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, Boston, United States
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Boston Hotel Buckminster

2 star

Rooms: 94

645 Beacon Street, Kenmore Square, MA 02215 - Boston - Massachusetts - 02215 - United States Hotel Website | 617 236 7050
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Reviews - Boston Hotel Buckminster

Right in Boston
Submitted by: Roger Ward in 07/06/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
The hotel was right in Boston which was nice. It was close to the subway, shopping, and museums. Everything you would need was within walking distance or a short subway ride. The room was comfortable and charming. I would definitely stay there again.
Great Budget Hotel!
Submitted by: Douglas in 19/02/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
I would suggest this hotel to anyone looking for a no frills, clean hotel room with all the amenities and a continental breakfast to boot!
Submitted by: Julia in 23/08/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
Me and my family really liked this hotel. I am not sure why it is given such small ratings. This building is a historical building in Boston designed by the same architect who did the Boston Public Library. We stayed in efficiency suite which had 2 rooms and three beds. It was clean and had this classical style. Location is great, right on beautiful Commonwealth avenue, about 2o minutes walk from downtown. We loved it. The only small problem is that we had to wait about 10 minutes for water to warm up in the shower and the stream of water in the sink was kind of weak.
Just what you'd expect
Submitted by: G. P. in 07/06/05
  • Age Group:
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Special Interest/Event
Accomodations are needy... Location good for access to Boston. We were there because no other reservations were available for New Years Eve. Like you'd expect, attracts high school / college aged crowd. Also, there seems to be a good number of live-in tenants... Not highly recommended unless you can't find rooms anywhere else...

Historical Traveller Reviews of Boston Hotel Buckminster

Too good to be true?

from A TripAdvisor Member
Ever heard the phrase, if it's too good to be true, then it probably is? Well, this is the case with Hotel Buckminster in Boston. When we went on a search for a hotel because we were going to a Red Sox game, we did what most do these days...we searched the internet. The Hotel Buckminster's website is very nice; classy script writing, enticing pictures of a lovely lobby and stately rooms...hence, we called the hotel directly and asked about avalibility. The clerk stated that they did have a room, that it was 129.00 a night and did we want "smoking or non-smoking". I said "non" being an ashmatic, cigerette's set off my asthma into a tizzy. I assummed that we were going to be getting a room described in the web site, and later what I read in the brochure - "all guest rooms and suites are elegantly furnished, capturing the old warm charm of Boston and feature enticing views of the city". A "room" was characterized as including a comfortable sitting area, marble bathroom and one king or two twin beds". We arrived at the Hotel, and as we walked up the steps to the enterence, my heart began to sink, as I knew that we had made a terrible mistake. After looking down on the dusty dirty enterance carpets, we entered the "lobby" which is under construction, and when done will be beautiful. But followed this over some planks of wood to the "front lobby" which had a dusty old couch, a table with instant coffee and instant creamer, then the front desk. We checked in and since it was 6:00 went upstairs to our room to change quickly and get over to the game. As we stepped out of the elevator on the 4th floor, we were greeted by more dust and filthy carpets. Then as we made our way down the curvy hall ways, and got to our room door, the doom really started to settle in...the door to our room was filthy with black "skid" marks all over the edges...still trying to be optimistic, we opened the door, and found our selves standing in a room no bigger then my closet at home. With a double bed (no king in sight, no sitting room, no elegence here), a shady looking bathroom with dirty bathtub and sink, (no marble in sight) and a fabulous view of...the highway-my "wow what a great place" reaction that I had when looking over the website went to "wow, what a dump". There was an ashtray next to the bed, the floor was dusty and smelled faintly of vomit...the bed pillows smelled of grime and grease head and the blankets were scratchy and not smell clean. The room looked and smelled like my two teen age boys room at home, not what I want to stay in at this point in my life when I don't get away with my husband all that often. Needless to say, we were late to get to the game and rushed out. After the game, we came back to the hotel, walked past a large amount of vomit by the enterance doors and went up to our room. Granted on this day in Boston, it was 105 degree's, so it was cool in our room, but the air conditioning was so dust ridden that we couldn't stop sneezing. We went downstairs to speak with the front dest clerk and got and answer telling us that it was too late to clean the room, but that they could give us an air freshener...and that they were sold out, there was nothing else they could do. They also took of 30.00 off our bill at that point. We went back up to our room, this time taking the stairs, which were dirty and dusty as well with electrical wires sticking out all over the place. We thought when we got back, we could just open the window and get some fresh air, but it was 105 degrees, so that didn't help matter much. We ended up throwing up our hands and saying forget it, let's go to sleep (at 1:00am at this point). By early morning, (730) my asthma was in full swing from the smoking in the room, my husband was sneezing up a storm from the dust and so we checked out. At this point I explained to the front desk clerks that were there that I was disappointed, to say the least in the true state of the hotel compared to what is advertised and shown on the web site. I went over again, what was stated in the brochure, and what we were presented with. The front desk clerk said to call the manager on Monday and so we went to get our "complimentary" breakfast next door, which was marginal. I called and spoke with the mananger on Monday, and he looked up our reservation, and asked if we knew that it was in the "economy" room...I said no, that was never stated to me and no where in the brochure does it state that they even have such a thing. He was very polite, and receptive and all in all the staff was very nice and courteous. I explained my disappointment with the "misleading" information that was given and he assured me that he would speak to his staff about this and make sure they make it clear when taking a reservation explaining what room the person was getting. He also at that time, asked if we had been offered another room, and I said no, that the clerk told us they were sold out. He went on to say that he always keeps a room or two open to move people if need be and that I was given the wrong information (again).
With all the hotels around Kenmore Square, there are many better options at this point, for people to rest there heads. Even though the manager was very nice, The Hotel Buckminster will not see me as one of it's guests ever again. The trust pattern was broken from the minute I realized that the web site pictures and what you really get are polar opposites. Lesson learned, lesson gained, I always say...

Filthy, Disgusting, False Advertising

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I booked the Buckminster based solely on their website – mistake #1. When we arrived in Boston we parked in the lot next to the hotel as instructed when making our reservations. The lot attendant demanded the hotel voucher immediately which we could not provide until checking in. We proceeded to try and check in however, the room was not ready yet (not that I would consider it “ready” when we went in later either!) The friendly front desk clerk did give us a voucher for the parking lot which we were then forced (by the lot attendant) to pay both days in full up front $36 – we did so (mistake #2) and left to tour Boston. Upon returning later that day we were finally able to check in – several times the front desk clerk repeated “Let me know if anything is wrong with your room.” This made us feel a little uneasy as we rode the elevator up to our now “upgraded” room. That feeling soon vanished as we made our way down the hall and memories of “The Shining” came rushing to mind. Once in our room there was no evidence of an “upgrade” let alone a vacuum cleaner or a duster. The room was filthy and falling apart. No towels in the bathroom, the bathroom light always remained on due to old wiring and the bedroom looked like something out of a crime scene – my husband actually looked around to see if there was any tape on the floor indicating where the body had fallen!
We grabbed our bags and headed for the front desk to check out. The two front desk clerks seemed surprised that we did not find the accommodations acceptable – they did say they would not charge our credit card but there was no refund for the parking since it is a “separate entity” which is understandable however they should never have instructed for us to park there in the first place if they assume no responsibility. Before we left, a off duty front desk clerk did say he would take our parking voucher and get at least one days charge refunded from the parking attendant (who had conveniently left) the next day and gave us “his word” that he would mail us the $18. Well that was 9 days ago and still no refund!
I would not recommend this hotel to my worst enemy!

t spread the word

from A TripAdvisor Member
It has everything I could want and the beds were comfortable and rooms quiet. It is a hotel for international students of which I am neither. It is funky from the staff to the decor. Please, if you are a Holiday Inn type of person do yourself a favor and DON'T stay here. Only the funky are allowed.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

from thebladeszoocincy
Well, where do I start? If you want a place close to Fenway Park this is it. You can't beat a 5 minute walk to the ballpark. As for the rest, don't rely on their website pictures to make your choice. Pictures do tell a story but, not this one. This place looks like the diamond of Kenmore Square from outside but, once you find the entrance to the hotel you find that it's only cubic zirconia. You feel as if you stepped back in time. A long time.... The rooms are somewhat difficult to locate, the general condition of the entire hotel is not that great. The place is undergoing renovation (well needed) and hopefully once it's done things hopefully will be better. We likened our stay to be one step above camping. Our view was niether of Kenmore Square or Fenway, we had a beautiful view of the middle four innermost walls of the building. There were not enough electrical outlets and you could not plug the microwave and fridge in at the same time. Extension cords were in use to operate a table lamp and alarm clock and our TV had several broken buttons and several channels were nothing but snow. Our bed was the equivalent of plywood on springs and the bathroom really needed help. Like I said hopefully renovations will take care of these things but, it will take quite a bit to do so.

ll be back!

from Quellen
This hotel is a very mixed bag.

On one hand the hotel staff is personable, and has been very friendly and accomodating, the rooms are large and comfortable, each with excellent and varied views of either Kenmore Square, the Charles River with sailboats and rowers, the Fenway baseball park, Boston University, or the Back Bay area of Boston complete with Prudential Building, for $179...and the hotel is in somewhat of an interesting (but filthy and unkept) "original" condition.

On the other the hotel is filthy, seemingly in a perpetual state of dusty, and perhaps dangerous (asbestos dust?) remodeling, may have a lot of party groups who have "trashed" the room I am in at this moment. The surfaces of all the furniture are (were...I cleaned with one of the wash cloths and lots of soap and water) sticky and gooey (no kidding) and are severely chipped, abused, and nicked. The room is in the style represented on their internet site hotelbuckminster, however, the condition is poor, extremely worn, and the furnishings are incomplete. I don't have curtains, a coffee table, a table with chairs, or flowers in the depicted on their web site.

However, the rooms are huge, the large windows open (one even has a screen)...I have a two bedroom one bath, with separate living room suite overlooking Kenmore Square and Boston University Campus with a peek at the Charles River, high speed internet access, a desk (not depicted on web site, poor condition, but servicable) views and an excellent location. I just walked to the MFA, NEU, up Mass Ave to Newbury St., then back on Commonwealth with great food, shopping, cultural, and natural activities. I encountered many T stops on my walk, but all within walking distrance.

Security and safety? I don't feel expecially safe in my room since the security bolt on the door does not work and I'm reading a previous reviewer state that their room was entered at 10pm by a questionable "employee".

But I hope to live and perhaps return to the Hotel Buckminster when my son is enrolled at NEU. I guess I like an interesting adventure and don't count on standard amenities like cleanliness and security. I am intrigued by the ambience of this ill kept but friendly and interesting place. However, these issues should be considered when deciding to book here since this hotel has a 3 day cancellation policy...!

Excellent hotel- will definitely return

from A TripAdvisor Member
This hotel is in the best location at Kenmore Square. Clean, reasonably priced, friendly staff, many amenities in the room that I did not expect: microwave oven, refrigerator, large closet , beautiful cabinet with lots of drawers, and the room is quite large, with very comfortably beds. The bathroom has all the usual toiletries items.

When I called the front desk about my trouble with the hairdryer, a staff came in 5 minutes with another hairdryer. Then I found out that a wall switch turns on all outlets in the bathroom.

This is an old building that had been updated with modern conveniences ; and as one enters the large front glass doors, the spacious lobby takes you back in time with the beautiful decors.

The complimentary breakfast was served in the restaurant downstairs. Many choices, including bagel + creamcheese, 2 eggs+bacon or sausage+toast, pancakes, etc. , hot, freshly cooked, excellent.

I will definitely choose this hotel again my next visit.

Will stay again!

from DrtMrtni
Unassuming, clean, friendly, ordinary rooms in a very central location. In the heart of BU campus, with ATMs, cafes, bookstores, train and bus stops, parking garages (several) across the street. One can walk to Pru, Fenway, Newbury, and Brookline. Front desk was accomodating to requests for extra pillows, ethernet cables. Cleaning staff was diligent and there are laundry rooms on each floor. High-speed internet in every room - a boon, since there are virtually no internet cafes in Boston and wi-fi spots (StarBucks) are a joke. There are 2 parking spots in front of hotel doors, on Beacon Street, that do not require $$ (reserved valet spots, but the hotel does not have valet and the spots are available on a 1st-come basis) and plenty of metered spots along Beacon as well as Brookline.


from A TripAdvisor Member
the buckminster was really quite an interesting experience. if you're here to see the red sox, you are about a 2 minute walk from fenway, as the hotel is located just past the green monster. you have seen this hotel a thousand times on tv, but you never realized it. the next time a home run is hit over the green monster during a day game, look for the hotel--it's right behind the wall.

anyway, the accomodations were fair. its an old facility....i think i read that babe ruth used to stay here. i certainly wouldn't doubt it--the rooms have seem like thay have never been remodeled since the place opened. this is not your 4 star hotel, but it isnt a dump either. our room was a large suite and it was certainly unlike any hotel room that i have ever spent an evening in. for the most part it was comfortable and i personally had no complaints.

after going to fenway on saturday, we returned to the room, and a friend of mine attempted to take a shower, but unfortunately there was no hot water. calling down to the desk provided no help as they told him to "wait " because a lot of people were taking showers and he would basically have to wait his turn. unfortunately he had a bit too much to drink at the game so the conversation did get a bit ugly. eventually the hot water appeared, my friend took his shower and went out to the fenway bars.

the hotel even refunded him $20 the next morning when he continued to bitch about the hot water when we checked out.

all in all this hotel was not bad, especially for the price and the location. i would definately recommend it----just dont get your hoprs too high.

Is this place for Real

from A TripAdvisor Member
I walked in and thought it was a mistake. The hotel looks like a welfare hotel, and was not very clean. The rates are cheap but you get what you pay for. A friend of mine stayed down the road and her hotel was gorgeous.
I would not recommend this hotel to my enemies.

Decent for the price, right beside fenway

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband & I stayed a night during Labor day weekend. If your looking for luxury, this isn't the place. But for the price, It's a nice hotel. It was probably one of the nicer hotels in boston years ago, but it needs some TLC. The rooms are big & our room overlooked Fenway Park. Halls are a bit creepy but overall a decent hotel.

Top Local Tips for Boston

The Silver Line is a bus Take the blue line from the airport. The Silver Line is a bus. It is a scheme to slowly rid Boston of trains. The trains are much more frequent, nicer, and much quieter (!) than the Silver Line.

Buckminster; Boston Beer Co. The buckminster was the perfect hotel to stay at! It was very affordable, it's right above Uno's, couldn't be closer to Fenway, and is litterally across the street from the Green line T stop. Boston Beer co was a big let-down, it is overpriced,the staff is rude, they were out of EVERYTHING, and they don't sell hard alcohol. this place is way overrated. Try Boston Billiards.

where u should stay there are small, inexpensive hotels/motels on soldiers field road that offer clean, medium priced accomodations with parking. Soliders field rd is just a short ride (10 min) from the heart of Boston and is near all colleges


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  • buckminster hotel
  • Address: 645 Beacon Street, Kenmore Square, MA 02215 - Boston - Massachusetts - 02215 - United States
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"Right in Boston" - Roger Ward

"Great Budget Hotel!" - Douglas

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