Grand Pacific Palisades Hotel

, Carlsbad, United States
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Grand Pacific Palisades Hotel

, Carlsbad
3 star

Rooms: 90

5805 Armada Drive - Carlsbad - California - 92008 - United States | 760 827 3200
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Grand Pacific Palisades Hotel

Excellent location for Legoland visitors

from A TripAdvisor Member
The location is the best aspect of this hotel for Legoland visitors. A short walk across the street and you're there. We arrived about noon time on Friday, Jan 21 for an overnight stay and were able to check in immediately. Our room was clean and quiet. However, our shower did not have any hot water. We requested to shower in another room and the manager delivered the key promptly. At check out, I was disappointed that we had to pay a $9 resort service fee. If we were compensated in some way for the inconvenience of the cold shower, I would have rated the hotel average to above average for our experience, but we were not. Although the manager did apologize for the problem, it did not satisfy my customer service expectations.

Great Staff and Service

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was a great resort. The staff, especially the front desk and Concierge. I had forgot to bring starch and asked the front desk if they had any...they immediately offered to shuttle me to a nearby drug store to pick some up. The rooms were nice and clean and it was close to Legoland, but I was most impressed by the service level for the rate paid.

Nice hotel stay small for a resort

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from our 3 days two night stay oct 22-24.For our second leg of our southern california trip. My kids had been dying to visit legoland, so after looking on legoland's website found GPPR as a accomadations recommendation. On their web site was a really great deal for 200.00 with tickets to legoland as long as we completed a two hour presentation. Fair enough.
The resort is nice although i was expecting it to be much bigger since it was the only resort in that area. We arrived early and were able to do an early check in wich went smoothly and the staff person( only one person there) was curteous. my only grip about check in was upon checking out we found out a hold was placed on our card upon check in but the woman did not alert us to that. Most hotels will tell you if a hold is going to be placed on your card if any. my husband only found out because he called the bank to check what our damage from our trip was. Anyway i thought the decor was nice and bright hues of yellow and tropical colors and decor. They adult pool was nice size and heated. The resort provided activites through out the week. Our kids were upset they had a movie night on friday just for kids but you had to sign up by thursday and we arrived on friday. Our hotel room was nice size however i would have preferred 2 queen beds instead of 2 doubles. But they had a twin roll away avail and it didnt take the staff long to get it to us. Expanded cable television was a plus because lego land closed at 5:00both friday and sat wich left nothing to do if you didn't research the area. you do have to jay walk to get to legoland however there aren't many cars using that street and it really wasnt a big deal as long as you made sure no cars were comming. After that you walked not even a block to get to the little opening they have for hotel guest. and then you walked up to the gate. The one day we did park in the parking lot we walked the same distance to get to the park as if we ha dof walked the whole way. So save your money and just walk. It really is not far nor is it dangerous as long as you watch your children as you should be anyway.There was no shuttle to legoland during our stay. The water park was cute but the water that is used is not heated so given the cooler weather we had this week I didn't allow my kids to use it. someone said there was only a bar of soap in the room. well we had mouthwash, lotion, liquid soap, shampoo and a bar of soap. Plus there was a liquid soap dispenser in the bathtub/shower. Plenty of towels didn't have to request more. A coffe maker with two types of coffe with real mugs(not cups) were provided as well as a hair dryer. You could also order room service from karl strauss wich my husband really enjoyed. There is no grocery store near this facility unless your a costco member. the shopping area is only 1 block away wich had a lot of places I didnt mind shopping in. If my husband and I had better credit we would have probably bought the time share but since we know we need to repair it there was no point in even trying so we said no. and our sales guy was not pushy. but for the price we were quoted a month you can't beat this time share price!!The villas were really nice with all the equipment you'd expect a villa to have. i'd stay here again even if we were doing san diegos attractions. Its away from the hustle and bustle and quiet! if you want you can e-mail me questions.
***the flowers were not in bloom this time of year so yes it was nothing but dirt....***

Convenient Location

from riverotter
After reading others reviews, I was hesitant to stay here. I found an online special for $120 per night and that seemed fair. As others mentioned there isn't a lot of ambiance or service but I was treated curteously. No one bothered me about time shares or anything else for that matter. The location is convenient for north San Diego County, and despite what others said there are plenty of restaurants within a half mile. The only food service at the hotel, Karl Straus, was mediocre and their famous microbrew beer was low quality. If I had paid the regular price for my room, I would probably be a lot more disapointed. Overall it was okay but no "resort".

Definitely going back!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We spent a week in a two-bedroom condo at Grand Pacific Palisades, and really enjoyed it. The staff were very friendly, the resort was immaculate and the unit was comfortable and refreshingly contemporary. We look forward to returning in the near future.

This is NOT a resort!

from A TripAdvisor Member
This "resort" is nothing more than a glorified motor lodge. From the outside, the property looked somewhat promising - once inside, I felt like I was in a cheesy apartment complex.

*SERVICE: What service? Not only was the only bellhop not available when I arrived, he wasn't available when I left! This meant I had to lug all the luggage for my entire family! Couldn't someone at least hold the door for me!

The front desk service was a nightmare. They couldn't find my reservation even though I had written confirmation. They did not give me the room I had paid for either. The employees attitudes bordered on rude, and their concern for our satisfaction was zilch! They clearly hate their jobs.

*The RESORT: Trust me - this is NOT a resort. Not even close. This place exists for one reason: LEGOLAND and timeshares. It's clearly apparent as soon as you enter, that everything is geared towards pushing timeshares at this place. Do they really get people to buy timeshares here?

There is no hint of elegance, pampering or sophistication at this property, the RESORT title should be removed from the name and replaced with motor lodge.

The 'hotel' grounds are very hum-drum. It did have a kid's pool that the kid's enjoyed, but the rest of the pool area was sadly lacking. With 'fat Jack' doing cannonballs, and his cackling wife flicking cigarette ashes all over - I was seriously thinking I was in "Joe Dirt" territory.

Don't let the pictures on the internet fool you. Those beautiful flower fields are only in bloom a couple months of the year, the rest of the time it is dirt. AND, unless you buy a timeshare-you'll never get a room with that view anyway.

THE ROOM: As soon as we opened the door, and I heard the kids say "Cool! look at the huge spider on the wall", I knew we were in trouble. Turns out, there were a lot of squished insects smeared on the walls.

The interior was in bad shape. Old, dated decor with colors I haven't seen since Miami Vice was popular. Lonely, randomly placed pictures and several fake plants and a dusty artificial flower arrangement completed the decor.

There were no toiletries other than a lonely bar of soap. The bathroom was dirty, moldy and dated. The bedroom cramped with a ratty old blanket

We rented a condo for our family and the only positive thing was that the fridge and microwave worked. The formica was chipping off the cabinets left and right. And bring your own water - the tap water at this place is foul.

My wife was clearly upset by the accommidations and lack of services. The on site concierge was useless. We couldn't believe we were charged $275 a night for this place. Sure, we could've stayed for much less had we agreed to go to a timeshare presentation. But we had too much to do and the kids were dying to go to Legoland.

They also told me Legoland was a 'quick walk across the street'. Yeah, they're across the street but they don't tell you'll have to J-walk with your kids in tow and hover on the median. Then walk a block to get to the gate and then clear across the parking lot while dodging traffic going in/out (Be careful if you have little ones).

So we made the best of it, even though we just hated the place. So ugly, depressing and tacky.
It would be worth the price if it was about $50 a night max.

If you truly don't mind what your lodgings 'look and feel' like and are willing to go through the timeshare presentation to get a cheap price - then you will probably love this place. If you normaly stay in motels and are satisfied with that, you'll love this place. If you're going to Legoland and could care less where you sleep, this is the place for you.

However, if you enjoy great service, or stay at upperscale hotels/resorts, and crave sophisticated updated surroundings - you'll HATE this place. If you think you're getting a "World Class Resort" (like they imply on their website) you'll hate this place. I've seen Best Westerns nicer than this place.

Next time, I will stay at the Four Seasons-no question about it.

Great place! Especially for kids....

from Serena107
My bf and I stayed here for a long weekend. It was great. I was a little nervous about being hassled to buy a timeshare but no one bothered us at all. The flowers were not there but there is a beautiful view of sunset right from the resort. There was nothing I didn't like about the resort. Our (hotel) room was clean and spacious plus we had a wrap around balconey with a view of Legoland. There is a great resteraunt on site and many others close by.

Although we have no children this would be a great place for children they have a wonderful childrens pool, playground, arcade and game room. Directly across the street is legoland and 5 min. away is the beach. Plus San Diego is only 30 minutes away. This was a good vacation and I will definitely come back.

Had a wonderful time

from nitariddle
We had a great three days visiting Carlsbad. We went to Legoland for two days and spent one day enjoying the pool and the local shopping. Legoland is a rather short walk from the hotel (about 10 minutes with kids, of course). We wished there was a crosswalk directly out from the hotel, but the traffic wasn't too bad on the street. Our two boys (3 and 8) enjoyed the pool, particularly the "pirate ship" water park. There was also a small playground to help our three year old get rid of his extra energy. Although we visited at a time when the flowers are not in bloom, I can just imagine how BEAUTIFUL the view must be when they are there in full force. There are no other hotels around with a view like that! The restaurant attached to the hotel, Karl Strauss, served a great lunch to satisfy our appetites. We attended the timeshare presentation. It was not a high pressure pitch like some others we have attended. The villas are beautiful and wonderfully equipped. We found the staff to be courteous and sufficient for a smaller hotel. They provide free shuttles to Legoland and the outlet shops. Moms....check out the outlet shops for great deals on Stride Right shoes!! Pat and Oscars, a GREAT and INEXPENSIVE restaurant, is just a short drive (less than 3 minutes) away. Incredible breadsticks, pizza, and salads. We fed our famil of four for about $20 and had leftovers!
In all, I recommend this hotel to you. While the hotel rooms are just hotel rooms, you can rent out the villas (1, 2, or 3 bdr) and vacation in a home away from home. (a great way to save $$ by cooking....did I mention there is a Cost-co within 1 or 2 miles??)

Okay for going to Lego Land, but...

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just got back from a 3 Day trip to Legoland and a stay at the Grand Pacific Palisades. I was a little on the defensive after reading the reviews about the timeshare sales, so I was a little suspicious of the friendly "agents" that were leading around their prospects (I did find myself within earshot of some interesting sales platitudes). It also kind of bothered me that the largest, most prominent rooms on the top (third) floor of the resort were the prospect presentation rooms and the "Escrow" department (the sign read-"NO AGENTS ALLOWED BEHIND THE COUNTER!")

Some Thoughts:
- This is a good hotel to stay in if your purpose is to go to Legoland. Its location to the park is ultra convenient (parents with toddlers, bring a stroller).

- Yes its true. If you don't plan on doing the 2hr. time share experience, don't plan on getting a room thats anything more then adequate.

- The grounds are nicely kept, but the overall workmanship was cheap. There were these little quibbling things like the bare copper pipe coming out of the ceiling above our shower marked "Air Conditioner Vent.," and ice machines that only worked on every other floor, etc.

- I'm happy to report that the sales force and staff largely left us alone...perhaps too much. This is not a service hotel. We could never get over the somewhat plastic surroundings and atttitude of the staff. Its not that they didn't try to make it look like a fun, friendly place to stay. It all just seemed, well, like a put on to set up the time share prospects.

-Our room was clean as long as you didn't look under the bed or furniture. I had to move a small table to chase my kid's missing "Lego" part, and came up with a hand full of old cheerios, rasins and a hair clip from previous guests.

- Our kids love trains, so we took the Amtrak Surfliner down to Oceanside, which was fun, and on the surface seemed like a good idea. However, while the Hotel may provide service to the local airport, it does not to the train station, adding to our inconvenience and reducing my wallet size by about $20 each way between the station and the Hotel. I had to find this out on my own, by the way, even though I called the hotel concierge in advance of my trip to inquire about cab service or the best method to get there, (the concierge answering system asked that I leave a one called back.)

- the Karl Strauss Restaruant is great; Designer beer, good food and reasonable prices. Get used to going there, because its the only place to go in the area of the hotel (except for Legoland). There is nothing else in the general area except some office buildings. If you have no car, you are out of luck for stores or other places to eat. (I inquired about this in advance of my trip too...the concierge answering system asked that I leave a one called back again.)

Overall, the hotel is just okay for the one purpose of getting to Legoland, but the resort's name belies the reality of the experience. There is nothing especially "Grand" about the Grand Pacific Palisades. Next time, I think we'll just stay at a Beachside resort in La Jolla or San Diego and take the train, or drive, up to Legoland.

Looby like a waiting room.

from rgilmoreaz
The location to the ocean, outlets and Legoland made this location easy to select. The grounds were clean, attractive and the parking was convenient.

The Karl Strauss Brewery served COLD beer, which was welcomed at the end of the day. Service was good and the food was fine.

My concern about a return visit is simple. It is nowhere near a service hotel. The lobby is basically a waiting room for timeshare guests taking a tour. My first morning up, I went to get a cup of coffee and they sent me through the parking lot to the Strauss.

If you are spending more than $100, you are spending too much for this place. Yes the rooms are clean and the grounds are great, it just lacks the charm of a real resort.

We had ZERO expectations when visiting and we were pleased, overall, with our visit. For those of you wishing to be pampered with attention or service, you might be disappointed.

Top Local Tips for Carlsbad

Attend the timeshare promotion. Definitely attend the timeshare promotion. There wasn't any pressure to buy after I told them no. Giving them two hours of my time saved me approximately $600 for the weekend.

Los Olos and Fidels have good Mexican Food Los Olas and Fidels are good for Mexican food. Both are right by the Carlsbad Village. Los Olos has Happy Hour with $2.50 fish tacos and cheap margarita' s

Karl Strauss Brewery Dont skip eating and drinking at the Karl Strauss brewery, one of the best parts about the hotel!


Other names for Grand Pacific Palisades Hotel

  • grand pacific palisades resort
  • grand pacific palisades hotel
  • grand pacific palisades
  • Address: 5805 Armada Drive - Carlsbad - California - 92008 - United States
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