David Intercontinental Hotel

, Tel Aviv, Israel
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David Intercontinental Hotel

, Tel Aviv
5 star

Rooms: 559

12 Kaufman St. - Tel Aviv - 61501 - Israel | (03)7951111
384 Traveller

Reviews - David Intercontinental Hotel

Oasis in Tel Aviv
Submitted by: Pesac in 01/04/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Stepping off 11 hour flight and checking into hotel was wonderful. Beautiful hotel, great location, great food. Big rooms w/ ocean view. Great pool, spa,etc.. A quiet oasis. Walking distance to Neve Tzedek.

Historical Traveller Reviews of David Intercontinental Hotel


from DC1969
This place is a typical, large business standard hotel. It is clean and efficient, but offers no personal service or nice touches. The lobby area is impressive and decorated, and the cafe is nice for a meeting or a night cap.

I was shocked that I had to pay for parking, breakfast, use of the gym, and internet service, after paying a fairly hefty price for the uninspired room that I had.

There are many better choices in Tel Aviv for business or pleasure travel. The one thing nice about the place is that they offer all services, and if you are there on business and don't have to foot the bill, it might be worth it. The pool is nice though:).

Mediocre hotel with good views

from embarcadero
I stayed for a week at the intercontinental and was generally disappointed, though I'd become used to it by the end of my stay.

Here's what went wrong:
- When I checked in, I was given a smoking room (when I'd asked for non-smoking) and it was dirty. The rugs were stained and there were used q-tips and cotton on the floor. There were room-service trays and dirty ash trays left in the hall - not a pleasant way to arrive in my room. While I had booked a room with a sea view, in fact I had a view of the Dan Panorama hotel; if I had walked all the way out on the balcony, I could see the Mediterannean, but it wasn't easy.

On the second day, I was moved to a non-smoking room with a better view. While the rugs were still stained in the new room and the decor was just as dated and worn, there was no trash on the floor. This was a plus.

I ordered room service but since it was Saturday no hot food was availble. I'm not religious and was annoyed that I wasn't warned that the hotel bascially shut down on Saturday. I would have chosen another hotel - or at least known to go get food elswhere in Tel Aviv had I known this. There is plenty of good food in Tel Aviv and, thankfully, the vast majority of restaurants do not pay attention to these religious rules.

The hotel has the audacity to charge US$ 20 for internet access that is marginal at best. Their provider is some weird agency that you have to call when the thing malfunctions (all the time; I had to call 3 times during my stay). I wasn't in the mood to be soaked for these charges so I negotiated with the management. Intercontinental needs to know that it is unacceptable to soak guests for services like this (it's like electricity for me, I can't work without it), and it's downright criminal to charge such fees when they don't even work.

Finally, the hotel has a small but adequate gym, staffed by a very helpful trainer (at least in the mornings) who always cheered me up when I'd come in at 7 am. Unfortunately, the hotel charges for access to this facility. Again, I felt I was being nickeled and dimed to death. The trainer was great - but the facilities were frankly sub-par for a hotel that claims to be five star.

Bottom line; the hotel is no better than a roadside holiday inn (the towels and toiletries are identical) in terms of facilities, and is in many ways worse. When I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Casper Wyoming, the wireless internet actually worked and was free and there was no visible trash.

Next time I go to Tel Aviv, I'll try the Sheraton or the Hilton. But this is a town that is definitely lacking in terms of hotels.

Intercontinental average

from IreneD
The Intercontinental is in need of updating. It is a comfortable place to stay and close to everything. We attended are attending a wedding and wanted to be centrally located. Customer service is good, food is OK, hotel is clean, but old. It is affordable...

No Problems vs One Disappointment

from Mr. Matt
After a five day stay in January at the David Intercontinental ,have no major problems to report. Hotel is beautiful, well-located on the Beach, lots of security, comfortable, clean, well appointed quest rooms and pleasant restaurants with excellent food and service..

Booked a guest room on the Club Level Floor and herein lies my disappointment. The Club Level Lounge was below par in my opinion. Hostesses (except for one on final day at check-out) were somewhat aloof and not very forth-coming with information or service. Buffet
was limited, especially at Breakfast. Guess I'm spoiled by the Club Level Lounge at the Madrid Intercontinental with its SUPERIOR Hostess Staff who know how to make a guest feel very special, and which provides table service with a full breakfast cooked to order..

Will return to this Hotel when I return in September but will stay in a Standard room as I do not feel that the additional rate for a Club Level Room and Lounge access justified.

Reliable, comfortable, and very secure

from wwwench
The Intercontinental--though not particularly beautiful, stylish or architectturally distinguished--Is (like most Intercontinentals) perfectly comfortable and comfortably reliable--not a bad thing in these troubled times, in Israel or elsewhere. No bad surprises (almost) await you here. More to the point, the Intercontinental is a fortress, with wide-awake security guards at every entrance and drop-down gates on every ramp. According to Israeli friends, this hotel provides much better security than other Tel Aviv hotels (many American companies require their employees to stay there for this reason). So, if security is a particular concern for you, you should definitely consider the Intercontinental.

Some reviewers seem to dislike the hotel's South Tel Aviv location, about halfway between the old city of Jaffa and the lively Ha-Yarkon Street hotel/shopping/restaurant district. But I chose the Intercontinental precisely because of its location, because I'm a light sleeper and thought it would be quiet--which it was, almost (see proviso #1 below). Personally, I found the location perfectly convenient, within walking distance of everything I wanted to see (and everywhere I wanted to eat!) in Tel Aviv. We only took a cab once in 4 days, to the great restaurant Messa, which is near the Ministry of Defense. Everywhere else, we walked. There's a nice beach with a beautifuI promendade right across the street where you can walk, run, bike and (I imagine, in season) swim, either down to Jaffa or up to the Tel Aviv Hilton, your choice. What's not to like about this location (if you like to walk, that is)?

We stayed on one of the Club floors, and the staff in the 24th floor Club could not have been nicer or more helpful with check-in and our needs and requests. The breakfast buffet is excellent, with many healthy (and not so healthy!) choices. Pretty much every possible diet could have been accomodated. The cocktail hour buffet, which begins at 6 p.m., is so lavish and substantive that many people were calling it dinner (we did this ourselves on our first night, after the grueling 14 hour flight from LA). The only problem with the Club, for me, was that it was 99 percent men, business travelers I assume, which led to some obnoxious frat-boy behavior, particularly when the bar was open: loud endless bragging about money and deals; foul language; and--one morning, during breakfast--demonstrations of self-defense moves! This was somewhat amusing to me, traveling as one-half of a couple. Had I been traveling alone, I probably would not have enjoyed it nearly as much and I might not have felt totally comfortable on the Club floors of this hotel. (FYI there is no extra security, in terms of getting to the Club floors via the elevators. Push the button from any floor and you are there.)

On our first night at the Intercontinental, we were given a pleasant room on the 21st floor which faced NE, with a great view of the Mediterranean and the city. The bed was very comfortable. There were enough pillows and plenty of closet space. We requested (and got, immediately) a second bathrobe and 12 extra coat hangers. Some complimentary snacks arrived. All was well. We went to sleep. Here's the proviso:

At about 1 a.m., we were awakened by a loud throbbing noise. It was music, coming from a club across the street, on the beach. The music was literally so loud that the bass shook the windows on the 21st floor. Ergo, we were wide awake from 1:30 - 4:30, when the club closed. Me, I wanted to go with the flow, get dressed and go dancing, but my husband decided that, au contraire, this would be an excellent time to return phone calls to the United States. After that, we discovered we were starving and made a nice picnic of the complimentary snacks + wine from the minibar. (There was no corkscrew in the minibar, however. My husband had to get dressed, go downstairs, and get one from the concierge.) Anyway, eventually a lovely time was had by all. Then we went back to sleep.

The next morning, when I discussed the sleep (or lack thereof) situation with the nice woman running the Club, she said, 'I thought they closed that place down!" Maybe they did at some point, but the club (in a bombed-out dolphinarium) was open for business (as of December 19, 2006). We were quickly moved across the hall to a room facing SE, with an excellent sunset ocean view, true--but also facing a good big chunk of the Dan Panorama next door (sigh). Be that as it may, as we were returning from dinner about 10 p.m. that night and passed the dance club, which was just getting ready to open, we were really glad we'd complained (not always the right thing to do in Israel; when you do it, you feel like a spoiled brat!) and made the switch to the new room, which was blissfully quiet. So, if/when you are checking into the Intercontinental, I would suggest you inquire about the status of the illegal dance club in the derelict dolphinarium across the street.

Proviso #2: My husband (who has a Ph.D. from Cal Tech) was never able to get the wireless internet service to work in our room. It worked fine in the lobby and in the very pleasant Inca Bar.

Proviso #3: The plumbing in our first room had minor problems (shower cabinet didn't close fully; bathtub drain stopper didn't seal completely; hand-held shower in the tub dripped). I would not have switched rooms because of these problems, but still. There were no problems at all in our second bathroom. BTW toiletries here are generic. Bring your own.

Proviso #4: I forgot to pack bath oil. Silly me. So, on our first night in the hotel, I went down to the spa to buy some. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to check the price of the bath oil when i grabbed it off the shelf. It was only bath oil--how expensive could it possibly be?!--and I was jetlagged, so I just....bought it. Big mistake. After we checked out, I discovered we'd been charged 450 NIS (!!!) for the bath oil. I was sure this was an error that we would eventually resolve with the hotel. An extra zero must have been accidentally added, right? Right?! Ho, ho. Not so. When I dug the bath oil out of my suitcase, there was indeed a tiny sticker for 450 on the box. FYI this is more than I have ever paid for bath oil anywhere--in London, in Paris, at Neiman freaking Marcus--about twice as much as the most-excellent Jo Malone bath oil I treat myself to on special ocassions. And it wasn't even very good bath oil, either. And there was so little of it! Buyer beware.

Somehow a letdown for the Intercontinental brand

from Holland75
Date; Nov.2006
Reviewer: I. Mulder, Holland
Stayed at the Intercontinental David for 2 nights on a business trip. I was somehow disappointed with this hotel, considering I
have previously stayed at other "Intercon" hotels. The room was not very clean, toilets an its appliances tatty and have seen better days. Carpet had several stains and tray with tea/coffee ameneties covered in coffee stains and sugar granules!


from uigedail
Great hotel, excellent soom service but limited menu. Pretty good internet service. Very clean. Great view. Good club level but they allow smoking. Overall a great business hotel. One of the best I've stayed in over 25 years.

A weekend in tel Aviv

from Anon
Stayed at the hotel for a weekend and enjoyed thoroughly. Lovely quiet room on the 16th floor, comfortable beds, impeccable service, plesasant poll, exceptional food. Even liked the location - far from the "hotel stretch", but near to Neve Zedek, a former rundown old area of the city which is undergoing some very nice sprucing up, with quaint cafes and boutiques.
Apart from being definitely suitable for businesspeople, it was very good for my and my 7-yrs old son as well, and I definitely recommend it.

Sleek and charmless

from Freebird2007
The InterContinental David is what you'd expect from an InterContinental: big, sleek, modern, and I'm afraid to say, utterly charmless. OK if that's what you want. But it has nothing to do with being in Tel Aviv; you could be anywhere in the world. Oh, and keep your eyes out for hidden charges: the website doesn't say it, but they charge you $9 a day to use the (small) gym facility.

Good hotel, if lacking character

from Wesleyb
British Airways use this hotel for their crews and they also put people up here if flights are cancelled. It is a huge hotel and therefore has the capacity to absorb all those extra people. That might be part of the problem with it. The sheer size of the place means that it lacks a bit of character.

As i was only here for one night I can only comment on what I saw. The staff were extremely helpful in general (apart from the concierge who outright lied to us in response to a question). The rooms are beautifully clean and the bathrooms are the nicest of any hotel I've stayed in in Tel Aviv.

The lobby area and shops are great, as are the food choices.

My only concern with this hotel is the location. As it is in Jaffa you are a long way from the beaches. The area around it is certainly up and coming and in time the joys of Tel Aviv will spread to this area too.

It's a very businessy hotel - and excellent for that purpose (including the cigar bar which was one of the strangest places I've ever watched football in)

Top Local Tips for Tel Aviv

Best Area in Evening Walk 5 minutes to Neve Tzedek, a beautiful restored area of Tel Aviv with many trendy bars/coffee shops and restaurants. You cal also go to Suzanne Della Centre for Ballet Shows etc

neve tzedek cafes and restaurants go to Nana, Taza D'oro, Cafe Nina

Falafel When travelling around Israel if you get hungry go for falafel. It tastes great and is very predictable, I mean there's no way they'll ruin it. You'll find small places selling it and it really is very cheap.


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  • tel aviv intercontinental
  • intercontinental tel aviv
  • Address: 12 Kaufman St. - Tel Aviv - 61501 - Israel
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