Boca Raton Resort and Club Hotel

, Boca Raton, United States
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Boca Raton Resort and Club Hotel

5 star

Rooms: 963

501 East Camino Real - Boca Raton - Florida - 33432 - United States | 561 447 3000
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Reviews - Boca Raton Resort and Club Hotel

I'm a member here! Run!
Submitted by: gail in 25/06/11
  • Age Group: 4150
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
I truly see every other entry as positive. I believe this is the resort itself submitting most!! I have been a member for several years. They have gotten awful! Discounted memberships to the point of ruin along with rooms. The Mgmt and staff are beyond disgust!!!! Maybe 1 out if 50 visits are without incident. Rude? As a member,Mgmt and the president will NEVER return a call regarding a complaint and we have shelled out well over $100,000 there!!
If Mgmt is never held accountable, it's out of control. Too bad, the property is gorgeous.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Submitted by: Jerry in 28/11/10
  • Age Group: 60plus
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Depending on where you stay in this hotel, your experience could range from poor to excellent. The so-called "bungalows" are glorified motel rooms that are remote from the main hotel. For some unknown reason, the smaller bungalow units are only equipped with two full-sized beds, which further lowers their romantic appeal. Even less charming are the downscale "Cloister" rooms, which are underfurnished and lack any feeling of warmth. However, the rooms in the 27-story main tower are well-furnished and comfortable, and those facing the intercoastal waterway have breathtaking views. If your room package includes the daily breakfast, you will be treated to an expansive buffet with a very large number of food choices. The $20 per day "resort fee" that is added to your bill appears to be a gimmick that permits the hotel to seemingly offer lower room rates. Also, the $26 per day valet parking fee is exorbitant, considering the fact that it does not include tips. Although guests have access to the separate "Beach Club" on the ocean, it was noisy and crowded, reminiscent of Coney Island in its heyday.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Boca Raton Resort and Club Hotel

The Worst Customer Service, Overpriced, Dirty Experience

from A TripAdvisor Member
The following letter was sent to the hotel (to give you an idea of how many things they did wrong) and I know for a fact it was received, yet they NEVER acknowledged the way they treated me. Their attitute was they are doing fine with occupancy rate and don't care about unsatisfied customers!Dear Boca Resort and Club:Having stayed at some of the finest resorts in the world during my lifetime, I can truly say that my stay at the Boca Raton Resort and Club this past weekend was one of the most egregious and unenjoyable experiences of my entire life.Unfortunately, we were unable to relax for most of the trip due to sleepless nights from sub-standard accommodations, and having to deal with rude, unhelpful staff. We changed rooms 3 times in 2 days and would have changed a fourth time, but my husband could not bear to move our belongings yet again.At the beginning our travel planning, we requested a non-smoking king room, and reemphasized this at check in (I am pregnant and we are both tall)When my husband arrived at the first room, located in the golf villa, he discovered it was not only a smoking room, it had twin double beds. I never even saw this room because, at the same time, I was at the salon having a pedicure, which began 20 minutes late due to your staff. They were also quite rude at the front desk, despite the fact I mentioned we had dinner reservations and the salon was not at all busy. So, all alone, my husband had to deal with taking the bus back to the main hotel with all our luggage to change rooms.The next room we were assigned was in the main part of the hotel, but it had only a queen bed. We were told no king beds were available. How is that possible when we specifically requested it months prior? Next, in our new room, we immediately discovered that the main light-bulb was burned out. We requested a change, and the bellman said he would take care of it, but it never happened. Additionally, there was black/green mold in the shower, and several floor tiles were broken! Finally, the room’s air system was very noisy and the room was overlooking the trash compactor, which was in constant operation and thus kept us awake most of the night.The next day, we requested a room change, and were told by the assistant front desk manager that it “is NOT the hotel policy to issue room changes.” He made us feel like he was doing US a favor when his facilities were woefully inadequate. The only person who was helpful was a woman named Stacy, who really tried to accommodate us, and ultimately got us into another room.Finally, after having to insist on a clean, decent room, we were moved to a similar room. This one also had a queen bed, but at least it was a lot quieter and cleaner. However, the light in the shower area was very dim and the fixture was cracked, so we could barely see. I was afraid of slipping in the shower! The safe was also broken and we had to wait for security to fix it, once again delaying us for dinner.The problems, however, extended well beyond the room selection. During our first day sitting by the pool, we wanted to order lunch and were told the poolside waiter assigned to us was a gentleman named Larry. Larry never came over despite several requests. Finally, after 20 minutes, I got up to ask that he please stop by as we were starving, and he replied, “I am too busy to help you.” We thought he was kidding but it was very obvious he was serious. Again, instead of being able to relax, we had to spend our time waiting at the front area to request a manager who then finally assigned us to a new waiter. After about an hour, we received our food. Once again, this interrupted our being able to fully relax and enjoy our day. Larry came over at the end of the day but his apology was very insincere. It was obvious he had been lectured and only came over because of it.You should also be aware that the lobby restroom was never stocked with Kleenex, even as early as 9 a.m. Several times there was also no toilet paper nor soap in the stalls!The final major issues we experienced were at the spa. I had arranged a spa day for my husband and myself as a Valentine’s Day gift to ourselves. When I called to book treatments eight weeks prior to our arrival, I asked for a package consisting of your signature treatments (called ritual baths). I was told that my husband would be given a special package consisting of the ritual baths, full massage and facial. When we arrived to check in, we were told he was not getting that package at all and there was nothing that could be done about it. Instead, he had a bubble bath, neck massage and aromatherapy facial. Once again, the staff at the front desk was completely inflexible and unhelpful when we protested. Moreover, due to the delay at the front desk while this was sorted out, my husband was five minutes late to his bubble bath. When he mentioned to Devon, the man assigned to him, that the bath water was cold, Devon responded, “well, you were late, and we don’t have time to adjust the temperature…we are too busy and have to keep our schedules to the minute.” If that sort of treatment wasn’t bad enough, my massage finished at the same time as my husband’s bath, and as I was dressing, I overheard Devon loudly complaining in the middle of the public corridor to the other employees about the late guest (my husband)! The net result of all this was that my husband had a cold, abbreviated bath, yet paid full price, and this wasn’t even the service we had booked. All this is truly unacceptable, especially when we spent almost $ 500.00 on services that day and were forced to add an 18% “service charge” for lousy service. I was given the name of the assistant manager, Slyvia Calderon, for whom I left a message explaining our experience. I did receive a call back from her assistant that she appreciated the feedback and would like to improve customer service. However, there was still NO apology for the treatment we received, nor any offer to make things better for us.Looking back on our experience as a while, with the exception of a girl named Stacy at the front desk, we never received a single apology or any effort to help us throughout our stay, whether the issue was accommodations, poolside service or the spa. Larry the waiter, Devon in the spa, the front desk assistant manager, etc., all treated us very poorly. Given the unbelievable series of errors and mistreatments we endured, I find it unfathomable that your staff would not make every effort to make our stay more plesant

Not at all amused

from A TripAdvisor Member
I was recently "priveleged" to walk the stately grounds of this resort on a recent business conference. I say walk because driving anywhere around this resort is extremely difficult due to the lack of knowledge, interest, or courtesy of some of the parking and security staff. You are told to pay for valet parking when it may not be necessary based on your reason for being on the property. When you do valet park, you may find yourself waiting on line for a while depending on the kind of car you drive. It seems only high end cars such as bentley are retrieved first even if you have a nice car such as I do.When you question staffers you are given either a abrupt incorrect answer or you are told that " I don't know."A few of the security staffers apparently watch too many episodes of TJ Hooker and can be overzealous in their job duties. If you go on business, leave your car home and bring plenty of patience because you'll need it.

Run! Run!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just returned from this hotel and was extremely disappointed. If you read all these reviews and still feel you must stay at this hotel, keep the following in mind: 1) The Cloister (old and beautiful main building) and The Beach Club (horrid, 70's, smelly annex) are very far apart. If you think you're just going to walk back and forth between the two you are wrong - you will spend all your time on a shuttle (with the conventioneers).
2) The Beach Club needs to be torn down and rebuilt. If Addison Mizner isn't already dead, this place would give him a heart attack. Our room was nice, clean, and up to date- except for the fact that the showerhead was coming loose leaving a gaping hole in the wall around it. Hopefully some tricky bellman hasn't planted a webcam back there.
Perhaps with the $380 a night we were paying they can afford to have that fixed. The paint is peeling off the outside of the building, and the lobby level smells like a school cafeteria--ugh! You get out of your car at the valet and are directed up an escalator enclosed in glass/heavy plastic with cheesy 70's lightbulbs above your head. I was waiting for Bob Barker to pop out and tell me to "come on down!" 3) The beach is another problem. We walked down the "private half-mile beach" which was littered with trash (including a used condom) --not to mention the lovely construction crane that was parked there.
4) The restaurants are good except for the casual Italian one. Don't bother. The service was horrible and the food was terrible.
5) The prices are unbelievable. I have been to some of the nicest hotels in the Southeast and Caribbean and don't mind paying a lot - IF you're getting SOMETHING in return. $6.50 for a processed lemonade by the pool? No thanks.

t listen to the negative reviews

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I just got back from a fabulous stay at the Boca Resort.
The grounds were beautiful and the staff was so gracious and helpful.
We got upgraded to the yacht club upon our arrival, with a full intercoastal and ocean view. Our every request was met without hesitation (i.e.fluffier bathrobe, noisy fan fixed in minutes). Very pricey, but you have to expect that at this type of resort. Our meals on premises (lucca, 27 Ocean) were good not great. The main pool is nothing special, but the spa is gorgeous. I've been to great resorts with nice spas, but this one was outstanding. I will say, I would never, ever stay at the Beach Club- an ugly building, nothing remotely like the resort part of the hotel. It was depressing and as soon as we got there and walked the grounds, my husband and I immediately turned around and went back to the resort. Other than that though, we had a wonderful, papmered, relaxing stay and would return.

Would not recommend Boca

from A TripAdvisor Member
Unfortunately, I would have to agree with the negative reviewers that have posted here. The staff was the rudest I have ever encountered.
They act like they are doing you a favor by allowing us to step foot on their 'marvelous' property. The grounds and the room were positive. The negatives however were the staff, the 15 minute shuttle to a filthy beach, mediocre food/drink, and yes, everything is exorbitant prices. I talked with one couple who was unhappy that there were no activities for their 8 and 12 yr old children.

We found it too large, too cold, too monetary, and instead of the feel of being 'pampered' at a luxury resort, it was more can we squeeze more money out of every guest.

My husband and I have been travelling to similar luxury resorts all over the world for 20+ yrs and can honestly say that we would not return to this resort.

t be fooled - not a first-class hotel

from TravelSavvyGuy
Traveler beware - you will be severely disappointed with this hotel!
The grounds are beautiful and the hotel is grand, but the service is deplorable. Most of the staff is extremely rude and condescending - you will be treated like dirt, regardless of your net worth or how much you paid for your room!

My $500 cloister room was filthy when I arrived, including mold on the shower curtain and a previous guest's trash on the floor. It was so noisy throughout the night that I couldn't even sleep with earplugs. I tried calling the front desk and was hung up on 3 times.

The hotel will nickel-and-dime you to death - $6 for the small bottle of water in your room, $9 daily service fee, $18 to park, $12 for internet access, the list goes on. Despite the service fee, everyone is looking for a handout and you will fear retribution if you don't tip.

I have stayed in luxury hotels around the world and this is NOT one of them. This is a high overhead, poor quality establishment - you will feel more stressed out when you leave than when you arrived. If you are planning a special trip, go to the Breakers in Palm Beach - they will treat you graciously. If you are curious about the Boca Raton Resort and Club, stop in for a tour, but do not stay there. The staff can ruin your entire vacation. They certainly did mine!

Go to the Ritz or Four Seasons instead!!!

from nanv
Stay in Palm Beach instead - LOUSY,LOUSY, LOUSY We just returned this past week from a truly awful experience at this resort. Only stay in the Yacht Club if you go. Service in ALL areas was beyond poor. Typical examples: Started off with us given a completely different room catagory than what we booked, valet parking is beyond bad (avoid at all costs). Minimum wait for car is 15 min. - even if calling ahead, 2 times our car was "lost" for an hour at a time - these complaints were just the tip of the iceberg (and we really aren't complainers - but at over 700.00 per night this plain stunk)Complaints to management were met with disregard. Every place seemed runned down with the exception of the Yacht Club. We were really let down, especially since we had a wonderful time there Thanksgiving of 2000. . We will not return again unless the resort drastically improves.

Go for the Spa

from kauaijunkee
Just back from a "Top Producer" conference at the Boca Raton Club and Spa. Beautiful historic main building with eclectic surroundings. Rooms in main building are small but classy. Spa facility is outstanding...a bit pricey but in line with most Resorts. You must experience the Bathing Ritual. Boca was deserted with the exception of the conference goers and Eastern Snowbirds. The beach was covered in blue jelly fish. Members of our group were frustrated with the endless shuttle or water taxi between the main buildings and the Beach Club. Dinner at Luca was excellent, Dinner at Ocean was extremely frustrating. We waited an hour and a half from our reservation time until our salad arrived... Our closing night dinner was held in the ballroom. In the seventeen years we have been going to these conferences I can truthfully say that evening was the most elegant and tastefully done event I have ever experienced at any hotel. Living on the west coast, dollar for dollar and distance travelled, I would take any of the Hawaiian Islands over Boca. (Although I did enjoy looking at the ever changing yachts anchored at the hotel...something you don't see in Hawaii.)

I had a wonderful time.. short yet so sweet

from A TripAdvisor Member
It was this last March that my boyfriend surprised me with news that we were going to be staying at the Boca Raton Resort and Club for 4 days..
due to a business trip. I could be biased because I had never seen the ocean, but going there was like being a princess for a short while! The company paid for a lot of things, but the things we did have to pay for were very expensive. I have receits here... 15.00 for a pina coloda.
$20 for a small kahluha. The service was kinda different.. you either came in contact with very snotty people, or very very sweet people. A lot of the little shops, like the one to the left of the lobby that sold swimwear, had wonderful help. You could find some good deals, but some were outrageous. Make sure you dont forget your flip-flops. My boyfriend did, and the only pair to buy on the whole resort were over 60.00. The rooms were gorgeous.. and at night the place was amazing...
breathtaking. A lot of fountains and beautiful sounds. The marina is beautiful at night as well. Very romantic!!... There is also a short ride to Ft. Lauderdale where there is a lot more night life and club scenes. Miami is also just as close. The shuttle service was awesome.
We got a shuttle to take us all around Ft. Lauderdale for hours at a pretty cheap rate. Also, gotta check out the Spa Palazzo... the swedish massages are wondeful. Ask for the guy from Jamaica... he is wondeful and very down to earth. Every night when we came back to our room they'd have everything spotless with new towels, etc. mints on the pillows. The day we left they left little dishes of pink m&m's which is the color known to represent the resort. It was very hard to leave. I think my favorite things were the simplest, sitting on the boat docks at night talking.. walking around the resort at night..the was all amazing!!!When I got back to Des Moines I noticed that I have left a few clothing items and a pair of shoes in my room, and they quickly sent them back to me at no cost! I thought that was so sweet.
Definitely a place to visit! I hope to go back again someday... Just go and enjoy yourself... believe me, it'll be hard to go back home :)

A vacation spot for people who know quality

from A TripAdvisor Member
I am utterly dismayed by the negative reviews I've read on this site about the Boca Raton Resort and Club. I also visit the resort every year and it only gets better each time. It's true that this is not the place to go with a "party" mentality or to make friends with the other guests. This is a place where people go for sanctuary--to be with their loved ones--and keep to themselves. I highly recommend staying at the beach club vs. the clositer. It's very quiet. Also Chauncey's is very good for lunch as is Tocca for dinner. You also might consider renting a car to try some of the local restaurants and shopping in both Boca and Palm Beach. This is a great place to decompress!

Top Local Tips for Boca Raton

Bring a pillow. This place (at least near where we stayed) closes at 9, 10pm , max. Bring your pillow, geritol, walker, etc

Make friends with your cab driver We found during our stay that cab drivers are more than willing to give you their name and number and then, when you travel off-site or to out of the way areas, they will know where to go and pick you up. We used the same cab driver for three nights.

Visit Mizner Park Mizner park was a lot of fun with the boys. We enjoyed eating outside at the Irish Pub there and people watching. The bathroom at the ice cream place is one of a kind and a must see ;)


Other names for Boca Raton Resort and Club Hotel

  • the waldorf astoria collection
  • boca raton resort
  • Address: 501 East Camino Real - Boca Raton - Florida - 33432 - United States
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