The buffet was comparable to dog food and I'm being generous here! The food was cold, and the chocolate pie tasted foul. It was terrible. The bathrooms had graffeti on the walls and the escalator was out of commission. On a good note, we did go see Steve Wyrck (the magician), and that was faboulous! Get more for your money and shop around for a better deal. Remember, you get what you pay for!

ark age

from A TripAdvisor Member
half asn hour to check in, queues a mile long, the hotel is celebrating its 50 years, and most of the staff have been there for that time!!!!, and what about the rooms, the smell of smoke is ingrained, and the cigarette burns in the carpet beside the bed are a good look!!! and in this modern day and age, no way of connecting laptop without disconnecting the phone!!! a bad experience all round

Top Local Tips for Las Vegas

Don't rent a car No need to ever rent a car in Vegas if you plan to stay on or near the Strip. The lights and traffic are just too much of a hassle.

No need to lose your shirt! Walking up and down the Strip can be tiring so 'rest' regularly on the 5c machines - pick one near a waitress get a free cocktail and bottle of water (and tip her) - cheaper than buying a drink, you get to sit down and you don't have to spend much!

Top of the world Resterant If you can afford it, eat at the Top of the World Resteraunt. It was about $200 with tip, but it was worth it once! What a was amazing and the food and service was exceptional!!!!


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  • sahara hotel las vegas
  • Address: 2535 Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas - Nevada - 89109 - United States
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