The Westin Edmonton Hotel

, Edmonton, Canada
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The Westin Edmonton Hotel

4 star

Rooms: 413

10135 100th Street - Edmonton - Alberta - T5J 0N7 - Canada | 780 426 3636
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Reviews - The Westin Edmonton Hotel

Terrible Customer Service and Valet Parking!
Submitted by: Pat in 19/02/09
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
I asked for Valet parking. They didn't inform me the lot was full underground and parked my car "anywhere they could find room" in an open parking lot in downtown Edmonton. They forgot to lock my car and (big surpirse) it was broken into. The Westin said they aren't responsible for any missing items or damage and told me I cannot prove that the car wasn't locked. They also said they don't have to inform guests where they park their vehicles!
Clean and comfy
Submitted by: Kim in 02/05/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Special Interest/Event
We enjoyed our stay at your hotel as it met our needs for the weekend. We were involved in a weekend conference at the Shaw, which was a 1 minute walk direct. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the room was clean and very comfortable. We enjoyed the bathroom was beautiful and large, and the bent shower curtain made a huge impression on my teenage daughter. We would definitely revisit your hotel another time.

Historical Traveller Reviews of The Westin Edmonton Hotel

Felt Like A Queen!!!

from donnalynn41
The service from this hotel was nothing more than spectacular! From the moment we arrived until check out we were treated like royalty. The beds are exactly how they are described...HEAVENLY!!. You can even purchase the bed and bedding on line at I will certainly be buying the whole set. The room was spotless and so welcoming. We had a suite on the top floor. No noise to complain about. The pool is open 24 hours which is a great plus. It is on the 3rd floor well away from the rooms so you don't hear all the noise from the pool area. Also there is a fabulous exercise room fully equipped with top of the line equipment. We will definetly stay here again and look forward for our next trip out. Thank you WESTIN for making our stay the best I have ever experienced!! WAY TO GO!!!

Fairly nice - Good Service

from ennove29
I enjoyed my 4-night stay at the Westin Edmonton. It was slightly better than the average corporate type hotel - nothing really special or luxurious, but comfortable and well managed.

I was attending a very large meeting - it had expanded from 100 to 300 people - but the staff handled it very well, setting up multiple lines for the coffee break and lunches. Food was unusually good for hotel meeting food: quite edible and with plenty of vegetables. The staff was very adaptable to one lady at our table with a gluten intolerance, though she hadn't informed them beforehand.

The beds were somewhere between typical and heavenly. Not as nice as, say, a Holiday Inn Express. The room overall was lovely, with big leather chairs and a large bathroom with TWO showerheads and nice toiletries.

One odd point was the minibar. It was an old dorm fridge like I had in college with a seal on it. When you broke the seal you found a regular fridge interior with a few things sitting on the shelves. There were no vending machines, so it was that or nothing for middle of the night munchies.

The bar was also odd, just a few seats overlooking the breakfast area. It closed at 11:30 one night because, the bartender said, there was nobody there and he wanted to go home.

Parking was free in an underground garage by the hotel.

Location was central, an easy walk to the beautiful MacDonald Hotel, the riverfront, and restaurants. The jogging paths on the riverfront were so nice, I never used the hotel fitness center. I suppose in the winter, the riverfront wouldn't be an option.

One thing this hotel really lacked was a concierge. The front desk and bellhops tried to help, but really weren't equipped for the job. We were directed to a horrible, horrible Greek restaurant across the street (Cosmos) by a pimply college kid. No good.

Great Hotel

from Micla
My husband and I stayed at the Weston for our 4th year anniversary, I was reading the previous reviews and was a little taken aback at all the negativity, but non-the less decided to stay there. I must say that the hotel was great, we checked in with no problems; we had a top floor suite, which was gorgeous!!! The view was fantastic (I asked for a river view and that is exactly what I got) we had a king size heavenly bed which was heavenly, lots of towels and accessories, an extremely large room and bathroom that was very clean. As for the comments of the hotel being outdated and in need of some renovations I did not see anything wrong with this hotel. I would defiantly stay again and would highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a weekend get away.

Also, we had a dinner tour with Esquire Limos in Edmonton and they were GREAT!! I'd highly recommend their services for a romantic tour of the city. They are worth every penny.

Westin still a great hotel!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from the Westin Edmonton and was a little concerned because of some of the negative reviews here. Im happy to say our stay was up to the Westin standards. Our room was clean with all the amenities you come to expect from the Westin, including high quality toiletries, free daily water bottle, their heavenly beds, morning newspaper, and coffee maker. Our family of four shared the room and also made use of the heavenly cot. Our bathroom also had a double shower head, thick bathrobes, a safe, and a mini bar. The room temp control was in excellent working order. It was wonderful. I do agree that the light finished furniture needs upgrading, but as far as quality and cleanliness goes, they were up to par.
The location is excellent with some descent restaraunts within walking distance. There is a bus stop right in front of the hotel if you want to check out the West Edmonton Mall. Its worth the trip!
The buffet breakfast, although pricey at $17.00 per person, was fresh and abundant! The fitness room, which we used several times, was small with only 3 treadmills but, if you get there early enough, you can take your time. They also provide pilate balls, fresh green apples, water and free weights. There is an outdoor patio off the fittness/pool area for a relaxing time. You can also follow a 5k and 10k map if you like to run.
I do understand they are under renovations and it should be completed by 2007 sometime, so dont write this hotel off. I'd stay there again in a second!

Held together by the threads

from urbanbush
The threads of the company's Heavenly Beds are the only things that differentiate this hotel from an overgrown 30 year old Holiday Inn.

The hotel's lobby is boring, full of dirty ceiling tiles and heavily stippled surfaces, (attempts to mask this with deep coloured paint have failed miserably). The front desk appears an afterthought placed in the corner, and is decorated with candles and other garish accessories obviously selected by a Martha Stewart flunky. Check in goes smoothly.

Surprisingly enough, the elevators have been renovated nicely, leading one to hope that the upper floors and rooms might not be as tawdry as the lobby. The sight of laminate panelling and brass rimmed mirrors when stepping off the elevator quickly dispells that notion. The ceilings in the hallways are dropped T-bar, old and stained. The hallway itself, no wider than 4'-0". Dark dingy plastic ceiling fixtures light the way to the guestrooms. Things don't get better.

Attention when entering our room is yanked to a huge unmentionable stain right outside the bathroom. Only a lame attempt has been made to remove it. The counter hanging above displaying the coffee maker is practically falling off the wall. The decor is utterly nondescript, bland and eighties. There is a splattering of unmatched doorknobs and fixtures. The attention to detail is nonexistent. Paint touch ups here, curled up wallpaper there, a maroon minibar fridge mercifully hidden behind a tore up blonde wood armoire door. The bathroom has been tarted up with a granite vanity and new flooring but the bones (and hideous pink shower tile) are still older than I. The room is hot and the windows don't open. The only thing making the room tolerable is that fantastic spot of corporate ingenuity, The Heavenly Bed. Which looks about as out of place here as it would in a college dorm room.

Clearly this hotel is a substandard link the Westin chain, and the management feels no urgent need to update the property. All in all, if your travels bring you to Edmonton, it is still one of the best in town. How depressing.

Mediocre Westin in mediocre city

from Sophie2604
We stayed in the Westin Edmonton and arrived to chaos. Our booking details were incorrect the desk clerk lied about the room type we were given. We went back and checked with another clerk and got the room changed and it was much better. Tip make sure you get a deluxe room, basic is basic. It got worse as the bar and restaurant was hired out for a function so the hotel could not provide anywhere for a cup of tea or dinner unless it was room service. The restaurant is a beautiful room for breakfast but in true Westin style they have down graded their dinner menus so much there is no point eating there anyway. We went to Hys across the street. Admittedly the hotel was very busy but the lack of concern and care from Westin staff that I have found here and in other Westin just means I go to another hotel in future. On top of that we found Edmonton a little tedious and the shopping in the Mall not as good as we thought. But Water World, skating and the Seals makes it well worth the trip.

very unpleased...

from A TripAdvisor Member
Decided that i would stay at the westin on June 10, I have stayed at quite a few westin hotels and this is by far the worst, although this incedent might be isolated, it none the less happend to me, and based on that i have to write this review, I decided to check in early to see if i could get a room, like i had expected they siad there were no rooms avalible, but siad they would have a room ready for me in a couple of hours, and would have the maid rush to clean it, so i took a drive around the city and checked out the sights, when i came back the lady at the front desk checked me in she was very pleasnt. now this is where the issues begin.... walked up to my room 745 to be exact, opened the door and to my surprise there was already someone in my room, although he (i know this becuase his passport was on the bed) wasn't present the mini bar was raided, clothing everywhere, so i went back down to the front desk and told them about my inconvinence and they proceeded to argue with me and siad the room was vacant and decided to check on there own.. (how insulting) once they found out it indeed was taken they siad they would prepare a new room for me, and asked if i would settle with a traditional room (had booked a deluxe), and well this wasn't ok with me if i wanted a traditional room i would have booked one! so after we had gotten this all sorted out they gave me my new room key and the manager told the front desk lady to tell me that he would be in contact with me about some compensation, well i knew there was an edmonton oilers game on that night and the manager was wearing his oilers jersey so like the rest of my service i expected that he wouldn't contact me, which he didn't so i brushed it aside and decided i would enjoy my night and forget about the incident, the next morning on check out i told the on duty manager that i was very unpleased with my stay when he asked and upon my reply he seemed shocked and asked why, and after telling him about how everything had been handled the night before he never asked me how i felt about the compensation that was owed to me, he gave me a 25 dollar discount... $25?!?! i spend that much on 2 meals at mcdonalds.. so after he told me what they were going to do i was so mad that i just siad forget it, and left, i will never stay at the Edmonton Westin again!!

good things about the hotel.. well like uaual the beds!

Loved that bed!!!

from danAlberta
I recently booked a room through Priceline and was glad to get a 4 star hotel for the price I paid. I had not stayed at the Westin before and we were very pleasantly surprised by everything. Having the fitness center and pool open 24 hours a day is something that all hotels should consider as it is enough of a reason for us to return here. I can't say enough about the bed, quality linens definitely make a difference!
Would be very happy to stay there again!

Not that heavenly

from brigbc
My husband and I just returned from a business trip to Edmonton, Alberta, where we stayed at the Westin Hotel. It was our first stay at a Westin Hotel and we weren't that impressed.

But first, the good things:
- An excellent location, right in the heart of downtown, in front of the library. Easy access to restaurants, a shopping mall, the convention centre, etc.
- A nice-sized room (we had a "deluxe") with a large desk, two leather chairs, two desk chairs, a "coffee station" with Starbucks coffee and a large closet. Very clean room, too.
- A fantastic shower. I wish all hotels had one like that.
- Lovely toiletries - I especially liked the soap.
- A free bottle of Vittel water every day.
- The pool and exercise facilities are open 24 hours a day.

Now, the not-so-good things:
- The hotel is all non-smoking (and I suppose that is a good thing), but smokers go outside, and there is not a single ashtray or bench to sit on. It does not make the hotel entrance look very classy. They really should plan a separate outside space for smokers. I think it would make everyone happier.
- The so-called lounge is an open space and is basically right in the lobby. Doesn't make for a great atmosphere, not does it offer any kind of privacy.
- The Pradera Restaurant is quite nice but the menu is very limited. The food is good, but overpriced. The service, however, was excellent.
- The windows in the room cannot be opened and the ventilation system is simply not adequate. It took two days for the room to get from stifling hot to comfortably cool. Also, the air was so dry we both got nose bleeds!
- The beds are advertised as being "heavenly" and, yes, I suppose they are more comfortable than most hotel beds. For some reason, though, both my husband and I suffered terrible backaches during our stay. Also, the duvets are very warm and if the room is too hot it makes for a very uncomfortable night.
- Although we had requested a room with a queen or king size bed, we were given a room with two double beds. The bedside table between the two beds is much too small to accommodate anything more than a glass of water. The light on the bedside table is also inadequate for reading.
- I was given the wrong information regarding the departure time of the shuttle. We ended up having to take a taxi to the airport.
- The daytime doorman has got to be the surliest man in Edmonton. I did not see him smile once.
- Checkout took forever.

All in all, given a choice, I would not stay at this hotel again but might give Westin another chance at another location. Not great, not totally bad, but definitely overrated.

Fine print of booking Westin Edmonton online?

from Notam
After a really chaotic check-in including two bookings for the same night and the same first and last name as me (though both legit and clearly two different parties) and prolonged waits for an elevator associated with a huge conference taking place at the Westin(this is after the three hour drive from another city), we arrived at our suite only to see two twin beds instead of the booked king room. After I was unable to reach front desk by phone from this twin room, I gathered myself to make my way back into the lobby (since the delegates were exuberant to the point of obnoxious). I was told by front desk that not only there was no king suites (though that's what I booked two days earlier through my SPG loyalty program), but the Westin Edmonton was sold out that evening. I was told by front desk that online bookings are only suite "requests"; that phoning the hotel directly can assure the suite essentially Westin wants you to book twice. I call it 'Bait and Switch'; I'm not confident they had a king when I booked it - nor is there anything on Westin or my printed copy to indicate it was a wish list item. We also checked in at 1630; hardly the time to start dumping room configuration bookings. Although front desk issued a the twin bed upgrade (front desk really did try to assuage the situation) which was nice and the comp spring water was a nice touch, the twin "Heavenly Bed" for my husky partner and me was laughable as we tossed each other out of the bed during the course of the night or recovered dropped pillows.
In the morning, as I yawned my way through the complimentary morning Starbucks after an evening of WWE (Westin Wrestling Enterprise on the twin arena); I looked at the Westin "pet pillows" in the Westin Brochure. I am convinced even the pet pillow offers more comfort space than a twin bed. A twin bed is like sleeping on the square footage of a towelette.
I don't know about this book online / phone to confirm / cross your fingers approach to room booking at Westin. This adventure has spooked me enough to reconsider our future SPG property bookings.

Top Local Tips for Edmonton

Try the Edmonton Queen The Edmonton Queen is a riverboat that offers dinner cruises. (need reservations) It's walking distance from the hotel, and was a romantic way to spend our anniversary.

LRT When staying at the Westing Edmonton (or nearby) you can purchase a book or LRT tickets at their offices in the underground pedway near Churchill Station.

Visiting Edmonton in the Winter? Consider Transit! If you are staying in downtown Edmonton during the winter months, consider relying solely on public transport. The LRT (light rail transit) is entirely underground in the downtown area and offers convenient scheduling. The LRT is also directly connected by pedway to a number of major attractions and shopping destinations such as Edmonton City Centre & City Hall. A number of hotels are also connected to this pedway including Delta Edmonton & Sutton Place Hotel.


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  • westin edmonton
  • edmonton westin
  • Address: 10135 100th Street - Edmonton - Alberta - T5J 0N7 - Canada
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