Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

, Honolulu, United States
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Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

, Honolulu
4 star

Rooms: 1695

2255 Kalakaua Avenue - Honolulu - Hawaii - 96815 - United States Hotel Website | 808 922-4422
2009 Traveller

Reviews - Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

Historical Traveller Reviews of Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

Pleasantly Surprised. Clean and Bright

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from a week at the Sheraton Waikiki. We were booked into a CityView room on the 8th floor. I booked the room through a travel bidding website and paid $110 per night. After reading a number of reviews, including Trip Advisor feedback, I was worried about the hotel. A lot of the reviews were negative. Well, I was pleasantly suprised when we arrived. The hotel lobby and grounds are very nice and clean. They do not appear old or dumpy at all. The hallways are nice and bright and clean. The room was very nice and clean. The furniture may be 15 years old, but I did not even notice. THe room was very clean and bright. Not depressing and dingy. I believe the negative comments are a result of the amount people are paying for their rooms. I got a great deal. But if you paid $275 for a room, you might expect everything to be first class with marble all around. THat is probably what lends to some disappointment. THis hotel was nice. In a great location. Right on the beach. Waikiki is a busy area, so you are going to be dealing with crouds. We were very pleasantly surprised. We would return in a heartbeat to the Sheraton Waikiki at the rates we paid.

Earned my business

from A TripAdvisor Member
Went in October 2001. Was every bit a 4-star hotel. We thought the decor was up to date. The lobby and rooms were beautiful. Had an ocean view with view of Diamond Head. Breakfast buffet in restaurant left a little to be desired, and the price was a little high. Overall service was excellent and we would recommend to friends.

Resting in room during a day with perfect weather while Hawaiian singers serenade is about as close to paradise as possible.

We must have stayed in another wing from some other reviewers.

Great Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
This hotel has gone out of their way to make me and my group I travel with each year at home. The hotel is beautiful and represents in my mind what Hawaii is. It isn't over the top luxary, just beautiful and very kind staff. The staff do what they can to make your experience a good one. The place is a bit old, but it adds to the appeal in my mind.
It feels more like home to me when a hotel feels a bit more lived in. I fall right to sleep the first night in this hotel, unlike at other hotels I stay at. The views are wonderful. I've been upgraded to Diamond Head views several times and it looks like a postcard with the ocean, mountain and surfing. Looking down from my room you can watch dozens of sea turtles swimming around the sea wall. Very cool, and so Hawaii!! It's also a great location with the beach at your feet and tons to do around the hotel. This is the best hotel I've stayed in for these reasons, and I travel quite a bit and have stayed any many types of hotels. It's a great place to hold a conference!!!! I've done it now 3 times there.

The Sheraton Waikiki....we really like it.

from A TripAdvisor Member
Some of the negative comments might be valid, but we've stayed at the Sheraton 7 times over the past decade. It's not perfect in every aspect, but there is so much to like about this place. For instance:

The entire staff has always been SO accommodating. If we didn't like something, they fixed it. If we needed something, we got it. On our first trip they upgraded us to a view of Diamond Head and the Pacific Ocean. If there is a better view from any hotel in Waikiki, I'd like to see it.

The rooms are a little dated, but I believe the entire hotel is being remodeled over the next 2 years. I wouldn't say the rooms are bad in any way, but they do need an update. I just hope they don't change the showers where the faucets don't have flow restrictors on them! These showers will knock all the sand off of you in a nanosecond. Most hotels are now installing flow restrictors and it takes forever to just get wet. I hope the SW leaves them off, if they can.

Food. Well, it does seem expensive to me at the SW. The breakfast buffet is $18.95 per person and you can get just as much food at Dukes Canoe Club for about $10 at their buffet. The Hanohano room is a high-end restaurant on the 30th floor, but it is quite expensive too.
And there are so many other places you should try in Waikiki anyway.
And there is a Chili's and a TGI Fridays within a 5 minute walk of the hotel. The Fridays is good. The Chilis...well, if there is one with worse service on this planet, I'd like to know. The food is so-so, but the service will make you scream. Order carry-out and take it back to the hotel if you want to avoid the poor service. There are several good Subways in the area if you just want a quick sandwich. Hard Rock Cafe is about a 15 minute walk. It's just about what you would expect from any HRC. Loud and so-so food. Planet Hollywood is even closer.

Back to the Sheraton: Both pools are on the small side, but the entire Pacific Ocean is just a few steps away. There is always sufficient open beach space.

Client base: I think someone told me that 70% of the guests at the SW are Japanese. I like that. They are nice, friendly people. Being from the Midwest USA, we don't get to see many Japanese or Oriential people.
The vast majority are very pleasant and their children are very well behaved. They smoke in percentages that really surprises me, and you will see a lot of smokers. The ONLY thing I wish I could get them to LEARN is to walk on the right and pass on the left. They don't purposely walk on the wrong side. I assume that they drive on the left in Japan. But it would be easier if they walked on the right. They move over to get out of your way, but they are always moving in the wrong direction.

The Sheraton Waikiki may not be for everyone, BUT they are almost always full. So someone is staying there. It's right in the heart of Waikiki, shopping is close, restaurants are nearby and the view is better than from almost anywhere else. The Hyatt is nice and probably has newer rooms. But it is on the wrong side of Kalakaua. You have to walk across a 4-lane highway to get to the beach side. From the SW, you walk out the back entrance and you are on the beach. That doesn't seem like a big deal until you have to cross the road 4-5 times each day.

I guess the staff is the best part. From the GM, to the front desk to the people who service your rooms we've never met one person that did not have the Aloha spirit. (Maybe someday they'll even put us in a suite!)

There are probably many good and great hotels in Waikiki. But we keep going back because of the way they treat their guests, its great central location, and the rooms should all be remodeled when we go back.

Say hi to Alison, Betty, Randy and the other many fine people at the Sheraton Waikiki. Aloha!

A dump - even by Waikiki standards!

from A TripAdvisor Member
For those of you who have never been to Hawaii (specifically Waikiki) you must realize that most hotels in the city are 'dumpy.' Here's the rule: pay $400 per night for a BASIC room and you'll get a nice room.
Pay anything less than this and you'll get an 'ok' room at best. There are only few exeptions. Waikiki was built in the 50's and 60's - NOTHING has changed (including room decor and facilities).

I don't often write reviews or fill out comment cards, but this place really steamed me. The Sheraton Waikiki is by far the worst hotel I have ever stayed at yet. I travel to Hawaii on business several times per year and have stayed at most of the bigger hotels. The service here is lousy (forget about using the Starwood Preferred counter; you will likely have a long wait to check-in). My complaint for waiting 45 minutes in the Starwood line was ignored (I even called Starwood 2x).
The decor is 60's tacky. The common areas remind me of an old Vegas hotel (so does the $2.75 per packet of coffee that is left in the room). The rooms haven't been touched since the early 80's. Everything is worn out, looks dated, damaged, etc. Even the hairdryer is turning yellow. The toilet looks rather 'industrial' as if it should be in a bus station bathroom. The bathtub is so old that the surface is worn off from cleaning abrasives. As a result, it looks dirty and scratched.
The a/c thermostat constantly turns itself off or raises the temp (it has a motion sensor to detect if you have left the room - it doesn't know if you are just sleeping). The drapery track was broken so I couldn't close the drapes. I smelled smoke coming through the vents in my non-smoking room. With the recent painting of the outside of the building my lanai (balcony) looked nice. It had new tiles. Actually, the lanai was nicer than the room! THIS HOTEL DOES NOT RESEMBLE A SHERATON IN ANY WAY and certainly does not deserve to hang a Sheraton sign on the wall. I have stayed at older Days Inn properties that are nicer.

For the money you will be far better off staying at the Hawaii Prince Waikiki or the Hilton (specify the new building only). If you want to spend less and get more try the Doubletree Alana or Radisson Prince Kuhio; both are quite acceptable and a terrific value.

One last tip: never pay for a "partial" ocean view. Partial means that you can extend your body out of the window 3' while turning left - the blue color that you will see out of the corner of your eye is the ocean.

Room great, food UGH!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The room was great!! On the 29th floor and we had a view of the ocean and Diamondhead. We could look down on the pool to see how crowded it was. I loved the open area in the lobby where we could sit and watch people go by. The food was not so great, though. I only ate once at the buffet, the rest of the time walked to the Outrigger for thier buffet breakfast. The snack shop was too overpriced for the taste of their food. I went with a big group (205) and we had very little trouble checking in.

need renovation-maybe a 3-star

from ken240
It looked like a 4-star hotel at first, don't be happy too earlier, wait till you go in the room and use the out-dated bathroom. I also tried the "TV internet" thing but was totally disapointed, so don't try. I also had the "luau" next door in the Royal Hawiian hotel, it wasn't that great either, plus all good seats were reserved by the Japanese VIPs.

never, never, never going back

from A TripAdvisor Member
If someone paid for my trip to Hawaii, but made me stay here, I would turn them down. This has got to be one of the worst hotels I have ever seen. It looks like Elvis designed the place. From the minute I got there and saw that god awful ugly turtle statue I knew we were in for a long couple of days. The pool was an embarassment--I know many people with bigger pools in their yard. I have never stayed anywhere else in Honolulu, but I can't imagine any other hotels there this bad

if you tap in to the Aloha Spirit then you will find what you need

from paulseattle
Aloha, I stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki in January 03 for a U. of Hawaii Humanities conference; I paid for the $165 basic room. Since this was my second trip to paradise (previous was with my family and we stayed at the Hale Koa--great value, but need military affliliation) I was excited to be back. Upon check-in, the front desk lady matter of factly said that I was going to be upgraded to an ocean/Diamond Head view; I of course smiled broadly and then remarked, "I have to thank my travel agent for getting me this great upgrade!" She furrowed her brows slightly, smiled, and then said, "Your travel agent did not upgrade you; we upgraded you!" Increduously, I said, "Why?" She smiled and said, "well, we can let you keep the original room if you prefer." I said, "It must be the Aloha Spirit at work." She concurred with a smile. When I walked into my room I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time--the view was astounding; the perspective was framed by Diamond Head--the eye followed the undulations of this landmark to a 90 degree view of the stunning blue Pacific. At night I was lulled to sleep by the rhythmic breaking of waves. The only problem I had was to remember to keep my screen door closed; once when I failed to do so two huge sea-gulls casually sauntered into my room and seemed to say, "Hey, where is my lunch!" (Do not feed the birds or the word will get out to all their buddies!)

We had over 900 attendees from all points of the world and the diversity was refreshing. The buffet was always delicious and plentiful. And the service was consistenty cordial and sincere.

Since the sea-wall took up the beach front of the hotel I also had to walk about 20 yards to hit the more expansive soft sand of Waikiki; but don't worry, there is plenty of beach even in the "season." Do your homework on the busy times; for example, in summer the beaches are more crowded because school is out--but that is also the time for less expensive air and hotel fares; there are two weeks every year when Japan celebrates its "Golden Week" so many Japanese come to Hawaii then; fleets regularly come in (and i am not just talking about American fleets! you have British, Korean, Japanese, and so on). Many hotels have back to back wedding ceremonies (some more than others).

I personally like the frenetic energy of Oahu; but even in the midst of the madness there are always oasis of repose within a few minutes walk or drive.

In other words, if you stay open to the Aloha Spirit, it will find you and guide you. But if you come to Hawaii with a demanding and arrogant attitude...well, quess what you will get? Bitter memories and a less than successful honeymoon. Did you know that the Aloha Spirit is an actual law in Hawaii? I recommend that future travelers look it up (try the Hawaiian Culture home page) and try to practice it before, during, and after your next trip to Hawaii.

Horrible disappointment

from A TripAdvisor Member
This gives Sheraton a horrible name. We stayed from Thanksgiving night through Dec 2, 2003. They were rude upon check-in when we asked for the honeymoon upgrade. They were booked to capacity, but what we were offered is, in their words,"a very generous offer of $300 more/night" to get a suite. We had already paid $270/night, which would have been a fair price for the entire stay. We were looking over ugly rooftops, paint buckets, and construction workers. Not exactly what a honeymoon couple wants, or anyone else, for that matter. The rooms were very old, the fixtures in the bathroom were the cheap silver things from the 70's, and the coffee was $2.25/packet, and tea bags were $1 each! That is what put me over the top. When we called the manager, her response was, "We are the Sheraton Waikiki!" I said, "so that means you play by your own set of rules?" She said, "absolutely!" Now, I would understand this if they had something to be proud of, but this hotel is a high rise Motel 6. It caters to Japanese tourists, which were doted on hand and foot. We Americans were definately the minority. We spent a lot of time at the Royal Hawaiian next door, and would have switched hotels, but there was no availability. We didn't say anything about our plight, but we heard a few people at the Royal Hawaiian speak about the Sheraton Waikiki and said it was definately a Japanese hotel. The Americans mainly stay at the Royal Hawaiian, or a few of the other surrounding hotels. I didn't mind staying with the Japanese, they were all very polite, I am stating what is fact. Most of the food in the buffets and restaurants are for a Japanese diet. I will think long and hard before I ever stay at a Sheraton again, this place doesn't deserve the honor of the name.

Top Local Tips for Honolulu

International Market Place & Stadium Flea Market This is an open air market place, where you can buy almost anything. Many of the vendor - will offer you reduced prices, and seem to enjoy making you feel you are getting "a bargain". There is a stadium down the street from Pear Harbor - where most of these vendor set up an flea market type sales on Wednesday and the week end. Prices seem to be a little better there.

barefeet Wear something on your feet in ocean, there are rocky spots...

no more shuttles from hotels. Use speedy shuttle service, they are good price and you can pre-pay for pick-up.


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  • sheraton waikiki
  • sheraton hotel waikiki
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  • Address: 2255 Kalakaua Avenue - Honolulu - Hawaii - 96815 - United States
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