Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa Hotel

, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa Hotel

, Cabo San Lucas
4 star

Rooms: 121

Marina Cabo - Cabo San Lucas - CP 23410 - Mexico Hotel Website | 624 145 6020
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Reviews - Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa Hotel

Marina Fiesta is in the perfect location!
Submitted by: Kim in 20/07/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Mexico
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We own a timeshare in the US and traded our week thru RCI.

Transportation to Marina Fiesta:
We'd made transportation plans with the concierge of Marina Fiesta prior to arriving so we did not need a taxi. This is the way I suggest you do it also because the timeshare people will hound you upon arrival to San Lucas. Upon arrival there are booths set up with people attempting to get you to sign up with their hotel or resort for a timeshare tour. They will offer you all kinds of goodies if you schedule with them but if you don't plan to spend your vacation visiting timeshares, I suggest arrange transportation with your concierge beforehand. He was waiting outside of the airport holding a sign with our names on it. He was very courteous and helped us get our bags in the van and offered us all water (there were five of us). Once we arrived at the hotel, the concierge I'd emailed about the transportation (Carlos) greeted us by name. I was impressed from that moment forward. Check in was painless and fairly quick. The bellhop (or whatever they are called in Mexico) helped us get the bags upstairs to our room. The A/C was on already so we were met with a nice cool room.

The Room.

The room was a one bedroom unit (slept 5 people easily) that actually locked out the living room incase you wanted privacy from the kids. There were two bathrooms with showers; a kitchenette with a two burner stove, refrigerator, microwave and a sink. There was a dining room, a living room with a king size pull out bed. There were two balconies; one I called the sun deck with two beach type lounge chairs and a hot tub and another in the front of the unit facing the marina. We had a larger unit because there were five in our party. The room was nicely decorated (I hate floral furniture and the couch was floral but the furniture was in great condition and the room was very nicely decorated…very classy). The kitchenette over all was nice. The kitchen counter needs to be replaced but overall it was a very nice unit and I would visit again if the opportunity presents itself. The beds were extremely comfortable…which was a surprise, as I expected it to be hard, which is usually the case.

We did ask the hotel staff to remove the items from the refrigerator, and they actually asked me a couple of times if this had been done, unfortunately they didn't remove the items until it was time to restock and the restocker noticed all of the items on the counter. However, one day we asked not to be disturbed in the bedroom by the housekeeping staff and they closed the door to the bedroom and did not disturb us at all. We realized all of the towels were on the floor in the bedroom bath and asked they come and replace them (later that night). They were at the door in less than 10 minutes, closer to five. This resort knows how to serve a customer and they are very good at it. They have a resturant type grill by the pool area and you can order any type of food on the menu and they'll bring it right there to the pool to you. Same with the waiters on the beach in front of the hotels. You can order just about anything out there. Be sure to tip them well because they only work for tips. I was also told that you don't tip the taxi drivers…I always gave them a little something. I tipped just about everyone because I didn't want to offend anyone. One waiter at Ole Ole, a restaurant on the marina, made the mistake of saying “is that all” to my husband (he was slow, rude, and returned the wrong credit card to us when we were ready to leave…and it took him forever to bring our card to us. I spoke to the manager about him). I made sure to tip the maid but I wish I had tipped her more…of all of the people I tipped, it was the maid who I wanted to give the most too. She kept our room sparkling and she washed our dishes every day we while we were out…a pleasant surprise to some of the other resorts.

Timeshare Warning:
This is the timeshare capitol of the world (I think). They are going to hit you up as soon as you arrive in the airport. I suggest skipping those at the airport. There will be a few representatives in the lobby of the resort who are much nicer, and not as pushy as those in the airport. One of them is for the sister resort (the name escapes me) and another is for the Grand Mayan Resort. We did both of them. They had great offers and we were trying to save money. We were offered half off of all of our activities while there if we only tour their resort and for the Mayan we were offered $200 cash and $100 restaurant coupon. The first was pretty easy going and actually accepted our No when we said no (of course we had no plans to buy a timeshare because we already have what we want, we just wanted the perks). The Mayan was another story. Unless you are firm like I am and can handle the pressure, I don't suggest going on this tour. They are outright rude if you don't buy with them. We also did another while we were on the beach (the first hotel/resort you run into when you go to the beach) and received $150 for their tour and it only lasted 1 hour which was by far the shortest of the three. After the Mayan, I retired from touring timeshares…it was exhausting. If you want to make a little money and can stand up to the pressure, you can get all kinds of things. Another couple got a free $450 fishing trip. You just need to know what you want to do up front and make them list everything on your invitation otherwise you will be paying full price for any activity not listed.

The Resort:
It looks exactly like the pictures on the internet. The pool look bigger in the pictures but it is a nice pool. It closes at 8pm every night. There is another pool somewhere; my kids found it but we never went to that pool. There's a nice poolside bar where you can sit in the pool and order drinks or sit outside the pool and order drinks. There is also a bar in the lobby. There is also an area on the roof to sunbath and also a few Jacuzzi tubs available there too. The resort is well kept and clean. They kept the public restrooms immaculate. The beach is about a five minute walk from the resort and there are two ways to enter…one is to go around the marina and the other is to exit the front of the resort and make a left turn then a right at the first corner. This way is quicker and takes you directly to the first hotel on the beach and a pretty nice beach chair area, whereas the other way takes you out of the way and you have to walk about a quarter of a mile to get to the same area. The resort is older and our room needed some small minor repair but it was a nice room. It did not have some of the newer furniture or appliances but everything was in great condition and very clean. No broken tiles on the floor, bathroom was fine in great condition, kitchen counter needed minor repair but we just overlooked most of that because it was a nice room and hotel overall.

Cabo San Lucas:

Wow! I am impressed. I expected it to be dirty…I'm not really sure why. We went to the Zoo twice while there, which is a local club that most party people go to while in Cabo. Very nice. The shopping in the marina area is expensive, but what do you expect. You can pick up some nice trinkets to bring back. There are some nice restaurants also. They have a Ruth Chris (which was waaaaaayyyyy too expensive for me but we went anyway…for four of us to have steak, a side, a bottle of water and one appetizer of onion rings, we paid $209.00). I almost cried…but I remembered all of the timeshare money we'd received and decided it wasn't worth crying over! We stuck to the smaller less expensive restaurants after that night; 'Ole 'Ole is also on the Marina and they also have great food with a wider variety of choices. Our only negative was the one waiter who asked us is that all we were going to give him for a tip...hopefully, after my conversation with the manager he no longer works there. There are also some great seafood resturants on the. ALSO...very important, Marina Fiesta has purified water from the faucets. Although we bought water from COSTCO, we also drank the faucet water. And yes, there is a COSTCO. It cost my husband and I about $20. round trip in a taxi to go. We bought snacks for the kids, water, soda, bread, cereal, milk, etc...we ate breakfast in the room every morning and made ham or grilled cheese sandwiches some days for some of our excursions and two or three times we made dinner in the room.

If I were to rate the Marina Fiesta between a scale of 1 to 10 it is definitely a 9. My reasoning for a 9 and not 10 is that darn kitchen counter and the minor repairs that needed to be done but I'd only mark it down one point because everything else was superior! I think they'd make it to a 5 star resort if they'd do a little renovating. It's a very pleasant place and I would return in a heartbeat! If you do go to Marina Fiesta, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Do not stay here
Submitted by: Courtney in 02/04/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type:
Everything about this hotel is bad. My group made a reservation at this hotel three months ago, however, when we checked in, they told us that they had no more rooms but had a reservation for us at an "equally nice" resort. They sent us to a terrible hotel with a room half the size of the one we had at the marina fiesta. They gave us 20 dollars per person for our trouble. Three days into our trip, they told us we had to move hotels again, and even when we refused, they said we had no choice. This is by far the worst hotel I have ever been to and no one should ever have to stay there again. Be very careful when dealing with the marina fiesta. They do not care about you.
Fun Times
Submitted by: Kevin in 13/04/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
This was our second time going to Cabo and our first time staying at the Marina Fiesta. My family and I checked in on a Sunday and were given a room in the "new" section of the resort. Our room wasn't quite what we were expecting so I went back down to see if we could change rooms, was told to come back tomorrow and see if there was a opening. When I went back the next day the receptionist said she would see what she could do for me, about a hour later our room phone rang with the receptionist telling us she had a different room available. The next room we received was a lot nicer and over looking the pool and marina. Needless to say our stay at the Marina Fiesta was a very pleasant one. The staff was great, very pleasant and accommodating. The restaurant's and store around the marina were convenient with great food. Our overall stay was great. We would definitely revisit the Marina Fiesta!

Top Local Tips for Cabo San Lucas

take a short walk save a lot! Eating out on the beach and on the Marina can cost a lot,walk a few blocks in to town you will find a lot of small places to eat with great prices! a lot of the time the food will be better and more authentic mexican than what you are spending way more for on the marina. you might have to speak a little spanish or point to an item on the menu. one morning I had a huge breakfast with fresh squeezed orange juice for $3 try getting that on the Marina! also drinks are a lot less in town have a couple 70cent shots of tequila at the crazy lobster befor heading to El squid Roe for the night!

due your homework prior lots to due if your prepared prior to arrival.

location location location Great food abounds within close walking distance in Cabo San Lucas. 2x 1 drink specials are within walking distance as is Medano beach and the beach scene for those with open minds to craziness and bad rap music. (is there any other kind of rap?)


Other names for Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa Hotel

  • marina fiesta resort
  • marina fiesta hotel
  • marina fiesta
  • Address: Marina Cabo - Cabo San Lucas - CP 23410 - Mexico
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