Grant Plaza Hotel

, San Francisco, United States
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Grant Plaza Hotel

, San Francisco
2 star

Rooms: 72

465 Grant Avenue - San Francisco - California - 94108 - United States | 4154343883
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You Get What You Pay For-Be Cautious
Submitted by: Recent Visitor in 17/10/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
I had read a number of decent reviews of the Grant Plaza Hotel, some in guidebooks, and had booked a reservation based on these positive recommendations. I wish somebody had given posted the hard facts about this hotel. Here they are:

1. This is indeed an inexpensive hotel and it is located in Chinatown.
2. There's a reason why it is so inexpensive: it is aging not so gracefully, it isn't very clean (there was hair in both our sink and shower) and it really needs some work. We didn't expect to be in the lap of luxury, but this hotel struck us as just a step or two above seedy.
3. The rooms are not air conditioned. Which might not seem like a big deal, but (a) the streets around the hotel are very, very busy, (b) the windows in our room had broken locks and therefore could not be secured and (c) there was a fire escape of sorts outside of our window. We didn't feel safe.

The good news is that there seem to be very nice people running it. After we had checked in, we went to our room and very, very quickly decided we didn't want to stay there. We found another hotel (and paid more for a higher quality hotel) and let the front desk at the Grant Plaza Hotel know we didn't want to stay. No problem, we weren't charged a penny, and we left.
Great location
Submitted by: Sara Rasmussen in 04/07/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
The Grant Plaza Hotel in San Francisco is ideally located for a family. It is located one block inside the gate to Chinatown. When you walk out the front door you are immersed immediately in all the activity. It is located one block from a Starbuck's and a pleasant walk to the good food at North Beach. The cable car is only a block away and the subway is an easy walk too. The hotel is clean and quiet and has a helpful staff.
Ideal for sightseeing
Submitted by: John Rubidge in 08/04/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type:
Perfectly located and the car park across the road was a real find! Rooms comfortable and clean and reasonably priced.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Grant Plaza Hotel

s dangerous

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at Grant Plaza 6 03 and was curious about other reviews since. Well, firstly, I am glad someone mentioned they took the stairs rather than the elevator. When I stayed there for three nights, the stairways were kept padlocked - I swear- and I almost prayed each night I was in my room that there would not be a fire. Our only means of entrance and egress were to take the elevator.
Other than that the rooms are tiny, kind of noisy, hot, but there is something quaint about the place. Maybe I'm just a masochist.
And you can't beat the location. So, if you want to stay there just make sure the stairwells are open, and bring earplugs. (And air freshener wouldn't hurt, either.)

A fine place to stay

from A TripAdvisor Member
Spent 4 nights here mid August 2004. We had a twin room with a great double aspect view. Its dead central and just inside China town. You can walk anywhere from here. The price is unbeatable in San Francisco let along in the centre of the city. The staff were extremely helpful and it has two internet terminals in the lobby. Ok its not the Hilton (and I have stayed in worse Hilton's - Brighton for one) but I cant understand why it seems to have got so many bad write ups here. If you are looking for flashy rooms with room service then this is not for you. If you want a clean basic room in the city centre very cheap then I would highly recommend it.

Damp and Smelly

from Tatchull
This was my third trip to the states, and my first to California. Based on my previous few trips I was expecting the room at the Grant Plaza to be adequate in size, clean and basic. It was tiny, dirty, smelly, and loud.
The curtains didn't close properly, and the maids insisted on leaving the windows open after cleaning the room, despite the fire escape just outside and our stuff lying around in the room.
The best thing about it is the location, very close to Union Square and on the edge of chinatown.I'm not sure how this compares to other hotels in SF in the same price bracket, as I have only stayed here, but I wish we'd stayed somewhere slightly more expensive or further afield, it was not a nice hotel.
I'm not a naturally negative person and I have tried to find the positives!

Good price, Good hotel

from sacanon
We heard good things about Grant Plaza however we accidentally booked at Grant Hotel (Two very different Hotels). Once we realized our error we checked out of Grant Hotel and into Grant Plaza, located inside Chinatown. Grant Plaza was clean, the staff was competant yet the rooms were small. We lived is several hotels before buying a home in the Bay area, I can say a lot of hotel rooms are small unless you pay more. We were satisfied with The Grant Plaza and recommend it to those who want to be inside Chinatown and fairly close to Union Square. Its really good for the price you pay.
NOTE: Some of these reviews sound like Grant Hotel which was not nice.

It was fine

from sagamon
We stayed there about 2 years ago. We had 2 rooms. Our kids had a huge room at the corner. We had a small one but it was adequate. Nice area, pleasent staff, decent value. I would stay there again.

Beware: Deceptive Advertising Hurts!

from A TripAdvisor Member
This hotel is by far the worst hotel I have ever stayed at in my whole life. I felt like I was in some Chevy Chase Vacation movie. Things just kept getting worse and worse.

I booked the room on Hotels, it was rated at 3 starts (mysteriously it is at 2 now...) and I spent over $100 a night and was very disapointed. The other people I went to San Francisco with all got nicer rooms for about two-thirds the price. They booked their rooms on other leading travel websites (I won't mention which, shop around) but they got rooms at the Sir Francis Drake for about 70 bucks and the rooms there are very, very nice. In fact if I had just walked into the Holiday Inn on Friday night I could have gotten a nice and decent room for under $80. I've seen other reviews where they got a room at Grant Plaza for under $40 per night, I wouldn't feel so extremely ripped off if I had gotten to pay that much.

Here is a numbered list of the reasons why I was dissatisfied with my room at the Grant Plaza, please read them all so you know what you are getting into before you book a room here.

1) The pictures of the exterior of the hotel on Expedia, Hotels, etc. are very misleading. The hotel does not look anything like the pictures in my opinion. In fact I suspect the pictures to be doctored since there is not even cable car line that runs in front of the hotel as you are lead to believe.

2) The pictures of the rooms look absolutely nothing like the room I got. When I opened the door it practically hit the bed, try to imagine the stunned look on my face as I dropped my bags. In the center of the room was a double size bed and there is approximately 2 feet around the bed get from the front door to the bathroom... and that's it! The closet only took up what precious space we had to move around and the bathroom was very tiny. I'm not sure how me and my girlfriend we able to pull it off without one of us standing out in the hallway while the other got ready. I estimate the room to be 9 feet by 9 feet.

3) The night staff was very rude. Whenever my girlfriend asked him a question he pretended like she did not exist. He would turn to me and answer her questions as though I was the only person standing there. Very bizzare!

4) The elevator ride felt very dangerous, I only rode it once, I took the stairs to the fifth floor for the rest of my stay, even when I carried all my bags down to check out. Ominous signs are posted all over the place to never occupy the elevator with more than 4 people. The elevator was also very loud, God help your soul if you get stuck with a room near the elevator, you won't be getting any sleep.

5) No alarm clock. I woke up every 5 minutes to look at my watch to make sure I didn't wake up late. Exhausting!!

6) Bar soap and mini bottles of shampoo are NOT provided... What you get is a kind of soap dispenser commonly seen in gas station bathrooms. It's only saving grace is that it is labeled "Euro-Bath." Good thing I bring my own soap and shampoo.

7) The towels smelled like mildew. Yes mildew. I felt so clean, fresh, and ready to face the world, yessiree. I could detect the faint aroma of mildew on myself all day long.

8) There was a newer TV, but get this, no cable television. Every Motel 6 I see has a sign up that says they have cable and HBO and whatnot... I guess cable is too expensive a luxury when you charge your guests only $100+ a night.

9) The walls are paper thin. When somebody walks past in the hallway you can hear 100% of their conversation, and they can hear 100% of yours. Also, all traffic noise, construction noise, and even the guy talking to himself on the corner down the street sound like they are all originating from inside your room. Kinda like those "Nature Sounds to Relax to" CDs... only not. The traffic noise continues at all hours of the night with race car drivers peeling out and ambulances screaming by. Nearly impossible to sleep, and I'm a heavy sleeper. I plainly heard the couple next door having raucous sex, normally voyeurism is fun, but not when your eyes are bloodshot from lack of sleep.

10) No air conditioning. The only way to cool down is to open the window, and that only opens 2 and a half inches. I wanted to go to San Francisco, not Louisiana.

11) The floors creak, and they creak loudly. The people in the room above us were not having a crazy party (we could tell) but whenever they moved it sounded like the roof was going to cave in on us.

11) The shower in the bathroom is so small that when to turn around to get your back wet you are likely to hit the shower lever which moves very easily and scald yourself with hot water.

12) The view from my room was a nasty brick wall.

13) The lighting in the room was very dim.

14) The toilet just barely flushes.

15) No iron, I had to take my shirt to a drycleaner to get pressed.

16) No coffeemaker

17) No breakfast

18) Parking was 17.50 per night and two blocks away.

19) The bathrooms were NOT remodeled like the website says.

20) The room was in dire need of repairs, touch up paint, and not to mention a WORKING SMOKE DETECTOR!!

Maybe the rooms on the top floor are nice (from outside I noticed larger windows up there with a jealous twinge) but you are really rolling the dice. I also have no way to know if the upper levels are available on any kind of regular basis.

I wish I had taken a picture of the room to share with all of you, but the thought of photographing something so vile never occurred to me.

Some of other reviews you might read make it sound like Grant Plaza is the promised land for travelers, but those people probably paid between $20 and $40 a night, which is fitting for a hotel of this kind.

The only memorable part of my stay at the Grant Plaza was the easy access to the fire escape through a rickety doorway at the end of the hall. It felt adventurous to hang out 50+ feet above the street on a metal platform and watch the days business pass beneath you.

Whew, I almost feel better now.

t Get Any Worse Than This

from A TripAdvisor Member
I went on expedia to book this hotel, and they deserve an award.....for decepting people using bogus pictures. This was the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. The tiny rooms do not have air conditioning thus forcing you to open the windows and allowing the smell of rank to enter your room. The bathrooms were tiny as well. If you need an alarm clock to wake you up the next morning then you are SOL. The lamps in the room will cooperate with you 50% of the time. The hotel's location was advertised as being at the gateway to chinatown. The truth is you are already one block inside chinatown! If you insist on staying here anyway be prepard to walk up stairs to your room because their crappy elevator was not in service for the most part. Get this- after I checked in I walked around town shortly. When I returned to my awful room, I found that all the lights were turned off even though they were left on when I left. Apparantly housekeeping decided they wanted to walk inside and snoop. They had no reason being in there-my room was already clean when I checked in. Sounds suspicious to me. I was in the elevator one night, when it was working, and the guy next to me asked me what I thought about this place. I told him what I thought and he agreed wholeheartedly. Do yourself a favor and fork out a little bit more cash to stay at a more decent hotel. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

Stay away

from A TripAdvisor Member
Myself and a friend stayed here at the end of March, never again. We had booked for 4 nights but booked out early as the maximum hours of sleep we had was 4 hours. The walls are paper thin so you can hear everything next door and the majority of the people staying are Chinese. Every morning at 4.30 we could here next door phoning home and were kept away by the people upstairs until 3.00 in the morning. Bathroom and bedroom was cramped and needed lots of repairs. The rooms are nothing like on their website. My friend who is a heavy sleeper was still kept awake!

Small room but inside Chinatown.

from Dara50
Believe accomodations were reasonable for the price and vicinity.
Located just inside the Chinatown gates. Room is definitely maximized.
Parking is arranged with adjacent garages. Front door has nighttime curfew which is overcome by presentation of room key. Would consider staying again for vicinity. Recommend for singles or couples. It's a Chinatown walking adventure!

Never again!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I made the mistake of booking 2 nights at the Grant Plaza. Never again!
The photos you see are deceptive. The non-smoking floor reeks of smoke; smoke detector cover was hanging from the ceiling; window pane in small, dirty bathroom was loose enough you could have removed it from the window (had to stuff tissue in it to keep out the air); lamp worked sometimes; tv remote was held together with masking tape. Changed hotels after only one night. Truly the most unpleasant experience I've ever had.

Top Local Tips for San Francisco

Easy Access It is close to downtown San Fransisco and you can get to public services easy. Great food in the area and it was an all around nice place and will stay there every time I will go to San Fransisco.

Catch this great show Went to several comedy venues. Only one was worthwhile. Caught the Sunday night SF Comedy Showcase at the Punchline Comedy Club (444 Battery St.) The show was the best - a dozen or better comics - many had done TV. Only $7.50 a ticket - would have been worth it at 4 times the price. Buy tickets online as they sell out. You won't be sorry!

Where not to go be careful on Grant Avenue late at night...........


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  • hotel grant plaza
  • grant plaza san francisco
  • grant plaza hotel san francisco
  • grant plaza hotel
  • Address: 465 Grant Avenue - San Francisco - California - 94108 - United States
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"You Get What You Pay For-Be Cautious" - Recent Visitor

"Great location" - Sara Rasmussen

"Ideal for sightseeing" - John Rubidge

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