The Magnolia Omaha Hotel

, Omaha, United States
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The Magnolia Omaha Hotel

3 star

Rooms: 145

1615 Howard Street - Omaha - Nebraska - 68102 - United States 4023422222
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Historical Traveller Reviews of The Magnolia Omaha Hotel


from kr3624
First of all I have to say that I have never filled out one of these review things but I felt compelled to fill out this one. After reading the descriptions on the hotel's website, we were so excited to stay here for our first trip to Omaha.
But to be perfectly honest, it is over-priced and over-rated. Our room was small and the pillow cases had some kind of makeup ? stain on them...the down comforter had blood spots on it... the towel bar fell completely off as soon as we rehung the towel on it, etc. lol The free drinks downstairs included a few beer choices and a few wine choices, but nothing like mixed drinks like at the other hotels. The cookies were ok, but nothing to write home about..pretty hard actually...and the "flavored" milk was just white milk..they ran out of chocolate earlier in the week they said. lol Parking is $12 for overnight and internet is almost $10 each day. The housekeeping crew was so loud each morning out in the hall...talking to each other about personal things in very loud voices and it was only a little after 7am. Oh and another thing is it is super hard to get anyone to answer their phones...from the front desk to the valet guys, so you just plan on going on down there and standing in line to ask your question or make your request. Needless to say, we won't be coming back to this hotel. :(

Beautiful, nostalgic hotel

from CoupleTravelers
Magnolia Omaha is a beautiful hotel listed in the historic registry. Service was good and the hotel was clean. It is located just a few blocks away from the quaint historic market district of downtown Omaha. One thing they could improve on is closing the door to the "service" room located on the hotel room floor near the ice/soda machine. It was open the couple times we walked to our room, and well, it was not attractive compared to the beautiful halls of the hotel. We enjoyed everything else. Bathrooms and bedrooms are beautiful and comfortable. Overall we loved it & had a great visit! We will stay there again on our next visit to Omaha.

Loved it.

from MinneapolisDawn
I travel to Omaha about three times a year and usually stay at the hilton or hyatt, but the prices were just too high this time so I decided to try the Magnolia. I went in not expecting much and then was floored when I walked in.

The valet greated me at the door and walked me to the front desk. He introduced me to the desk attendant and explained that I was checking in. The lobby and room was a beautiful retro feel. My room on the 4th floor had incredible 15 foot high high windows with beautiful drapery. I loved it.

Traveling as much as I do and staying at the regular chains every week makes me look forward to staying at the Magnolia again. I would choose them over the cookie cutter chain hotels anytime!

Stolen Jacket-Mixed emotions

from maximogal
I was on business travel and was scheduled to stay at the Riddick, but they moved us to the Magnolia. Construction wasn't too bad, the bar was great- bartender was great, chef did a good job,front desk was friendly, cookies and milk- a nice touch. I had trouble locking my window and maintenance was right on the problem- I was impressed with how fast they responded.

I left my FAVORITE travel jacket in the room and when I went back to see if it showed up in Lost & Found I was told NO SUCH jacket was found. I was rather bummed.....this hotel was originally listed as a Sheraton property and I use them almost exclusivly for my travel. Oh well.......word to the wise -Don't forget anything at this property.

Hotel Restoration Botched

from mikedhokie
Recently my wife and I were very excited to hear about the Magnolia restoration project that was occurring at the old Sheraton Hotel in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. After researching the details of the restoration, and even visiting the building during the restoration phase, we decided to book a room at the Magnolia for our wedding night accommodations.

I am very upset to report that our excitement was quickly overcome by disappointment after seeing the condition of the room. While it appears that a lot of effort was put into the fit and finish of the common areas of the hotel, the guest room condition was the among the worst that we have ever experienced in any hotel, not to mention one that cost us, after taxes, $290. The following conditions were noted in our room:

·The paint along the baseboards in the entire room was chipping off. The paint on the kitchen walls was not completed, and it appeared that the wall was not properly prepared for painting, as there was paint chipping off and peeling. There were several walls in the room which had holes in them, which were either simply painted over (no finishing performed), or were filled with plastic grommets.
·There was a carpet staple sticking out of the 4th step from the bottom floor, which I happened to catch my toe on and draw some blood.
·The entryway door was not fit up properly with the door frame. There was excessive gap around the entire door, which was a safety issue. The closure strip mounted to the floor under the door had paint splashed all over it and looked unfinished.
·The carpet fit up to the walls and floor transition areas was completely awful. The carpet was torn in several places, and not properly finished at the baseboards at a majority of the wall joints.
·It appeared that the baseboard installation in the kitchen area had not been completed at several locations.
·The transition area between the 2nd floor bedroom area and the bathroom was not completed. There was a large gap between the carpet and the tile floor in the bathroom filled with nothing but dirt and what appeared to be small chunks of concrete.
·The caulk in the shower was disgusting. It should have been completely removed and replaced, as there was a black substance (we hope not mold) that required cleaning between some of the tiles.
·The drywall in the closet to the left of the bed had appeared to have been smashed by something, and had a large hole in it.
·There were no utensils supplied with the kitchen, which I thought was odd since there is a microwave, oven/stovetop, refrigerator (which had a dent in it) and a full array of cabinetry. Subsequently, we had nothing to stir our coffee with.
·The electric heater did not have a cover over the heating elements.
·The temperature of the room was extremely warm and uncomfortable upon our arrival. When we attempted to adjust the thermostat, we discovered it was practically hanging off the wall.

The hotel staff member that checked us in this evening, however, was extremely professional, and extremely accommodating in helping us transport our belongings to our room.

Overall, I can’t tell you how disappointed we were with the condition of our room. It looked extremely rushed together, unfinished, and downright dirty; certainly, the hotel room did not live up to our expectations, and did not have the “polished” look that the Magnolia Hotel group looks to portray. Moreover, it in no way had the fit and finish of a nearly $300-per-night hotel room. This experience has completely turned us off to the Magnolia Hotel brand, and we would certainly not recommend this hotel to any of our friends or family.

Give it some time

from jimjade3
Magnolia Hotels is a small 4-hotel chain which has not quite got its act together in Omaha. They took a handsome 3-4 story office building which had previously been converted to a hotel, and have totally redone it in a "W" type trendy and attractive design. The hotel just reopened in June 07 and construction is still underway in parts of the building. The prices appear to be in the 140-240 range but it's hard to say how they will eventually fall out. I suspect there would be some pretty good deals on the web for this hotel. The location is downtown and about a three block walk to the lively and historic old market area. The walk is a little gloomy at night but there are loft condos around and everyone seems upbeat that it is a safe walk. Once at the market area Omaha is at its best. There are great cafes and shops there and whichever hotel you stay in, I recommend you stay in the general vicinity of the market area. The Magnolia is an attractive and ornamental early twentieth century building that I am glad has been preserved. It is definitely not a cookie cutter type place. Due to a convention and our last minute plans we had to book the only rooms available, a suite which we did not need. It was interesting. The original office building once featured artist lofts with two story north windows with interior balconies, 30 foot ceilings and fireplaces. These are now two-story suites with beds and baths on the balconies and full kitchens and living rooms below. They also have some two story suites without the large windows and high ceilings, but with larger bedrooms upstairs. It would be easy to pick apart the new property (no black-out drapes above our bed) and marginally trained staff, but I have the feeling many of the glitches will be worked out. The hotel has a large lobby with bar and restaurant, with the trendy "W" Hotel type appearance. They serve a complimentary breakfast which I would call fair to average. There were free cookies and fruit when we arrived in the evening. They have a health club which I did not get to visit. I like the Magnolia and will try it again, but I would give it some time for the staff to become better trained and the building glitches to be worked out.
Management Response from MagnoliaHotels
Thank you for your feedback, and for trying out our newest Magnolia. We are very pleased with the beautiful renovation of our guestrooms and Magnolia Club, and are glad to hear you liked it. Regarding rates, I wanted to let you know about our “Summer of Love” special. From now through Labor Day, Sept. 3, those who book a guestroom reservation on Friday or Saturday night will receive the following second night for free. Friday night reservations will include a complimentary Saturday night, and Saturday night reservations will include a complimentary Sunday night. Rates for this “Summer of Love” special start at $119 depending on room type, and are based on availability. Guests just need to call in and request the “Summer of Love” special. We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel again.

Much better now

from igoanywhere
My husband and I go to Omaha 3 or 4 times a year to visit family and have stayed at quite a few different places in town. We stayed here from July 1 to July 5. We had stayed at the former Sheraton and were intrigued by the new ownership. I was a little nervous about what I'd find based on postings from this website. I wasn't concerned about the noise (I live in midtown Manhattan so figured any noise would be my usual lullaby!), but was a little spooked about opening my door and falling through floorboards!

No need to worry. The place was dead quiet, no noise, and we slept like babies. The hotel is lovely, totally remodelled, and looks absolutely nothing like the pictures shown on the website. I'm sorry I didn't take any pics. From outside the hotel we could see that some rooms are still being finished, but where we were it seemed done.

Our room was spacious and very modern looking, with the exception of the tv...I was surprised they don't have flat screens...and the bathroom was almost great. It seems like they're pretty much finished with the remodelling, but there are a couple of quirks.

First, the bathroom. The sink plug did not work (once closed it STAYED closed, and after unsuccessfully trying to pry it out ended up unscrewing it) and the towel rack fell off when I tugged a towel off to put it on the hook by the shower. Still, I loved the big stone shower and shower head and the sink bowl, which rests on top of the counter.

Second, while the maid service was very good, room service pick-up is lacking. We noticed two sets of room service trays near us from different rooms on different days that sat there for pretty much a whole day before being picked up.

Third, the restaurant does not have fresh-squeezed orange juice for breakfast, but rather had some sort of tropicana pulpless stuff served over ice. For hotel prices I want fresh-squeezed! We didn't do the free continental breakfast so can't comment on that, but one day we did order breakfast and what we ordered was very good.

Fourth, we used valet parking twice, but got billed for it for all nights. The front desk fixed it, but it was annoying. Also, this isn't a complaint but rather up front info--no free parking here like what you find at hotels away from downtown, like at the Marriott. You can find a place on the street, which is metered during business hours, or else the hotel offers $7 self-parking or $8 valet parking.

Aside from that, some good things in addition to what I've already said are:

A nice bowl of green apples on the front desk. Delicious!

Extremely friendly service from the front desk, the wait staff and maid service.

Fresh baked cookies every night in the lobby. While we missed it most nights, it was nice to come "home" to.

While the fitness room isn't finished, the two treadmills are great, and the weight selection was good.

Wonderful location, only a few blocks to the Old Market. Walk out the hotel, turn right & walk five or six blocks down Howard Street then turn left on 11th and you'll find M's Pub, which is a wonderful place. Like so many places in NY, I don't know how such good food comes out of such a tiny kitchen! Keep going one block down Howard street to 10th and there's a place called Mr. Toad's, which is a nice place to sit outside to have a drink & people watch.

The bed was comfortable. It wasn't quite the Four Seasons, but like I said above, we slept like logs.

Room service trays aside, the hotel is very clean.

Also, normally you could walk out of the hotel, turn left and find an outstanding, though not cheap, restaurant in this flat-iron building. It was closed over the holiday or we'd have eaten there. Instead we ended up trying Omaha Prime in the Old Market across the street from M's pub (great meal, though the desserts were a bit sub-par, and we had a long chat with the maitre'd about corn fed vs. grass fed beef & hormone/antibiotic free! He's great!), and a place called the Bonefish Grill in Regency, which is good, though sort of a drive away (note--the fish comes medium well unless you tell them otherwise).

Overall, I'd totally recommend this hotel. While not perfect, it is a charming boutique type place which, to me, is preferable to a big chain. We'll definitely stay here again.

Not Fit for Humans to Stay in Yet

from mzlvschoc
Wow!!! 2nd worst hotel stay in my life. I've stayed at hundreds of hotels and this would be the 2nd worst. This is how bad it is...I am in town for a wedding and the whole wedding party is staying here...I am writing this review while at the hotel...could not even wait it get home to jot down my opinion!!!

Hotel suppose to be undergoing construction. The only rennovation I have seen is the bar area. Why would you start at the bar, when room comfort is most important! 1st room we checked in no a/c...Its 93 today, need a/c. 2nd room we checked in was "jacuzzi king bed"...well its a double bed and a tub with no cold water only hot... The remote does not work and they have no more tvs so you have to change channels yourself.

They ran out of soap!!! I swear, how is this possible!!! The rooms had no telephone (yes, even though it is almost 2008, Alexander Graham Bell). Even when you get the phone and dial a room number the message says "person in room is on the phone" when in reality in the background the phone still is ringing and your party picks up and you talk over this message.

Well, I have learned my lesson, apparently it records this conversation that you are having with your friend in the other hotel room all on his voicemail system. So don't say anything bad about other people in that room when you talk on the phone...hahaha

No refrigerator, one roll of toilet paper and one towel for 2 people. There are large rolls of electrical wiring unders the cabinets that the construction people left.

I have never seen this...they will only let you put the a/c to 68 degrees no lower....can't believe it!!!!

Positives: if you order room service its very fast, but when you put your tray back in the hall its sits out there a full day (nasty) before someone picks it up. Other positive "free internet
Management Response from MagnoliaHotels
Thank you for taking time to provide us with feedback. We understand your concerns and apologize for any inconveniences associated with your stay.

Construction/renovation is now complete. Everything is now up to standards. We would love to welcome you back to the hotel so you can experience one of our beautifully renovated guestrooms.

Awful from the Word Go

from AmyKen
I am currently staying at the Magnolia Omaha and it's so awful that I'm not even waiting to get home to write my review. This place is a disaster.

We are here for a conference and yet the hotel has no business center and very slow internet service which you must pay $10 per day to use.

Our floor (the 3rd) is under construction. There is no floor outside our room, there are workmen constantly outside the door, and one actually just tried to get into my room not realizing that anyone would be staying here. Although it's not such an illogical assumption on his part that this room would be empty.

The carpet in the room is dirty and despite two requests to have it cleaned, it has not been.

The only saving grace of this hotel is the bar and restaurant staff who seem to be going overboard to make up for the all the unhappy guests.

Not Impressed

from Kristal_N_Oregon
I would NOT recommend. There are plenty of OTHER fabulous hotels in the area.

This hotel is under construction and has been for sometime (4/07). The pictures are extremely deceiving and appear to be the potential for this hotel. The front desk staff was not too impressive either.

Top Local Tips for Omaha

Check out the Henry Doorly Zoo! I've been to zoos in almost every state and this is one of the best!

stay near the old market area We really like the Omaha old market area. There is something for all ages and interests there. Ate at the Indian Oven and Vivace, both good.

Visit the Old Market District Stay downtown near the Historic Market District! It's a great walking/shopping/dining area to see/visit.


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