Hotel Mark Twain San Francisco

, San Francisco, United States
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Hotel Mark Twain San Francisco

3 star

Rooms: 118

345 Taylor Street - San Francisco - California - 94102 - United States Hotel Website | | 4156732332
369 Traveller

Reviews - Hotel Mark Twain San Francisco

Historical Traveller Reviews of Hotel Mark Twain San Francisco

9 Days at the Mark Twain SFO

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I spent 9 nights at the Mark Twain and found it to be good value for the money.
It's an older hotel, and shows its age in places, but it was clean, comfortable, and certainly a very convenient base for looking around SFO. Public transport is close by, and it's a very short walk to Union Square. The staff were excellent to deal with and were always willing to provide advice and assistance.
In other reviews I read of security/safety issues. We never felt threatened at any time of the day or night. There are "poor folk" in the neighbourhood, but any refusal to contribute was accepted with grace.
We would certainly stay again.

Solid Value - European Feel

from Colts/Pacers
Great value for SF! No, this is not the Hilton. It is the classic old hotel that has been reworked over the years. Rooms/bath are small by midwest american standards but would be right on the mark if you were traveling thru europe. Linen service was great. Rooms were clean. Paint was showing some wear in bath room but crews were busy reworking rooms on our floor. Front desk staff was more than happy to help when asked but were quiet and reserved otherwise. Two blocks from great shopping. Nice little breakfast/lunch place next door. If you want to LIVE in this room you should probably look else where. If you want a room to SLEEP in after a long day of site seeing and shopping, this is the place. And at 1/3 the Hilton price I would return.

Ok, but you can probably do better.

from TravlinGuy
The hotel is faily clean with a good location. That's about all that can be said for it. The desk staff ranges from friendly and inept to rude an inept. The standard room (which Hotels books) is hardly big enough for the bed to go into. Upon viewing this room, I asked about an upgrade. They told me that since I'd booked through Hotels, there could be no upgrade. When I was ready to leave, they said they could upgrade me to a "Jr. Suite" for an additional $75 a night. Add this to the $100 a night I'd already paid, and I'm only $25 away from staying at a really nice hotel, like the Hilton across the street. So, this place is really no bargain.

Best part: Location
Worst parts: Front desk staff who really doesn't know ANYTHING. I asked for a spoon one night to eat some hard-packed ice cream, and the front desk clerk REFUSED to give me a spoon. I've never seen a hotel that would refuse a guest such a simple, basic, reasonable request. The elevator is tiny and very slow. If you try to take the stairs, be careful. The stairs are not even big enough to put your whole foot on--a real safety hazard.

t Stay Here!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I count booking a room at this hotel among the dumber things I have done in my life, so I attempt to salvage something useful from my experience in the hope that others will learn from my mistake. My story: I arrived in SF on a Friday after spending the latter part of the work week at a conference in Sacramento. I was very tired and looking forward to a good night's rest followed by a pleasant but short stay in SF.
The first thing that went wrong had to do with the reservation. I had booked this room over an Internet website specializing in hotels. When I made my reservation I requested a smoking room. Well, lo and behold, when I arrived they had no record of my request and made little effort to mitigate the situation beyond reciting the "no guarantees" policy as if from rote memorization. I did not make a big deal about it but, mindful of my fatigue and the hotel's noisy location, did ask for a quiet room in the hotel's interior, on an upper floor.
The next sign that something was rotten was waiting what seemed like an eternity for the tiny little elevator to arrive. I had to stuff myself in there along with three German tourists. Exiting the elevator on the eighth floor, it was immediately apparent that the owners had invested most of their money in fixing up the lobby. All of the interior was painted a drab, ugly yellow and smelled musty and dusty, with cheap decor reminiscent of a boarding house. Even beyond all this, the room still managed to disappoint. Room was very, very small with paper-thin walls. The people next door (who were smoking up a storm in their room) were watching a movie on the TV at what seemed like full volume, with tire-squealing car chases interspersed with what sounded like orgasmic moans coming through the wall and blaring out into the hotel's interior. There was no air conditioning and hardly any breeze (surprising, considering that it was very windy that day). Windows of the room directly faced windows of a room across the interior. The queen bed was way too short and covered with a cheap, thin spread. There were marks on the walls and stains on the carpet. In the dark and tiny bathroom I could hear my neighbor turning the faucet on and off, and from a vent above the shower I could hear clanging coming up the pipes from the hotel restaurant kitchen.
I knew I would hate every minute of staying at the Hotel Mark Twain. Between the noisy neighbors and the stagnant, smelly room I did not believe I would be able to sleep there, either. I went across the street to the Hilton and booked a room for that night (beautiful and clean, with a spectacular East Bay view).
I attempted to get a refund for at least one night, to no avail. My feeling is that "bait and switch" for them is a common and accepted business practice, with no remorse for the guests they disappoint and displease from fraudulent advertising and insufficient accommodations. All staff seemed to be able to do was recite booking policies and tell me that I should have called the hotel directly. I suppose that, from their perspective, you are treated with the contempt you deserve for booking online and thus avoiding paying the full price.
I have stayed at boutique hotels before, and I can accept the lack of modern conveniences as part of the experience, as long as standards of quality service and accommodation are maintained. In my experience, the HMT presented all of the inconveniences of a boutique hotel, and none of its advantages. The Hotel Mark Twain is like a tacky, cheap impersonization of it betters (and there are many for nearly the same price, so avoid this one and stay somewhere else).

A Perdect Fit

from gan03
I take note that the negative reviews of this property are from a majority US clientel. As an overseas visitor the Mark Twain met our needs to a tee. If it's the Hilton your looking for walk accross the road. The hotel is not new but has been redecorated to include that old world feel with a mixture of modern tones. Very palatable. Yes the lift is small but then we took the stairs. The room was adequate. Clean, roomy and had all that was required for a four night stay. Well located close to Powell St station and Union Square. For any Aussies travelling to SF, who are not wanting to pay a fortune and are prepared to accept a step back in time without too much of a penalty the Mark Twain is a good choice. We will be return customers.

Terrible - Could not wait for the time to check out!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
It was musty, no air conditioner, no wash cloths. Could not wait to check out. Would not recomment it to anyone. The bathroom was tiny only had room for 1 person at a time to be in it. The shower reminded me of one that was in a campsite. Not clean- black mildew around the bottom.
Management Response from HotelMarkTwain
Hello! I truly believe in tripadvisor but I must point out a few things about the numeorus negative reviews our hotel as received and what we are doing about these comments.

First of all, for some reason, many that respond to tripadvisor seem to give us bad reviews. Perhaps some of these reviews are other hotels and perhaps a lot of them are legitimate. But we do have MANY departing guests that enjoy their stay and do come back. AND, we have (currently) a 3.7 out of 4 rating with Expedia and 3 out of 5 with Travelocity. It just shows that, like Baskin Robbins with 31 flavors, everyone has a different taste. We're sorry we are not everyones. But I would like to comment on some of these reviews.

Someone wrote that how dare we say we are 3.5 stars. We never have claimed that. This site gives us 2 and AAA gives us 3 diamonds.

Some of our rooms do have tiny baths as mentioned and some rooms are not giant - we are a boutique hotel. But many rooms are very spacious and some bathrooms are large by boutique standards. With any hotel, if you don't like something, see if you can have your room changed. If we are not sold out, we will gladly change you to a room with a larger bathroom or more room space.

We are three blocks from Union Square and Cable Cars. We are right across the street from the biggest Hilton in San Francisco and one block from the 4-star Hotel Monaco and Clift. So it's funny, no one ever says they are in a bad neighborhood. It's true that if you go right out of our door a few blocks you will be in the Tenderloin. So go left to Union Square! You'd have to go right if you are going to the Golden Gate or Warfield Theatres.
And I have seen no pimps in the neighborhood, so I doubt those were the people yelling (as one person wrote). And someone blamed our neighborhood for their car being broken into - crime does not have a neighborhood - it can happen anywhere.

We do not have dirty sheets. Our housekeeping staff is really good at cleaning and work long days and work hard. But since the 4-year-old carpet gives people the illusion it is dirty - we will be replacing it completely by next year. We are also adding a tier of deluxe rooms with higher thread count sheets and bath linen as well as ceiling fans, new carpet, mini bars - this should be completed in the next few month.

Very few boutique hotels have air conditioning in San Francisco. We only have about 8-10 hot days a year. But in addition to putting ceiling fans in our deluxe rooms over the next few months, the entire hotel should have time some time in 2006.

Our valet parking at $30 (plus tax) per day is perhaps the best rate in the neighborhood. Parking at many other hotels is over $40 per day. And it does have in/out privileges. Those who book with the hotel directly can also ask for a parking package, which will save you $10 per day. And the parking charges go directly on the room bill, so I don't understand the comment about how the valet couldn't figure out the change for a guest. Also, we did have some delays that were reported to us directly from guests from our valet service. So we have switched to the valet service that was voted best of the city from SF Weekly readers.

Yes it's small. Sorry. Getting a bigger and newer one has been discussed, but it's a major overhaling and still being reviewed.

A good base

from adrienne1
This hotel is in a convenient location and made a very good base for seeing San Francisco. Staff were friendly and helpful. Room was nothing special, but was clean and of a good size. The location was fine, but make sure you get there by the most direct route form Union Square (powell street, and then O'Farrell Street. Don't wander into the surrounding Tenderloin district- the extent of homelessness and poverty there is shocking.
Overall, very good value for money

Run Away

from A TripAdvisor Member
The walls are paper thin and this hotel is far too noisy. This is especially a concern because the hotel borders a rather seedy part of town. The first day we arrived we needed a nap due to a four am flight. We had housekeeping enter our room despite a do not disturb sign to interrupt our much needed sleep. Then we endured the extremely loud conversations of the same staff in the hall as they cleaned. Needless to say we did not get the rest we'd intended. Our night time sleep attempts were interrupted by pimps yelling at prostitutes outside, noisy neighbors, sirens and garbage trucks. I came home from vacation exhausted and determined to steer as many people away from this hotel as possible. Pay more and stay somewhere else, it's not worth the lower price.

Management and Employees refuse to solve your problems and deal dishonestly

from A TripAdvisor Member
I chose this Hotel to celebrate my 25th anniversary during my visit to San Francisco and it was a terribel experience.

I stayed there for 4 days and during my first day after I went out for a few hours I couldn't open the electronic door of my room. It took sometime before an employee really went to check with me that the electronic door was not working and they had to call an engineer to deal with it.

Meanwhile they had to place me in another room, but the thing was - they promised I could get my stuff early in the morning (my bags, my clothes, my passport and documents - everything that I had was in that room), and the in the morning they told me that the engineer had never appeared during the night, but they would call him and then in the afternoon I would be able to go to my room and get my stuff again.

Fact, when I returned in the late afternoon - nothing, no one had moved a finger to open my room and allow me to get my stuff. They made a new promise that I would be able to do it by the next morning, but I could see they were not being honest in their "talk" about trying to solve my problem.

New morning.... nothing absolutely done. They had done nothing to open my room.... Worse, in the third evening, I wasn't still able to go to my room, and you can imagine my worry about my passport and documents, and the fact I had not been able to change clothes for more than 2 days. Worse, I couldn't even check-out of this bad hotel to find another one, since they had my passport and clothes with them.

Only in the 3rd morning did I find an employee that realized that my problem was indeed serious and deserved immediate attention. I asked to see the manager and see promised to refund my credit card in 2 days (since I had prepaid my stay), but one month passed and the refund never appeared.

I politely called to the Hotel and asked for the manager on the phone, and she just hang up on me! What I think makes it all worse is that I realized that my misfortunes were more than just the result of mere laziness and forgetfulness - they were just the normal act of a dishonest and unprofessional management. The Manager definitelly lacks any care or interest in the clients troubles, and deals rudely and dishonestly with them, promising to solve problems that she never intends to deal with.

Terrible--Never Again

from BOOSHIE22
Upon our recent visit to San Francisco for the American Association of Orthodontists Convention we stayed at this hotel. We were very dissatisfied with the hotels service and conditions. The advertising for this hotel is very decieving. The rooms were filthy, there were cobwebs around the ceiling, mold in the corners of the shower, the paint on the walls was falling off. The walls were very dirty. The toilet took 4-5 flushes. One outlet on the wall by the window. To iron you had to stand on the bed. The outlets in the bathroom were on the opposite of the mirror so you had to rest your curling iron or hairdryer on the toilet causing an electrical scare. The carpet was old and worn. There was about an one inch gap under our door. No air conditioning, no hair dryers in the room as it is stated. For being a newly renovated hotel, I think they forgot to do alot. Their elevator has to be the smallest we have ever seen. We were just able to get 2 people with our luggage in it. No more than 4 people could fit in it comfortably (without any luggage). We did ask for the manager, who was not there at that time. She did call us back and leave us a message that had nothing to do with our complaints. We would not recommend this hotel, unless they actually did do some renovations. Also, the walls are paper thin. If your neighbor took a shower the same time you did, be careful of the change in water temperatures. It was not in a very pleasant part of town either. So, if you wanted your window open (no air condiditoning remember), you had to put up with the people yelling outside.

Top Local Tips for San Francisco

Save Big Bucks by Flying Into Oakland Airport Rather than SFO Generally, you can get a MUCH better airfare by flying into San Francisco via Oakland Airport. From Oakland, you can take an easy-to-catch bus to BART (cost = $3) and take BART into central city locations (cost = about $4). I thought it might be challenging with my wheelie suitcase, but it wasn't at all. If you are returning to the airport on a Sunday, be aware that BART does not start running from Powell until 8 a.m. I found this out the hard way and had to take a $60 cab ride to the airport. Still, even with the cab ride factored in, I still saved big by flying into Oakland.

San Francisco destination Go to Muir Woods, Yosemite and Alcatraz. Be wary of "helpful" people who will expect cash in exchange for their "assistance". If travelling by public transport, get the relevant 3/4/5 day pass.

The Journey Up Lombard Street When you come to San Francisco, you should not miss the "crookedest street" in the world. Avoid just driving down the street or being dropped off right next to it. Instead why not fulfill the whole experience by first walking up the 90 degree sidewalk at the very start of Lombard Street. You'll have some good laughs along the way with poking fun at each other and resting at intervals because it is quite a challenging feat. When you reach the top you are amazed and proud of what you accomplished even though you are out of breath! So if you're looking for a fun, physical experience you'll never forget, climbing up Lombard Street is a must on your to-do list.


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  • mark twain san francisco
  • mark twain hotel
  • hotel mark twain
  • Address: 345 Taylor Street - San Francisco - California - 94102 - United States
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