Tha Standard Miami Hotel

, Miami Beach, United States
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Tha Standard Miami Hotel

, Miami Beach
40 Island Ave - Miami Beach - Florida - 33139 - United States Hotel Website | 305-673-1717
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Very Disappointing The Standard Miami

from nikita411
Had great hopes for this hotel, but was very disappointed. The welcoming staff all appeared to be teens with after school jobs. They were mildly interested in providing service. There is no one to introduce you or show you the amenities available so you have to track down baths, spa services yourself. The room had an outdoor bath, but the curtains that surround the bath are all see-through so anyone walking by (housekeeper, kids, other guests) can see you in the buff. The room was extremely noisy and one could hear housekeeping rattling their carts back and forth. Also could hear guests of the hotel walking and talking. The room is sparse with cold terazzo floors. It had a musty smell. The futon is terribly uncomfortable. The pool was beautiful with a perfect view of the sunset. The poolside service was good. The food was good and it was health minded. This hotel has a bohemian flair. I have had better service and have been more comfortable at a marriott. Wouldn't stay here again. There are much better places to stay in miami.

Excellent - Loved loved it!

from 4776
We have been back twice since they opened. I have to say this is the best thing about South Beach. The food is incredible, the staff always takes great care of us and the pool is amazing. I always get to spend the time reading and relaxing, what else do I need? We love, love it. Not the place if you are looking for something typical "south beach" but again this is much more classier.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed there for one night, called last minute for a room for a Friday stay. Was told only had one left and told the type of room. So I must say that I was happy in that my expectations were managed by the reservation person. Room was okay, however felt like the A/C was not working...Regarding the rooms with the outside space, I saw that the actual room was the same size as mine (I had not outdoor space). The only difference was this outdoor space and to tell you the truth, this outdoor space is not worth the extra coin. As stated in other reviews these patios are separated by some gauze type material that enables passer-bys to see through them; so you are not afforded any privacy. I could not imagine using the outside bathtubs unless you like to be watched and seen.

Anyway I was not that impressed with the quality of people staying at the hotel. Mostly 50-year olds from NY of Jewish decent. I thought Bugsy Siegel and Myer Lansky would end up showing up. I was more impressed with the "talent" at the Shore Club.

For me the staff was very accommodating; except for one slow female server at the pool. Although when I expressed my displeasure I had three people including a manager solving the problem without haste. A very good point. Overall, I find that the respect you give is what you get at the trendy hotels and I was very impressed and happy with the other staff trying to rectify my problem so I don't have any complaints there.

Keep in mind this hotel is a hike to the beach, they do offer a shuttle to the Raleigh so if you use that then the location ain't so bad. Also keep in mind they have an active spa business which draws in many non-hotel guests that can also utilize the grounds and facilities.

If you have stayed at the Standard LA then understand this is a totally different hotel. Not meant for the raucous partying and such that occurs in Sunset or downtown. Overall, in the future, I probably won't stay there when traveling alone; I'll stick with the Shore Club. But if I am with a girl I might stay there for the peace and quiet afforded by the location along with the multitude of spa services.

Nice spot with some flaws.We liked it.

from JackHerrer
The Standard has its ups and downs. I can understand why reviews differ a lot. However it open pretty recently and I guess some of the problems will be taken care off.

We arrived 02.00 in the morning one day early as we managed to catch a connecting flight in Chicago. We did not have to pay for that night. Nice guesture!!

Pool area very nice!
Spa Very good.
Rooms not luxury but good with Cable WIFI and CD player, some times walls are too thin. Young guests, many gay people seem to like this place.
Organic nice food, good salads.

Service MOST OF THE TIME GOOD but sometimes horrible. ex We came for breakfast outside by the water 10.50. A waitress arrives 11.03 and tells us they only serv breakfast til 11.00 ??!! (we were there 10.50), so we have to order something from the lunch meny, we order drinks she rushes away, we get one of the drinks 11.10 we want to place an order but she rushes away. at 11.20 we still have not orderd or gotten second drink ,she arrives 11.23 with that. I explain that we were there 10.50 and still have not orderd and went for breakfast somewere else. Took up the prob with the pool manager as he saw something was wrong, did not see the waitress for the rest of the week.

Over all I can recommend The Standard for the price u pay (215USD) I can not find anything better in Miami I Guess. It is not Top Central 2 min cab to Lincoln Road 6min walk but quite ok.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Awful. Awful. Awful. Where to even begin???

My husband and I booked this room for 2 reasons:

1) We were traveling with our 8-month old Yorkie and this hotel allows pets
2) The hotel's website clearly stated that the room, a Wet X-Large, had "expansive views of the bay". I pictured a beautiful "private outdoor terrace" that directly overlooked the bay where we could relax in privacy.

It turns out that the hotel is quite far from Lincoln Road or anywhere on Sobe for that matter. It is definitely more than a 10 minute walk as others have stated. There is absolutely nowhere to park unless you valet.

Upon entering our room, #57, the first thing that we noticed were bugs everywhere. The floors, the walls, the bed. Ants, termites and mystery bugs crawling all over.

The second thing that we noticed is that there are NO "expansive views of the bay" from this room. If you stand up and look over the bushes, there is a glimpse of the view but don't get the impression that you will have a waterfront room despite what the hotel website states. It is non-existent.

The other major issue is that there is no where to put your bags or to unpack. No luggage rack. Not a single dresser in the entire room. Just toss your suitcase on the floor. There are no nightstands, just some picnic baskets on the floor and they are really are not very useful.

The sink is in a little alcove between the bathroom and a closet. The sink is just a bowl and there is nowhere to put your toothbrush or anything else for that matter. There is no counter or vanity space at all. Not even an inch.

The sink leaked horribly every time we turned the water on. Water just kind of poured out onto the floor from some pipes below the sink.

There are crushed shells outside of the room around the "private outdoor terrace" that has a bunch of cigarette butts, bottle caps and other assorted pieces of trash strewn about.

The "private outdoor terrace" is not really private at all. The shades between terraces are nothing but thin gauze and would offer zero privacy if you had someone in the room next to you.

For the 1st time in our 12 years of traveling together, my husband and I checked out and went to a different hotel. This hotel is just so awful I can't imagine a single good reason to stay here.

Service Sucks

from A TripAdvisor Member
After reading all of the positive reviews I was excited to stay at the Standard, but I was unpleasantly surprised. I was expecting a hip, cool, relaxing spot, but I found that rude management and service was "standard" at the standard in Miami. Even when first checking in the front desk acted as if they were doing you a favor in finding your room.

In fact, the pool manager seemed more interested in standing aroung looking cool than actually being responsive to the paying guests. The housekeeping was terrible, and the bathroom floors sloped the wrong way, so the shower (which did not have a stall) flooded the bathroom everytime it was used.

Saving grace-- The spa services were good, as were the pool facilities. The massage worked away some of the tension created by the rude staff.

not worth it...

from klane1116
OK - so I travel a great deal for work and pleasure and thought that I'd give The Standard a shot and combine a little of both (Spa Hotel in Sunny Miami - work trip in March). First impressions - too cool for school. The other people checking in were very concerned with their sunglasses (gucci), their handbages (louis), their cars (BMW), etc... I actually had one guy look me up and down to evaluate! But this is Miami, right? So I guess I wasn't surprised by this attitude, just annoyed. Second impression - OLD! This hotel was built mid-century, The Standard franchise must have recently purchased it, wasted a bunch of money on things like plasma screens and bamboo floors to try and make it high-end, BUT the rooms are still reminiscent of those motel rooms you might stay in on the side of the highway, but only if you're about to fall asleep at the wheel (because you wouldn't dream of staying there under any less extreme circumstance). OK, moving on, my room was not ready when I checked in at 2:30 (not ready that late in the day?), so I was told to "enjoy" the pool (in my jeans and sneakers) and they would come get me in about 15 minutes when my room was ready. I walk out to the pool and am immediately bombarded with ---- - many naked sunbathers out there, which is fine, but no sign warning more modest guests that the pool area is bikini-optional. Again, not surprising, but definately annoying. About 45 minutes later - half an hour after they told me my room would be ready - I went back to the front desk to ask about my room... "Oh, I'm sorry, we were very busy up here"... but the room is ready, thank god. Do not trust the "floorplans" or images on the website, the rooms are nothing like them - small, boring, and lacking privacy. This is getting long, so I just rattle off the rest of the lowlights... found bugs in the room when I woke up, phone handset didn't work (had to make all calls on speakerphone), tv remote didn't work, no furniture in the "patio" area (had to ask for a chair to be brought), no parking (valet is pretty much your only option) AND I've been charged about 130 bucks for pool food and drink service that I did not order (after I had checked out). So... for what they are currently trying to charge??? This is not worth the money!!! One redeeming quality - although not very helpful or prompt, at least they were friendly.

and totally makeshift!

from sant7
I count the Standard in LA amongst one of my favourite hotels in the world, so when I found out that they had introduced the same hotel to Miami, I was thrilled - that was then.....

My experience of the Standard, was I'm sad to say, 'below standard', a real shame as the place has such potential.

On the plus side, the communal areas are brilliantly designed, the lounging areas and poolside are ideal to hang out and the sunsets from the pool are breathtaking. The spa is also fantastic - certainly one of the best I've visited. Additionally, all the senior staff are incredibly sweet & helpful.

But, the downside...the junior staff are completely incompetent, ask them for a taxi and expect to wait an hour or two - they just don't care! The rooms themselves are makeshift, you almost feel that you're in a campsite. Also, dont expect the bar to be re-stocked, it wont. The tiny rooms are trying hard to be kitsch and modern, but really it comes across as cheap and easy. The menus are uninspiring - we got bored of the same dull choice after just a few days.

The Standard is still struggling to find its identity. It's spa, affinity pool and distance from the South Beach madness make it ideal for those wanting to re-wind, yet it's young trendy visitors and cubical style bedrooms make it too acceisble to give it that 'getaway' feel, and so you find yourself stuck somewhere in between.

The Standard is fantastic as a spa, weekend break, or for those on a budget not wanting to compromise style. However, for those with 'standards', wanting a bit more out of South Beach, then there are hundreds of other much better hotels located on Ocean drive (try the sagamore, shore club or raleigh).

One thing for guests to note is that this is nothing like The Standard in LA. It's not a 'fun' hotel, it's a 'spa hotel', but personally I think they should just stick to what they know, as the LA one rocks and this -----!

IKEA decor, nice view

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just returned from a two day trip in Miami Beach, where I stayed at The Standard. The hotel is a good walk away from the action of South Beach, so you can really get some rest. The pool and spa area has great views. The stereo in the room had a great sound. My bed was comfortable, but the futon wasn't very comfortable. I heard someone describe the hotel as "spartan" during my stay, and I think that's an apt description of The Standard in Miami. The Standard deserves accolades for renovating an old motel, however, the IKEA-style decor did nothing for me. Seriously, the hotel lobby, rooms and restaurant looked to me like an IKEA showroom -- IKEA quality furniture, bedding, light fixtures and accessories, even in the bathroom. If someone finds that kind of thing appealing, they will LOVE the hotel. My companions were younger -- early 20s and early 30s (I'm mid-30s) and they did LOVE the hotel. I'm not an IKEA girl, though. The rooms were small, but the hotel lobby and rooms are clean and airy, and the place was pretty quiet during my stay. The bathroom tiles, both floor and shower, white with white grout, were showing some signs of wear, though, and I kept bumping into the lamp at the side of my bed. The hotel staff is agreeable, and the valets quite friendly. The hotel's restaurant, The Lido, has decent dinner fare, but we found more flavorful food in South Beach for better prices. I have to say this…if I were traveling alone and needed a quiet room and had less than $200 per night to spend, I would stay at The Standard again.

Loved The Standard

from Tamala
I stayed at The Standard for 3 nights in mid-March, 2006. The staff was great - from talking to several of them, they feel as though the hotel is a real family and they are very loyal to it.
The pool is amazing, so beautiful and relaxing. The spa is very cool (and very hot) and the treatment options are varied. I anticipated this hotel would be appropriate for myself and my brother, who is autistic. I was correct - the hotel does cater to a mature clientel, who are accepting of differences and if anything, embrace them.
A very sophisticated setting that any discerning New Yorker would feel at home in.

Top Local Tips for Miami Beach

Eat at O O Asian Grill is awesome and close to the hip hotels. It is on Lincoln and Washington. Order the spicy tuna roll and the eggplant - delish!!!

Getting Around The Hotel provide a shuttle service from The Standard to The Raleigh Hotel which is handy. This runs every 30mins (give or take) and is free. 10am-7pm only.

Do not order Mixed Drinks I ate at several high end restaurants, including The Delano; it seems that in Miami ALL the bartenders know to water down the vodka and all other liquors. I'm a former bartender and live in New York; I know when there's NO alcohol in my drink and only mixes.


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  • standard miami hotel beach
  • standard miami beach
  • standard miami
  • standard hotel miami
  • Address: 40 Island Ave - Miami Beach - Florida - 33139 - United States
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