Holiday Inn Harvey Hotel

, Harvey, United States
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Holiday Inn Harvey Hotel

2 star

Rooms: 342

17040 South Halsted St. - Harvey - Illinois - 60426 - United States | 708-596-1500
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Review - Holiday Inn Harvey Hotel

Avoid, avoid, avoid
Submitted by: Anthony Rupert in 10/09/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
This past Labor Day weekend, I traveled with my family from my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Harvey, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) for my stepfather's family reunion at the Chicago Park Hotel. When I learned that the room rate was around $60 per night, I assumed that we were all issued a group discount or something. I later learned that that was the regular rate, and I said, "Oh, well." But after staying at the hotel, well, I guess you get what you pay for.

For one thing, it took half an hour for me to check in, and there wasn't even a line; the receptionists just didn't seem to think I was important, I guess. I checked out my room and everything seemed fine, so then I went to check out the fitness room. It had a lot of nice-looking machines, but all the seats on the machines were torn up. I said, "I'm not using these!" There was also a mini outdoor banquet that we had scheduled to start at 5:00 PM, and by that time, the tables weren't even set up. When we finally got out there, my sister pointed out the canopy overlooking the patio, and it had been horribly ripped to shreds. The patio also had an array of broken (and dirty) lawn chairs.

I noticed a few other small details when I got back to my room: several things missing. I was given an ironing board but no iron, I had no channel listing for my television, nor did I have a coffee machine OR cups (I don't drink coffee, but that's not the point). I soon learned that several other guests were missing various amenities. The only thing that EVERYONE seemed to have in their room was a safe. For what? There wasn't even a key given for it. And another thing: the place is called the Chicago Park Hotel, but the coffee cups said Best Western, the bars of hand soap said Hampton Inn, and the back of the door of each room said Ramada Inn. What'd they do, steal everything from the GOOD hotels?

Another thing that was strange was that directly across from my room was a room that said VENDING. That usually means vending machines and an ice machine, but to my surprise there was only an ice machine in there, along with another door that led nowhere. The only place I really found vending machines were in a room on the first floor, but there were at least five signs lining the walls that said NO REFUNDS, which wasn't very encouraging. Also, in the middle of the hall was a locked door that could only be accessed with your room key. Is this a hotel or a dorm?

There were several other things wrong, like torn-up Yellow Pages in every room, my sister finding a cockroach in her room, my brother's room key not working, the luggage rack literally falling apart (and there was only one other one), a hole in the floor in front of the ATM machine that was merely carpeted over instead of patched up, hotel staff members eating OUR food...and the list goes on and on. And another thing, what kind of hotel in this day and age doesn't have automatic doors at the main entrance? There is also a 24-hour on-site restaurant that looks like a rundown version of George Webb.

There is a Days Inn right next to the hotel, and I suggest you stay there instead. In fact, I'd even suggest having your family reunion at a truck stop before spending your hard-earned money at the Chicago Park Hotel. I sure hope the Health Department knows about this place.
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"Avoid, avoid, avoid" - Anthony Rupert

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