Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel

, Tel Aviv, Israel
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Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel

Rooms: 587

Independence Park - Tel Aviv - 63405 - Israel Hotel Website | (03)5202222
262 Traveller

Reviews - Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel

Historical Traveller Reviews of Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel

Top notch

from eileeneis
As part of a group of 300 people, I spent 2 nights in the Hilton Tel Aviv. It is located in the northern part of the city, very close to the beach and the Port of Tel Aviv. It is a short walk down the hill to the Mediterranean waterfront and faces west so you can admire the beautiful sunset.

While my room was a small one, since it was right next to a fire exit, my fellow travellers all seemed to have more spacious rooms. The rooms I visited all seemed to get a glimpse of the Sea, which was nice. My room had a lovely view and a comfortably firm king size bed with snuggly soft sheets. The decor was modern and clean. The towels in the bathroom were extra large and comfy and there was a bathrobe too. My fellow travellers also received slippers, which I didn't get, but would've appreciated!

During the time i was there, the maid service was very attentive. They came in and left me crackers and cheese as an afternoon snack. My fellow travellers even received boxes of chocolates as well. (I didn't, for some unknown reason). There was a turn down service in the evening also.

The pool overlooked the Mediterranean Sea and the water was nice and cold so that it was refreshing to swim in and escape the hot air. There are locker rooms near the pool where you can shower and change.

As a part of my stay, I was entitled to the lavish breakfast buffet. It had virtually everything one could want, including gravlox and regular smoked salmon, fresh omelettes made in front of you, and a serious orange juicing machine that made perfect fresh squeezed oj. Plus, the view of the Mediterranean from the restaurant made it an even more enjoyable dining experience.

Our group also received an outdoor dinner party hosted by the hotel. The wine was quite tasty, and I'm not easy to please. The desserts were quite satisfying also. The main course was nothing special though, with an assortment of fish and meats and salads.

Overall, staying at the Hilton was a nice experience. With the exception of a few minor details (no slippers or chocolates in my very small room), my stay couldn't have been better.

Worst mistake I ever made

from lalafatima
We rented a number of rooms at the Hilton for our wedding which is the WORST mistake I ever made. The rooms were old and dirty and the service was AWFUL. I had my makeup done at the salon and I broke out into hives all over my body. The night of my wedding they promised to bring champagne and flowers to the room - they didn't even CLEAN! We came home to a messy, dirty room on our wedding night. They offered to make it up to us the next night and forgot again. They charged us close to 400 dollars for one bag of laundry. The management was awful - when we spoke to the girl at the front desk she kept sniffing the inside of her wrist to see if her perfume was still there. It was really the worst . I hate myself for staying there.

A hotel that grows on you.

from freddiefrog
I stayed here twice over Dec 06 and Jan 07 - 8 days in total. The hotel does treat you like a number - very impersonal. The rooms are aged and 'Hilton' like - nice amenities in bathroom. The view from some rooms are lovely, beware of being given a room too close to the driveway as these are quite noisy and smelly (because of car exhausts).
Breakfast is probably the highlight, cannot be beaten!
Had a problem when checking in the 2nd time, because even though I requested a non-smoking room, the room we were given was wreaking of stale smoke. We had to wait until 11pm to be transferred to another room (a wait of 3 hours), and that was only after multiple phone calls to reception.
Once you get used to the flow of the place (very very busy) you grow accustomed to it and feel quite comfortable walking back in to the foyer.
The gym (although you have to pay for the priviledge) and pool are a welcome addition.
Lifts are excruciatingly slow at peak times - better to walk the stairs.

Below Average Hilton

from chud1979
I've stayed at many hiltons and in my opinion, this one is below average due to the nickel and dime factor. I'm currently sitting in the hotel and decided to share some of my experiences while I wait for my flight.

1. We arrived at the hotel at 6am in order to check in as we just got off a flight. Hotel policy is a checkin at 2pm and we were hoping that they could allow us to check in early if they had rooms available. We were told that yes, they did have rooms available but I would have to pay an extra night if I wanted to check in at 6am. Forget that. I asked what time I could check in and they responded around 10am. I showed them my Gold HHonors card to see if anything could be done. They didn't care.

2. So having to kill 4hrs, my wife and I sat in the waiting area in order to save $200+. Call me cheap but I'm not paying $200+ for 4hrs. In the waiting area was a waitress who was assigned that section. We felt uncomfortable as she just paced back and forth making us feel like we were unwelcome to just sit there without buying anything.

3. Since I was staying using points and I had not printed my rewards certificate, I needed to use the business center on the mezannine level. Well, I was charged $0.50 per page printed in order to print the damn certificate. It's only $0.50 but it sure left a sour taste in my mouth.

4. We finally get a room but no upgrade. Being a HHonors gold (which is quite easy to do), I'm used to upgraded room. Maybe it's cause I'm using points? We are allowed business lounge access which has free drinks and continental breakfast/snacks.

5. Went to have breakfast at the Club Med? Upon being greeted by the hostess, we were told our complimentary breakfast was at the business lounge. Went to the business lounge and it was a continental breakfast only. So we went back downstairs and inquired about the price of the Club Med breakfast. It would be an extra $5 per person. More nickel and diming.

6. Does anyone else get confused as to why Hampton inn offers free wifi while all Hiltons charges an arm and a leg for internet? Well, $20 for a full day of internet is not that bad at a Hilton. The problem is, the reception is terrible.

At the end, it's an older property and an average hilton at about 3 stars. But factor in the numerous charges and that drops it down to 2.

It was a lovely experience.....

from JoyL
First, I should mention, that we stayed on the executive floor. The room is the same, but the bathrooms are in better condition, the bedding is wonderful and the pillows are to die for... the towels are super large, the turn down service at night, impeccable, there were fresh flowers, a beautiful fruit bowl, chocolate and wine... two newspapers were delivered to the door daily (complimentary)... the lounge upstairs is something else, the view is incredible, and in general, we enjoyed our stay immensely, but again, we stayed on the executive floor...if you want to really enjoy your stay, it's well worth the money.

Never Again!

from Seyyah
I had to stay in this hotel although I read the "not so good" reviews previously hoping that "hilton is hilton" but I will verify that all the negative comments were true.
I stayed B+B in this hotel however if you don't want to eat breakfast in the morning, they don't discount the price of breakfast from your bill if it is booked BB from the start. This is ridiculous as I may not feel well or I may not have time in a particular morning to eat breakfast. How come I may be forced to eat breakfast or pay for a service I did not get. I discussed with the guest relations but they don't do anything but listen. They take every chance to gain extra profit.
In the hotel web site, fitness center is mentioned but it is not mentioned that you have to pay $15 extra charge to use it. This is fooling the customer. This is the first hotel in my life that I cannot use the gym in the facility. In this hotel almost, breathing is for free. The moment you sit in the lobby lounge, a waiter comes and asks what you will order. You feel a pressure if you don't order anyhting but occupy a space.
I had Hilton Blue Honors Card but I could not use it in the Honors Lounge as they said it is for silver/gold card. This detail is not mentioned on the web site and I once benefitted from the lounge free of charge in Izmir Hilton. There is a double standard.
I ended up staying in my room in order not to pay extra. Internet and overseas calls were expensive. I paid 50$ for a ten minute call to Istanbul. I told all my problems to the hotel responsibles however they don't care and take an initiative to make up for my unpleasant stay. They take 3,5 $ service charge for in room service. This is also expensive.
Other than this the room was comfortable, spacious and silent. Breakfast is rich. However for all that room rate paid, this is of course not extraordinary. I could not use any other facility as everything other than breathing was extra. I will never stay in this hotel again.

Do not stay here

from R15offreemans
We stayed at this hotel as part of the Bar Mitzvah tour from the United States. They knew when we were coming and how many rooms were needed. Our rooms were not ready when we arrived. Our bags were lost in the hotel. They put us in rooms on floors that should have been closed while the hotel was completing its renovations. This is not a upscale hotel. Staff was rude and incompetent.

Would Not Stay Here Again

from SpK-NY
From the time we arrived until the time we checked out, the staff was rude and unhelpful to the point of being comical-- we were hung up on by the concierge, told "absolute latest check out time" was 30 minutes after regular check out, and given wrong directions to various locations in Tel Aviv. The room itself (4th floor- non smoking) was somewhat shabby and worn. It was not clean when we checked in either. The hotel also gets you with also sorts of extra charges for internet (that often didn't work) and using the gym facilities. In the end, we paid way too much for the very little that we got.

The view of the water is nice, but next time I will stay further south at one of the newer hotels that has its act together. We were very disappointed!

Mixed Reviews, Mixed Experience

from donahue49
We just spent three nights at this property in mid October while attending a business conference. After checking tripadvisor, we were worried about our stay. Now having visited the Hilton in Tel Aviv, we can see both sides of the reviews on this site.

On the positive side, our room was large and well appointed. The king size bed was very comfortable and a genuine king size not two twins pushed together. The bathroom was very clean and we really enjoyed the complimentary Ahava products. The breakfast buffet was the best we experienced while in Israel. We were told that breakfast was included with the rate, but the we received a bill for breakfast and were confused. Upon checking out we were glad to see that breakfast was included with our room rate and not an additional charge. The pool and the poolside restaurant were very nice and the staff in this area was very friendly and helpful.

On the negative side, the concierge and the lobby staff were few and far between. It took quite a while to get service and having a drink was an hour long adventure. As others have noted, getting to the beach is quite a journey and involves a hike downhill. I assume this is a security issue of some kind, but it is inconvenient and it doesn't make much sense. Also, the beach area was confusing as I went down and took a seat a man accosted me and demanded money because this was a private beach. It may well have been, but there were no signs pointing to the hotel beach or indicating what if any charges there were for use. I would also say that this hotel is quite a hike from downtown and from most of the museums that I wanted to visit.

As was our experience in Israel, the cab drivers we had while staying in this hotel were pushy and one of them even took us to the wrong location despite our clear communication (we requested the central bus station, but he took us to the train station and he was not lost or confused).

Overall our stay at this hotel was pleasant, but there may be better options in the city.

Would not recommend it!!!!!

from kedmab
My family stayed here for a wedding, nearly rented an entire floor of the hotel for a week. While the front desk staff was cooperative, they certainly fell short of providing great service. The wait staff in the lobby lounge were atrocious ... after repeated long waits to make an order, pay the bill, etc. we would often have to go find them - generally huddled together in a corner gossiping. When we could get their attention, they seemed to think they were doing us a favor by deigning to serve us.

The breakfast staff downstairs were of an entirely different caliber - friendly, attentive ... very welcoming. What a great way to start the day ...

My biggest concern with this location is that they seemed to attempt to charge us for anything beyond simply the room itself, and attach exorbitant prices to it. The gym was $20/day, breakfast was 25$/day, and Internet access was 20$/day ... thankfully, I could connect to an open wi-fi access point next door to connect to email.

One small nit for us, was the lack of direct access to the beach. Although we were less than 100 feet in front of the water, accessing it required a circuitous path out the front of the hotel, through the park, and down to the back of the hotel.

PS. the buffet was nice and if you do go for the buffet make sure you ask for Gall, the waiter, a pleasant fellow

Top Local Tips for Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Port From Hilton the nearest place to go dining is a 20 min walk to Tel Aviv Port where there are good restaurants and bars.

Boardwalk 10 minutes on foot (to your left exiting the main door) away is an awesome seaside boardwalk with dozens of restaurants and discos... Enjoy!

derby bar derby bar is a great fish restaurant- we were lost and they kept us on the phone and guided us to their place


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  • tel aviv hilton
  • hilton tel aviv
  • hilton international tel aviv
  • Address: Independence Park - Tel Aviv - 63405 - Israel
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