Continental South Beach Oceanfront Hotel

, Miami, United States
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Continental South Beach Oceanfront Hotel

, Miami
1 star

Rooms: 250

1825 Collins Avenue South Beach - Miami - Florida - 33139 - United States 3055313503
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Reviews - Continental South Beach Oceanfront Hotel

I was robbed at this hotel
Submitted by: madeline in 17/09/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From:
  • Traveller type:
I was robbed at the oceanfront continental hotel. On september 13 discovered that my camera whcih had been in a cabinet in my room, was missing. The ziper of my locked luggage had been forced open,and $ 400 worth of new clothing was taken. There was no forcedentry, and nothnin seemed disturbed. the police said it was clearly an inside job., and I agree. When I told the hotel management, all the said was" sorry this happened, are you sure you didn't leave your door open". When I pressed them for any action, they said, they would "ask housekeeping". when I checked out on september 14, they had not yet "asked" housekeeping anything. I feel horribly violated that I should be robbed in a hotel for whichI paid $ 100 a night. This is the worst travel experience of my life.
Horrible trip
Submitted by: Mimi in 11/08/08
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
My experience at this hotel was horrible, the staff were unfriendly the hotel smelled, and our room was very unplesant. There were bed bugs on the bed, and our room was poorly maintained. Please do not go - horrible experience!
Nice service and rooms, bad restautant
Submitted by: RA in 04/02/07
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: Costa Rica
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Rooms were fine and a charming service but the restaurant sucks.
Great Hotel
Submitted by: Erika in 21/03/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
I love this Hotel. Me and my girlfriend have been coming to South beach for the past 5 years. They have great service. This year I am upset due to us waiting too long to book this hotel, now we have to stay somewhere else. The hotel is in a great location also. It is right in the heart of all the action.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Continental South Beach Oceanfront Hotel

Worst Hotel Experience of our Lives! Stay Away!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The following is a synopsis our experience at the Riande Continental South Beach Hotel, 1825 Collins Avenue, arriving 15 April 2004.

From our first conversation with the front desk staff, we were told we could not check-in until the specified time of 3:00 PM even though rooms were available. When we did finally check-in, we were told that the room type requested was not available, and if we had a problem with that then we should call the reservations department, even though the agent that checked us in said that she was the manager on duty. From this moment on, the hotel staff was extremely rude, uncooperative and inattentive.

The room was small, had a view of a brick wall, the closet was collapsing into itself and the bathroom was smaller and dirtier than most gas station facilities. The furnishings were falling apart and all the lamp fixtures were either not working or in need of repair. To add insult to injury, the hotel charges $3.50 for each local and toll-free telephone call.

The first night, the occupants of the room next door to us were constantly fighting, banging on walls and floors and shouting obscenities through the walls at other guests. We contacted the front desk and were told that security would investigate. The disturbances continued into the following morning and we decided to go to the front desk to seek a resolution. When we approached the front desk to report this, we were told that they had received numerous complaints about this same room but would not confront the offensive guests and remove them from the hotel and that if we felt for our safety then we should call the Police ourselves. We were told that the other guests who had complained were moved to other accommodations, but they still refused to evict the offensive guests and the only solution was to move us to another room, so we had to pack all our belongings and change rooms.

There were never towels available by the pool and when towels were requested, employees seemed agitated and acted as though they were doing us a favor by bringing clean towels poolside. Once the towels did arrive, they were small, extremely thin and frayed.

The pool bar was closed for a private function and the lobby bar was closed. When we asked why if the pool bar was not open why would the lobby bar not open for the hotel's guest, a very rude employee responded that because of a staff shortage, the bar would not open and "I'm very busy and it isn't my problem". When we asked a manager why the lobby bar was not open to hotel guests, he replied that it should be, and when we told him of our experience with the employee in the bar, he defended her actions and said that if we complained further that he would call the police. The police would not be called for obviously dangerous hotel guests, instead inconveniencing other guests by make them change rooms, but the police would be called if a guest complained about hotel services. Outrageous!

At this point we decided that we'd had enough. We returned to our room and spent considerable time to arrange for another hotel. After locating another hotel and then spending considerably more time packing our belongings, we proceeded to the front desk to check-out. The employee at the desk asked why we were checking out 2 days early, and after our explanation, and without any attempt to remedy our situation, she only replied that because we were checking out after the designated time that we would be charged $40.00 late check-out fee in addition to our room rate.

We travel 4 to 5 times per year, both domestically and internationally, and though for the room rate we paid we did not expect too much from this hotel, we have never, never experienced such rude and appalling behavior by the staff of a hotel. Not only will we not recommend this hotel, but will go out of our way to tell all our friends, acquaintances and anyone else via email and web postings of the horrendous level of service and security at this hotel.

Romance at the Riande

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from beautiful Miami Beach. This time marked our third stay at the Riande within the past couple of years. Each time, our room was spacious, bright, and had a breath-taking view of the ocean.

When choosing SoBe as a vacation destination, one must realize that it is a historic/art deco place...things aren't going to be brand new!!!
That is part of the attraction! Last year, we stayed at Atlantis, in the Bahamas...VERY new...Very about the rudest staff!!!! It would be 5p.m., and our rooms were not yet cleaned.

At our beautiful Riande, though, our rooms were always cleaned while we were at the pool or the beach. We'd then come in between 3 and 4 and get ready for our fun-filled evening.

We found the staff to be very courteous!!! We were able to check-in early, and our luggage arrived at our room at the same time we did.

They slightly changed the breakfast...they used to serve rolls, waffles, cereal, along with scrambled eggs and bacon/sausage. They no longer serve the eggs and meat, but who really cares, since the lavish dinners are the main attraction in South Beach. Willie, the bartender, made my husband and me feel like royalty!!! He was not only wonderful at making a pina colada, but he also provided us with wonderful suggestions of where to dine and spend our evenings.

The lobby is beautiful and spacious compared to most on Miami Beach.
For the price at the Riande, how could anyone complain????? There is even a small gift shop right there. We hope to pass on our love for the Riande Continental to those of you who are contemplating staying there.

For our 11th anniversary this year, I would love to take my husband to the Tides Hotel...very upscale...very expensive. The way I plan to budget for it, though, is to stay at our Riande the first three nights, then go over to the Tides during the week, when rates are somewhat cheaper. No matter where we stay in Miami Beach, the Riande will always be the most special for us!!!

If you are planning your first trip to Miami Beach, yes, ...there are homeless people living on the streets, BUT,...there are also lavish restaurants, upscale shops, and the fanciest cars you have ever seen!!!!!!...Will Smith sums it all up in his song, "Miami"!!!! We can't wait to go back!!!...The Riande...Our second Home!!!!

t walk.....AWAY from here!!!!

from ChicagoIL312
Agree with the other comments below. We stayed here for 1 night 3/28.
Received a smoking room even though I had specified non-smoking and told them that both my husband and I has asthma. VERY RUDE front desk staff. Offered me a non-smoking room for an additional $22. The pool was nice, but closes at 5 PM?? That's strange. My parents stayed here 4/3 and had similar treatment - waited forever to get their room, etc.
Probably the worst thing was the front desk staff. These people should not be working at a front desk.

t do it!!!!!!!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Myself and a couple friends stayed at this hotel spring break week and had an awful time at this supposed 3 star hotel. The room was no where near acceptable (unless you like using public restrooms/showers). There is a huge language barrier at this hotel. If you don't speak Spanish, forget it, nobody will understand you! I realize that Miami is a very diverse city, but you would think at least one staff member would speak English! Not so here. The parking was ridiculous. We could not even park at our own hotel, plus it was an extra $20 per day. I am assuming the kitchen is dirty as well considering my friend recieved hair in her food (after it was sent back 3 times b/c they couldn't understand what she ordered)! The pool did seem nice, but closed at 5PM daily - this is a vacation right?? We were so disgusted that we went and stayed at another hotel for a few nights. I do recommend the Crown Plaza Hotel. The service was impecable compared to the Riande Cont.. Also it was about the same price and much cleaner, the food was superb, the staff spoke english, clean and larger rooms, and the best parking at the hotel!!

Get what you paid for

from CJFromNYC
This hotel was, for most purposes, a "dump", but I didnt think it claimed to be anything more than that. Service is slow, barely english-speaking, and rude(I was threatened by the front desk that Security would be coming to my room after they screwed up my checkout date), but some of the staff was also helpful. Didnt have a car, which helps, as there is valet parking but it fills up quickly. The rooms are a decent size, clean, and well a/c'd. The free breakfast was digusting and the waitresses were rude, but the actual pay-for food looked decent. The best part about this hotel is the location. Right on Collins, next to the shore club, Right on the beach. If you can handle sub par service and amenities, this place is perfect. Who needs to spend much time in their hotel room after all? This is Miami!

t do it!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Riande was by far my worst travel experience ever out of quite a few. The staff, including the front desk and wait staff does not speak english very well, when we checked into our room there was hair and water in the tub and all over the wall and floor of our bathroom we asked to have it recleaned only to return 4 hours later to the same issue. The walls are hideously smashed up and scuffed from something.
We had to send a sandwich back 3 times because the waitress couldn't understand what we were saying and when they finally got it right there was a huge hair in it! As mentioned earlier parking was a nightmare and for the $20 a day extra we could have stayed at a nicer hotel with free parking. I even awoke at 4 a.m to hear what sounded like 10 men wrestling in a room somewhere above me. Not one staff member we came in contact with was cordial or able to speak english fluently and not one was concerned with any of our complaints. The pool closes at 5 and there is no outdoor dining or drinking after that time. There is not even a clock in the room. If you go Bring slippers because you will not want your feet to touch the floor.

What a nightmare it was....

from A TripAdvisor Member
From the moment we arrived it was obvious that this hotel was not what they claimed at the time we booked the reservation. The front desk staff are all incredibly rude and the manager on duty was the worst.
The room had filthy walls with holes. Toilets that were constantly clogged and the maid service was awful. There's no parking, which is advertized as one of the ammenities. And guess what, there's not one management staff member that can be singled out as cordial or at all concerned with the guests complaints. As a frequent traveler this was by far the worst ever experience, I've had.

thats what you get

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at the Riande for 6 nights at the end of February. The rates were good, it is a 3-star hotel and that is exactly what I got:The hotel's location is absolutely superb (for such a low price) - it is right on the beach, at the northern end of South Beach but only 4 blocks from Ocean Drive and 3 blocks from the Lincoln pedestrian mall. You've got the beach, restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping right there. There is a pool too if thats more your thing.The room was large, clean and tidy. Maid service every day.The bathroom was showing the signs of age but clean and acceptable.The included breakfast was buffet style - cereal, fruit, waffles and toast. Unremarkable but it fills you up.All of the staff were friendly, those in the lobby spoke good English but I didn't stay and chat with any of the others.The TV channels were limited... and some were in Spanish but I didn't fly to Miami to watch TV...There was no view from the room at all, unless the side of the hotel next door counts, but I was happy enough to get my ocean view from the beach and I didn't pay for an ocean view room so I'm not bothered.In summary, this hotel is absolutely fine for those who just want a large, clean and tidy room to sleep, wash and change in and don't go on holiday with the intention of staying in their room. I am 21, my friend is 22 and we had a great time enjoying what South Beach and Miami has to offer and were very happy at the Riande. If you're in Miami on business or want to spend a lot of time in your hotel room then stay in a more expensive hotel. If you're there for sun and fun and don't want to break the bank then this hotel will do just fine.

the worst hotel!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
This hotel is the worst hotel i ever seen in my life they promised me an ocean view room and i got a room with brick wall view. the staff at the hotel barely speaks english which it was really hard for us to comunicate with and the were really rude with us .there is no parking at all and if you want to park your car you will have to walk about three blocks just to park everyday which it sucks if you do that during vacation time.The room was ugly and dirty we had only five channels and two of them were in spanish.The bathroom tub was broken the bathroom sink was broken well in just one word Don't ever ever ever go to that hotel in your life I can write bad things about it and keep writing for one hour describing how bad is this hotel and how direty and old it is.If you want go and check out for one night and you might endup checking out at 6AM like I did the first night.

Stay Somewhere Else...

from A TripAdvisor Member
...unless you're paying the $60/night a room in this hotel is worth. if you do end up here, remember to pack a pair of slippers and your own towels, bed sheets and blankets. you'll thank me. air freshener would be nice too, but after 5 minutes, you probably won't notice the unclean smell anymore. also, the front desk is slow; a couple of ppl i spoke with complained about rude svc. they weren't rude to me, but they were very very slooow.

Top Local Tips for Miami

breakfast this hotel used to give a lovely breakfast included. They made a restaurant that is a joke. We started going across the street to a Spanish breakfast cafe' which was nice the first day (hungry and just accepted their attitude) but the third time they gave us ''SPANISH '' coffee instead of brewed coffee and each one was like 5 dollars. Go to an American restaurant or Mc Donalds etc or just hold off if you can till lunch and get something nice on Lincoln st.

Lincoln Rd. Great strip with a lot of restaurants and typical Sobe scene.

TONS Tons to do at night. Everything's expensive.


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  • continental south beach oceanfront
  • continental south beach hotel
  • continental south beach
  • continental oceanfront south beach
  • continental oceanfront miami beach
  • continental hotel south beach
  • Address: 1825 Collins Avenue South Beach - Miami - Florida - 33139 - United States
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