Hampton Suites Boston Crosstown Hotel

, Boston, United States
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Hampton Suites Boston Crosstown Hotel

3 star

Rooms: 175

811 Massachusetts Avenue - Boston - Massachusetts - 02118 - United States Hotel Website | 617-445-6400
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You get what you pay for

from BowieBill
Like most of the other review statements in this space, I agree the location of this hotel is close-in but not the kind of neighborhood you want to be in. There are no restaurants in the area. The breakfast room on Saturday morning was mobbed and out of food. On Sunday we took a cab to the Prudential Center for breakfast! The neighborhood around the hotel is dicey. Do not walk anywhere in the area. The cab drivers also warned me about it. The noise level there is also MUCH higher than usual for hotels. The room was fine except for the noise. The service staff was competent and friendly and even refused a tip for storing my bags. The airport shuttle is a definite plus. I stayed there because it was the closest, cheapest Hilton product. However I can't honestly recommend it and I will probably not stay there again.

Dodgy Location, Poor Service, Not Worth the Money

from pp38000
One more thing my room was double booked and had guests comin into room after checkin in!

Won't be going back again even though its clean and new! For what i was paying i ought to have a good service.

Noisy on odd-numbered rooms

from DDOman
Like most people travlling to Boston, I tried to save a couple of bucks (1/2 price compared to Back Bay Hotels) and opted for the Hampton-Crosstown. Location does suck but they have a free shuttle to/from airport and to other points in Boston. There are no real reastaurants in area but a cab ride to Prudential area is about 7$. My biggest beef was that for a newly constructed hotel the soundproofing is horrible. I stayed on the odd-numbered room side which was so noisy from street traffic that I could not sleep. This combined with the room next door partying at 3 AM forced me to move to an even number sided room at 5 AM. Service at the hotel is good. I think I will find other ways to save a buck next time, perhaps the Hampton in Cambridge.

Great option - you should try it!

from dogwalkingheidi
My husband and I had a great week-long stay on our first trip to Boston. Our plane was late but we phoned the hotel when we landed and we walked out the door with our bags and no more than 5 minutes later we were on the hotel shuttle. Check-in was smooth. The hotel was sold out due to a baseball game so it was crowded, but the staff handled everything well.

To address some of the comments by other guests, we had no complaints about the breakfast area. It was clean and well-stocked. Some guests with children need to learn manners - it is never OK to for children to throw food on the floor and then pick it off the floor to eat it - but even given that, the hotel staff quickly tried to clean the mess and maintain order. Also, the "to-go" breakfast bags were great for the two excursions we took to Cape Cod and the Maine Sea Coast.

We were there the week before Labor Day and there were two local shuttles in service. We used the shuttle every morning then walked Boston and took the sight-seeing trolley and subway during the day, finally returning on the shuttle every evening. Frankly, if you're not prepared to get out there and walk and take the subway, maybe you're not ready for Boston. You can't appreciate the city from a hotel shuttle. Boston is called "America's Walking City" because to experience it, you need to get out there. Don't criticize the hotel shuttle. It was an excellent service. The drivers were prompt and courteous and it is a great bonus to get your day started and finished. The rest is up to you as it should be. No one except the taxi drivers are there waiting to haul your behind from sight to sight.

The housekeeping was great and we had no maintenance issues. The hotel was by the Boston Medical Center but we had no problems with sirens or activity keeping us up at night. I'm normally a light sleeper in hotels and if my sleep had been interrupted, I'd be so cranky right now that this review would reflect that.

It would have been nice to have more restaurants nearby but the hotel was accomodating with take-out and delivery menus. But over the next few months the area will be much improved. There is a Ground Round being built on site and right next door a Quizno's and Dunkin' Doughnuts are going in. By the end of this year the area is going to be totally different.

We enjoyed our first trip to Boston and look forward to returning. The Hampton Inn Crosstown Center was a great value and we would definitely stay there again. If you have any questions you can e-mail my husband and I at codiesparents@wmconnect.com


from A TripAdvisor Member
Yes, I read some of the earlier reviews after we booked our resevation, but, thankfully, I did not try to cancel! I had read the horror stories about the shuttle and was expecting to be totally frustrated. Anyway, our party of 3 arrived at Logan at the bottom of the hour and I telephoned to let them know we were on the ground. Approximately 15 minutes later, the shuttle bus arrived, loaded our luggage, and took up to the motel through the Friday afternoon rush hour. After we got there, the bus left immediately for the "normal" airport run at the top of the hour.
We checked in right behind a VERY large group. We did get a little frustrated trying to get a luggage cart, and finally opted to carry our luggage to the room. The wife was a little frustrated, but the frustration rapidly disappeared. Again, I had read that the staff was rude, but I found that to be quite the opposite. The desk staff was very helpful and courteous, answering any questions. Yes, we missed a shuttle bus, but we were politely told that we could grab the #1 bus to get to Copley Place/Prudential Building/Hynes Convention Center.
A lot of people have been very negative about the neighborhood, but I felt completely safe with the area. There is a LOT of building going on in the Cross Town Center, and once it is opened, this will be quite an area. Granted, there are very few places to eat in this area, but with the expansion going on, there will be a nice assortment...SOON. There will be a Dunkin' Donuts and Quizino's, plus a couple of other names that I can not remember. But, the night that we took the bus, we went to Legal's Seafood (very good, but I was told that there are better, which is hard to imagine). The shuttle bus was enroute when we were ABOUT finished with dinner (about being the keyword). The shuttle driver waited almost 15 minutes for our party to come out from the restaurant, and was very gracious when we came out. VERY surprising after what I had read!
The shuttle bus was filled the next morning from the same group that we checked in behind, and the desk clerk asked if we could wait a half hour until it returned; we couldn't, so we hopped a cab to Hynes, only about $6.00, not a bad deal. We split the rest of the time riding cabs and the shuttle to and from the convention center. On the last night we were talking with the shuttle driver about how little we had actually seen of Boston during our stay, and he proceeded to take us on a tour of the city, and was quite the tour guide! Kudos to the driver...I wish I had gotten his name!
The breakfast bar was always well stocked, and the food was hot. I never had to worry about coffee...it was always there. An earlier review mentions rude people pushing and shoving. Well, just remember, that is not indicatiove of the hotel, just a reminder that our manners have dropped that far down. However, I found none of that...our lines moved very smoothly and orderly.
Hotel amenities include FREE in-room wireless service, a "business center" with high-speed service and printer. By comparison, many other member of our nationwide organization stayed at the Marriott Copley. Yes, there was a "business center" there, but for in-room access, there was a $9.95 fee. The Marriott shuttle service was NOT free, nor was it as accomodating as the Hampton Inn service. Parking at the Hampton is $17/day...parking at the Marriott is $20-22/day. Even though I did not have a car here, the other members of our organization sounded pretty pleased at the deal that we had...$55/day LESS than what they were paying at the Marriott and we had a King suite!
Overall, I was very pleased with our stay here and would have no problems reserving another room here. The area is growing and the staff here was very courteous.

Good Value, Lousy Neighborhood

from UCC
We recently returned from 4 nights at the Hampton Inn-Crosstown. There is no question that you get great value at this hotel compared to the much higher rates at most other moderate hotels in Boston. The usual complementary hot breakfast that Hampton Inn offers was great, the suite was roomy for our family of five, and the pool offered welcome relief from the heat and humidity.

The hotel's shuttle is a great idea in theory but while we were there they only had one mini-bus running and it only held 13 people. We noticed many guests complaining that they had to wait a long time and many gave up and took the bus or called cabs. We took it downtown one morning after having to wait an hour and then we took a cab back to the hotel at night rather than fight the crowds.

By far our biggest concern was the neighborhood of the hotel. Numerous panhandlers surrounded the front of the hotel and in one direction was a very run-down part of the city. We did not feel safe at all and there was no restaurant within walking distance of the hotel. We, along with many other guests, had to take a cab just to get to a restaurant. There is also a hospital right next to the hotel so you hear sirens and a hospital helicopter off and on all night. Finally, our linen was not clean upon check-in and our toilet malfunctioned a few times.

My family will not stay in this hotel again and I do not recommend it to others for now. Perhaps in the future the neighborhood will be built up to be more tourist-friendly.

Nice Hotel, Great Price and Great Service

from A TripAdvisor Member
We decided to stay here because the hotel was new and the price was much lower than typical Boston hotels. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our experience at this hotel very much. We would stay here again and recommend it.

With being a new hotel, the rooms and the hotel itself are very clean and very well appointed. All the staff we encountered were very nice and helpful, including all of the shuttle drivers.

In addition to a complimentary airport shuttle, which was very easy to use, the hotel offers a complimentary local shuttle throughout the day. It is true that on some occasions it was very full, but for the most part we had no trouble getting on. It was also very convenient--it stops at several major areas throughout downtown and also runs throughout a good part of the day. Finally, if you need to stop somewhere else than the normal stops, they will usually work something out to take you if it's convenient--just ask. We needed to go to South Station and it wasn't a problem.

The hotel wasn't located in the greatest neighborhood, but it wasn't that bad either. I've stayed in many major cities and it's a typical inner-city neighborhood. I've also stayed at many other much more expensive, "exclusive" downtown hotels, with the same type of neighborhood right next door. Bottom line is, we walked up and down Mass. Ave. by the hotel several times during our trip during the day and never felt unsafe. At night we caught the shuttle back. It's a big city and so you've always got to be on your guard and careful wherever you are. The idea that you're safer downtown isn't necessarily true. Also, Boston's public transport is great and the hotel is within easy access of the bus system to connect you to the rest of it. I would recommend you do a little research on the T system so you're somewhat familiar when you arrive, and the staff is also very helpful at giving transportation info.

To sum up, a great hotel at a great rate for downtown Boston. It's very clean, the service is great and it's easy to access the sites downtown. You may have to plan a little for your transportation options to downtown, but with the lower rate, you'll have more money to spend when you get there. On the other hand, if you don't like the idea of possibly having to use public transportation and you have lots of anxiety about inner-city areas, then this may not be the place for you. Of course, this will be hard to get away from in Boston.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Yes this hotel is new. So, you get clean nice rooms. The indoor pool was nice and the computers on the first floor with free internet access were very helpful, except, they didn't limit people using it and you could wait for 30 minutes to over an hour for usage. I had to ask the desk clerk twice to tell the person to wrap it up..I had to book my seats for my flight the next morning and was waiting for well over an hour.

The room: clean and comfortable, but what did you expect from a brand new hotel.

The shuttle: okay for the trip from & to the airport, but to get around town, forget it. You could never fit on, ever!! They should up the vans to accomodate everyone there...

The breakfast: if you don't run down like a stampede of elephants, your out of luck. It's mobbed around the food displays, people pushing, shoving, horrible!!

The staff: They were okay...A couple of snotty little college looking kids, but overall okay.

The location: The hotel was far from downtown. The neighborhood is dingy and ugly. I am from Philly, so believe me, I am used to plenty of rough neighborhoods. This one was horrible!! It reminded me of Broad & Tasker, in Philly, a used to be nice area, run down and now frequented by crack heads and losers. As stated in another review, the Methodone clinic had plenty of dirty little characters hanging out and about!!! The bus, outside the hospital, must have been a ghost bus from the past, because the whole 3 days in August we were there, we couldn't find one, except to be flying by us. So the walk to the T was long and hot. As your walking, you are prime target for all the derilicts that hang along that stretch of street in that area filled with dingy & dirty bars. Very disgusting. If you caught a cab, to go downtown, it costed about $28 dollars...not cheap, an absolute ripoff!

Very very disappointing!!! My fiance and I are going back to Boston this summer at the end of August and we will definitly not be staying at this hotel. We will be downtown!!!

Fantastic hotel...Fantastic City

from Pyffy
I have just returned from spending 7 nights at this fabulous hotel. Being English and on holiday I didn't know what to expect of a city hotel but I was impressed and highly delighted by our choice.
The staff were always friendly and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The hotel room was large, well appointed and very clean and maid serviced daily. We were on the 8th floor directly below the pool and exercise room and had a great view of the southern edge of the city. The lobby provided a relaxing place to sit while enjoying a coffee. There is a computer suite with 2 internet PC's and printers for checking e-mail and researching the days activities. There is also a pay phone and ATM machine for those last minute cash withdrawals.
The breakfast was very good with a great choice of pastries, fresh fruit, yoghurt and cooked sausage and eggs even up to 10.00am when they stopped serving, with coffee / tea available all day.
The location although not in the centre of Boston was only a few minutes away from downtown by silver line bus (the stop 2 blocks away) or the number 1 bus, giving access to the T stations and a direct route to Harvard (the stop being just across the street outside the hospital). The location of the hotel is on the edge of a residential area and industrial estate at a major intersection. Some people may be threatened by this type of neighborhood but we walked every where and never at any time felt under threat.
Although there is no restaurant on site there is a McDonalds and a bar/diner across the street and 5 minutes walk away down Mass Ave is the quaintest diner you ever would like to eat in "Victoria's" was the best ever.
We only used the hotel shuttle once and that was to return to the airport. It runs on the hour and takes about 10-15 minutes to make its way over to the drop. At 4.00pm we were the only passengers .The driver was prompt, extremely helpful and very courteous and his demeanor epitomized everyone we encountered at this hotel.
All in all you get what you pay for and more....go on give it a try...you won't be disappointed !!!!

Under-rated Hotel - Good Value and Great Customer Service

from Pieceomymind
I was in Boston last week and stayed at the Hampton Inn. Shuttle picked me up very shortly after I arrived at Logan Airport. Although I was way too early for check-in, the pleasant front desk clerk stored my bags for me until my return later in the afternoon - giving me a receipt for everything.

Shuttle dropped me at Hynes Convention Center and I was also able to get back to the Hampton via the shuttle as well. As other reviewers have pointed out, the location is 'off the beaten path,' near the Boston Medical Center. I didn't have a chance to walk much around the 'hood because the weather was horrible, so I can't comment much on the area.

For dinner, there didn't appear to be too many immediate area choices outside of a McDonald's or a local pizza joint, but the front desk clerk asked the shuttle driver to run me over to Victoria's Diner and I had a tasty scallops dinner there.

Rooms were clean and modern. Free breakfast was ample, with many choices. I had read on the Internet about a place called Charley's Sandwich on Columbus Avenue, which is also in South Boston (not too far from Hampton Inn) and ate there later in the week. They recently won highly coveted James Beard award. Great for breakfast and lunch.

There's a small pool area on 9th floor and also a fine exercise room with a tv up there.

The Hampton Crosstown is well worth the price and I think it's a fine alternative to some of the overpriced hotels closer to or in downtown.

Top Local Tips for Boston

Getting Around The taxis are the way to go. Althrough expensive, they are easy to find and get you where you need to go...If we were in Boston for more than two day, however, I would consider using public transportation as Boston as a great system.

JFK Library and Museum Be sure to go to this museum. Wonderful building and a wonderful walk through the past. Not to be missed.

Location Stay in the Back Bay area


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  • Address: 811 Massachusetts Avenue - Boston - Massachusetts - 02118 - United States
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