Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Hotel

, Orlando, United States
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Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Hotel

, Orlando
4 star

Rooms: 180

10000 Turkey Lake Road - Orlando - Florida - 32819 - United States Hotel Website | | 407 345 0000
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Reviews - Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Hotel

Westgate is a Scam to get you there
Submitted by: George in 13/07/11
  • Age Group: 4150
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
From check-in to check out, your level of stress will go from relaxed to frustrated and rage. Lets start with parking to check in; there is none because everyone trying to get discounted tickets to theme parks are there taking all of the spots, so you will drive around for at least 20 minutes till a spot opens. If you got a discount package then it comes with a mandatory time share appointment which if you miss, you may have to pay $300 dollars a night plus taxes...oh my. The lobby is crazy with about a hundred people, which only about 1 out of 10 are guest trying to check-in, and they are yelling, cussing, pushing, etc. The clerks are rude and do not want to give you copies of any paperwork except, how they are going to charge more for all of the amenities, mini-golf, etc. Get to your room on the 6th floor, using the stairs because the elevator is out of order and passing by the overflowing trash bins on each level, and what do you get. A room that is very large, with an even larger smell coming from the carpet. A mixture of animal urine and musk, mixed with just a hint of carpet freshener. Big screen tv that is 15 years old and the picture is washed out and blurred. 1990's decor with torn green leather furniture and broken chipped wooden fixtures. Most appliances do not work and stains in the carpet. Notify the front desk and someone will call back about 6 hours later. Meanwhile a soak in the large jacuzzi tub in the master to find hair and a large roach laying on its back. Too tired to do anything else so lets take the kids to the only free thing (the pool). What just happen here, there are kids without parents running all over the place, jumping over people laying in reclining lawn chairs, knocking over everything not knocked down and screaming uncontrollably. The adults are just as rowdy, making obscene gestures to every women walking by. No thanks I will fight the roaches in my room first and go to Wet & Wild tomorrow. Come back to the room and more roaches are in the kitchen area, I just can't win. Call front desk and I get someone who barely speaks english and wants to let me know how frustrated he is and I am a low priority and I would be free to leave because they will charge me for my entire stay anyway. Ok lets go eat then, because I always feel better after I eat (away from property of coarse). Come back and I can not find parking anywhere. To top it off there are groups of grown men wearing wife beater t-shirts stand around drinking bear and throwing the empty beer cans everywhere. What have I gotten my self into. Try to get some rest, because we have a big day at theme parks the next day. Not going to happen, because teenage kids come running into the room screaming about some man trying to get threw the window. I check and sure enough, there is some drunk guy, beating on the window. I go outside and this guy is so drunk he can't understand anything. I call for security to remove him and they never show. Several calls and hours later he finally wonders off without any assistance from security, I think he fell asleep on the first floor stairway. Now for the best part of the stay, the Time Share meeting that you must attend or pay $300 dollars a night. 90 minutes is what they claim, no you should expect 4 hours of frustrations and wasted time. I started my clock on my cell phone after they confirmed the time share had began. I kept telling them I had no intention on buying at this place at any price, but they will not stop. They keep you there by telling you that the sales person has to sign off and present your paperwork or your paying what? Yes you guessed it $300 dollars a night, so now they are rude and demeaning saying things like "yea, I guess you don't love your kids enough to give them a great vacation place like this" Just the opposite, I love them too much to put them through this non-sence again. We booked another time-share and found a completely different atmosphere, family friendly and relaxing. Not Westgate Resort, they do not deliver on their promises, they only ruin vacations. Now that is the truth. Check the poor reviews with Yelp and Trip Advisor and they all say the same thing about this place. I wish I had.

Good Luck, I am reporting theme to Better Business Bureau
Some things forgotten
Submitted by: jean in 26/11/08
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Retired
Arrival ok, booking ok, room looked ok until we found a dead cockroach on the floor. One very large one ran around the sofa, and my sister in law caught one under a glass. Looked in the cupboard for a cup/mug for a cup of tea no cups or kettle, phoned the house keeping and in a short time later the house keeper arrived and asked me to show her the cupboard where she promptly pointed to the glass cups ughhhhhhh. She gave me a box with a "tea kettle" in it, surprise, surprise it worked on the cooker, not even a plug in!! Apart from that and the lack of house keeping service, only once a week! Another thing was that there didn't seem to be a place where you could have a quiet drink, no proper lounge area. I understand that the owner won't have a bar on site. The only one is in the resturant. But it would have been nice. Also when you are asked to vacate your room at 10am, but don't travel until later 5pm or later, we asked for a complimentary room, but was told sorry don't have them!!
Pleasently Suprised
Submitted by: Barbara in 04/09/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I was impressed with the accomodation. It was clean, new looking, and contained everything our family needed eg washing facilities, iron, ironing board, fridge freezer, dish washer, large cooker and microwave, cooking untensils, cutlery ect.
The location was easy to find and quite near to all the parks and shoping areas.
Only complaint is although I found staff helpful and willing to help communication was difficult as not only did they not speak English they couldn't understand it, I found this strange as most the guest spoke English.
Other than that would definately recommend this resort.
First Experience At A Westgate Property
Submitted by: Henry in 03/04/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We stayed at Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa from Feb. 5-12, 2007. After learning about Westgage Lakes Resort & Spa from a friend who stayed at the Las Vegas, Nevada location my husband and I decided to inquire more about the Orlando Florida location especially since we have seriously been discussing purchasing a Time Share Condo. One thing I did not do, which is unbelievable, was to check comments from other travelers until I had finalized our reservation. Once finalized we were pretty excited about trying this opportunity because it seemed like it would be a perfect fit for us. A couple of weeks prior to our checking in I read the comments from recent travelers and was horrified, concerned, and a little worried. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Upon arrival, our check in process went rather smoothly, unlike some of the comments made by other travelers. Perhaps it was the time that we checked in that made a difference. We arrived on a Monday night around 8:45 PM.
We stayed in a lovely condo-2 bedrooms with 2 baths---much more room than needed, but we enjoyed it. The condo was well maintained and clean. The heating system leaves a lot to be desired. Don't ever get the condo too warm or too cool because it will take hours (at least 4-5) for the climate to change to your comfort level. We did not find any staff to be overbearing or pushy. The fitness room could be improved (more space and more exercise machines might be appreciated), but overall it was acceptable. The Spa was nice, however, be sure to confirm the type of service you requested (massage specifically) because they don't always seem to follow through. I specifically requested a deep tissue, which I might add, cost slightly more than the usual massage, but I did not feel like I received the deep tissue. Definitely reconfirm what you reserved and what your expectations are. One problem that was cited by previous guests was the problem with gaining access to your condo with your key card. I found it somewhat unusual to be presented with 4 key cards upon checking in, but now I clearly understand the reason for that----each time we returned to our unit we ended up trying all 4 keys to gain entry. Can you imagine leaving and returning to your unit for 7 days and it taking at least 5-10 minutes before you can actually open the door. One of those times we had to return to our car (thank goodness we rented a car) and drive to the main building for assistance. A person came right over and ended up re-issuing a new set of key cards, which I might add worked for a couple of days and then it was right back to the normal delay of 5-10 minutes and trying 4 different keys to enter.
Our presentation was not until the day before we left, which in my opinion was not appropriate. I questioned why do they wait until one is almost prepared to leave before they are presented with, what I believe to be a lot of valuable information about the facility. Their rationale is that they want people to experience as much as possible so that they are eager to hopefully buy. It would have been better had we attended the presentation a little earlier. The person who presented the information to us was very professional and friendly until she realized that although we were somewhat interested, we also have a few concerns and was unable to make a decision to purchase at that exact moment. You could tell she was disappointed and perhaps a little upset, but she handled it well. We ended up talking to two other people, but they quickly understood that we were not prepared to make a decision, because of our concerns, and they did not pressure us.
Upon checking out, we had a very early morning flight, the front desk staff was unable to issue a receipt showing that we had a zero balance. They suggested I call later to request a receipt be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed. Well I ended up calling 7 times and was shifted to several different people as well as being placed on hold for 10-15 minutes on all 7 attempts. Finally I spoke with a woman who told me that the front desk cashes out at midnight and shuts down their computers and they are unable to retrieve information or print a receipt until after 7:00 AM. (strange, especially for a resort that has well over 1,000 units, I think)
In closing, my suggestion to all who may be thinking about experiencing Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa in Orlando is to
1) Definitely rent a car (the walk to different locations of interest on the grounds is quite a distance
2) The Smokehouse grill food is acceptable, but you would probably be more satisfied dining at one of the many fantastic restaurants on International Drive or Sandlake Road (both locations are in the immediate vicinity of Westgate Lakes)
3) At the first sign of your key not working properly-take the time and explain to Westgate Lake Staff that you want it resolved---don't put up with it or think it will get better, because it will not. In fact it will only frustrate They definitely need to update their key system.
Our unit was 525A - 2nd. floor, and we were not bothered by noise from our suite mates or the unit above us. Occasionally we could hear talking from out suite mate's unit, but it was tolerable. Would we stay at this property again? ---- We are undecided, but we would like to try another Westgate property location before we make that decision.
Submitted by: yury vaynriber in 27/01/07
  • Age Group:
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
First, I had to wait 25 minutes just to check in. Then had to get hassled to spend $20 for a 1 and half hour trail of their property for twenty minutes until I agreed for them to just stop.

Then the rooms numbers are designed horribly.

I stayed in room 1441B. But No where on the main door of 1441 does it say inside the one door there is a 1441A and 1441B. Maybe the front desk could of told me instead of me wasting half a hour looking for someone around the property to find the room.

But guess how we found someone. I found a employee on her cell phone at the pool that claimed she was working that only spoke spanish. So I had to find a another confused customer to ask her to help me find my own room. Horrible is the best word to say

Then I get to the room, half the lights in the room do not work. Called the hotel and said just fix it tomorrow during the day while I am not in the room. Aside from the lights not working, there were just three towels in a room with a shower and a jacuzzi. Hrmm think about it. Wouldnt you need more????

So, I come back the next day from universal at 4pm. Guess what?? No room service. No clean Towels. No fixed Lights. Dirty room.

I was beyond ticked off. I said to myself let me get in the jacuzzi and just relax for a little.

Come to remember there are no towels. So my girlfriend calls for towels. As she says we need more towels someone that spoke half spanish and half gibberish transfered her to some other office that did not half way understand spanish or english. God knows what language they spoke. So, no towels for 30 minutes. Then I hear the guy knocking on 1441A from laying in my bed. I go outside to the door and said wrong room. The guy starts arguing with me that I am not right and im in the wrong room.
By the way, his order paper showed 1441B. I just do not think this guy knew how to read in english.

To keep going, I needed to stay an extra night so I walked over to the front desk to ask if they can match the price I have already reserved. The front desk rep was on some sort of drug or he just woke up. He was very slow, non responsive and also a LAIR. After, he says no we can not. I said to myself fine. I got the deal thru american express and I can understand. So I just said can I ask the manager just for my own personal reasons. He tells me no manager is on duty. Hrmm How can a HUGE resort not have one manager on duty.

Then, I just livid. Left the front office. Went to my room and called the front desk. Asked for a manager they said he is driving around the pool area and he will call me in 5 minutes.

Somehow the manager (charles) came from home and started working and being on duty exactly 5 minutes after the first front desk guy told me there was no manager on duty.


#1, The guy lied
#2, Manager was not around pool

I know this because after the manager called he said he was in his office.

I asked the manager if he can do anything for me

In effect of a free night, match the price on the 3rd night etc etc..

Anything to make up for the headach.

So he calls me back 30 minutes later at midnight* and says my manager approved to give you a free buffet breakfast and a late checkout. Keep in mind both were promised when I CHECKED IN FOR FREE

So, not only did the front desk rep lie as I checked in about a late check out being free, but also all the manager Charles could do is offer something free that every other hotel gives for free.

Even motels give you late check outs for free. This is a resort. I felt like I was more like in prison.

I told him its a joke what he was offering me. He calls me back at 1AM in the morning on a saturday night and says my manager approved the sunday night stay at $35. I said fine, just please no more problems I cant deal. he said Ill make sure everything is fine.

Well, guess what I come back sunday afternoon from islands of adv and my keys dont work. My pregnant girlfriend needed to use the restroom. So I call the front desk from my cell phone since I am locked out of my own room.

I sat on hold for 7 minutes until Mellisa* ( manager ) answered and said charles forgot to activate my old cards for the keys.

As I imagined.

Now, she said she will send someone out to bring me the cards.

I see the guy coming in his little golfcart, while he is driving he decided it would be a good idea to stop his cart. Take his cell phone out, stop the cart make a few phone calls right under the 1400 building where I was waiting. I heard him and his convo's then he thought it would be a good idea to bring the keys upstairs. Well I walk into the room and guess what again..

No room service once again.

All I have to say is never again. Do I stay at a westgate resort
Great Rooms - Poor Staff Service
Submitted by: Katesha in 17/07/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type:
The rooms were great, however the staff were rude.
Peaceful and Beautiful
Submitted by: Mayra Vasquez in 02/07/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I enjoyed my stay at the Westgate, the hotel had a great view and I liked the privacy within the 2 rooms. I will be back to stay with my family at your resort. I really had a great time, thank you.
No complimentary chocolates?
Submitted by: Sarah Kimpleton in 08/04/05
  • Age Group:
  • From:
  • Traveller type:
It was a great time, the sites were beautiful, especially the lake. When I went there were a bunch of young hooligans on spring break running around. I went there with my 2 grandchildren, they didn't really enjoy all the natural aspects, and they would have liked complimentary chocolates on their pillow. Other than those two things it was a wonderful experience.
Can't wait to go again.
Submitted by: Steve Holland in 29/03/05
  • Age Group:
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type:
Very clean and luxurious, best I and the rest of the family have ever stayed in, hoping to go again.

Top Local Tips for Orlando

WESTGATE IS ALL A SCAM TO GET YOU THERE WESTGATE IS ALL A SCAM TO GET YOU THERE. THEY WILL DISTROY YOUR VACATION!!!! I was taking my wife, boys and little girl to Disney World for the first time, we were only staying for two days. It took us two years to save for the trip. I was searching the web for tickets to the theme park thinking it would be best to buy them in advance. I found a site (http://www.orlandothemeparkvacations.com/google/disney/tickets.cfm) where it clearly reads, "2 Disney tickets for $25." I called the number spoke to Ariel Sanchez. He asked me if I made hotel arrangements, I said no. He offered me a room at WESTGATE VACATION VILLAS 2770 Old Lake Wilson Road Kissimmee, FL 34747 and explained how it was at a discounted rate, never saying that it was a time share or that I would have to sit at a 90min meeting. I booked the room yet still asking for the Disney tickets that is WHY I CALLED. He explained that I could buy them when I get to Westgate. When I received my contract I read the fine print and understood it was a time share meeting, No big deal we had to go to a 90 min meeting. We arrived on Feb 26th the meeting was the morning on Feb 28th and we were checking out early morning Feb 29th. Once we checked in at the welcome center we were told because of the rain there was no one was available to show us to our room. We drove around the place for a good 15 - 20 min in the dark and rain before we could find it. In front of the door to the room was bags fill of garbage and a big metal cart with supplies on it that we had to move to get to the door. The room was okay but the Jacuzzi they talked about didn't work. We called and asked for someone to come to the room and take a look at it, they wanted to make an appointment with us for the next day at 11:00 AM. The next morning I called the front desk for the $25.00 tickets to the Magic Kingdom. They said I had to go to the meeting first to get them. I called Ariel Sanchez because he set up our meeting for the following day. His reply was for me to tell the welcome desk that I know people who got the tickets before the meeting and that I should be able to get them too. I hung up with him called the welcome desk and told them what he said. The welcome desk now said that they never heard of such a deal and there were no discounts for tickets at the welcome desk, that I should call the 1800 number. When I did call the 1800 number they offered very kind of deal for tickets but in the end it all added up to more then what I would pay at the Disney gate. I again explained about the $25.00 offer that attracted me to call from the beginning, they said they never heard of such a deal and that it wasn't written in my package either. I called Ariel Sanchez back and told him what was happening he put me on hold and came back and said he’s been told to tell people when they call that the tickets are two adults for $79 dollars and that he was going to talk to his boss. I asked what happen to $25.00 he said he would call me back; which he never did. Mean while it was now 11:30 AM and my poor kids wanted to go to the park. So I bought the tickets at reg. price for one day pass thinking I’ll get the discount ones at the meeting the next day. The next day we went to the meeting in the morning. I explained to the sales lady what happen and how we wound up staying there. She really didn't care she just wanted to do her sales pitch; which she did from 7:30 AM to10:45 AM. This was not 90 min it was 195 min. After we said we really had to leave… the baby needed changing and the boys were missing out on another morning in the park the sales lady got up walk away and sent over another man to give us another sales pitch about buying time share. We finally left the table at 11:05 PM there was no one to drive us back to the building where they made us leave our car so we had to walk back. I bought the tickets again at the park because still no one knew about the special I kept talking about. We didn’t get to the park until 11:45 PM. We spent a total of $555.00 for four tickets to get into the park and because of Westgate we missed both mornings at the park as well. Oh I left one more thing out… When I booked with Westgate I was told that I could get a car at a low discounted rate through them because they didn’t have shuttle service. Westgate offered me a full size car from Thrifty for 5 days for $270.00 I felt that was a little high so I called Thrifty myself. To get the car direct only cost me $149.00 that was a $121.00 difference. Where was that discount savings from Westgate???? I would have saved so much money if I would have stayed on Disney Property. I wouldn’t have needed to get a car and I would have gotten the two day hopper pass for less then what I spent. My Kid would have gotten so much more out of the parks because we would have been there early too. WESTGATE IS ALL A SCAM TO GET YOU THERE. THEY WILL DISTROY YOUR VACATION!!!!

Shop till you drop.... We love to shop at the Vanity fair at the Lake Buena Facotry Outlet and at the Premium Outlet Mall.

HOneymoon WE spent about everynight in Downtown Disney or Epcot and days going to the different parks


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  • Address: 10000 Turkey Lake Road - Orlando - Florida - 32819 - United States
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