Pacific Sands Motel Hotel

, Santa Monica, United States
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Pacific Sands Motel Hotel

, Santa Monica
1515 Ocean Ave - Santa Monica - California - 90401 - United States Hotel Website | 310 395 6133

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from stephanne
My husband and I were out of options for our stay in Santa Monica, so we thought we'd give it one last shot, and sure enough, Pacific Sands had a room or two left. Once we opened the door, we saw the less-than-elegant interior and smelt the less-than-fresh aroma's of must. The bed squeaked, there was hair in the shower, the faucet leaked, the t.v. was from 1950, the carpets were soaked, and I'm pretty sure the mattress was as well (don't know for sure, I slept on a towel rather than risk it), there was foot traffic outside our windows ALL NIGHT, and we had to pay for parking. That's what you get for $150.00.

How annoying

from SueCalico
My brother and his girlfriend were going to Santa Monica. Since I travel a bit and have some experience making arrangements, I said I'd do this for them. Looking around, I found the very cheap Pacific Sands Motel and made a reservation. Then I came to tripadvisor, saw the reviews and thought better of it. So what do I find on the credit card statement? The credit they gave was about $120 less than the original charge. I do know that when you book through hotels, expedia and such, there may be a penalty of one night's stay if you cancel. However 1) this was not booked through any online service such as those and 2) no mention was made of this, either when I originally made the reservation or when I canceled it. Oh well, my brother and his girlfriend ended up staying at the Venice Beach Suites which was clean and had friendly hosts.

I have visited Hellville

from A TripAdvisor Member
Myself and my good wife have just returned from a 3 week trip around Califonia, which on the whole was fantastic, only one blip "Pacific Sands Motel".

I have never ever seen such filth, the carpet was so sticky that I almost lost the soles of my trainers.

Just avoid this place like the plague, in-fact this place is so filthy that the plague could start up again, this time in Santa Monica.

If you have ever seen the toilet scene in the film "Train spotting" then you have a picture of what this motel is like.


from A TripAdvisor Member
Every now and again I look up and thank god for smiling on me. Our stay was delightful but too short - the bugs were friendly but not too over familiar. I've promised to go back for my honeymoon - what bliss - oh I miss that place!

I Survived a Night in the Pacific Sands Motel!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My friend and I showed up in Santa Monica without a place to stay, so tried just a couple of places (all full) before landing here. We laughed hysterically when we go into the room. I don't think "dump" even describes it. The floors were disgusting (my bare feet never touched them), there were questionable stains on the bedskirts (the sheets seemed clean, though), there was a hole in the ceiling of the bathroom that went all the way to the roof (must have once been a fan), the hot water in the bathroom sink squealed when turned on, there was some sort of dead "vine" that hung in the middle of the cloudy window, the noise from the street was horrible, the walls were *all* dirty. We did not stick around the next day as we were too afraid of the shower, which was a tiny box with moldy tile. We would have made a stink about how awful it was, but we decided that we'd rather have a funny tale to tell about two girls surviving a night in the Pacific Sands Motel!!

I still shudder when I think of this place...

from A TripAdvisor Member
Myself and my wife stayed here a couple of years ago ( I was looking up hotels for our upcoming trip to Florida and I came accross this website, so I had to post a review ).

We spent 4 weeks in the US and travelled all over California and this place is still one of the most vivid memories I have of that holiday. I cannot describe exactly how disgusting the rooms were - dirt in the rooms and mould in the bathroom. The TV was broken and the door didn't lock properly. After one night we decided to leave ( we were booked for 3 nights ). The manager told us that we couldn't get a refund because we paid up-front. We moved to a Comfort Inn ( which I remember being about 1 mile from the oceanfront ) and it was like heaven compared to this dump.

Do yourself a huge favor - stay avaw from this dive.

is right

from A TripAdvisor Member
Yes, it's cheap, but what's the worth of your luggage and your health?
No deadbolts on the doors, the back unit is infested with bugs and gang graffiti (yes, inside) all over the walls. There is a serious stink to the rooms, pulled up lanoleum flooring, trickling water, windows that are broken or won't open, cigarette burns everywhere. The staff is very unhelpful when you see the's GHETTO. Don't do it. The price is what is alluring, but I would never, ever ask my family to stay in a place that is bug infested, unsafe and makes my luggage and stuff easy prey for theives. If you do go, DEMAND a room in the front unit, keep your valuables in the trunk of your car, take your own sheets and towells and put a chair up against the door for safety. Yeah, it's cheap but it will ruin your vacation or stay if you end up here. You can't put a price on safety and health issues.

The Worst. Absolutely disgraceful.

from A TripAdvisor Member
I wished for the first time in my life that I had a handgun license, as the first thought that struck me as I entered the creaky gates of Hades (from here on out to be referred to as Room 34) was 'Oh good God how do I survive the night?!' This place is an absolute disgrace, a miserable den for who knows what illicit activity. The only way one could justify the unrefundable $125 per night I was charged was to multiply the hourly rates with which these rooms certainly are booked most of the time. I was actually surprised not to find bodily fluids in the filthy carpet. An absolute horror. One of the most awe-inspiringly frightening experiences I have had in my life.

It really IS that BAD!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I am in the process of filing my complaint to government health agencies because this place is an infestation motel.

We found this place over the internet but I was unaware of this website at the time and the description given on Yahoo & others seemed harmless. The motel was located right by the boardwalk and we thought we were getting a bargain, but of course we later found our it was too good to be true. So we found this place the evening we arrived in Santa Monica. We were given a room in the Annex (which is a detached separate building containing rooms in the back a block away) and paid $60/night.
I don't know how the rooms in the front are, but the ones in the back look like a total dump! I am a person that is not too picky. I don't ask for a place too fancy, too big, or anemities. The most important quality in my list is CLEANINESS and this was the dirtiest, filthiest, most gruesome place that I have ever stayed at!!!

My only advice to you as someone has already mention: Request to look at the place before you pay a single penny because once it gets into their hands, you're not getting it back.

For those that have already made the mistake of paying, I suggest you file a complaint with the appropriate government agency and let's hope that someone else does not edure what we had to.

Not to bad at all

from A TripAdvisor Member
We came and checked Pacific Sands out after reading the reviews. As our first night in L.A was a real dump of a motel and thought this might not be much better. My partner stayed here in 1999 and he said it was flasher then. But the room was clean and smelt nice. Would definetly stay there again. Management were very friendly and helpful.

Top Local Tips for Santa Monica

Go there for the beaches and the restaurants, stay elsewhere. Santa Monica is such a beautiful, LA kind of experience. You must go there. Try the all you can eat sushi bar, walk on the promenade and the pier. Then before the sun goes down, get the heck out and stay somewhere clean and safe - no! Not Venice Beach! That's even worse! Stay in West L.A. or Beverly Hills, or Bel Aire. Stay away from Hollywood. All the locals know its a ghetto 'cause people in the know understand that Culver City and BH is where the movies are really made!

Santa Monica is great for tourists I just loved my stay in Santa Monica!!!

Many things to see You can go to the beach, walk along popular Third Street Promenande, take sightseeing bus tours and see Los Angeles, Universal Studios,Disneyland!!!


Other names for Pacific Sands Motel Hotel

  • pacific sands santa monica
  • pacific sands motel
  • pacific sands hotel
  • Address: 1515 Ocean Ave - Santa Monica - California - 90401 - United States

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