Disneys Vero Beach Resort Hotel

, Vero Beach, United States
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Disneys Vero Beach Resort Hotel

4 star
9250 Island Grove Terrace - Vero Beach - Florida - 32963 - United States Hotel Website | 772-234-2000
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vero beach is great

from A TripAdvisor Member
While the Disney resort is over priced as all Disney World resorts are, the community of Vero Beach and the typical Disney standards of cleanliness, safety and activity made the trip worthwhile. Vero Beach has so much to do- between the vast shopping, dining, beaching, etc., on the Island and the huge malls and movie theaters on the mainland, we were busy every day. Anyone who finds this area boring must be wearing blinders! We'll return again.

DVCers and love it!

from LPnerdN.C.
The resort is lovley with plenty going on most of the time.Somethings cost a bit extra but they have a daily paper that keeps you well informed.If you want to sign up for the very unbirthday ( free ) make sure you are in the line when they open at 9am or you won't get it.

Inn rooms are spacious but studios are about the same price with a bit more room. We put 5 people in a 1 bedroom with no problem. use the sofabed cusions to make a bed for a kid on the floor.That way we get a washer and dryer in the room.full kitchen and nice patio.The beach is great! Clean and little ones can't get out there by themselves. The pool area is HUGE and it is fenced in with a magnet relese to get in and out of the gate with your room key. Keeps the little ones a bit safer.The poolside grill has great food .You can by a cup for $10.00and get free refills of soda,tea or lemonaide for your whole stay.The 2 resturants and the bar are a bit pricey for avg. food. but up the road a bit to the south are several local on the water places that are resonable. you also have at least a small fridge and a microwave so you can eat in your room even if you are in an Inn room.the neighborhood is ok but public beach is to north and that can somtimes get a bit rowdy. My family loves it here and we look forward to our yearly vacation.

Friendly resort in an odd town

from pippirrip
Disney's Vero Beach Resort had much to recommend it--the rooms were nice and big, the beach setting is lovely, easy parking, and everything was Disney clean. The wait staff at Shutter's were extremely accommodating--getting us "specials" for breakfast that weren't listed on the menu.Some little screw-ups, i.e. we requested a king bed and arrived only to find that doubles were available and they didn't make it easy to charge two rooms (for us and mother in law) to two charge cards (we gave up).Nice as the resort was, we found the city to be characterless. Can't imagine a reason to return. At rates this high (about $275/night), there's got to be a better reason to return to the area.

A secret beach spot for your family!

from A TripAdvisor Member
While I have not actually *stayed* at the Disney Vero Beach resort, I live about 15 minutes north in Melbourne Beach. My wife and I like the restaurants at the hotel so much we eat there all the time. The staff is always very nice to us. My neighbors stay there with large family groups as "Mom/Kids Getaway weekends" and they always have a blast.Anyway, I'm pretty picky about hotels, and I'd just like to say this- if you are visiting Disney, and would also like to tack on some beach time during your stay, definitely grab a couple nights at the Vero resort. This area of Florida is still a secret.. with no tourist hustle-bustle, just miles of empty beautiful beaches, wonderful landscaping both designed and natural, and a very relaxing at-your-leisure pace.Every time we head down for Sunday Brunch, I look around at all the kids having the time of their lives and it makes me happy to see them so excited to be on the beach, in the pool, and just running around having fun.. I always say that it looks like such a fun place for families to stay.Re: rust in tubs, etc. One thing to keep in mind is that this resort is right on the beach, and there is salt-spray in the air. In fact, it's one of the saltiest coastlines.. which means things rust much easier around here. If it can rust, it will. That doesn't mean its necessarily a maintenance issue- its almost impossible to keep everything 100% rustfree when directly on the space coast. I suppose that the price of a coastal location..For those specifically going for beach-time:One thing I might note is that the beach in front of the resort is in an area where there has been some decent beach erosion, as noted elsewhere by another reviewer. So just be prepared that the beach isnt going to be 300 yards wide, like say, Cocoa Beach up north. However, the kids don't seem to care at all- they are too busy grabbing boogieboards and having a blast. For those doing towel-time, you may indeed find that during high tide the water is getting very close to the dune.. but there are always two tides during the day. I've kept an eye on this situation over the last few years and have noted that the resort from time to time has some additional sand put in to maximize the beach's width. In addition to this, anything other than full high tide shouldnt be a problem, with low tide being quite comfortable.. there's always room for your stuff, after all, the beach is NOT a madhouse.. its very relaxed with pretty much only hotel guests in the area, with one public beach about 1/2 mile to the north and empty beach flowing endlessly to the south. So still expect to have alot of beach-fun. The kids even seem to really like climbing and digging along the dune's cliffy edge.Some positive notes on this factor:First, the State of Florida and the County are scheduled to do some intense beach restoration in that area in 2006. I have seen the results of these beach-improvements and it is remarkable. After the beach "renourishment" (they pump offshore sand back onto the beach using a barge, etc) I would say the beach will be very wide and pretty much perfect.. so just a note there. Not to say it isnt alot of fun now (only one person even noticed it in the reviews), but compared to other beaches in the immediate area, its not as wide.Second, do get in your car and check out the other beaches in the area! There are free beach parks all over the place in Indian River and Brevard Counties. Head up north and go over the Sebastian Inlet bridge (10 minutes max on the A1A) to see where the Indian River flows out to the ocean! Just north over the bridge, head into Sebastian Inlet Park: Lots of exciting fishing going on here with a giant concrete pier that was just rebuilt in 2003. I've seen enormous fish get pulled up out of the ocean here. This is the only pay-park in the area, but worth it if you are looking for some more intense wave action for bodyboarding or if you want to rent some surfboards- Kelly Slater, 6time world champ surfer calls this break home! Its a famous wave called First Peak, set right on the north side of the pier. Great for teens- you can grab some burgers at the snack bar, and hang out on the pier watching the surfers tear up the waves. If the surf is particularly heavy, you may want to exercise some caution, as they can get pretty big!You can also rent kayaks here and tour the river estuary by paddle.If you want some get-away-from-it-all beachtime, keep heading north past Sebastian Inlet and check out all the little beach accesses- chances are you can plop down a towel and kick it in the sun without a soul in sight.. maybe a pelican or a great blue heron might stop by- or a pod of dolphin, or a retired fisherman or two- if you see another person within eyesight, that's a CROWD :) but theres plenty of other spots to check out..You can also go south of the resort on the A1A and find some neat beaches down there too- my favorites are "Tracking Station" near Vero Beach proper- just head south until you see the 7-11. Take the road just to the north of the parking lot and it will wind back into the dunes revealing a little-known secret beach with plenty of showers, bathrooms and even a lifeguard on duty- its a great spot! There's even some wormrock reef out there about 100 yards from shore that is exciting to snorkel on days with calm surf and good visibility. Lots of good shelling here as well at low tide.Also, further down is "South Beach" and the Humiston Park Boardwalk- also neat spots- just ask someone for directions, or explore the coast road on your own.There is also the Environmental Learning Center just over the Indian River via the causeway right in front of the resort- I believe they have kayaking here as well, and you can tour the ecosystem and learn about the local marine life and plants, etc.Anyway those are the tips of a beachloving local. HAVE FUN!

Liked it so much we became members

from 5campes
We visited Disney's Vero Beach Resort in October of 2003 and it confirmed our much debated decision to join the Disney Vacation Club, a not inexpensive venture. We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa which was a short walk from the pool. At first I was disappointed that the room was not closer to the pool, but when the level of guests increased on the weekend I was glad that we were in a quieter location. We found the room to be very clean and spacious. Our maid service was wonderful, we met our housekeeper one day and she showed us pictures of her new grandson which she had taped to her cart. She left the kids "towel animals" each day and they were excited to see what new animal she had created out of towels each day when we returned. We had no ant problem like that described in other reviews. Perhaps that was because we were there in the fall instead of the summer. In any event, here's a shocker, South Florida has ants, lots of them! Anyone who has had a problem with ants in their own homes will realize that sometimes, despite aggressive action, they continue to reappear until the season is over. With respect to food, we bought our own groceries so we could avoid having to "Disney" our breakfasts and save a little money. We did eat lunch by the pool most days and found the meals to be pretty good for fast food. Despite another reviewers' dissatisfaction with the kids meals, we had no problems and found the fruit portion, as well as the other food in the meal, to be of adequate size (as opposed to the oversize portions that we Americans are used to--to our collective detriment). We thought that the price was fair for a vacation resort.
We also ate at both Shutters and Sonya's and found the food to be pretty good if a bit expensive, but not off the charts. We ate at Captain Hirams in Sebastian a couple of nights too to vary it up a little. The kids loved the various activities, many of them were free or had a very minimal charge. The beach provided a change of pace from the pool. All in all it was a very relaxing vacation and we definately plan to go again, this time as members of DVC.

Best Place to Vacation in Flordia outside Orlando

from A TripAdvisor Member
I would like to say that my trips to Disney's Vero Beach Resort were the most enjoyable. My faimly became Disney Club Members about 6 or 7 years ago. Our home resort is the Vero Beach Resort.My parents celebrated their anniversary there and then after a year they took the whole faimly. Ever since then we have gone there about 2 times a year and love it. The recretional activites are awesome with the many organized activites and the pool with the ocean located right by it. So far we have had no problems with the hotel and will continue to vacation there for years to come.The service is great and you always make friends with the staff and the other guests. I would recomened this hotel for anyone.

A Wonderful Get-Away

from A TripAdvisor Member
My family visited Vero Beach during Christmas 2002. We had a great time, the two bedroom suite was spacious and clean. Service was excellent and the hotel staff did everything to make our vacation enjoyable. So enjoyable that we are spending this Christmas (2003) vacation at the Disney resort in Vero Beach.

The housekeeping staff on a daily basis would make various designs out of towels, i.e fish, swans, etc and place them on my childrens beds each morning. They really enjoyed the staff.

We loved it!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at DVB for two nights after spending a week at the Magic Kingdom. Our stay at DVB cemented our decision to purchase a Disney Vaction Club Membership. At first, I was a bit disappointed about the slow pace and a lack of scheduled activities such as those found on the Disney ships. However, it didn't take long to find that this was a great relaxing family time. We made a trip to the local WalMart to buy a few groceries. We had just spent 7 days eating at the top restaurants in WDW and now wanted just some regular food. Amazing how good a PBJ tasted! My 7 year old loved the boogie boarding and the pool. This was a great way to end a vacation.

We had no problems in our room. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Yes, the tub did have a bit of stains on it. However, this is to be expected in South Florida on the beach. We can't wait to go back during spring training and see the Dodgers at Dodgertown.

Customer appreciation?

from A TripAdvisor Member
1. At the "Shutter's" restaurant, the waitress asked "Do I need my change" on my food charge which was $10, after I had given her a $20 bill.....or when I waited 15 minutes for an overpriced cup of soup when there were few other customers in the restaurants....or the chilly day in February, the fireplace in the bar was covered for its decorative affect, no heat?Vero Beach is a quiet residential town....not a tourist town.....don't expect "entertainment"....Like most Disney stuff....everything is overpriced, to pay for the manufactured settings!! Nice to look at, but don't expect courteous service or spend as little as possible ...since you will not get the most bang for your buck!To eat or buy stuff.....go across the river to the town of Vero Beach or to some of the nearby towns.Kids were having fun in the swimming areas, playing with other kids which is the "hook" on the parents' finances....

s Vero Beach Resort (Beach Cottage)

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at Disney's Vero Beach Resort June 1-6, we had a Beach Cottage that slept 12 people. We actually had 13. We didn't want anyone sleeping in the living room incase the adults wanted to stay up playing cards or watch movies. So we hyped up the two youngest 11 year olds to play Harry Potter. We blew up a queen size air mattress and put them under the stairs. We had them thinking they would be in a little room like Harry, it wasn't until we got there that they realized, cool, no doors or walls. Out of 5 trips to Vero this was by far the best. We had 3 other families with us and with that many people that you know you can do a lot when there isn't anything to do. We camped out our towels and sundries by the pool at 9:30 a.m. and then went for a long walk on the shell infested beach and then for a swim. I for one am not a salt water person and cannot figure out why anyone would want to spend more than a few minutes in the water so it doesn't both me (or anyone else in our party about jelly fish or nurse sharks). Don't bother sharks and they won't bother you. We made two trips to the groceries one on Sunday the other on Wednesday. You gotta think that is a lot of mouths to feed. I think chocolate milk was the favorite beverage. We learned 3 years ago you don't eat at the resort restaurants; $350 for 8 people to eat cold food. And, no we didnt get a break on the cost, nor did we get a free meal or even an I'm sorry. Any more you have to have the attitude you get what you pay for. We were paying for convenience. We didn't want to drive 10-20 minutes down to Captain Hiram's. THE BEST PLACE TO EAT AT VERO. We had our fare share of ants but I have those at home too! We love this resort and will continue to go back.

Top Local Tips for Vero Beach

Ocean Grill Ocean Grill in Vero is a great seaside restaurant but is at least a 15 minute drive from the hotel so if you plan to enjoy some wine you may want to take a cab.

Bring your own food Bring your own breakfest and lunch foods and pack lunches for the pool/beach. The resturant was very limited and expensive and the poolside grill was good but expensive. bring your own food and go out for a nice dinner there are many resturants around.

Ocean Grille - Great Restaurant Best Restaurant we've found in Vero


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  • Address: 9250 Island Grove Terrace - Vero Beach - Florida - 32963 - United States
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