Polo Towers Hotel

, Las Vegas, United States
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Polo Towers Hotel

, Las Vegas
3745 Las Vegas Blvd S - Las Vegas - Nevada - 89109 - United States Hotel Website | 702-261-1000
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t waste your time!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I went to Vegas for our first time and were CONSTANTLY hounded on the street for free tickets. Well of course nothing is free and we had to sit thru a 2 hour presentation on Polo Towers and were told repeatedly up front that we would not be pressured into buying.
That could not have been further from the truth!! After the presentation we told them we we not interested (we only did this for the free show tickets and buffet). Then they tell you a different plan and price and again we say no and again the price gets lower. The saleman was VERY rude, would not take no for an answer, and finally got up and walked away after I bluntly told him we were only there for the free stuff. This place is a rip off anyways. The more you say "no" the cheaper the price got-started at $20,000 and was less $10,000 before we left. DON'T BE A SUCKER!! They claim they sell so many of these and the place is almost sold out but they sure do pressure you enough that you would think they can't sell anything!! Then the free show was supposed to include two free drinks per ticket, which was a lie because we were refused drink coupons when we went to get our tickets.

time away from reality

from A TripAdvisor Member
we use to live in L.A. yes they snatched us up off the strip and we had a show and a meal and a limo ride and a future free 4 days. the salesman we had was the right one for us i've done sales and a salesman loves to be sold we bought in 1994 i believe .we have a two bedroom 15th floor facing the strip point blank we spent alot of money on this so i need to beat the inflation rate over the years to come .one thing for sure when i stair off the balcony out those windows i am glad i've purchased. yes the sales staff has changed and they wanted us to upgrade to the villas and this was not a good experience but separate the sales and enjoy the towers i am very relaxed there p.s. we live in florida and don't get to las vegas every year we have time available to rent to anyone who is interested for 50% of what the towers charges .
based on space availability we would like to rent our time out to interested parties i like being able to go to the casinos and get away from them when i'm done.

Ignore the harshness

from A TripAdvisor Member
Me and a group of friends have stayed at Polo Towers for two consecutive years now and have found it a great place to stay. Fair enough, it is a timeshare resort and to get a free game of golf at a top course, we did have to sit and listen to some cowboy selling us the place, but you soon forget about that when sat drinking a cool beer at the 19th before heading off out for a top night in one of the many excellent night spots Vegas has to offer. The apartments are fine and pool excellent, whilst the upstairs bar has to be one of Vegas' best kept secrets. Finally, it's a stones throw from all of the best attractions Vegas has to offer and the girls we met loved the apartments, which needless to say, we took advantage of!!!!

Well spent three hours plus free tickets

from A TripAdvisor Member
When you get ino this type of sale pitch, always remember to be tough, don't make a emotional commitment that you will regret as you walk out, and thus ruin your whole vocation. Think about it, any developer who make such great effort to suck you in would make a LOT of money from you (the free tickets, shuttles, salepeople and managers time and other packages cost hundreds of dolloars). We were offered for $11000 to own 1/52 piece of the tiny studio. Think about it a tiny studio is sold at over half million dolloars, plus they generate $250 from each owners for management fee as well as processing fee when you make reservation to stay at your own room. Sure you can buy vocations at other destinations, but I heard you have make reservation well in advance.
Even for people who will take full advantages of the timeshare, they can buy at a cheaper price from realtors. Overall I learn a lot during the three hours and enjoyed the free shows and dinners. They brought in several high ranking managers and tried the pressure selling, we managed to end the discussion professionally with no hard feelings (at least seem to be the case)

Unfair Shake...

from A TripAdvisor Member
My experience at Polo Towers was similar to some others. My husband and I were on our honeymoon when we visited Polo Towers. We knew beforehand that we were going to be touring timeshare property and receiving the sales pitch. We were not prepared for the enormous pressure to buy.
But, we really liked what we saw and felt that it would be a good investment since we both love to travel. The sales staff worked with us to make it affordable. So without much thought, we plunged in and signed on the dotted line. I must also say that no one was ever rude to us. As a matter of fact, the entire staff was very accomodating. We observed that with other pleasant couples who were not interested in buying. I think that as with anything else, the attitude is that of the individual sales person and should not be assigned to Diamond Resorts or Polo Towers as a whole. Since entering into this contract with Polo Towers, we have been most satisfied with the service that we've received. As someone said in an earlier review, nothing is ever free If you want the tickets, free dinner, etc., that is offered, please do not complain about the time spent at Polo Towers. Because for some of us, it was time well spent. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful association with Polo Towers.

Viva Las Vegas - Viva Villas at Polo Towers

from A TripAdvisor Member
I read all these stories and like another Polo Tower owner said! If you come here just for the free tickets then you are just wasting our sale people s time and your time. We bought in 2000 and prior that, I and my gorgeous wife have gone to other time shares presentations before, but never decided to buy anywhere until we went to the one at Polo Towers, We always said No before and always were treat nice and polite by saying no.We are a Latino Couple that has class and appreciate the fine things in life and we always present our self s very professional at these presentations and always seems to work for Us with our charm. We love to travel and we have the Money to do it. Some have it and some don't.When we went to our presentation at Polo Towers we were convinced to buy one, way before the sale person sat us down with us. We decided to purchase it. Our sales person always treated us with all the respect that since the beginning. We bought into a 1 bed room and we bought it in cash. A year later we up graded to the 2 bed room. And we made $2000 profit for selling them back our 1 bedroom suite.Our experience with Polo Towers is that they always treat us like royals. Limousine drive, always free tickets to any show we want. Why they treat us so Special. Maybe because money talks and as a owner we love Las Vegas and they never forget how special there owners are. Now Time Shares are not for everybody. If you like to travel is for you. I know friends that have more than 1 time share and up to 4. So like i said it is not for everybody.Thank you Villas at Polo Towers C U Soon

What is the problem people?

from patsir505
When planning a trip to LV or any tourist area, one should expect to be approached by reps of timeshare corps with a sales pitch. A potential buyer doing his/her homework, as we did, enters the scenerio knowing that! If the reason people take the tour is just for the freebees knowing there is no intent for purchase, why complain that some of your day was taken up? The time, expense and energy of the corporations personnal has also been wasted along with yours. We have been satisfied owners at the Polo Towers for 4 years. It beats standing in long lines, (after a long flight) at a hotel to register, the atmosphere is friendly, and most important we feel special, because we are treated like what we are... owners! I take pride in saying that I am an owner at the Polo Towers. Don't waste your time or theirs (ours) if all your looking for is a freebee..its not worth your time or ours!

Cold shoulder from the 1st second

from Roobah
I ALREADY planned a trip to Vegas to begin about 2 weeks AFTER Polo Towers called me for a 3-night, 4 day stay in Vegas, all I had to do was tour the place and sit through a "non-threatening" 2-hour time-share talk. Well, for starters, I'm a single mom, which based on my credit and income actually qualified me. I came with my son and his father. I had PLANNED on attending the presentation with my son's father. I was told upon checking in that he was NOT welcome to come.
FINE, I went alone, they stayed back at the crappy hotel we were put up in (Imperial Palace, what a dump!) Since I showed up ALONE, no one was interested in giving me the time of day, apparently already considered a loser -- THUS making my presentation/talk LONGER than everyone else's since I was LAST to be "pitched at". I toured the facility and found it very nice and was interested in a 1-bedroom set-up since I also have other family that OFTEN come to Vegas. After being treated like dirt and slime for 3 hours, I refused to deal with anyone throwing such insults at me. As PROMISED, I did NOT want the 21 & over free tickets for a show, I wanted the family-friendly show tickets. I had to almost throw a fit to get that. Later, on the deposit refund for the trip, I had to enlist the help of my credit card company to help reverse the charges. I used Polo Towers own contract and signature to PROVE I was owed a refund. I'd NEVER deal with these people on a purchasing deal.
However, I regularly look here for a cheap place to stay when everywhere else on the strip is $100/night+, in that case, its a bargain. If you want to stay here, just go shop on ebay or the internet for a week of your choice when you want. For the amenities included, it's pretty decent. The studios are WAY, WAY too small, don't bother.
The 2-bedroom units are basically a 1-bedroom + studio, so in reality 1.5 bedroom.

Tired of reading complaints

from ioj27
I'm just tired of reading the complaints. People who complain about the timeshare should grow up as all timeshares are pretty much the same. If you want to review the hotel, then this is the one to read. It is a beautiful place with great people. The hotel is a top notch place in a fantastic location. It is for people who want to live in the upper class style in the greatest place on the planet for fun. If you want a simple hotel somewhere on the strip an you gamble 100% of the time (other than sleep), then you should stay in a budget place or get comped somewhere else. This is for people who don't just gamble and sleep but want a lifetime experience, especially if you want the timeshare too. We've loved it!

Not worth the free tickets

from A TripAdvisor Member
The lovely Polo Towers. All Class. Yea right... You are offered free tickets to go on a 2 hour tour of their property. Once there, you are subject to over 3 hours of sales pitching buy a newly hired sales person. Only time they shut up is when you ask them a tough question.
They have no idea how to answer question because it is not in their script and get right back to the pitch. Counting the sales people standing in and in front of various hotels and the salesmen/women in the property there must be over a 100 of them. Any place that has to hire that many sales people for a single property that is supposedly "going to be sold out by april and only has one floor left to sell" has to be a scam of some sort. It reminded me a pyramid scam one of my friends got caught up in. Sales people became very annoyed once we told them we weren't buying for the 10th time. You are no longer their friend and they keep you sitting there feeling uncomfortable while they talk with their sales manager who then comes over and offers a better deal. Then you tell him no a few more times as your fun time in Vegas keeps dwindling away. He finally leaves and then they send one more very attractive person over who trys to sell you a vacation package.
Only had to say no to that once and they walk you out and leave you stranded, "not sure when the shuttle will be back to pick you up." Had to walk home and arrived 5 hours after we left. Not worth the tickets.
Avoid at all costs. Rooms are small and there are sleazy sales people everywhere...................

Top Local Tips for Las Vegas

the best palce for breakfast is blueberry hills flamingo and maryland.junction. travel a bit past maryland on flamingo and you come to blueberry hills 1 street further on than the 99cent shopall day breakfasts.... also the galleria mall oppositte sunset station at henderson........is the best shopping mall

Use alternate routes than Las Vegas Blvd. Use Harmon entrance to Polo Towers if driving. Enter at Marriott Grand Chateau across from the Alladin Parking Garage on Harmon.

Taxi from airport Make sure you say "no tunnel" especially if you are on the Southern end of the strip. This trip the $12 fare went to $18 just by taking the tunnel.


Other names for Polo Towers Hotel

  • polo towers vegas
  • polo towers las vegas
  • polo towers
  • polo las vegas
  • polo hotel las vegas
  • polo club las vegas
  • Address: 3745 Las Vegas Blvd S - Las Vegas - Nevada - 89109 - United States
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