Catalina Resort Hotel

, Miami Beach, United States
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Catalina Resort Hotel

, Miami Beach
4 star
1732 Collins Ave - Miami Beach - Florida - 33139 - United States Hotel Website | | 305-674-1160
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Reviews - Catalina Resort Hotel

Catalina hotel is a disaster
Submitted by: Adam in 18/09/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
It is currently 1am and I have at least two more hours to write bad reviews of this place because I'm unlikely to get ANY sleep before 3am. What their Web site refers to as "a DJ spinning tunes in the lounge" is actually an extremely loud sound system that goes through to rooms. It is loud enough to drown out my television.

This is only the latest in a long string of disappointments and appauling behaviour from this hotel. While the room is comfortable and beds are good, this is not nearly enough to make up for the clueless, belligerent staff, the reputation they have achieved for adding bogus items to the bill, and the noisy rooms. I would sleep on the beach rather than stay here, except for the fact that the beach is filthy and the weather is oppressively humid.

Avoid the Catalina like the plague. If you don't want to believe just me, read the other reviews posted around the Web. I wish I had done that before accepting this as a place to stay.
Terrible Times at The Catalina
Submitted by: Dave in 16/11/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
The hotel looked great upon arrival and I was anticipating a nice stay at a nice, contemporary, and hip looking hotel. Boy was I disappointed. I checked into the Catalina on November 13th, 2005 for a 2 night stay. No joke, the check-in took about 50 minutes. The front desk workers were completely incompetent and were not skilled in basic check-in procedures. Between 3 front desk workers, they were all sharing a single pen. They actually had to wait to borrow each others pens! They asked for my id and credit card and then handed it back to me 3 different times. Three different times I had to grab my wallet to check-in to a hotel?
Upon entering the room, I was pleasantly surprised that although small, the room looked pretty nice and modern. I then went to turn on the Air Conditioning, and found that the controls did not work. In fact, after some investigating, the air conditioning is pumped in from the central unit and there are no controls in the room that “actually” make any difference on the temperature in the room. The amount of cold air coming out of the vent was miniscule. I complained several times and no one ever came to the room to check on the AC (because they know it would do no good). The room stayed at above 85 degrees for my entire stay. It was also impossible to get towels; the wireless internet was $15 a day and rarely worked. The hotel also does NOT have a pool. They have an “arrangement” with a neighboring hotel so that guests can use the other hotel's pool.
It was also impossible to turn on the shower without getting wet in the process. The water was super hot and I got burned trying to find a good temperature. I also had no remote for the TV, and after complaining I was never supplied with one. Despite the do not disturb sign on the door, the maids and mini-bar attendant insisted on knocking on the door anyway.

There are a couple of things that I liked about the hotel. They did have those Tempurpedic mattresses that I have seen on TV. I did not sleep well because the room was so hot and noisy, so it's impossible to know if I might be interested in buying one those beds. The robes were also pretty nice.

Overall the hotel could be good if they fixed the AC and fired the entire staff and replaced them with a well trained crew. Considering the AC is all central, I think it would cost them a ton of money to fix, so I expect this will be a big problem for a long time. I've stay at hotels about 60 nights a year at hotels and I have never seen such incompetence or disregard for customers in my life. It was a very sad experience and my vacation was the most stressful time I have had in a long time.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Catalina Resort Hotel

We loved Catalina

from Jazip
We've been back a couple of weeks and I wanted to read the reviews just to see what other people thought.

Before we went, we were a little nervous about some reviews. But, everyone want something different.

We chose the Catalina because of all of the perks:
Free Shuttle to and from the airport
Happy Hour from 7-8
Passes to all South Beach Clubs
Free food by the pool from 1-7

The Decor was very modern and very nice with everything white and splashes of red.

We loved our room. It did have wooden floors painted white with scuff marks. That didn't bother me, just wear slippers. I think it needs to be repainted to get rid of the marks. The floors didn't look dirty to me, just a little worn.

The beds were awesome. We had Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattresses, down comforters and pillow with Belgian sheets. Great for relaxing.

The bathroom was a spa treatment. It had the rainfall shower head in a Euorpean shower. "AWESOME" You have to try the shampoo and conditioner, it makes your hair feel great and smell great. The soap and lotion is great also.

The pool is great with the beds and futons by the pool. "AWESOME"

We would like to give a shout-out to our man "Chirs" at the front desk. He was very, very helpful. He knew what to do and what not to do and when to do it. Chris you are Absolutely the Best..

Catalina we will be back.

Derrick and Paula

scary place to stay - Stay Far Away!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Whoever wrote "Catalina Hotel is Where Its At !" obviously works there or owns it and is trying to cover up for the HORRIBLE, unsafe, discusting crack-house they call a hotel. Do yourself a favor...DO NOT STAY HERE unless you want to know what it feels like to sleep in a prison cell. Actually, prison is probably a lot cleaner and run a lot smoother. No safe in rooms, no working locks, unclean and cramped. STAY FAR AWAY from this place.

Catalina and are crooks

from Walrus
My family and I booked and prepaid a long weekend here using hotels, and when we arrived they had our reservation, but were overbooked and had no room. They sent us to another hotel that was cheaper and inferior in every way, yet we can get no adjustment on our bill. Since hotels forced us to pre-pay in full, we have no leverage. We have been arguing with hotels for over a month and they simply will not respond, other than to say "we'll look into it". This hotel and hotels are fraudulent -- stay there and use them at your own risk!

Desk staff and housekeeping the worst ever

from MaryMassachusetts
The desk staff was not only incompetent but unfriendly. I stayed for five nights and the room was partially cleaned on one day (bathroom cleaned but bed not made, trashbaskets not emptied) and the towels replaced on one other day. Other than that, nothing! Even a cheap hotel (which this definitely was not) would have done better. The bed was comfortable and the location fine, but there was nothing else good about this place.

This place is a dump

from MikeTravelsALot
My wife and I just returned from a long weekend in South Beach. South Beach is fun, but this hotel doesnt cut it. Where do I begin. First off when we checked in we got 2 full size beds instead of a king. They couldnt move us because the hotel only has 12 king size beds. The next morning we awoke to go check out the free breakfast. What a joke. chocolate covered rocks (I mean croissants) and sliced up oranges. This was everyday. Later that day we get back after being at the beach to take a shower. When we were done we had nowhere to put our towels. Seems they forgot to put up towel bars. My wife then sat down on the bed and it broke. The only thing holding it up were some 2x4s. They didnt move us to another room either. Instead they had a service guy come up and take the bed apart while we were there and drill it back together. Let me tell you that is something you dont see everyday. Later that night when we try and leave I notice that after I close my door it doesnt lock. Unbelievable. They send the service guy back up and he "fixes it". Let me tell you that does not make me feel safe. While the service guy is at our door fixing it the girls across the hall notice him and come up to let him know that their toilet doesnt flush. The service guy then said and I quote "They put in cheap toilets". They also claim a great happy hour but that is only if you like SKOL vodka. 2 days after I check out I get a letter in the mail stating that I had a couple of drinks out of the mini bar which I didnt touch. I guess I didnt double check locking my door. Did I mention no clock? We also had a light out in our bathroom that I asked to be fixed 3 times and it was never done.

The piece de resistance is when we were sitting in front of the hotel one evening trying to enjoy the free cocktails and we had front row seats for an argument between a bellboy and management. They couldnt take it out of the public, no they had to have an argument in front of everyone of a car being towed. What pitiful management.

All in all the only thing I can say is dont stay here.

OK, but would not stay here again

from A TripAdvisor Member
Cool South Beach Vibe
GREAT Location
Young Clientele
Good Price for SOuth Beach
Good Mini Bar
Nice Pool Plus Beach Club
NIce Shower heads!!
Free cocktails, bar in lobby

New Building in Construction --> dirty, ugly looking, smells like fresh paint
Bedroom Floors are painted white therefore dirty
sMallllll bathrooms
shower drain cloggled
the only bad thing is the construccion they are undergoing, it makes the building look old and dirty.


horrible; misleading write-up

from oconnellNewYork
who rated this place a 4-star? it really is just a 2-star. this hotel is for young 20-year-olds only, who do not mind BLARING house music keeping the entire hotel up until midnight, while they drink in the lobby.

rooms felt like camp; no clock; NOWHERE to put stuff, i.e., shelves, in the bathroom -- not even a towel hanger in there; flimsy door with no chain -- i felt so unsafe i piled the luggage against the door each night; no room service.

to be fair, breakfast was fine and the pool was good. that was the only upside. not to mention that this 'beach club' is not even on the beach it is across the street.

your money is better spent elsewhere.

Never stay here - Terrible rooms and Terrible service

from A TripAdvisor Member
I was in charge to set up a trip to South Beach. After looking at all the hotels I ran across this "NEW" "HIP" hotel. I called told them I had 12 guys coming down for the weekend and was looking for an upscale place in a good location. I should have taken the hint when it took the non-English speaking receptionist 45 minutes to take my reservation. I chalked it up as being a new hotel. They told me the rooms were large and could fit 4 guys in each. When we got down there and checked in, we realized the rooms were so small that we needed two extra rooms and one of us would need to stay somewhere else (because everywhere else was packed). It took over a half an hour to get our room keys and checked in. Once we got to the room, it was so small that half the guys tried to check into another hotel. The rooms were not in the main hotel, but next door in a building under construction. There was dust everywhere and it felt unsafe. Inside the room, it looked like they did the minimum required work to make it somewhat livable and spray painted everything white. The floors were dirty; the bathroom was so small you could barely fit one person in there. There was hair all over the floor and ants crawling up the front door of the room. Also, there were cigarette butts lining the window sill (which were never cleaned the entire time we were there even after complaining 4 times). It took so long to get us checked in that it was now almost midnight and we didn’t want to ruin the night getting new rooms, so they promised to clean them all thoroughly. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. They didn't have clocks in the rooms, so no one ever knew what time it was, they had a TV pegged into the top shelf an inch from the ceiling. There were scuffs all over the walls and furniture. There was no safe in the room which leads me to my next point. I had two separate people have money stolen from their rooms. When I told the front desk, all they could do is say, “what do you want me to do? Call the police? That is all WE can do”.....TERRIBLE. They cleaned the room once in the four days we were there and brought new towels twice and that is only after I personally escorted the cleaning staff to the towels and back to my room. The cleaning carts were a permanent staple in the hallways and I basically felt like we were in a place used "hourly" if you know what I mean. It was almost impossible to get anyone at the front desk or from the management to do anything because they were so "busy" dealing with everyone else's problems. I have never seen a hotel that had a line at all times of the day and night with people complaining and trying to get things cleaned or fixed. They said this is a new hotel and they were working out the kinks, but those should be fixed before they open the doors. Being South Beach was full, we couldn't even move to another hotel if we tried without paying $1000 a night for a room. Whatever you do, never ever stay at this hotel unless you don't care about a clean nice environment or good service. I cannot say it enough. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER AT ANY HOTEL. Stayed at hostels all throughout Europe that were nicer that this place.

Construction Zone, be careful

from A TripAdvisor Member
We arrived at the hotel catalina about noon on Friday and they told us the rooms would not be ready until 3:00pm so we came back and the rooms were still not ready. After dealing with the rude, under trained, and uncaring staff, we were finally given our keys in the "north building" also know as a construction zone. We were staying with another couple and she was pregnant. So we when we entered the construction zone, the fumes were awful. So we went up to our rooms and they were very small, very white and the bathroom was the size of closet with no towels and no toliet paper. We were paying 225.00 a night, so we decided we were not going to stay at this hotel under these conditions. So we went down and the hotel staff ignored us so I had to corner the hotel manager and he was very nice and gave me all my credit card info back and went on to tell me that he was not the manager at this hotel but another hotel in miami beach and he was brought into this hotel due to all the problems.

So went down Collins to the Royal Palm spent a littel more money, and it was wonderfull.

I don't suggest the Hotel Catalina is you want to enjoy your room and the service provided to you.

A value with some SoBe quirks

from A TripAdvisor Member
Among the best priced hotels on Collins in South Beach the Catalina offers spacious rooms with modern appointments. Schrager-esque but on a budget.

In a word the rooms are "white" - there isn't a surface (save the red lampshades) that are any other shade/color.


Beds are comfortable, linens of nice quality.
Showers are "rain" variety. Nice.
Products offered are quality.
The location cannot be beat for the price.


Front desk staff is young and distracted by phone calls. It's South Beach.
Front desk equipment seems inadequate.
Lobby and front balcony are spacious but look out onto a busy street.
Breakfast of 'carbs' is the norm.
Clientelle is young.


Walls/Doors are paper thin - so sound travels unencumbered - if you expect to be sleeping at 3am - consider SoBe's party scene runs late.
Air Conditioning is centrally controlled - therefore weak
Windows have no screens - open at your own peril (mosquitoes)
There are no floor coverings - just white boards (strange)

Top Local Tips for Miami Beach

BBQ Beach Was a very good meal at great prices, and had an incredibly nice staff! A+ for normal food, with nice people! It's almost like America!

do not rent a car I made this mistake my first time to south beach. Do NOT rent a car - parking is awful and expensive. The Catalina had an airport shuttle that we used on our way back (we arrived too late to take it from the airport - but the taxi was only $35). You can walk everywhere once you get to South Beach.

Good deals on airfare and hotels Check out


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  • catalina hotel miami
  • catalina hotel beach
  • catalina hotel
  • Address: 1732 Collins Ave - Miami Beach - Florida - 33139 - United States
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