Inverrary Plaza Hotel

, Fort Lauderdale, United States
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Inverrary Plaza Hotel

, Fort Lauderdale
3 star

Rooms: 207

3501 Inverrary Boulevard - Fort Lauderdale - Florida - 33319 - United States Hotel Website | | 954 485 0500
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We won this as a prize!

from A TripAdvisor Member
starting from the elevator up it was gross!! rooms smell, tubs have stains and cracks, the parking lot is dirty, the tiki bar? i am still wondering where it is. the pool is ugly. the neighborhood...??? well i think the only nice thing was the lobby.

They are renovating

from A TripAdvisor Member
The hotel has a very nice lobby and restaurants. There was small inconveniences as the place is being renovated and they were painting the building and redoing the rooms, but overall the final result is very pleasant. It looks like they got a new owner and he is refurbishing the place up and down. The service was very good and very helpfull. Our only problem was because there was not hair dryer in the room. Apparently they have a lot of extended stay guests on the lower floors and they have kind of boutique rooms in some floors. We got a standard room on the 7th floor and it was very nice, but not all the rooms are the same so make sure they give you one of the boutique ones. It was a great price for the quality. We did not have a chance to use the restaurants but they looked very nice.

Stay Away!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Plaza Resort, what a joke! Awful! I stayed for 3 nights only because it was paid for. I wish I brought my own sheets. Sleeping in the car may have been an option. First time I felt "dirty" after getting out of the moldy shower. Room pleasant looking until you noticed all the questionable stains on the walls and carpet. My brother stayed for 2 nights and told me "I feel like I have been used" - more like a no tell motel.
Staff was okay except when I checked out around 6am , when I was going to complain the only person around was behind the counter asleep and what would be the point of speaking to that type of employee.
Do yourself a favor and DON"T stay there.


from A TripAdvisor Member
How somebody can recommend this peace of ----!!!
I never ever in my life have been in such awful hotel(if i can even call this hotel).Before we check in I asked if we can take a look at the room, because I feeld that something was wrong(baseng on outsidelook), when I saw the room I almost cried, so awful it was. We recerved this hotel based on webside pictures.Nothing even closed!!!! Fortunately we get our money back.Stay away from this place!!

Sleep in your car!!!!!

from Mattyboy
This was by far and away the most disgusting place I've ever stayed in...ever. From the weird half finished paint job on the outside, to the carpet on the rooms floor (pieced together with patches of carpet). You could see the dirty matress through the thin sheets, and the only toilet paper we could find... was creepily located on the night stand.
The hallways of the hotel are scraped and chipped, and for some reason there was an inch of space between the bottom of the door and the floor ( which gave us lovely acces to the noise of the type of people who find these surroundings "nice")
The elevators smelled like urine, and gave you the impression that they haven't been serviced since the place was built. The wife and I went out and got really drunk, just so we wouldn't have to lie in bed and worry about crabs and scabies.
This review is not a joke, heed the warning. Perhaps a great palce to book for in-laws you hate.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Although I would not recommend this hotel to anyone, if you should stay here, be sure to go to the Bar and see the bartender named Willie. While the place has ALOT to be desired, Willie will make your time there very enjoyable. He is extremely friendly and does his best to make every guest feel welcome. Thanks Willie!!!

The Cosmo Girls!!!

Not For the Faint of Heart

from FraserOttawa
My husband, my son and I stayed at this hotel over March Break as our on was enrolled in Playball Baseball Academy which books its players into the Inverrary. This is absolutely NOT a four star hotel. The Bad: Our first impression of the exterior of the building was that it looked like something from a Beirut warzone. The building had a base cream colour with splotches of reddish paint on the top two floors and around the doors/windows. Apparently they're starting to repaint the exterior. In the week that we were there, we never saw a painter at work. When we entered the hotel, we waited patiently in line for a long time while the lone person on the desk dealt with numerous complaints including no record of a reservation, dirty rooms, no towels, etc., etc. Hardly reassuring. Especially when we discovered that the hotel (and all other nearly hotels) was fully booked. Our room on the third floor stank like a swamp. There was mould growing up one wall and onto the ceiling. Our first trip was to Walgreen's to buy lysol spray, carpet cleaner and deodorizers. When we complained, the front desk told us to contact housekeeping and the next morning the problem was resolved. The room had no hair dryer, no waste basket and no coffee percolator. Near the door, there was a hole with wires sticking out where a smoke detector had been removed. Every few minutes the remains would emit a "BEEEEP" which became a Chinese water torture the longer you stayed in the room. The third floor had definitely seen better days. In the entire building only one ice machine (on the seventh floor) worked, and then sporadicaly at best. Of the three elevators, one was broken virtually the entire week. The other two chose their destinations at random and opened either three inches above or three inches below each floor. At one point we heard screaming from people who were freaked out by the geikos or lizards in one of the elevators. Also, getting toilet paper and kleenex was an issue. Overall it had the feeling of life in the third world. The Good (and yes, there were some good parts): The main floor lobby, dining room and washrooms were clean and attractive. Without exception, the staff were friendly and helpful despite the inadequacies of the hotel. Our son enjoyed the food served to the baseball players at breakfast and dinner. After two days, some guests checked out and we were moved to a much nicer room on the 7th floor. If you're staying here, insist on a newer room on the 7th or 8th floor. Our second room was clean and fresh. It had a hair dryer, a percolator and waste baskets. We had the distinct impression that the staff scavenged from the lower floors to keep the guests on the top floors happy. It seemed that the number of staff looking after the 7th floor was double or triple the number looking after the third floor. Our stay was CHEAP (roughly $630.00 U.S. for the week). The weather was great so we were out of the hotel a lot anyway. We have an hilarious "war story" to tell. (Believe me, this is one experience we'll never forget.) And, finally, our son LOVED his baseball camp.

Rat hole!

from A TripAdvisor Member
In all of my years of traveling, I have never encountered such a terrible hotel. A group of ladies and I went to Fort Lauderdale for a Christian Women's Conferrance.
As soon as went stepped off the elevator at The Inverrrary , we could smell the filth and mold. When we opened the door to our room, we could hardly stand it! The floor was filthy, one of the beds was broken, there was trash in the trashcans, there was mold on the shower curtain, the walls looked as if something brown had either been thrown against them or something was growing from them, the complementary shampoo was used etc...... We very quickly realized that we could not stay there.
Because the conferrance had over 16,500 participants all hotels in the area were full. We were fortunate enough to contact several of our friends that were staying at another hotel and who had room for us. When we went to the lobby to inform them that the room was unacceptable the manager asked for our room number. After we told him, he informed us that our room was "uninhabitable" and should have never been given to anyone. We asked aboout another room and he told us that not only did he not have another room but that there were no rooms in the area. He assured us that my credit card would not be charged. Two days later my credit card was charged $396.27. I have tried to resolve this issue and it has been to no avail. I have contacted my CC company and will file a dispute. Do Not Stay at the Inverrary!


from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at the Inverrary for a conference. It is in a questionable neighborhood. The parking lot is not well lit and quite scarey. The outside was in the middle of being painted(and a poor quality paint job) of dark red and dark orange. We pulled into the parking lot and got big lumps in our throats. We went in and the lobby was fairly nice so we thought, maybe this will be OK> We got onto the elevator, against our better judgement, while some men who didn't speak English were prying open the doors of one of the other elevators which was stuck. We proceeded up and clunked to a halt between the 2nd and 3rd floor. The men came to our rescue, pryed open the door and tried giving us instruction(in Spanish) of how to open the door the rest of the way. We had to climb out of the elevator. I'm not sure how they removed the man that was in a wheelchair. We proceeded to walk up the gross stairs with broken windows and garbage cans to our 6th floor room. We went down the dark hallway and was not impressed by our creepy room with dirty sheets, a slanted bed, and stianed shower. While taking a shower, you could feel the water accumulating under the tub. I was afraid that I would go crashing down into the room below naked as a jay bird. There were no other rooms in town so we were stuck there. We slept on towels. We went down to get a soda and the machine wasn't even plugged in. The ice machine wasn't on. We had to walk down 3 floors to find a soda machine. The funny things is, when we came back the second night, our beds were turned down and there were peppermints on our pillows. I never laughed so hard! It was the most awful experience of my life. I normally stay in quiet inexpensive places so my standards are not very high. Please do not stay at this hotel!!!!! You will regret it!

Definitely not a resort

from A TripAdvisor Member
The "resort" title is purely a joke. This hotel had an ok lobby but the rooms themselves are musty and need to be updated. It was half a step above a motel.

Top Local Tips for Fort Lauderdale

Resturants I feel that one resturant in Ft. Lauderdale Joes Crab Shop was fun and reasonable priced. The Mai Tai Resturant was awsome a show while you eat and the gardens are wonderflul

run away I stayed in The Inverrary Vacation Resort hotel in 2005 and it was a horrible experience. Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed is that it did NOT remotely resemble the pictures I saw online. This was the hint that some drama was about to unfold. The elevator was a death trap; I pressed the 3rd floor button, but the elevator did not move. A hotel employee told me to “press and hold in the elevator button, wait until I reached the desired floor and then release the button”. He also said, “…if you release the button early it would stop between floors”. I entered the room and it smelled like --. The TV did not work and the carpet and bathroom had more mold than a science project. The water in the bathroom smelled stagnant, like sewer water. The internet worked, but it was like a hackers convention was there, because people were hacking into my computer every 3 min. I complained but it fell on deaf ears. After consistent complaining and several letters to the manager, I got a refund. Stay away or sleep in your car, you’d be better off.

Malls I thought that the malls in Orlando were much better and nice than here.


Other names for Inverrary Plaza Hotel

  • inverrary vacation hotel
  • inverrary vacation fort lauderdale
  • inverrary hotel
  • Address: 3501 Inverrary Boulevard - Fort Lauderdale - Florida - 33319 - United States
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