The Beachcomber Motel Hotel

, Fort Bragg, United States
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The Beachcomber Motel Hotel

, Fort Bragg
4 star

Rooms: 42

1111 North Main Street - Fort Bragg - California - 95432 - United States Hotel Website | | 1-707-964-2402
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from A TripAdvisor Member
The Beachcomber is NOT a 3 diamond motel. Our room was 10x12, with a queen bed. The bthrm was small. The slider windows that faced the pking lot were only covered with a sheer curtain(in the bthrm, 1st. fl, pking lot), the tub water was brown, the sink water was brown, the toilet water was brown, but not to worry, there was no hot water at night or in the morning. The only other window for ventalation opened to the neighboring hotel, but not to worry, it was sealed shut.
It was very hot so we opened the windows with the sheer curtains and "rinsed off" with the cold brown water, with a towel over the window. The large part of the "beach" was at the bottom of the cliff. But we were sooo tired that we laughed and laughed. In the morning, we had 1/2 of a store bought pastry and left, looking for a decent cup of coffee. Laughable, 1 diamond, never again.

Liked it enough to go back

from Dr. Sam Platts
We first stayed at the Beachcomber a few years earlier when passing through Fort Bragg and we were just looking for any motel. We were intending to stay just one night but I took one look at the view out the window and booked two more nights. Then a couple of years later while coming back from a trip to Canada we stopped and stayed two more nights. The people at the front desk seemed very nice. We stayed in the newer construction on the south end of the building. The first time we stayed on the ground floor, but the second floor has a nicer view. I never noticed any salt in the tap water, nor poor housekeeping, and the bathrooms may have been small, but not worth commenting on.
We found the beach nice, the hiking on the old railroad right-of-way fun, the nature areas were wonderful, you could see seals, and just sitting on the patio reading while listening to the birds and the sea was a pleasure. I read some of the negative reviews published recently and I wonder if the Beachcomber has gone down hill. I hope not, since I was thinking about going back.

too much for too little

from maureenCalifornia
The only thing the beachcomber has going for it is the beach... The room on the bottom floor was tiny with dirty windows (your view), dirty carpet, horrible room coffee,a bathroom so tiny you can hardly turn around in and no hairdryer's. When we requested a hair dryer they told us they had four and all were being used...go figure! They say they have a continental breakfast but it's really just cheap danish served in their grocery store plastic containers and really bad coffee with curdled milk. The location is wonderful, walking distance to Fort Bragg and Glass beach but other than that I would never pay the rate they charge to stay there again.

t stay here!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We had stayed at this motel quite a few years ago and had enjoyed it. However, we came to stay over the New years weekend this year (we were actually celebrating by husband's 50th birthday) and were extremely disapointed.
First of all, I made the reservations months in advance, during the summer and had at that time requested a room with a fireplace and a view. i told them that this was for my husbands birthday and i wanted it to be really nice. I emailed to confirm about two weeks ahead of time and again mentioned the fireplace. When they answered back, they still did not confirm anything except my reservation. I guess that shouuld have ben my first clue! We left late in the day on friday the 30th and i called them right before we walked out of the house to tell them that we were on our way but that as we were just leaving and it was about a 4 hour drive - to exepct us to be later in arriving. they said it was no problem. We ran into terrible weather; heavy rain, flooding, mudslides and got stuck on the mountain road about 15 miles outside town. we finally got a two truck and got to the motel around 11:45. All teh time we were standing in the rain waiting for the tow truck i kept telling myself to just hang in there - i would soon be in front of alovely fireplace. what a surprise to get into the room thay gave us only to find a very average room and NO fireplace. I was too wet, cold and exhausted to deal with it so we dried off and went to bed. the next morning i explained that i had reserved a better room and asked if we could possibly switch rooms. They were able to provide us with another room that had a fireplace, a dual shower head shower and one of the jacuzzi tubs.
The next problem was that immediately upon moving into the room, we had a maintenance man knock on the door and aks to come in to wash down the liquid plumber he had put in the shower drain. when we tried to shower using both heads, the water immediately backed up so obviously the liquid plumber had not solved the issue. We did not want to have workmen in the room with us so we decided to just use one shower head and let them front desk know when we checked out. We also found that the fireplace glass appeared to have not been cleaned in quite some time and the timer switch for the fireplace, although marked for up to 60 minutes, actually only ran for 20 minutes no matter how far you turned it. again, we let it go in favor of having a peacefull weekend.
The HUGE issue came when we decided to use the jacuzzi tub on Sunday night. We ran the water and i got in, my husband turned the jets on and was getting ready to get in when he noticed that the water was foaming into a DARK BROWN greasy scum!It left a greasy residue on me (gross!)and a greasy brown ring on the tub. I showered it off while my husband attempted to clean it out. Apparently the motel management had never heard of the products that exist to clean out just this kind of build up. Since we were trying to have a romantic evening and it was out last night. we decided to just let management know when we checked out and suggest they address the issues we had run into. we were not mad and at that point still planned to return to the motel in the future.
Well, when we checked out the next day and mentioned the problems, they were more concerned with why we had not come down and told them each time we were unhappy. we advised that we were trying to keep the weekend pleasant and relaxed and that it was not a big deal - we just wanted to let them know so they could address the items now. We also asked if they could make an adjustment to our bill for our trouble and to make up for the items not working well. I only wanted the difference of the room upgrade for the two nights - a total of about $60. i was told that they had no authority to do this and i would have to talk to the owner who was not there. I was astounded that a customer service/hospitality business would not immediately be concerned with even a minor complaint and was even more surprised that they expected me to chase after the owner instead of handling it direclty with him and calling me with the outcome. Nevertheless, I called the next day, Jan 2nd (he had just left) and the day after that when I was told he would be in (he now had "gone out of town")they took my number and siad they would have him call but he never did. my husband made several calls as well, all to no avail. He got the same run around of the person never being there and no one ever returning the calls. We have now gone on to find other means of recourse. The situation that was not a big deal and could have been easily handled, has now made us vow to never return to that motel and to tell EVERYONE we can how disgusting their housekeeping practices are as well as how their "customer service" is non-existant. DO NOT stay at this motel if you care about cleaniness or customer service - they do not care about you!!!!

Horrible, Horrible service, Motel 6 quality

from A TripAdvisor Member
This place has the very worst "customer service" I have ever encountered.
The Reader's Digest Condensed version of our nightmare follows:
1. Even though I had my confirmation #s for the reservations made in advance on 2 rooms for 2 days at $152.00 per, they said they didn't have them.
2. They said they were full, but could "upgrade" us to a room with 1 queen, and 1 fold-out couch! How is that an upgrade?
3. The room situation wasn't straightened out until 7 p.m. at night! In the meantime, I had spent approx. 3 hours driving around town trying to find rooms. We were never given a discount even though the mix-up was due to their incompetence.
4. The second day, we were not allowed in one of our rooms, because the reservation for that room was made in my son's name. He had been there earlier, explained to them that I would be staying in that room with the grandkids, and then left to do last minute wedding preparations. (It was his wedding day). We actually had to have the bride to be come down, one hour before the wedding, to make them let us back in our room. (Don't forget, they had been paid for in advance).
5. They shut off the phone in our room, but all denied doing it, so we had to go back downstairs to the office, once again, to make them hook it back up.
6. The maids were in our room cleaning while we were trying to get ready for the wedding. This would not have been a problem had we been able to go into our 2nd room and get dressed there.
7. The water from the faucets was brown. It smelled. It was not fit for consumption. They had no bottled water, they said it would cost too much.
They actually had a sign posted stating that even though the cream would not disolve in the coffee due to the "mineral" content of the water, it was still OK and not to worry.
8. The machine which was supposed to dispense orange juice in the lobby also had a sign stating that it was broken.
9. The apple juice machine also did not work, and when I asked about it, I was told that they only served apple juice on the weekends before 9 a.m.
10. We had room 218 & 219, the bath in 219 had mold.
All in all, we paid $608.00 for 2 rooms, for 2 nights, and actually only got to spend a portion of that time in the rooms due to the ignorance of the office staff.
I can only think the reason they book up on the weekends is because the people who stay there are "first timers" who don't know what their in for. No one in their right mind would ever willingly stay there again.

Redding, CA

Gorgeous views of the ocean!

from Lufitz
This was a cute, small, quaint motel with a homey-like atmosphere. It was very clean with the rooms looking newly furnished, clean carpet, nice beds. Even though it was on the main drag, it was very quiet - not too much night traffic. The Continental breakfast in the lobby was not much to speak of. But the most fantastic thing was the view of the ocean. You could walk out on your patio or along the walkway and get right down to the ocean. It was so magnificent! I absolutely would stay again.

On the beach, but it is way overpriced, not very clean.

from A TripAdvisor Member
On the beach, but way overpriced for the poor quality of the room.
Was rated a AAA 3 diamond, but should have only been a 2 at the most.
Advertised Continental Breakfast was just store bought danish, juice and coffee. Ran out by 9 am and was not restocked.
Room smelled, door was not secure with gaps around and under, dirt behind dresser.

Horrible Experience!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary there and it was our most horrible motel/hotel experience ever. First, the room smelled really bad, but they were sold out, so we were forced to stay in it. It was also really stuffy, so we had to leave our slider open, (with a safety latch in tact of course), as well as our bathroom and hallway windows, so that we could get some air in the room as their rooms are not airconditioned at all. We were also trying to get rid of the smell at the same time but was unsuccessful. The bed was also the most uncomfortable that we'd ever slept on and both my husband and I had a very hard time falling asleep. The fact that the walls are paper thin and that we were able to hear the family next door talking into the wee hours of the morning didn't help either.

This was also the only motel or hotel where we've actually experienced the fact that we were told to come back at 3 p.m. to check in when we were only half an hour early. Worst of all was their lack of care or concern for us - the customer. Will definitely NEVER return and wanted people to beware of what they might also experience.

Right on the Beach!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My boyfriend and I spent Memorial weekend at the Beachcomber Motel. We stayed in room 103 which had a King bed (refrigerator too which was nice). We paid $139 a night which I believe is the highest the room goes for. During off-peak times, the same room goes for $89 per night. The rooms on the second floor are more expensive (there's only two floors) so I didn't see paying the extra money worth it. The rooms themselves aren't anything special, very standard basic room with no frills. But the view is awesome!! Our sliding patio door opened to an awesome view of the ocean and the Beachcomber Motel's very own beach. I highly recommend paying the extra money to be right on the beach.

AWESOME!!!! you need to check this place out!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We came up just recently and stayed in the hot tub suite. This motel is wonderful! I loved waking up and being able to hear the ocean even when the sliding glass door was closed (they have a bar that comes across the side of the door to lock it, so we can even leave it open at night and smell the ocean). The room was very clean and spacious and we got a FULL SIZE hot tub. Score! It was a very romantic weekend for my fiance and I.

The front desk let us look into several different types of rooms, all of which were clean and well taken after. I thought it was nice that for those who don't want to pay a little more for a room with a view, you can still get one with a distant view for a little less.

I also thought it was a lovely perk that they accept pets in certain rooms, because I saw tons of happy people with their pets. They also have a deck on the top level and a patio on the ground with communal BBQs, which is nice to watch the sunset. The staff was the best I have come across in a long time and all the guests whom I talked to, were so friendly and just as happy as we were.

I would reccomend this place to anybody and everybody. I am so relieved and content to have found such a wonderful place.

We will definitely be coming back again and next time, we are going to bring our friends! BBQs, patios, adorable pets, ocean, trails, cool weather, great workers... this place is seriously the jackpot.

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Ricochet Ridge Ranch Had a very nice horseback ride on the beach. Great horses!

good food If you like beer go to the Mendocino Red Tail Ale Brewery in town.

Dog friendly adventure The entire Mendocino area is very dog and people friendly. We walked all of the little beaches, headlands and art galleries. Many of the stores, galleries and wineries will invite you in and tell you it is ok to bring your dog (if well behaved) with you.


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  • the beachcomber motel fort bragg
  • the beachcomber hotel
  • Address: 1111 North Main Street - Fort Bragg - California - 95432 - United States
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