Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel

, Miami, United States
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Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel

3 star

Rooms: 528

1601 Biscayne Boulevard - Miami - Florida - 33132 - United States 305-374-0000
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Almost lost baggage
Submitted by: stan in 11/04/08
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
The room was comfortable enough, breakfast served by surley waitress, evening meals poor choice and presentation in the bar. Location downtown not near anything. When we came to leave the bell boy forgot to bring our cases down to the bus waiting to take us to the port, so after near panic I had to accompany him back to the room to retrieve them, reception staff were too busy to bother helping me. Got the impression they were overloaded with clients checking out.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel

Too big

from TAmember10
Stayed at the Miami Hitlon for two nights. Hotel is about a mile from Miami downtown. In my opinion, this is a business hotel. I stayed here while attending a conference at Miami conference center, but had to check out after two nights because it was sort of boring. There is really nothing wrong with the Hotel, just too big and overwhelming, and very stiff. The rooms are just typical hotel rooms, nothing fancy, but clean. The 'train' to downtown stops right outside, and its free (but the ride really scared me the first time)

The elevators at this hotel are a nightmare. There are four that serve about 17 floors, anticipate roughly 5 minutes wait. Add on to that, you have to switch from back to front elevators at the lobby level (two floors above), the elevators that serve the guest rooms do not get to the exit level. Parking costs a fortune - no in out. You can get valet for slightly more, but with in and out. Didnt try any food there. Overall wouldnt not return, not because there is anyhting wrong, but the boredom, and expensive parking. Even if you are in Miami on business and you have a car, just stay across at south beach and have all the evening fresh air and break. I moved to south for the last two nights, and it took me 10 minutes in heavy traffic to get to downtown.


from Dreikampfkrafter
I stayed at the Miami Hilton (on Biscayne Bay Blvd.) from May 1 to May 5 to compete in a national powerlifting competition held there. Since I registered for the meet back in January 2008 and made my hotel reservation this hotel has gone through two changes of ownership first being the Radisson Miami, then the Biscayne Bay Hotel, and now the "Miami Hilton."

The service in the hotel is lacking - you wait 45 minutes in the hotel restaurant for a wilted salad served by a sullen wait-person. Hotel staff ignored the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door-knob and I had to chase one out after she entered in spite of me saying "No Service please!"

The plumbing of this hotel is seriously deteriorated: When I ran some bath water the water had a greenish hue to it which I conclude was copper oxide from rusting ancient exposed copper pipes. My toilet backed up twice and the morning I was due to leave I found it had flooded the bathroom and that water was proceeding to seep into the main guest. I called the front desk to inform them of this. When I used a urinal in the men's room off the ballroom and flushed it there was a back-flush in the urinal next to mine.

After dark drunken and barely-clothed lewd women were working the poolside area and the elevators. Some might regard this as a plus but I took it as a sign that personal security for guests within the hotel was not so great.

When you enter the lobby there is a preposterous sign announcing "Miami's Newest Hitlon!" - this is for a building dating from the 1970s -

Last minus - no shuttle service from Miami Airport to downtown Miami Hilton.

Piss Poor

from dog1136
Booked rooms in January, for a late March conference. Because we were traveling with students, asked for rooms next to each other. We did get our four rooms, on three seperate floors! The entire front desk staff appeared clueless, acting as if all attendees of this conference were just dropped off in the lobby. Had to wait 2+ hours for our rooms to be ready. Elevators were either out of service or very slow. Called the front desk on three seperate occasions asking for a customer service manager, and did not get a visit or even a phone call. Called for coffee, COFFEE, and did not get any brought to our room. We wrote a letter to the GM regarding our horrible experience, and as of this date, have not received any correspondence in return.

Would not recommend the Hilton to my worst enemies.

Just ok......

from gqguy80
I recently stayed at the Miami Biscayne Bay Hotel (now the Hilton Miami) from 4/17/2008 - 4/20/2008 and it was ok. I went on Hotwire and received a rate of $59/night, which was great, but I wouldn't pay more than that! The hotel is located in a so-so area. Just like the other reviewers, I would not walk around this area at night. I checked in without problems, but there were only two clerks and floods of people! I received a room on the 6th floor basically overlooking the roof of the parking garage with a tiny view of the bay. The rooms are average
....bedding was clean...tv was out-dated (1980's look)....bathroom was updated, but hair on the floor (disgusting)....iron was old and broken. I wouldn't expect the room to look the way it did for a Hilton, but I was only paying $59/night so I didn't complain. The killer part of my stay was the $25/night parking fee with no in/out. You can valet for $28/night with in/out, but I noticed it takes them forever to get your car. Also, if you self-park make sure to tell them you are a guest of the hotel, otherwise you will pay $30/night. Overall I wouldn't pay the asking price of $198/night on average, but if you get it for a deal it's an ok hotel.

Nice Hotel, Horrible Service

from kevlee614
Very nice hotel, good view of downtown and the bay, baaadddd customer service. I wento to this hotel to attend a conference which had about 900 people attending. The hotel staff was not prepared at all, there were only 3 or 4 people checking 900 others into there rooms. Like many others my group waited in the lobby for at least 4 hours before being able to actually go to our rooms because they had not been cleaned yet. We were not able to get the rooms we reserved and our group was split up onto 2 different floors. I shipped a package to the hotel from Columbus and I was told they had it there and would bring it up to my room. It waited and kept checking my room for 2 hours untill I went down to security myself to get it.

When it was time to ship my package back to Columbus I was told that a staff member would take care of it for me but once again I had to take the package to security which was in the basement myself. I was told that they would call the shipping company and it would be shipped out right away. It was never shipped, we called the hotel 4 days later and it was still there.

Nice looking hotel, horrible customer service, not up to Hilton standards

Worst Experience Ever!

from jaime2012
As a seasoned traveler (career requires frequent travel) I have stayed in many Hilton hotels and had previously thought them to be held to higher standards than many other hotel chains. My stay at the Hilton in Downtown Miami has completely changed my mind. In a few words I can sum up my experience: unorganized, rude, unsafe, and completely unfit for both a family vacation or business trip! From the beginning of my stay to the end I was met with rude employees and hassles at every turn. Any time I needed anything from the front desk it was an hour wait time (and that is not blown out of proportion). At check-in I was told (as were many other unhappy customers) that we would have to wait 1 hour before our room was ready - after an hour they still were not ready and to compromise I had to split up my entire group - which was a complete disaster. Keys did not work, staff were unwilling to help the teens I brought with me - which meant I had to address every issue as one of the adults. Upon returning to my room the first evening my room door was completely open to the world (I know I closed the door behind me double checking to be sure it was in fact locked - as my door handle was broken). The elevators were all being repaired and made it impossible for anyone staying in this large hotel connected to the convention center (which obviously hosts large conventions day in and day out) to travel anywhere quickly. During our check-out process it took myself and my travel companions an hour to catch a single elevator. Another time with an attendant clearly standing by - we waited a half hour for an elevator only to be rudely told that the elevators weren't working! He watched us stand there - no sign, no directions on where to go. The entire front desk (and really all staff in general) need a customer service training - it was poor at best. In fact the 2 teen girls I was traveling with were actually made to feel uncomfortable by the advances of 2 workers cleaning the rooms one day. As I do tend to look younger and my co-worker as well - we were treated horribly - with extreme disrespect until the staff discovered that we were in fact the adults in charge of our group. The entire hotel is not business friendly - they do not offer free wi-fi, you must pay for it - and most of the ports in our rooms did not even work. There is one (1) computer with free internet in the lobby - where the wait is very long! Just ridiculous that I can go to a Hyatt Place and receive free wi-fi anywhere in the building (by the way recommend Hyatt Place - nice, free breakfast, free wi-fi, big screen flat panle TV, cable, comfortable, pool, etc.). All in all - Hilton Downtown Miami is a disaster - I do not recommend it - only one restaurant - poor customer service, building is severly neglected - cleaning crew unorganized and not sure if they really cleaned my rooms some days if you know what I mean, unsafe, and so much more. Do not stay here - it is not worth the hassle!

possibly the worst run hotel on the planet - avoid at all cost

from daijobu
I was in Miami for work during the first week of April. As a Hilton Hhonors Gold member, my first choice was to look for a Hilton in the Miami downtown area where it would be close to where my meetings were.

I couldn't have been more mistaken to have made this choice...

First, the check-in staff tells me if I wanted Gold VIP benefits, I should have made the booking providing that information. I had asked for a room on the Executive floor, which he then tells me they haven't one, but instead he would upgrade me to a bigger room. When I arrived at the room, I thought I'd stepped into a Days Inn with a Hilton bed in it. The air conditioning unit sounds like a power-vac whenever it comes on, and the phone didn't work properly. I then called "Guest Services" to see if they can come and fix the phone... along the conversation I asked the Guest Services agent "if this is an upgrade, what does a regular room look like?"

The Guest Services agent was honest enough to tell me I was NOT upgraded. She also asked me if I was given breakfast coupons as all Gold VIP members would receive.

I head back to Reception, and ask PIERRE why he told me I was upgraded when he didn't. His answer was,"well, most VIP members would give that information when they book! AND we didn't have a room to upgrade you into tonight

I explained I didn't make the booking myself as it was done by my office administrator. I then asked WHY he told me I was upgraded when I wasn't, and WHY I wasn't given the breakfast coupons.

PIERRE starts to make even less sense at this point as he speaks with agitation, "you wanted an upgrade, and you can only choose either one!"

"but you didn't upgrade me!"

I tell you, this was only the first of many signs of this hotel's problems. As Pierre talks himself into a deeper hole, his manager then jumps to his rescue and offers me an upgrade the next day. Little do I know that on the next day, I would be upgraded to a room that's the same size as before, but the room has a door that opens into a large CONFERENCE ROOM. I looked at that conference room and was just amazed at how useless it was to me - It didn't even have a bed in it to qualify as a suite, IT WAS A CONFERENCE ROOM!!!

Not to digress, but to elaborate on the hotel's many problems... the lobby WiFi doesn't work. When I saw someone else managing to get on the internet, I asked and their response was, "when you search for a network, you'll find an outside network that has nothing to do with this hotel, try logging onto that!"

The lobby also has a PC connected to the internet for guests to use, but when I tried to use it to check e-mail, a prompt on the screen reads, "contact your administrator, this computer has been infected with spyware."

The "suite" I stayed in was actually 2 rooms - a regular single plus a conference room. Here's where the REAL problem begins - I had a conference call at 5am the next morning, and several calls with the office the night before -- none of the calls could reach the room. For some reason that even the repairmen couldn't figure out, any call that transfers to the room doesn't make the phone ring!

When I called to ask why they didn't transfer the calls, they said they did BUT they transferred it to the conference room next to my room. I asked "WHY!" and they said "because it's basically the same room!" Well, evidently NOT. However, when the repairmen came, and they asked the reception to call up, the phone rings. What the problem is, apparently, they always just transfer it to the wrong room. After 3 visits by the repairmen, I explained all the problems with their phone and transfers, they called on the walkie talkie, and the phone rings.

I offered a solution, "tell you what, you guys stay here, and just move me to a room with a phone that works!"

Those guys sure thought that was funny. The senior repairman laughed, and his assistant laughed. They then said something in Spanish to each other and laughed some more.

I was the only one not laughing.

The next day, the manager came and asked me if everything was ok. I explained to him how this was probably about as bad as it could be. He offered me more breakfast coupons.

I stayed at the hotel for 4 nights, and they gave me enough breakfast coupons to invite 5 other guests. What's even funnier is that the coupons come in 3 versions - 1) Continental breakfast, 2) breakfast buffet, and 3) Full American Breakfast.

As I find out later, there is no difference between the 3 -- all lead to the same lame breakfast buffet.

The manager also offered me a free car-service to the airport when I leave. I checked the day before I was to check-out by calling Guest Services, they then tell me they're not getting a driver to take me to the airport, but would just give me $25 as taxi fare.

As I expected, when I checked out, NO ONE knows about this.. NO ONE! I had to insist they call the manager and wake him up so he could tell them what he'd promised.

Of all the Hilton hotels... better yet, of all the hotels I have ever stayed in (which includes the road-side motels during college spring-break road-trips), I have never come across a hotel with as poor an operation as the Hilton Miami Biscayne -- everything imaginable that could go wrong is guaranteed to happen here.

If you are looking for trouble, this is the place to stay, and you will have plenty of it -- in fact, this is the hotel you should recommend to your worst enemies... I guarantee they will suffer -- you couldn't find a better way to torture them and make them pay for all the pain they have brought to you in the past.

The Hilton Miami Biscayne doesn't deserve to be called a hotel, it is a HELL-TEL.

stay away if you are a decent human being. If you have sinned, this is where you should visit and pay for all the sins you have committed... you will earn enough credit so you can commit more sins in the future.

At close to $250 a night, I wouldn't stay here if the hotel paid me the same amount.

Stay away!!!

s closeby

from UK_married_to_US
The hotel used to be the Radisson. Rooms and hotel are what you would expect. Some extra info:

1. There is a Burger King and Checkers across the street. Not much else within walking distance. The closest Starbucks I saw was the one at Bayside (see below). However, there is a market/deli, along with a few shops, underneath the DoubleTree Grand/Marriott which is a shared hotel complex located directly behind the Hilton. I walked there every day, just go out hotel, turn right, turn right-5 minutes max. Do-able lattes, great hot and cold meal and sandwiches but pricey. They have a little food shop--convenient but pricey--a half gallon of milk $5!!! They sell bagels, cakes etc. also. We used this for breakfast.

In this same little shop/food complex, there is a chinese/Japanese restaurant--tonychans.com which looks nice and a steakhouse--can't remember name. Hey what can I say, i'm vegetarian. So there are some decent restaurants within an easy walk. (Planning to go to the chinese tonight)

The Hilton and Marriott/Doubletree share the same car park which is connected by a "Skywalk". You'll see signs for the Marriott Skywalk inside the Hilton. When you get to the car park, take elevator to level 3 and you'll see walkway. This connects you to the upper level of the little shopping area I mentioned. I felt more comfortable walking (alone) on the street versus into the car park plus it seemed just as quick.

2. Bayside--baysidemarketplace.com--is the GREAT shopping and restaurant complex fairly closeby at the port of Miami. It is about a 20-minute walk. We felt OK walking there during late afternoon but not back in the dark. A taxi will cost about $10. You can walk around the block and get on the free train. You go 4 stops to College North and then walk across platform to get on train 1 stop to College north. I did not try this though.
If you drive, it's about 5 minutes. We parked at the Bayside Parking and it's $10 (I think this was a flat fee for longer than 2 hours). You walk through the car park and it delivers you right into the complex. They have live music during some afternoons and at night. Nice atmosphere.

3. We ate at Tradewinds restaurant at Bayside --twice. Sat outside overlooking bay although view a bit obstructed. We were all happy with our selections--salads, salmon, steak-- so much so we went back next night. (My greek salad was awesome)

We also ate at the Italian--Lombardi's. Mussels were huge and broth was Ok. Salmon main dish nice served with a very small, polite portion of veggies. The complimentary warm bread rolls with a side of hummus was delicious. We ordered their cheapest white wine--a Chardonnay $28--which was do-able. Unobstructed view of marina and the yachts made the slighter higher prices on the menu worth it.

There is a HUGE foodcourt upstairs at Bayside with everything you can think of.

Parking at Hilton is $28/day valet. You can self park for $25/day. There is free internet access in the lobby area although I was never able to connect. There is one computer though in lobby available to guests which allows 15 minutes free internet access (longer if nobody's waiting). Or you can pay $9.95 per 24-hour period and get it in your room.

There was no mini-bar in the room. We requested a fridge, which never came, but had our own cooler so just kept our stuff iced. There is a free-standing hairdryer but 1250 strength.

The gym has fantastic cardio equipment. I think it was 8 treadmills, 4 bikes, and 4 ellipticals--all seemed fairly new. and come with individual TV with their own volume button--only a few of the TVs seemed to work though. One multi-task nautilus-type machine and free weights. It's located in what used to be a restaurant. It's the first time I've worked out in a gym with a candelabra and wine cupboard in front of me.

TV channel selection had the major news cable channels, a cartoon channel, TBS, USA, PBS, and TNT and then History, A&E, Biography, and Natl Geographic plus basic stations. No food, HGTV, Disc, or movie networks although I think you can pay-per view.

They use the Crabtree & Evelyn La Source toiletries which I LOVE.

Hope that answers some of the questions that I usually want to know.

Apart from the fact I now wish we were going on a cruise, everything was OK.

Overall Very Nice Hotel

from andrealynnm
I stayed at the Hilton Miami Biscayne Blvd on March 22-24 before going on a cruise with 2 friends. We stayed here based on a recommendation from my friend who is from Florida. Basically we weren't willing to spend $300- 400 a night to stay in south beach. This hotel was pretty convenient, about a $15 cab ride to Ocean Drive. And us being 24 we obviously wanted to go party. Elven, who was working downstairs at the entrance was great! He was so friendly and greeted us both nights and gave us some places to go and we had so much fun! Our room was great and it was a really good size, and 3 girls in a room need a lot of space so that was nice, we were on the 6th floor. We could see the cruise terminal from our window. One thing to note, it sounded like some construction was going on on an upper level, so try to get a room on a lower level. For some reason trying to get coffee at the bar/restaurant was not easy.. I'm from boston and we drink a lot of coffee no matter what time of day it is.. so not sure what the issue was. A few of the wait staff/hostess were not the friendliest. We had dinner at the bar one night and our bartender seemed nice though. One last note about the shuttle to the port if you are going on a cruise, its $5 and they tell you to reserve a time. We ended up waiting for 45 minutes, it was chaos and nobody seemed to have anything under control, I could have done a better job getting everyone where they needed to be. I would say get a cab, it probably costs the same. All in all I would stay here again.

Not up to Hilton Standards

from chebuctopad
My family and I stayed at the Hilton Biscayne Bay Hotel the third week of March 2008 (6 days). Observations:
a) Construction is being conducted on the first floor. The Manager assured us that the workers would not start remodelling until 9am. We were awoken each morning anywhere between 7am and 8am by constant loud banging, sawing, etc. We were compensated a complimentary breakfast once we complained (@ 7am to the front desk staff)
b) The hot water did not work in the sink. We advised hotel staff of this on our second day. An employee came to the room and "fixed" the water problem. The next morning I awoke and found the entire floor of the bathroom flooded and water spraying from the hot water pipe under the sink. I had to shut the valve off manually and didnt bother having it repaired as I didnt want to risk having my room flooded while we were out for the day.
c) Random walk Ins. On the first and second day of our stay, hotel staff randomly walked into our room and said "sorry wrong room" I found this very weird as we had our "zzzzzz" on the door to ensure privacy.
d) The "business centre" computer is useless. The internet will not connect - or will take anywhere from 45-60 seconds to load a page. Not what I would expect from the Hilton.
e) The location is pretty crummy. Got on the "free" train (the blue OMNI) and were scared half to death when a less desirable person, obviously high on drugs, was flipping out on the train. I witnessed the hardest citizens of Miami saying "this guy is freaking me out, Im getting off on the next stop" So I was faced with the delimmia of getting off the train with a bunch of gansters on a platform with no security, or staying on the train with the guy flipping out. BTW there is no conductor, sercurity, on these trains. Nevertheless, I stayed on the train until the next stop and walked downtown.

a) Free WiFi is great. I only have an Ipod touch so I couldnt print docs, etc. But surfing the net in the lounge was great. (Although I wasnt able to connect by the pool or in my room)
b) The Food wasn't too bad but pretty pricy
c) The Concierge was great. Very friendly

If your looking for a place to stay around the American Airlines Arena, this is great. Although its in a rough neighborhood, its a quick 10 min walk.

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  • miami hilton
  • hilton hotel miami
  • Address: 1601 Biscayne Boulevard - Miami - Florida - 33132 - United States
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