Imperial Palace Hotel Casino

, Las Vegas, United States
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Imperial Palace Hotel Casino

, Las Vegas
3 star

Rooms: 2700

3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South - Las Vegas - Nevada - 89109 - United States Hotel Website | | 702 731 3311
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Reviews - Imperial Palace Hotel Casino

It's all in the attitude...IP is fun
Submitted by: April in 19/02/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
My husband and I travel to Vegas twice a year. We've pretty much stayed everywhere from top of the line on down. We spend little time in the room which is comfortable enough and I do like the balcony. Really, the only thing I don't like in the room is the brand of shampoo/soap so I bring my own. The place isn't fancy but it's fun and the table dealers are pleasant...and I've had pretty good luck. Everywhere is walking distance, you have more money in your pockets for gambling and go ahead and let them give you a few drinks...the dealatainers get better and better the more you drink. Get that card....we didn't even spend all that much time gambling here (don't tell...we were going around to all of our favorites) but sure enough...they offered us three free nights. We're going back at the end of March. To sum it's not fancy but winning happens, the staff was fun and responsive, the rooms are fine and the location can't be beat. Have fun!
Worst Services And Worst Staff
Submitted by: Reemee in 26/04/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Imperial palace has the worst staff. The staff do not know customer service. They give you attitude like if you don't like it just don't come back. The staff and the management do not care about the reputation at all. Even if you complain to the management they would not even investigate and take action. Probably the people work for management barely has high school degree or may be not. They do not have courtesy, manners. The worst I have ever seen in my life. They would rather lie than give customers services they deserve. For instance, the staff at the valet parking refused (Steven) to park the car probably because it was past midnight. I was told that the lot was full. I went right in and found lots of empty valet parking spaces. I parked in an empty space. There was no sign in front of that space (valet or check-in). Steven came right back and told me that I have to move the car. I pointed to him about the empty spaces (valet). He replied that according to the policy he would have to keep 10% empty spaces for the handicaps. I asked him then where I should park. Instead of pointing me towards self parking he replied that you paid for the room and you got the room. We are not liable to provide you any parking. Which was very rude and unprofessional. I was really angry by his attitude. I went to talk to talk to front desk supervisor Nui Kekuewa. His attitude was even worst than Steven. I explained what happened. I asked him how many valet spaces the hotel has altogether and how many empty spaces they have. I told him that if it is more than 10% then they would have to valet park my car. Nui did not have any idea about the calculation. He looked confused. He supported Steven and said that if he says it is full then it is full and he does not want to do anything about it. He probably did not like the way he was caught. I wanted to make a formal complain and asked for the last name of Steven. He refused to give me the name. Then I said that I feel sorry that I checked into this hotel. I also said that I will never come back to this hotel and would not recommend for anybody that I know. Nui replied "better luck next time" "there are many hotels in Las Vegas". I could not believe myself what I was hearing from a supervisor. He does not have any professionalism in his behaviour. I doubt that the higher management would ever read my review and would be courteous to give me a reply. Well, if I do not hear from them in a week or so then my next option would be to go to media or newspaper and complain about how the management discriminate or don't care about the customers. The hotel management don't care about their reputation anyway. So it would not make any difference about how they run their business. They know that people would still come to the hotel and they would still make money. The staff would make some people feel very bad. But they don't care as long as they are making money.
Submitted by: Jared Johnson in 28/04/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
My room was robbed & the Casino did nothing to make me feel better. Was litterally told, "Do you have a credit card, there's a machine over there." Had to argue w/ management to get my room moved. Would not recommend this Hotel Casino to anyone.
Worst hotel ever
Submitted by: Patrice Johnston in 29/03/05
  • Age Group:
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type:
Worst hotel I have Ever had the Unfortunate experience of staying in. Pull the Hotel down and start again. Well past it's sell by date. Dirty Smelly. Rude Staff Disgusting Rooms All in All Just Awful If you have a Basic Standard of Hygiene Stay Away as they will Not Want to Know You..

Historical Traveller Reviews of Imperial Palace Hotel Casino

Thumbs up for this spot

from A TripAdvisor Member
This is place has nice clean rooms with pleasant colors. You get good ole fashion nonsense basics that fulfill your needs of a resting your bones while you're staying in the heart of the strip in Vegas. There is nothing offensive about this place. Security is very good so you will be very safe. They have valet parking as well as public parking. They also have bars, restuarants, a gift shop and a few other things that may be of assistance in your needs. Not fancy but for the money, it's pretty darn good. A good value, plus the excellent location makes this place a winner. This place is ideal for people who want to come to Vegas but don't need that extra fancy stuff in the bigger named casino hotels that require higher rates. Or they can enjoy the fancies at the near by luxury casinos and sleep for cheaper at the Imperial. A good spot for economizing, especially for those who come to Vegas more often and still want a good location on the strip and still stay in a decent clean hotel.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Our first trip to Vegas, and could not have been happier with the Imperial Palace Hotel. The staff and service was exceptional. The room was old, but clean and comfortable. the food was great, especially breakfast choices, and reasonably priced, we ate every meal here. We visited many other casinos, but found them to be stuffy and pricy, your staff at the casino were courteous,friendly, and created an "at home and relaxed atmosphere, we spent most of our time here. We would not hesitate to recommend you hotel to all our friends. location is great, right on the strip and close to everything. Thanks for a great time.

Just Do It!

from A TripAdvisor Member
VALUE, VALUE, VALUE. The bottom line is I would do it all again. I was expecting the worst after reading the reviews, but came away very pleased. Maybe people usually only take the time to go back and write a review if they're disappointed in their stay, but I owe it to the IP and you to let you know that it is a good place. Yes, it's older, yes, the elevators are slow,and yes, the beds are a little hard, but that's totally overshadowed by location and value. All surrounding hotels on the strip over Valentines/Presidents' weekend 2003 were at least $200. The Imperial Palace was $120 per night. You are right next door to these expensive places. Based on that, you get what you are paying for. If you want a 5 star hotel, go to one, pay your money, and be happy. If you want a fancy dinner, go elsewhere and spend your $30-$40 per head. Theres's nothing wrong with that if that 's what you're after. We had no concerns about service or cleanliness. The dealers were friendly, especially at craps. I was given 3 free passes to their buffet based on no more than $150 in gambling losses. The buffet had plenty of selections and the quality was above average. The casino crowd is a mix and the place was hopping. I stayed at the Bellagio a year ago and it was nice. I'm not afraid to pay top dollar if the value warrants it. But if I was to go again I'd stay at the IP for a quarter of the price and nearly all of the fun. (Two suggestions- if sleep or peace and quiet is important to you, avoid rooms next to Harrah's "Carnival Court". It's a loud party that goes past 2 am. Also-Plan on checking out early to avoid the rush-the elevators are slooooow. They'll hold your bags for a couple of dollars-a good investment.) If your experience is anything at all like mine, you won't be sorry.


from A TripAdvisor Member
I had read mixed reviews about the Imperial and tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. Our flight brought us in to Vegas at 10 am. We were told we could check our bags but wouldn't be able to get into the room until 1 pm. When we went back at 1, the rooms were not ready. Same thing at 2, same thing at 3. We started getting upset because we made the reservations requesting that we have an early check in (paid the extra for this "luxury") We had to be at a dinner meeting for my husbands business by 4 pm! After getting angry w/the help, they put us in rooms that we had to walk outside the hotel building, through the parking garage and around the corner to get to. They told us our bags would be waiting for us, which they weren't. We waited and waited and waited and finally at 4:14 they showed up. We ended up late for my husbands meeting and they didn't open the doors again until 5:30 pm. There was blood on the wall behind the garbage in the bathroom and below the sink on the baseboards. There was a razor left in t he shower and the sheets were not changed the entire time we were there. (We even went so far as to remove the sheets from the bed and they still weren't changed) It was gross!!! We stayed there because it was close to my husbands Surfaces convention, but we won't be staying there again!!! Jen Dahlke, Rudyard, MT


from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I were guest at the Imperial Palace in July 2002. The rooms were very clean and comfortable.
The show "Legends In Concert" at this hotel was worth
every penny. It is in a great location on the strip. I would highly recommend this hotel,especially for the price. The buffet wasn't real good but their restaurant "The Ember's" was very good and had a very cozy atmosphere.

A room -- not much else

from A TripAdvisor Member
For the past couple of years I've attended an annual conference that is hosted at the IP (probably because it's cheap), so I'm pretty familiar with it.

It's cheap. I've stayed there during weekdays for around $45 or so a night. Considering that I don't spend a lot of time in my room anyway, I want to spend as little on it as possible, and the IP seems to fit the bill in that regard.

Location. Next to Harrahs (which I like), Ceasars, Treasure Island, Mirage, etc.

Dingy. I've always had some combo of cigarette burns on the carpet and/or comforter, water stains, etc. The whole place needs to be renovated.

The plumbing sucks. My toilet has NEVER flushed right any time I've stayed there.

The food sucks. I've tried both buffets, and both are abysmal. Do yourself a favor and walk next door to Harrahs if you want a buffet. The food at the IP borders on inedible.

Surly dealers. Most of the BJ dealers are less than friendly, at least in my experience. They act like they don't want to be there.

Overall, the IP is okay if you just want a place to sleep. Don't gamble there, and for God's sake don't eat there.


from A TripAdvisor Member
I have stayed at the IP 4 times this year, and had nothing but good experiences...the food was good, the rooms clean, the staff was more than helpful, the location was perfect..Rates were excellent for the middle of the strip...slots did not pay often and were not very up-to-date...Room requests near an elevator and close to the casino were wait on checking in or out..Plan on staying there again..

A Royal Good Time

from A TripAdvisor Member
Have stayed at several different hotels on the Strip, from Caesar's to Bally's to Harrah's to the Flamingo to the IP. It has an ideal location. While I agree with others that it is "no frills", have always found the rooms to be very clean. Most importantly, from the check-in desk and Casino personnel to housekeeping, unfailing courtesy and friendly manner seem to be the norm. Have stayed at IP almost exclusively for the past five years and will continue to do so as we like the location and the staff.

The food at the buffet is admittedly mediocre, but a good variety for the price.

Some Problems

from A TripAdvisor Member
This Hotel is in the middle of the strip, we've stayed there a couple of times now. It's good value for the money, rooms are not fancy, but then how much time do you spend there anyway. Large people should bring your own towels, as these are small, and not many, (usually two small bathsize) however the last trip they gave us a couple of extra. Guess it depends on the maid. Which brings me to another point, the door to our room was very tight, so when it closed it did not shut right closed, we became awear of the problem right away, so, when we left we made sure it was closed completly. however, we came back one evening to the door being open, I guess the maid did the room and did not make sure the door was closed. (there was nothing missing).
So, It's a good Hotel for the money and the time you spend in the room anyhow, we will continue to stay at THE IMPERIAL PALACE.

the chinese junk

from A TripAdvisor Member
Well where should I start....this was my first trip to vegas in like 10 years. The Imperial Palace seemed to be perfect with the price range we were looking for. We stayed 6 days and this is how it went... We were checked in within 15 minutes...but, be warned because it is extremely crowded in the casino. So it makes taking luggage to your room a real drag after having to zigzag through the people. They give you a map of the hotel and how to get to your room. Well the map is so confusing it took us like 20 minutes to get to our room. It took like a few days to know where our room was. The elevators are slow if you use the main ones where the casino is. But, if you walk around to the back there are some other ones that are fast...or there are escalators. I am really serious about knowing where your room is...the whole hotel looks the same. We reenacted horror films. They have really long hallways. We tried to upgrade our room but was informed that we had a package so we couldn't upgrade...but, he did day it really nicely...It definitely wasn't the ritz didn't have a fridge but, i could get one for 150 dollars to rent. The room was decorated very ...tacky it had a tropical theme and this is a asian themed hotel. But we did have a nice view from our balcony. We had a non-smoking room but, there was a cigarette burn hole in the was really ghetto. The shops are tacky clothes stores filled with cheap souvenirs and sequined dresses. There is a little store that is open all night but their beer is expensive like 8.60 for a 6 pack of michelob. But, everyone was friendly and nice. Except one dealer we had at the blackjack table who actually sighed as she dealt the cards. I won 300 dollars on the slots, they were pretty loose..I won money every day. Their drinks were watery and they only had coors and coors light to drink. yuck! It is really smoky in the casino and there are lots of seniors who are using like 2 and 3 slots at a time. Now, the food it was disgusting! The first nigh
ems were hot and the hot items were cold. They don't have soda..just watery juices. Then I got hit on by one of the servers as he sliced a very dry prime rib. We also tried the burger place. Stay away it was horrible. The meat tasted like it sat under a heating light for like 2 hours. It was rubbery and hard...that had to be the nastiest burger I ever had. The fries were soggy and under cooked. But, the little diner place Betty's was good for a bagel or a pastry. But, if you go too late there isn't anything left. We didn't see the show or the automobile thing. The housekeeping was nice and if you tip them they really hook up your room. we had fresh towels and pillows everyday. The phone is expensive .75 per call. The best thing about this place is the location it is right in the middle. We had rented a car but, then didn't need it because we were so close to everything. Caesars, Bally's, Venetian, Treasure Island are all right in walking distance. The cab service was great and fast at the hotel. The bell desk was great. Everyone was really cordial except the cocktail girl who carded me then took like 20 minutes to bring me my drink. Our check out was fast and friendly. I don't think I would stay there again it was too tacky and the food was terrible...we had all these food vouchers that went to waste. Pay a little more for comfort and luxury.

Top Local Tips for Las Vegas

Party at the Playboy Club The playboy club was so great if you have the money and time please treat yourself to the Plams Playboy Club

Transportation/Shows When you arrive at the airport you can get transfers there to your hotel for about $13.00 roundtrip. They just ask that you call 24hrs. before you depart for a pick-up time at your hotel. Also the Deuce is a great double decker bus for $5.00 all day that can take you back and forth on the strip. Also if you want to go to a good show it's a little spendy but go see "O".

Helicoptor flights I would book the excursion that collects you from the hotel, drives you to the airport, where you then get on the helicopter and fly over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead etc before you get to the Grand Canyon, where you then fly down thro the Canyon. Would be better then sitting on a coach for a couple of hours each way just to get to the Canyon, before you even get on the helicopter for a short flight.


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  • Address: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South - Las Vegas - Nevada - 89109 - United States
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