The Peabody Little Rock Hotel

, Little Rock, United States
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The Peabody Little Rock Hotel

4 star

Rooms: 420

Three Statehouse Plaza - Little Rock - Arkansas - 72201 - United States | 501 906 4000
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Reviews - The Peabody Little Rock Hotel

Historical Traveller Reviews of The Peabody Little Rock Hotel

Lost Belongings

from A TripAdvisor Member
No response to two inquiries regarding a blouse left in room at the Peabody Little Rock. While not really expecting to recover the blouse. a brief note saying they had looked would have been nice.

This negative event took away from an otherwise very nice stay at the Peabody.

Beds are great!

from cecjer
After staying at the Peabody in Memphis, we decided to stay at this location while we visited the Clinton Center. The beds, as I expected, were wonderfully comfortable and luxurious. The amenities were great and we enjoyed our evenings at the Peabody. I didn't notice that there were no coffee makers in the room, but roomservice was perfect. They proudly serve Starbucks, if you're a fan. Little Rock Peabody was cheaper than it's Memphis cousin.

Luxury at a Price

from PlayfulPlatypus
The bed was fantastic especially after being on the road for 2 weeks in rustic type accomodations. The room was clean. The robe was soft. The ducks were cute.

But: They charge for each and every little thing in addition to the room. If you forgot your toothpaste, you have to go buy it at the little gift store that closes at 7pm.
The fitness center is $5 extra per day.
They only offer valet parking at $15 per day. It takes at least 30 minutes to get your car back. They lost my car for 2 hours one morning. Luckily, I could catch a ride with a co-worker. Then they tried to load some else's luggage into my car thinking it was my luggage.
The noise level is tremendous at night. There was a concert at Attel Arena one night and all of the performers were staying at the Peabody. At 12:30 - 3:30 AM, the fans were mobbing the hotel trying to see the stars. The stars and fans were playing footbal in the lobby.
There is no coffee maker in the room or ability to get hot water for tea.
There is no pool and no suggestion as to where I could go swim laps at.

Nearly missed my plane

from trvlady
I agree with the other reviewers who say this hotel has some problems.
Biggest problem: Valet parking. Takes FOREVER. I literally nearly missed my plane Sunday morning waiting for these guys to get my car. When it's checkout time, the car delivery scene is a madhouse. I waited for NEARLY an hour and repeatedly had to ask where the car was. I really wished I had parked somewhere else. And for this I paid $13.50!
It's also interesting to see how many other reviewers complained about the desk and concierge service. They were nice to me but sort of incompetent they really are not up to snuff for a hotel charging this kind of money. Several times I was misdirected to conference rooms - nobody seems to know where anything is in this place!
And the lack of a coffeemaker is a major problem. There are also no decent concession machines. I needed a drugstore to buy a few things and was told to go down to a bank building a 15-minute walk away where I found a tiny little concession stand closing up at 4:55 on a friday afternoon. Then I just wanted some hot water saturday night for a cup of tea and it was a major ordeal - i had to go to the front desk, ask a whole lot of people, finally someone said they would take care of it and came back 10 minutes later with a cup of lukewarm water. Thank goodness i had my own teabag that I brought from home - good thing i didn't need milk or sugar.
Also - the noise was incredible. Again, I note that many reviews mention this. The hotel has become a big spot for reunions, conventions, etc. People come and go at all hours. That contributes to the valet parking mess, and I also had to wait a long time for elevators. Then I was literally awakened from a sound sleep at midnight when the woman staying in the next room came in and made a phone call. She described the dinner she'd had in great detail over the phone and I heard every word. She wasn't shouting. Her door was shut. but the words came right thru the wall, as if she was in the room with me.
I did have steak here and it was truly one of the finest cuts of meat i have ever had. But an $8 bloody mary from the bar was barely palatable. I can make 'em better in my kitchen.
And I really don't get the deal with the ducks - it is retarded, in my opinion. You stand around and these four little ducks waddle around the lobby. I just don't get what the big deal is.
This place has potential but the management really needs to smooth some things out - coffeemakers, noise reduction, valet parking, and directions from the concierge must be paramount. Better vending machines or a better kiosk in the lobby where a guest could buy a cup of coffee quickly and other small items would be a huge improvement too.

2nd stay not as good as the first visit

from A TripAdvisor Member
My daughter-in-law and I stayed at The Peabody in Little Rock the night of April 23, 2005 for my high school reunion. We were expecting the same quality room as we had experienced the year before when we were there to attend my niece's wedding which was held at The Peabody and we also stayed the night. That was a very good experience.

But we were disappointed the second time. The carpet was disgusting with big spots on the floor that made you not want to take your shoes off and although my daughter-in-law's bed was comfortable, mine was not. It was lumpy and I felt as if I were sliding to one side. The lady at check-in acted strangely and walked away and left us standing there for more than five or six minutes. We didn't know if she had left the building or what. She finally came back with no apology.

All in all, I will not stay at The Peabody again. I live in Shreveport and know people who travel to LR quite often. I will not be recommending this hotel. I was very disappointed especially since I was expecting the same hotel experience I had had before. The second visit was certainly not worth the money.

nice place, but save money go to Doubletree next door

from ppwillme
I stayed at the Peabody for a convention and the negotiated rate was only 72.00 (be aware they will add significant tax to that). The beds are great and the rooms spacious. If you are on a budget and wish to stay at the Peabody, park in the public parking garage several blocks down the street. Also, there are several excellent sandwich shops just down the street and a great pizza place, so don't waste your money eating in the hotel. The River Market is within walking distance and has several good restaurants. Ernie Biggs dueling piano bar is a must if you like to drink and sing! While in Little Rock, make sure you take the trolley for 50 cents and stay on for the whole route. Sometime next year the trolley will stop at the Clinton Library. So, if you want you can stay at the Peabody, enjoy the luxury of the rooms and skimp on food and entertainment. For my money, stay at the Doubletree down the street. The parking is free, the cookies provided at Check in are great, and they have a pool! Negotiate a rate, (I got a room for 72.00) and enjoy the wonderful staff.

Nice hotel but all in all it falls short

from A TripAdvisor Member
This is a nice hotel - great location, lovely lobby, comfortable rooms and an above average restaurant - but it is the little things that make the difference and the Peabody falls short. As others have mentioned there is no coffeee maker in the room (not even in the one bedroom suites), you are charges a $5 per use fee to use the fitness facility, and the staff is not particularly nice or helpful (with a fee exceptions). We were in LR as a part of a large wedding and most of the out of town guests were staying at the Peabody. There was confusion with reservations/rooms, the delivery of gidt bags to rooms, etc. But the real nail in the coffin for me was the Friday night free for all that went on throughout the hotel. There was a rooftop party - which is a regular event and which we attended for a little while. This was fun albeit loud when back in the room but the real problem was the number of private parties going on on the balconies of the hotel's atrium. It was a college frat house scene and was not what I would have expected in a four/five star hotel. It was so loud in our room that sleep was out of the question. All in all there were just too many little things that were wrong and the next time I am in LR I will stay elsewhere.

Wonderful hotel, wonderful location

from mfricke
We had a fabulous stay at the Peabody in December 2004. We were in town to visit the new Clinton Presidential Library, and we chose the Peabody for many reasons. First of all, the beds are so comfortable there, that we felt tempted to order our own Peabody bed for our house. Second, the location puts it within walking distance of most Little Rock attractions, including the Clinton Library, the Old State House and the River Market Entertainment District, which is home to several bars that feature live music, restaurants and shops. Third, is the world-famous duck show! Who can pass up the opportunity to see the Peabody ducks perform in the lobby of the hotel? The only drawback to the Peabody is that you can't park your own car; it's all valet parking, if that bothers anybody. In conculsion, I wait forward to staying at the Peabody again, and would recommend it to everybody who goes to Little Rock.

Fun with the Ducks

from blaze4fun
What a great hotel! The staff is extremely friendly. The rooms are modern, luxurious and include free Internet. No coffee maker might disappoint some. And those extra fees others talk about are becomming a common annoyance at many hotels - and we need to complain.

But The Peabody stands above the rest of the town for high quality accomodations. It's got an interesting history, and the ducks are a silly but funny conversation piece.

Don't pay too much and you'll LOVE IT!

Not Romantic; Should only be a three duck hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
This hotel prides itself on its ducks. In fact its slogan is "Arkansas' only 5 duck hotel." Unfortunatly, based on my recent experience, I would sy it is only a 3 duck hotel.

The best part of the hotel was the bed. It was wonderful. Very nice. The hotel makes them that nice in order to sell them to you. (I was very tempted.) Be sure to ask for an extra pillow when you check-in. The pillows you get are small, and that bed is so need one more.

To be fair, the hotel is clean, and some of the views are really nice of the Little Rock area. However, here are my complaints:

1. We paid extra money to be in a club-level room, and I am kicking myself for doing it. The view from the club itself is nice, but the food was something you'd buy from the frozen-foods section of the grocery store. And, the honor bar idea doesn't work. Why should I pay $5 extra for every drink after paying extra to stay in a club-level room?

2. Everyone was nice there. But I was not paying for just "nice" people; I expected competence. I was dissatisfied with the conceirge service in the club lounge. She gave us misleading information about the surrounding restaurants, directing us to dine at the hotel's restaurant. She again mislead us (whether intentionally or not) by showing us a menu that we later learned was a lunch menu (with lunch prices!). The prices were doubled that once we were seated downstairs.

3. And the restaurant itself: Hmmm. My steak was $35, which honestly is fine for that cut of beef. And it was very, very good. One of the best I've had in Little Rock. However, I could not enjoy it because our waiter came to our table three times in the course of our meal to remind us in a mono-toned voice, "Arkansas state law requires that we remove all alcohol from the tables by 10 p.m. on Sunday nights. Are you finished with your drink?" They started pestering us at 9 p.m., exactly 5 minutes after I had ordered my one and only drink of the evening. Even if it IS the law, there are just certain polished ways to handle these situations, especially when the establishment is serving such delicious and high-priced fare. And especially, when I am trying to have a romantic and intimate time with my date. Go somewhere else for dinner!

4. Our room had the loudest heating unit I've ever heard. It sounded like a bear wrestling with a rattlesnake all night. I awoke several times to that awful sound.

5. There is only one option to park, and that is valet. When I say only one option, I mean it. The valet said the only thing I could do was to park on the street. In downtown Little Rock? No thank you! Go ahead and pay the money.

6. Those extra taxes and surcharges are laughably ridiculous. Peabody: you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Overall: This is a top-of-the-line, three-star hotel at four-star prices with five "duck" billing. Again, every staff person is nice, but the people at a Holiday Inn can be nice without charging me $200 a night. This is Not a Romantic hotel. If you are trying to impress a love interest: Do not pick this hotel. I will never go back to this hotel, and I suggest that you keep looking unless you can find a web-special under $100 a night.

Top Local Tips for Little Rock

River Trail Near the Peabody in the "river market" area is an old train bridge that has been converted into a pedestrian bridge. You can walk down to it and enjoy the view of the city and river. You can also cross the bridge and rent bicycles on the North Little Rock side. They bikes can be ridden up and down the "river trail". If you have the prowess to manage the 13 to 14 mile round trip, there is a beautiful pedestrian bridge built over a dam upriver. The trail is very hilly, but also extremely scenic and beautiful in some areas. A great warm weather activity.

Clinton Library Don't miss the Bill Cliinton Libaray. It's truly a spectactular exhibit of American history.

The River Market For a fun, inexpensive day, take the Trolley (They come right to the Hotel's main entrance) down to the River Market and check out all of the little shops and bakeries. There is also an incredible restaurant called "Sticky Fingers". They have a great selection of flavorful food in a truly one of a kind expressive atmosphere.


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  • Address: Three Statehouse Plaza - Little Rock - Arkansas - 72201 - United States
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