Nob Hill Hotel

, San Francisco, United States
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Nob Hill Hotel

, San Francisco
3 star

Rooms: 50

835 Hyde Street - San Francisco - California - 94109 - United States Hotel Website | | 415 885 2987
102 Traveller

Reviews - Nob Hill Hotel

Submitted by: Matthew in 18/09/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: France
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
This is the worst hotel we have ever stayed in. In fact we left after the very first night of our four-night stay in San Francisco!
The receptionist who checked us in was very unpleasant, not helpful and obviously was not apt for any type of job in “customer service”. The room was very, very small and the mattress was so bad that one of us slept on the floor, which was very frustrating considering the price we had paid for that Saturday night.
The following morning we asked to change rooms for a larger bed (that hopefully would not sag in the middle) a different receptionist sympathized, saying that she had stayed in the hotel already and did not find the mattresses ideal.
We signed a paper to say that we would not smoke in their "lovely" (!?!?) guest rooms, that we would pay $2 electricity per night and $1 for the safe deposit box, whether we used it or not.
We didn't get another room and ended up checking out at around 4pm, having to pay the 2nd night. At that stage, we didn't really care about the money, we just wanted to get out! Not satisfied with charging us the price of the room, the unpleasant, unhelpful, unsympathetic receptionist also wanted to charge us for the electricity AND the safe deposit box of the 2nd night. She could not understand how we could complain about the mattresses when "so many people had called after their stay to ask where they could purchase one"!
We really would discourage anyone from staying here.
Awful Customer Service......
Submitted by: Emma in 18/04/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
unfortunately we had an awful experience at this hotel, and judging by the number of people complaining in reception - we were not alone. The management and staff (particularly at the front desk) were extremely rude and ruined our experience. They seem to have an almost paraniod suspicious nature toward their guests and seem to think that being friendly, or even slighly courteous, is not part of their job description.

Also, this hotel is not 5 blocks fron Union Square as they advertise constantly...its 8 blocks away. And a word of caution....they don't advertise that their hotel is literally 3 blocks north of O'Farrell Street...i.e just above the seedy Tenderlion.

The only positive thing that we can say is that he cleaning staff were friendly, and did a good job amd the restaurant food was fairly good.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Nob Hill Hotel

Terrible and unethical

from A TripAdvisor Member
On May 17 a reservation was made for the weekend of July 17, 2004. In mid-June, I called to change our reservation to the weekend of September 17 due to a conflict of dates. This was done by phone, and the employee confirmed the reservation as being changed to the weekend of September 17th. On June 16th, I was informed by my husband that he was to be on a business trip in Texas September 15th-19th. I called to change our reservation to October, and was told that the reservation could not be changed because we were scheduled to check in the next day, July 17th and due to their 48 hour cancellation policy they would charge us for one night's stay. I tried to explain our situation to the Front Desk Manager, who became rude and extremely unhelpful, telling me that it was our fault and nothing could be done and they had no fault in the matter of incorrectly changing our original reservation. I then spoke with the General Manager, who, after I explained our situation, assured me that if there had indeed been any change from the original reservation, he would go ahead and change the reservation to October. He said he would call that night to let us know what was going on. He had the Front Desk Manager call and tell us that they would call us in the morning with their answer. The next day, we received a call from the Front Desk Manager telling us that they would not change the reservation and would be charging us because they considered us at fault for not catching their mistake in the reservation change. I assured her that the person I had spoken to had repeated September to me, so I'd no reason to say anything or to assume that it was incorrect. I called the General Manager and asked him what the problem was and he informed me that there was no way that they'd made a mistake and they would not change it and would be charging us. I reminded him of the original deal he had made with me the night before, and he denied making it and began to insult and patronize me.

They still charged my card, but they charged me on Saturday morning for a no-show, even though check in time wasn't until 3pm on Saturday. How do you charge someone for a no-show before they are even supposed to be there?? We have complained to the Better Business Bureau and this hotel won't even respond to their requests for information. Don't stay here!!


from A TripAdvisor Member
We arrived with a confirmation number at 11 am to be told there were no rooms available - despite the "Rooms Available" sign outside on the sidewalk and checkin at 2 pm. The clerk was rude and the manager was even worse. We ended up having to stay at the rundown DINKY AND HORRID Fitzgerald Hotel. We did return to the Nob Hill for our second night and were told that this is common practice at the Nob Hill Hotel - they don't like online bookings and like to ship people to the Fitzgerald.

rude and unhelpful

from otpruss
never stayed at such a rude hotel, rude on the desk tried charging me double for extra nights so had to rebook on the net. phone messages were never recived. stay anywhere eles and be happier.also breakfast was vile and machine coffe.

t Stay at the Nob Hill Hotel (If Cleanliness and Professionalism Matters)

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I chose to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary by visiting San Francisco from February 20 - 23, 2004. We were impressed when we visited the Nob Hill Hotel’s Internet Web-site and upon our initial check-in, as well as when we first saw our room, Perhaps, the fact that we were asked to sign a statement acknowledging that we would be accountable for a specified charge should we should we cut short our planned stay without 24 hours notice should have been a precursor of what was to come.

The next morning, we found ants in the bath room. When we returned to our room late the second night of our stay, we found ants in the bath room again. When advised of this situation, the young lady was very apologetic and advised that she try to put us in a room similar to the one that we had spent our first two nights. She advised that this could not happen until after 3:00, but she would leave a note for her relief that would advise of the situation and her plan to switch us to a comparable room. To facilitate this switching of rooms, my wife and I cut short our planned itinerary for the day, which required that we not see some of the sights that we wanted to visit.

Upon our return to the hotel, however, we found that with the change of shift came a change of attitude. The new clerk did not have same cooperative spirit that the young lady I spoke with earlier and advised me that she had left a message with house keeping to rectify the problem. When I explained that was not consistent with my earlier agreement, she advised me that if I wanted a different room she would have to move me to a smaller room. This was because, as she advised, we had been given a complimentary upon check-in. When I explained to her again that I had an agreement with the lady on the earlier shift, she advised me that the young lady was wrong to make that agreement.

At that point, my wife came to the lobby from the room to advise that the maid had shown up with a can of Raid to take care of the ants. I don’t know about you, but when my wife and I are spending a considerable amount of money to have a romantic weekend, we don’t want to have to smell a noxious odor. At this point, when I tried to explain to the lady at the desk that the two choices that she had offered were not acceptable, she became confrontational and dismissive. She basically stopped listening to my concerns. So, there we were; in strange city 3,000 miles from home on a Sunday afternoon with tickets to see “Beach Blanket Babylon” three hours later and forced to make one of four choices:

1. We could go back to run the original room and tolerate the ants. This was not an acceptable choice as we were not spending over $70 a night to share it with ants. Moreover, we had no desire to bring some of the little visitors home with us.

2. We could let the maid spray the room and be forced to tolerate the noxious odor. This was not a tenable choice as the odor was bound to give one or both of us a headache. Again, we were not spending over $70 for the privilege of getting sick.

3. We could leave your hotel and try to find other accommodations for the evening. We couldn’t take this action because we had signed the aforementioned acknowledgement that we would be charged should we cut stay short. In addition, as a stranger to San Francisco, I was not sure of where we could go and if we could get settled in time to make the show to which we had purchased tickets.

4. We could accept the smaller room and hope that the management of the hotel placed more importance on customer service than the lady at the desk had demonstrated.
As I think you can see, none of these choices were viewed as being particularly desirable to us. However, we went with the last options as we thought it would be least painful of the options presented to us. We went to the new room we were very disappointed. The room was extremely small. There was barely enough room in the room for my wife and I to walk past each other. This was because 85% of the room’s area was taken up by the bed, which was far from spacious. In addition, the room was very hot and we couldn’t find any control n the room to regulate the heat. To top it off, that evening we found ants in this room.
This incident had a very chilling effect on the last day of our visit to San Francisco. Not only did this incident take two-three hours out of the middle of our day, but the stress of having to deal with the situation, not to mention the rudeness of the staff, cast a pallor on everything else we did. What was supposed to be a fun, romantic weekend proved to be anything but, as this incident became the focal point of our last day.

The next morning when we went to checkout, we dealt with a pleasant young lady. She demonstrated the professionalism and empathy that should have been exhibited a day earlier. It is worthwhile to point out that my wife and I advised our travel agent to secure a bigger room than a double when making our arrangements and we knew were spending more for the room than the lowest price we had been quoted. So the second lady’s statement that we had received an a room upgrade upon check-in appears to be erroneous. This belief was further substantiated through my conversation with the third lady, who advised that although the rate was for the run of the house, people paying the amount that we paid are usually provided a Queen-size room.

In response to the concerns that I voiced to her, the third lady contacted somebody in her management structure and conveyed the gist of the matter to the individual over the phone. When she got done with her explanation, the individual at the other end of the line had her ask us if we had brought food to the room. Even though our answer was no, the room had a refrigerator. Therefore, wouldn’t it be reasonable to expect that it was acceptable to have food in the room and as reasonable to expect that somebody prior to us had already had food in the room. When Mary finished her conversation, she advised us that all she was authorized to do was take $10 off the bill. That somebody in management would think that this was adequate compensation for the inconvenience, rudeness, and stress that we had been force to deal with earlier was insulting and caused me to feel that this organization views customer service as an afterthought, rather than a priority.

This belief was further substantiated when a Visa Card representative conveyed the results of a conversation that occurred with a member of the hotel’s staff concerning our dissatisfaction. According the Visa representative, the individual he spoke with advised that the Nob Hill Hotel was a four star hotel and as such, wouldn’t have problems like what I’ve described. This whole situation has me more than a little annoyed and highlights some very significant deficiencies in the organization’s customer service practices.

That afternoon, my wife and I were made to feel that we were being punished for raising an issue that should have been resolved very easily and should have been something your organization responded to with embarrassment, rather than the arrogance that was displayed that day and subsequently by several members of the hotel’s staff. Both my travel agent and I wrote letters to the hotel’s manager regarding the dissatifaction and received no response, which further substantiates my belief that this organization does not place an emphasis on customer service. In view of the preceiding I strongly recommend staying away from this hotel.

Not much to complain about here

from A TripAdvisor Member
Was there Mon-Wed., check-in was smooth with a helpful worker. Yes, the rooms are small and a bit stuffy but opening the windows for a couple of minutes clears it all up (there's a fan in the closet too). The windows looked brand new and so did pretty much all the fixtures, tub, toilet, and sink in the bathroom. Their continental breakfast was no big deal. O.J., plain bagels, and muffins cut in half was all they had, I recommend going to Sears, Dotties or the Squat & Gobble (Haight-Ashbury) for breakfast/lunch. Their wine tasting ends at 7pm not 7:30pm like they posted. Upon checkout the hotel worker was totally rude, didn't say anything to us other than, 'room number' and when we asked if that was it he said 'yeah.' Very cozy hotel with not much to complain about. Location is cool because its not that far from good restaurants and o.k. bars (in a taxi).

Nice decor

from paragas
I liked the decor but the service was less than I expected. The staff wasn't particularly friendly or helpful. My wife asked to borrow scissors to bring to our room and desk clerk reluctantly allowed her with the stipulation that if she didn't return them, we would be charged $20. I understand the sentiment (they may never get their items back) but it seemed out of character for how they portrayed themselves on the web. The room was small due to the large bed but attractive. The street noise woke us in the middle of the night both nights we stayed (this is May 2004). If you are looking for a romantic place, it is nice as long as you don't require staff attention. I doubt we would come back.

Horrible! Do not waste your money!

from A TripAdvisor Member
This place was a Joke. First bad customer service, place is run down and looks like a 'Hotel by the Hour' with NO hot water and a very rusty bath room with the toilet seat chipped. The paint is coming off the walls.

This is a dirty, creepy, dingy place and you should be aware. The have been false advertising this place and I made a complaint to Expedia because of it.

Please no that I am all about a Bargain but, this place -- you would be better off going to Motel 6. Trust me.

Loved every minute!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
After reading all the reviews on this hotel we were a bit worried,but we never needed to be. The nob hill hotel is LOVELY. The rooms although short on wardrobe space were charming. Complimentary breakfast and free wine tasting, friendly staff, what more could you want. I would recommend this hotel to all of my family & friends and next time we visit San Francisco will be booking this hotel.

Rude Hotel Staff, 2 Star Rooms, Clean, Good Location

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed here for 12 nights for our honeymoon and the room was nice, felt a little dirty and dismal, had a dark feeling to it, but it was okay. We were out so much we didn't care as much as someone who may be spending more time in the room. Our room was tiny, but the bathroom was clean with marble floors which I liked because a clean bathroom is important to me. The front desk overcharged us and they were so rude when my husband confronted them about it. They were just plain nasty.
But, the manager got involved and it worked out in the end. Breakfast was free, but was only a crossiant and juice everyday for 10 days, nothing else. Lobby has free internet access on their PC, which I appreciated. Rooms were very quiet and filled with antiques which I appreciated since I like something a little different from the norm.
The neighboorhood wasn't so great, 4 blocks south and one block over the area was loaded with junkies and very sly looking people. I wouldn't walk around there at night unless you go in pairs. I didn't dislike the hotel, the rate was good and I may stay there again just because we honeymooned there and it's somewhat sentimental to us now -- but even still, if I were someone travelling to San Fran and was looking into this hotel as a potential place to stay, I'd pass and go for something in a better area with brighter rooms and a better breakfast and warmer staff.

Where Should I Start!

from PEteman_8
It was Awful! THIS IS LONG BUT YOU HAVE TO READ IF YOU ARE THINKING OF STAYING HERE!! I know what you are thinking. Half the reviews are great and the other half are miserable. Listen to the later. It was miserable, spend the extra $50 a night and go somewhere else. The Splendid Cast Iron beds described I could get at the goodwill. Roomy?
More like a closet. We could here the conversation of our neighbors and they could probably here us later on in the evening. I had to use a chair to keep the window open and stand on the bed to turn channels on the 13" TV. Water pressure in the shower was non existent, and then there the central heating issue, very hot (which explains the chair in window) To top it all off when we checked out at the front desk we had to walk around a bucket catching water leaking from the cealing. Watch out for the parking also. The only upside was the restaurant was very small and tasty, and also the awful hotel gave us an excuse to stay out late in the city. I apologize if this was long but it just shows how impressed I was with this place

Top Local Tips for San Francisco

Check for Bugs Bed bugs are becoming more prevalent in hotels. Check mattress seams for dark spots, under matresses too. Educate yourself about this very real concern. No hotel is exempt from this potential problem. It's one thing to be bitten and another to bring them home in your luggage!

Just take Public transportation would be enjoyable. ! but dont' go on the muni at night time in some area of san francisco. be aware of homeless on the street in alley. ask the front desk person for advice on where not to go.

Get it in writing Don't count on anything someone says to you over the phone. Always show up with something in writing. The easiest is to have them send an email outlining everything you talked about.


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  • nob hill san francisco
  • nob hill hotel
  • hotel nob hill
  • Address: 835 Hyde Street - San Francisco - California - 94109 - United States
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