The Mosser Hotel

, San Francisco, United States
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The Mosser Hotel

, San Francisco
2 star

Rooms: 166

54 Fourth Street - San Francisco - California - 94103 - United States Hotel Website | | 415 986 4400
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Reviews - The Mosser Hotel

Worst Possible Hotel Experience
Submitted by: Sandy in 06/07/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
This morning, on her way out of the hotel, my sister accidentally left her wallet on her bed. She realized it a few minutes later and went back to the hotel. When she got up to her room, house-keeping already cleaned it, and her wallet was gone. She spoke the manager at the time (Mark), and he had her go through all of the dirty and clean laundry. When I walked through the door of the hotel, I said, "My sister lost her wallet..." His response was, "so she SAYS." I was a bit unnerved by that response so I went to check on my sister, who was in the process of going through the pile of dirty sheets. While she was digging, I decided to talk to Mark again. The whole time I was talking to him, he wouldn't look at me. HIS EYES WERE STARING OUT THE DOOR AS I SPOKE. I had to pause, ask him what was outside because I was trying to talk to him. He looked back at me, I spoke, and his eyes wondered back outside. I know it was my sister's fault for leaving her wallet behind, but he, as a manager, DID NOT EVEN PRETEND TO BE HELPFUL. He plain out said that "I don't believe that she left it here. She must have dropped it outside." I had picked her up from outside the hotel. She got into my car, we drove around for 15-30mins before she realized she didn't have her wallet, and we went back to the hotel. While I was sitting by the door waiting for the police to come take our report, he didn't have any problems looking into other people's eyes to talk to them. I can't believe how poorly we were treated by Mark. He strongly believed that my sister didn't leave her wallet in her hotel room and that she must've dropped it outside (which makes it not his fault for not being able to find it). He also told me that no one has ever left their wallet in their hotel room/this has never happened before. Anyway, he's the type who'll treat people well when everything runs smoothly. Yet when things do go wrong, we're the idiots for booking a room there, and he'll treat us as such.
The Mosser Hotel is the Worst
Submitted by: John in 06/07/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
One of the worst fear that can happen while staying in a hotel actually happened today. Usually you wonder if you can trust the hotel and their workers that have access to your room. People usually tells you to never leave your valuables in the room. Today was one of those careless day. A wallet was left behind and is missing. The content in the wallet was the key to the luggage and $60. Checked with the front desk and they made it seem that we made the whole thing up. When asked for the manager at the front desk, Mark claims he is the manager and didn't bother to show any concerns at all. The next best thing was to file a police report at the station and maybe email Dateline as well. Hope Dateline can put on a show with hidden camera's in the hotel room to see if there's any proof of the hotel staff stealing.
The worst hotel for its price range?
Submitted by: Stuart Ford in 14/07/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
It is possible that there are worse hotels out there yet to be discovered, but the Mosser has to be in the running. I travel to San Fran every week to work, spending a minimum of two nights a week. When I get bored with one hotel, I move on to another. Oh boy, did I make a mistake when I selected the Mosser. The pictures look good, I like boutique properties and the price was consistent. I didn't want to know about shared bathrooms so called European style (though being European I sort of question that rather eloquent description). The stay turned into a farce. Let's catalog the properties' failings.

Check in – okay. Not exactly friendly but at least quick. It is a totally non-smoking hotel so if you're a smoker that's all you need to know. If you are not a smoker—this is the hotel's only draw card. One elevator – period, in fitting with the age of the building. It was not working. In fact, hadn't been working for 9 days with no date set for its repair. To quote the sign “…the motor is in the shop and we don't know when it will be repaired.” The guests therefore are just out of luck.

So up the stairs to my sixth floor room. Two flights of steep and narrow stairs to each floor, so that makes twelve flights to the room humping bags. I see now why they don't have a gym. They don't need to; the stairs are a workout all by themselves.
Now to the real gem—the room!! Tiny would be an understatement. I have traveled to New York, London, Hong Kong etc and this is the smallest room I have ever seen. To give them their dues, on first glance it looks pretty, A designer has tried but…. No air conditioning – fan only. No space to put a bag unless you want to keep stepping over it. No cable to connect to the internet (down 6 floors, back 6 floors to get it—remember no elevator). $9.95 connection fee too, but with all the other amenities they are showering you with then of course they are justified in charging for the internet (sarcasm). A wacky chair come work-space (remember school desks with swing shelves) that the laptop kept falling off. Wardrobe, well kinda. So small you have to put shirts in diagonally. There is an ironing board though where you would put it when you get it out is a mystery. Nowhere to put any odds and ends (keys phone etc) as the surfaces are to small and sloping so everything falls to the floor. Room too hot with no air con so open the window. Street too noisy to be able to be on phone so… close the window and swelter or open it and put up with the cacophony. Not great options.
TV – trying to be cute they have mounted it to a swing shelf on the bottom of the bed. Guess what Einstein, you kick it in your sleep and it annoying. Plus the screen is so small down at your feet that it isn't worth the effort. Oh and to add insult to injury, the remote didn't work and I couldn't face those stairs again! Let's move to the bathroom. So small there is nowhere to stand a razor or toothbrush. The faucet is forced down at such an angle to fit that if you want to swill your mouth you can't put it under the faucet. So you end up balancing your toiletry bag on top of the toilet and using each item and putting it back. Not sanitary and not convenient. No plug for the sink. No room service or coffee maker. So if you want coffee when you wake, it is down six floors to a coffee shop and back up six floors. Wow, my legs are aching!
Ice machine – only on the second floor so you better hope you remember to get it on the way up (though they have no ice buckets at the front desk so you're going to have to improvise). Otherwise, yes you guessed it, down four floors and up four floors. Well at least I'm getting my cardio work done on these stairs. As to service, non-existent. Management refused to take calls of complaint though the poor girl on front desk did her best but we all know managers get paid more to deal with the issues. However, they were “not available” to take the calls. How convenient! To top it all, as I am leaving for my office I stop at the front desk to mention the plug and the remote and guess what, they keep the sink plugs at the front desk so you have to take it up yourself. I refused their kind (sic) offer to take the plug with me to the office telling them I'd stop by tonight.

Seriously, save yourself some grief—don't stay there. San Francisco has so many better properties at that price and to be honest cheaper. If someone can beat Mosser as the worst hotel in San Fran, please let me know as I would like to make sure I never, ever stay there.

Historical Traveller Reviews of The Mosser Hotel

Unique Experience

from sacanon
The website advertised accurately therefore we knew we were getting small room and choose the shared bath rate. The hotel is charming and the rooms were beautiful as well as comfortable. The staff was nice, the bathrooms very very clean. This hotel provides an old time San Francisco feel yet the recent renovations provide up to date
amenities. All of this AND a GREAT locations with the pleasany city sounds.

Small, small, small...

from A TripAdvisor Member
If you want lots of "quaint" with teeny-tiny rooms and no air conditioning, this is it. If, however, you are in downtown San Francisco on business, look elsewhere. Not all rooms even have closets! No dresser...drawer under bed. Tiny TV on stand perminantly attached to foot of bed. Similarly tiny bathrooms. Some rooms so small that you'll consider keeping your luggage in the hall. Quirky elevator works sometimes. All this wears quite thin after a weeks' stay. On the plus side, it was clean.

I thought it was great!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Yes, I shared a bathroom. Yes, I waited a few times for the elevator. Yes, this was the most interesting and compact hotel I have ever stayed in. And I would stay there again in a heartbeat. It was close to everything, the staff were great and helped me book several tours. The place was clean and my room was cleaned every time I returned after a day of sightseeing. My room was generally quiet (and I was right beside the toilet room) and I never felt unsafe. If you want a great hotel in San Francisco that is centrall located and has charm, this is the one!

3 Times a charm

from A TripAdvisor Member
3 Times a Charm!! Posted by psboston7 on I have come to the conclusion that I need to own stock in this company LOL!! This is my 3rd time staying at the Mosser consistent across the board. I must admit this time I did run into some interesting people staying in the hotel and I do think that Young people are staying more because of the affordable rates, but Hey you can't beat this Annabelle's is next door, Movie Theater across the street and Union Square 3 blocks away. My own side note and pet peeve.... They did change their hand lotion and soao from "Gilchrist and Soames" to some less expensive brand name and I don't like it as much. :(

Funky room but so small I had to go outside to change my mind.

from A TripAdvisor Member
I booked through expedia for a great rate for the Mosser 2 years ago not knowing what to expect but for a fab location downtown. My single with a closet sized private bath looked out toward a brick wall was rather claustraphobic but kept really clean. I liked the modern funky furnishings that were well suited for such a small space. Good lighting to make up for the lack of natural light. I was never able to get the internet/movie services to work. Ice machine 2 floors away was broken my entire 5 day stay. Overall a good 2 star hotel but I would be willing to spend more at another hotel for a more space, better technical services to not return to this hotel.

Great Place to Stay

from lostpuppy734
Walked in off the street with no reservation during a convention, with
no good rooms to be had anyplace else nearby, ended up with a room at
the Mosser right away. Spent 2 nights in "shared bath" single and 2
nights in a private bath single. Amenities were as advertized. Both
rooms were spotless, with interesting colors and decor you won't find
at the likes of a Hyatt or Sheraton (not to knock either of them).
Shared bath facilities were clean every time I needed them. Private
bath was squeaky-clean. Paint and carpet in lobby, corridors, and rooms
were new. Maid service every day; towels, linens and bespreads were
clean. Staff was friendly and helpful. Rooms are small but I was very
comfortable and did not feel cramped. Don't go in expecting or needing
a large table to put the laptop on or tons of extra floor space, and
the room size won't be an issue. Good location, close to shopping,
SOMA, BART/Muni rail & bus, plenty of taxis to hail. Transportation to
SFO a breeze, arranged at the desk. Also right across from the
Marriott, so you can point and laugh at all the people who paid three
times as much as you did for a bland room with a bigger TV.

s ok, but not for the traditionalist

from AFonger
Wouldn't you know it, I booked a business trip right in the middle of an Orthopedic Surgeon convention at the Moscone! Well, this was the ONLY hotel in Union Square with reasonable prices and availability. So what the heck, I'll give it a try.

The staff was courteous and helpful. Check in and out was a breeze.

The room was small...very small. You can stand in the middle of the room and take one step in any direction and literally touch the wall.
No A/C, just a ceiling fan that made a creaking noise as it was spinning. It's bad news if weather in the SF area broke a 112 year old record for heat! I suffered through opening the window and turning on the fan, but still I couldn't sleep because of the fan noise, street noise, and heat! Not sure if the previous guess smoked or if there was someone smoking outside, but the room smelled of smoke when I first arrived. It wasn't as strong after a day or two.

When the weather cooled down later in the week and I didn't have to use the fan or open the window, the noises in the hallway kept me awake.
The noise from my neighbors wasn't the issue which surprised me because of the size of my room. It was the noise from the hallway that kept me awake! Doors slamming and ice machine dispensing noises were coming through the paper thin door.

My little 13" TV mounted on the wall had a problem with the video and sound cutting out during my stay. It's a little annoying when you're watching movie! It was also a little out of focus and too small for my liking. But the radio worked well.

The shared, separate M/F bathrooms and toilets seemed clean least the Men's were. I could imaging that it would be a little tight for a large person to get into the toilet room. I'm medium build and I had to do a little dance to get the door closed. The hotel supplied bathrobes you could wear, but a pair of slippers would be a nice touch.

The elevator was a little slow if you're in a hurry.

It is my opinion that this hotel is more suited for the business traveler that just wants a room and clean sheets, than families with kids.

Cute little rooms

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed in a deluxe twin room on a recent business trip (02/29/04), and was pleasantly surprised. The accomodations are pleasantly decorated and very clean. The rooms are pretty tiny, but the overall charm of the place makes up for that. The Mosser is also within a few blocks of the Moscone Convention Center which made getting around on foot fairly convenient for me. I would recommend this hotel to other business travelers, singles, or students... it's a bit too small for family travel though.

Small but charming rooms

from cwhitley
If you're looking for your usual big American hotel room, the Mosser is not for you. Yet if space isn't as big a deal as charm, this is a pretty good find. The rooms are small, but they have done a good job of adding modern conveniences to old-style hotel rooms. It's right off of Market Street, near Union Square, so it's in the heart of everything.
We spent two days there and enjoyed it.

more than met expectations

from A TripAdvisor Member
Thoroughly enjoyed my room and stay at the Mosser in mid January 2004.
Quality equipment - it all worked. Sure, my room was small, but for the bargain rate it was A-OK. They more than lived up to the advertised specials. A $7.00 bkfst with excellent coffee, fresh orange juice, scones, muffins, fresh fruit! The happy hour in lounge was good, too.
Nice drinks, and the restaurant served up a superb cioppino at the bar!
The desk staff helped me catch the right transportation, not what I was going to do. And, then, when I got back later that day, they asked if my trip went smoothly! Needed e-mail, they called Marriott across street to find out if I could use their biz ctr. The staffer told me where it was and how much it would be. Again, very nice. I'd stay there again, at twice the price.

Top Local Tips for San Francisco

City Pass I strongly suggest getting the City Pass which will cost you $49. It will be the best $49 dollars that you'll spend. There is admittance to 6 locations, including SF MoMa, De Young art museum, Aquarium of the Bay and even a boat ride in the Bay. Look it up online to check where the nearest participating vendors are and buy it there. The price INCLUDES 7 days of UNLIMITED usage (after validation) of MUNI. It INCLUDES the Cable Cars which is $5 as opposed to $1.50 for the MUNI Light Rail and the F Market Street Car. I was not bored at all and used up ALL my tickets. It is valid up to 9 days after validation. You can also order it online before you leave.

Nice hang-outs for broke college kids. If you want a good cup of coffee and a place to meet some awesome people, check out Cafe Trieste on Vallejo and Grant. Also, the Beatnik Museum is in the same neighbourhood. If you're a music lover go see a show at the Fillmore and go crate-digging at Amoeba Music in Haight-Ashbury. They're definitely worth checking out! If you want to check out the infamous San Fran queer scene, there's a couple good clubs (queer and queer-friendly) in Castro and Mission District like The Stud and my favourite, Bondage-a-go-go at The Cat Club. North Beach, Haigh-Ashbury, Nob Hill and the Mission are cool neighbourhoods to hang out without spending tons of money. Watch out for Tenderloin District after 2 am (in San Fran, the ghetto is literally next door to the central commerical/business district) since there is an abundance of sketchbags. So mind your own business or avoid the area at night and you'll be fine.

transportation Instead of a taxi if you are a solo traveler coming from San Francisco International airport just take the BART, cheap and easy will cost you around $5.00. Also if you stay for a few days buy one of these multiple day passes will be worthed and you don't have to look for change all the time.


Other names for The Mosser Hotel

  • mosser hotel
  • mosser
  • Address: 54 Fourth Street - San Francisco - California - 94103 - United States
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