Moevenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea Hotel

, Amman, Jordan
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Moevenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea Hotel

, Amman
Sweimeh - Amman - 11180 - Jordan Hotel Website | 5/356/1111
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Moevenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea Hotel

Beautiful village design but a few flaws

from wanderlust57
I prefer the Movenpick over the Marriott because I love the beautiful charming village design - you really feel like you are in the Middle East and not in any hotel in a U.S. resort. There are more Westerners here than Arabs (maybe because we are looking for the Middle Eastern charm - and they are not?). Do not go during holidays though - it is a nightmare! Lots of locals with kids come then and it is difficult to find a sunbed.

The beds are comfortable enough with nice duvets (but not as great as the Marriott's beds though - Marriott have a feather bed or something on the mattress that makes it awesome ). The cleanliness of the room is generally okay but there was room for improvement a couple times when we were there.

I love the court yard around the Italian restaurant but sometimes they have obnoxious western music playing there. Nice Middle Eastern music lends a better ambiance. Some hotels in the Middle East have not figured this out yet.

I like the spa for the reason that it is adults only and there are no kids screaming at the pools but you have to pay for it and it can be an expensive extra. I do think it could be cleaner though. Some of the pools look like they could use a good scrubbing around the edges and the foot bath was cold and disgusting the one time I used it - it looked like there was a load of dead skin settled around the bottom!!! I had a spa treatment once (facial) and it was substandard and I have not done it since. The girl did not have a good touch and it felt like she wanted to hurry up and get it over with. Maybe booking early in the day would get you better service. People have told me that the treatments are better at the Marriott - but they are closer to stateside prices.

The food at the Movenpick is decent but I felt funky once after eating there (we have eaten there many times). The staff is really friendly and seem to remember us when we come.

I hope the management staff read my comments because I would really like to see the hotel function at it's best.

The flies at the Dead Sea in general can be a problem -depending if they have sprayed or not (we were at the Marriott once after they had sprayed and there were warnings about it). We do not go in the summer - TOO HOT, afterall, it is the lowest place on earth (and it is a long walk down to the beach). Amman has the best weather in the country then due to it's high elevation - so we try and stay put there when we are in country.

Fabulous views

from stradbally
We spent the last 2 nights of our holiday in Jordan at the Movenpick Dead Sea and loved it. The public areas are very grand and beautifully maintained, and there's a nice village atmosphere created by the way the rooms are designed around courtyards (with fountains). There's even a village 'square' with cafes and restaurants surrounding it and containing olive trees that are labelled as being over 1000 years old.
I would recommend a visit to the Zara Spa, as other reviewers have mentioned. While there is a very nice infinity pool in the main resort area, the pool areas in the Zara Spa are something else and worth the entry fee.
The only slightly disappointing thing was the room itself which was done in a rustic style and is about due for re-furbishment. It was a very good size (with room for a huge bed, sofa, chairs and cabinets) but the bathroom was a bit grubby - through age rather than lack of cleaning.
As with all the Movenpicks we have stayed at, the staff were exceptionally polite and helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending this hotel.
Although it was coming up to the middle of November, the temperature was in the middle 20s and very pleasant, even in the evening.

A True Oasis in the Desert

from grw1
What a fantastic place,

I stayed at this hotel for 2 weeks holiday (last week of Sept first week of Oct) with 3 friends, I stayed in one the Garden rooms in the village which were beautifully presented & themed, it really did feel like you were in a true oasis in the middle of the desert, my other 3 friends stayed in the rooms in the main building, these were a little smaller but did have a fantastic view of the dead sea!

The hotel design with the village complex is fantastic very quaint & stylish, breakast & dinner was buffet style & of a good standard. The Al Khayyam bar in the main building was very relaxing with a great ambience & a super terrace which overlooks the sea. Be warned though alcohol was pretty pricey, however this was the same at the Dead Sea spa hotel & even pricier at the Marriot hotel next door so this appears to be the norm.

The main pool was fantastic & you must check out the infinity pool at the Zara Spa well worth the small spa entarnce fee alone just to see the sun set from here, plus loads of things to enjoy at the Spa(hydrotherapy pools, saunas, steam rooms, heated dead sea pools etc). The Spa offers every type of therapy you can imagine, I did'nt have any but one of my friends had a massage which he said was superb.

The beach has just undergone a large renoavtion & is excellent they are still finishing of some building work above the beach area and at a new hotel next door but none of this really bothered us. The hotel staff were proberly a highlight for me,they are very friendly & attentive, I only had to make one small complaint during my stay, but as soon as I did they sorted it out straight away in a very helpful & professional manner.

Our stay fell during the holy month of Ramadan and the hotel was pretty quiet as the locals tend not to holiday during this month so a top tip if you want to have a very peaceful, relaxing holiday is go during ramadan, it feels like you have the hotel to yourself!

The only negative that I can come up with is that the check in staff were not the fastest in the world & check in did take a little longer than i think it should of when we arrived, but apart from that it was superb, we did visit the Marriot next door but it just did not have any character & just felt like any other hotel that I have stayed in around the world & it simply could not compare to the stylish feel of the Movenpick in any shape or form.

If any of you are as sad as me & want to work out at the gym during your holiday, the facilties were good, plenty of treadmills & enough weight machines & free weights to conduct a decent workout.

All in all, a delightful stay in a super hotel in charming surrondings, I will be booking another stay here for sure in the future.

Total relax- would like to come again!

from climatepolicy
I stayed two weeks with my family.
As I suffer from athrosis I chouse this place to recreate and relax.
This was a perfect choice!
Swiss and German management did a great job and was very attentive to long term guests.
The hotel came really upto 5 star service and design.
Hotel personel was very attentive and helpfull. Oriental from its best- with Swiss management. Food came compleately up to my expectations.
When there is bad weather (sometimes cold in February) go to the "Zara Spa", it is really value- do not miss it. In case you chouse personal services, you will be treated like a king!
Weak point:
The sea side is very rocky, it could become better when reconstruction is finished in Summer 2006.
Athrosis seemed to be blown away after 3 days. The effects lasted about three monthes!

Dreadful - keep driving

from Pincut
After driving up from Aqaba on the Dead Sea road and breezing through about 10 Jordanian army checkpoints, where we were always told we were "welcome in Jordan", we arrived at Movenpick...

Bags were grabbed and searched without being asked. Check in took about 25 minutes. The words "please" and "thank you" were not mentioned once (except by us). Instead it was "Card?"; "wait here"; "sign there". I probably sound cranky - if the rest of the stay was ok, I'd probably not even have registered this.

Eventually, we got our room key and set off on our trek to the room. The resort is sprawling and it took about 10 minutes to walk from reception to the room. So we waited for our bags to appear. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. Nothing. So I called and asked, politely, "please can you send the bags?" to which the reply was "bell captain" before the speaker abruptly hung up.

I then retraced my steps to the lobby; found our bags; looked at the 3 staff members sitting around doing nothing; asked if someone could please bring up the bags?; was ignored; so picked them up myself andf walked back to the room with them. OK - so no-one died, but it's pretty galling when you've just shelled out a lot of cash to stay somewhere fancy.

Other stuff: TV didn't work and took 4 calls and 1 hour to resolve; breakfast was a scrum where people jostled to sit at dirty tables while bored staff looked on; the beach was similarly packed out with way more guests than beds. All of the staff, without exception, were pretty surly and the whole thing felt like an expensive transaction as opposed to a positive experience.

One to miss

from ricor29
The first impressions of the hotel were as described by one of the other reviewers - chaotic reception, nowhere to sit and long queue to check in. The concierge also seemed to have difficulty getting the luggage in as I was continually told he had got it even though I could still see it by the car. This is also the first hotel in the middle east that is 5* and that I was not offered a drink/face-towel upon arrival.

Eventually after much waiting they showed us to our room which was in what they called the 'village'. This village has quite a good design of having the rooms in little blocks/villas and the room we were in had a balcony with nice chairs looking out on to there rather extensive landscaped gardens. These gardens had the greatest concentration of plants/trees than anywhere I had seen in one place on my journey through jordan. They were nice to look at and cleverly done so that paths and buildings were concealed from view. Hearing the birds singing in the evening was also a nice extra benefit. If your anyway ecologically minded though you will probably be horrified how much water must be used to do this especially in a desert country.

The room itself was described as one of their supperior rooms and was ok although the bath and toilet looked a little grotty and the tiles could have done with being cleaned or redone. Overall the room was of a reasonable standard but was certainly not what you would expect from what is meant to be one of the better/best hotels in the country (see the rough guide book of Jordan review).

In regards to the food this was very good with many restaurants to choose from.

The main problem I had with this hotel was that they have a construction site going on in it at the moment. For some reason they seem quite proud of their "beach extension project" with news being posted about it on their tv news channel in the room. Why this is the case I have no idea as it is certainly not nice walking down to the beach going past cables, corrugated iron fencing and other machinery. As the hotel sells itself on being a dead sea hotel this was very disappointing - its not as though there's anything else to do here (at least not without a car/taxi journey). I presume it was also because of this work that their one swimming pool was so crowded - comparing this situation to a nearby hotel there were several swimming pools one for adults and a separate one for kids. Perhaps they never had more than one? However, according to the tv information it will be several months before the building work is finished and anybody finds out whether they have manged to improve it.

In addition to the horrible walk down to their bit of the beach I was met by a nice sight of more corrugated fencing and at the far end (approx 40m away) you could see a large JCB digging and spewing out smoke. You could of course just focus your gaze straight out to the dead sea but the pneumatic drilling rather ruined the tranquility. Regretably the view up to the right of the beach was also a little disappointing as you got to see how nice the marriot was. The only good thing about the marriot being so close was that it was possible to just walk across some rocks on the beach and sit in nice quiet area with friendly bar staff. Overall given the choice between marriot and movenpick I wish I had been staying in the mariot - friendlier staff and overall it just seemed better designed and of a higher quality. Drinks much more pricey though and of course no idea on what rooms were like.

Finally checking out was as slow as checking in.

Not fan of crowded Big Resorts

from DCMex
We stayed for two days at the Movenpick during Easter. Although the resort is huge, we always felt crowded. Fortunately our friends got a room that had a private pool, otherwise we would have to fight for a sunbed!! Most of the time we stayed at the beach, which also lacks enough sunbeds for the number of guests, we were lucky enough to find space.
Just to get to the beach was a problem! We had to go through the Marriott and it took a LONG time. Booking a spa treatment is nearly impossible, but I'm glad I didn't get one. My friend told me that it was the worst experience of her life, and was VERY expensive, as every thing else in the hotel. Don't ask for cocktails, as they are usually not well done, stick to wine.
The rooms are nice and clean, get the ones with private pool no matter what!
I loved the experience of swimming in the Dead Sea, and I would love to return, I will wait until the completition of the Hotel next door!


from A TripAdvisor Member
We arrived at the hotel at 2pm, the reception area was chaos. Nobody knew anything and if you were lucky enough to get hold of a member of staff they merely pointed to the queue of people checking out ( late) and said the hotel was full and rooms were not ready. There was no apology merely the statement that we would have to wait until everyone had checked out, we could go away and come back later or stay in the queue. No-one offered us a drink or any sort of welcome. We chose to stay in the queue and were allocated a room ( which wasn't ready) and told that we could come back later ( we wouldn't have to queue again) to collect the key. At this stage it was 3.30pm so we decided to have a drink in the bar while we waited. At 4.00pm we returned to the reception area to see if our key was ready. There was an even longer queue and the same sort of chaos. We had to rejoin the queue and wait again to finally get our key at 4.30pm.
We had been warned that the hotel was undertaking building work but had been assured that we would have rooms away from this. We were in room Y 328 and short of being on the building site we could not have been closer. There were huge lorries driving up and down from 7am till 6pm diggers and cement mixers constantly working throughout the day. This was not the view we had anticipated from our 5* hotel balcony.
We left our room on the first evening at about 5.30 and went to book our treatments at the Zara Spa. They could not give us an appointment until Wednesday 19th the day before we were due to leave and then the appointments were for different times so that my husband and I had to spend the other part of the day in the Spa alone whilst the other was having treatment which was not as pleasant as spending the other part of the day relaxing in the Spa together. It would have been difficult to book any earlier as we were not in the hotel until this time. Having come from England to experience Dead Sea treaments and paid to stay in a 5* hotel with Spa it was very disappointing not to be able to take more adavantage of this.
At 6.30 this same evening we went to the bar to enjoy a relaxing drink together. My husband asked for a large beer and was told that there were no more large glasses!!
The next morning we went to breakfast and once again it was chaotic. There were no tables available and staff didn't seem to know which ones were occupied and which were vacant as they all had dirty, used crockery on them. Finally we were shown to a table and after 4 requests managed to get a cup of coffee each. There were far too many people and tables in the area and gaining access to the food was something of a challenge.A second cup of coffee required at least 4 more requests.Not a relaxing 5* breakfast more like I would have expected from a motorway cafe.
We were told in the literature that access to the Dead Sea was through the Marriott. We went to find this on the first day and were greeted with a filthy beach full of plastic bags, car tyres and dead branches - most uninviting. The next day the beach at the Movenpick was opened which was cleaned up as we were there. We had to go through the building work to get to the beach which was not terribly safe. Access to the Dead Sea was difficult for anyone able bodied and impossible for anyone with mobility problems.
Looking forward to a final drink on the terrace of the bar on our last night we were informed that the General Manager was having a private party and that hotel guests were unable to use the terrace.
All in all despite a very beautiful building the service and attitude generally was that of self satisfied smugness. We certainly would not recommend this hotel to anyone and we were very disappointed.

Great Stay!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just got back from a trip to both Petra and the Dead Sea and stayed at the Movenpick hotels at both places. The Movenpick Petra is a stone's throw away from the Petra entrance, Arabic in architect, and quite comfortable. The staff was delightful, the buffet breakfast generous and somewhat fresh, and our room large, clean and comfortable. After trekking through the extensive Petra grounds, the convenience of the hotel to the entrance is worth its weight in gold! It's located at the end of a small business area, just down the hill from the village center, so you'll find a few nice shops selling touristy things--and rugs--as well as a few restaurants. From our assessment of the area, it's the place to stay for both location and price.

The Movenpick Dead Sea is quite different than the one in Petra. It touts itself as a resort, and it is. The grounds are extensive, flowery, and quite beautiful. The views from our room balcony, the Dead Sea and the mountains of Isreal, were astounding, particularly at sunset. The sun sets directly over Isreal...At night, we could see the lights of numerous Isreali cities gleaming across the sea, which added to the hotel's location and flavor. There are several nice restaurants on the grounds so it's self-contained. For whatever the reason, nothing else has sprung up around the Dead Sea. In other words, there aren't any shops, restaurants, etc, outside of the hotels so choices are limited. Too, currently there are only three hotels in the area, all adjoining each other, with the two largest being the Movenpick and the Marriott. The other is a spa hotel we didn't visit. A Kempinski hotel is being constructed right next door to the Movenpick, and therein lies an issue if you're seeking quiet and solitude. The work appears to be going on early am to late pm, so, though not as noisy as one might suspect, it is rather unsightly and distracting especially if you have a room on that side of the grounds. Access to the beach is also blocked because of construction to the Movenpick itself so guests are given a "pass" to use the Marriott beach. All that aside and after surveying the grounds of both hotels, we were pleased with our selection. The rooms are beautiful, spacious, and exceedingly private. We stayed on one of the bungalows with a wonderful and cozy balcony, and a private pool for our and a few adjoining bungalows. The breakfast buffet was good, generous and fresh. Although early February, we ate outside in a large screened area where we could feel and smell the sea. Mount Nebo is 30 minutes up the mountain, and Bethany is but a few minutes away. It was a very relaxing stay...

Lovely Hotel, but bit spread out.

from Holidays-R-Good
Stayed at Movenpick early Nov 2005. Lovely hotel, though guest accomodation is spread out in what they call a "traditional and quaint village style" which in effect means you will spend a long time trying to find your room. Also at time of visit beach had to be accessed via the Marriot hotel which lays next door due to building work. But I have to say the room there was very nice with it's own patio area, upper floors have balconys. The food was absolutely brilliant and a good wide choice of fare offered. The staff were very helpful and friendly.

Top Local Tips for Amman

Buying Dead Sea Mineral Salts Don't buy from the Spa as it is the most expensive. Rather buy from the Hotel shop or even better from the Airport Duty Free

Transport options in Jordan I researched all transport options in Jordan: hiring a car, hiring a car and driver for the duration of the trip, and the hotel organised transportation options. My verdict: driving as a tourist is expensive in Jordan. We actually found that the cheapest option was the hotel organised car and drivers, this was cheaper than hiring a car ourselves (considering there would be days when we were touring at Petra or swimming in the Dead Sea when we wouldn't need a car) and cheaper than hiring the same car and driver for the whole trip. It still worked out expensive though, around US$90 from Dead Sea to Petra, and the same from Petra to Amman, I think about US$60 for the airport pick up direct to Dead Sea Movenpick. I'm glad we hadn't elected to drive ourselves, typical of Middle Eastern destinations the road signage was not great and there were a few turn offs and forks in the road etc that we would have missed had we been driving ourselves.

Dead Sea Panorama Complex This restaurant belongs to Jenna Spa but is out of the hotel area. It is away from the hotel and overlooks the dead sea. It offers beautiful views over the dead sea and out to Israel. The food is superb and wasn't particularly expensive. We had a Lebanese Mexze which was devine!


Other names for Moevenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea Hotel

  • movenpick dead sea
  • moevenpick hotel dead sea
  • moevenpick hotel amman
  • Address: Sweimeh - Amman - 11180 - Jordan
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