King David Hotel

, Jerusalem, Israel
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King David Hotel

, Jerusalem
5 star

Rooms: 237

23 King David St. - Jerusalem - 94101 - Israel Hotel Website | | (02)6208888
312 Traveller

Reviews - King David Hotel

A Truely Exceptional Hotel
Submitted by: Charles K. in 05/09/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Fantastic classic old-world hotel that offers all 5-star facilities and far beyond.
Not many words can describe the honor of being a guest at this hotel.
A true experience that rivals few others.

Historical Traveller Reviews of King David Hotel

King David Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
It's a very busy hotel and historical. When we checked in had to haul our bags to the reception area. No bell hops in sight. Had to take our bags to our room. I think that the hotel cuts back on help since tourism is down. Checking out was better. If you need a change of pace with food, go to the YMCA across the street. With in walking distance to the old city. All in all Jerusalem was a wonderful experience for us and would recommend it to anyone. Very informative and enlighting. Things were quite safe. We are Christians, while everyone else were Jewish on our tour. Really gave us insight into such a courageous nation.

Expensive, but worth it.

from wwwench
I stayed at the King David for 5 days and I have (almost) nothing but positive things to say about this hotel. I highly recommend it. It was so nice, I hated to check out!

We stayed in room 127, a lovely Garden room (one of 11 in the hotel) with a big stone terrace overlooking the gardens, pool, and Old City.

What was so great about this room? It was beautifully decorated and spotlessly clean. The bed was extremely comfortable, with top-quality linens, a snuggly down comforter and lots of extra down pillows to loll around on. Lighting throughout the room was well-located, with warm and flattering light. Reading lights on both sides of the bed were actually bright enough to read by. Two sets of controls for all of the lights and both sets of curtains were conveniently located on each side of the bed. (This was especially nice in the morning, when you could roll over and open the curtains and look at the beautiful view--without getting out of bed! ) There was ample closet space (with plenty of hangers--I did not have to request extra ones as I usually do), lots of drawer space, and plenty of storage space for stashing luggage.

I especially loved our terrace, with its stunning views. Although it was late December, at midday it was warm enough to sit outside and read in the sunshine, while enjoying a glass of wine and a snack, wrapped in a shawl, with just the birds for company, which I enjoyed doing for two days, before the rains came. Thoughtful plantings made the terrace absolutely private. So, I definitely recommend splurging on one of these Garden rooms. I imagine that, in the summer, this particular room might be somewhat noisy (it was quite close to the dining room terrace), and, during that season, I would suggest requesting a Garden room farther away from the dining room.

The bathroom was also very nice, with a closeted toilet and closeted shower (very much appreciated, when you are sharing a room) and a large comfortable tub with hand-held shower. There was plenty of counter space for all our toiletries. Hotel-provided toiletries were generic (this didn't bother me, since I always bring my own). On the plus side, the hotel did offer some complimentary tubes of Dead Sea hand cream and body cream, which I very much enjoyed sampling.

Finally, the temperature control worked perfectly in terms of heating the room and was almost soundless (as I'm sure you know, this is not always the case, even in the best hotels, where the heat sometimes switches on and off, quite loudly, in the middle of the night). The lack of noise and the excellent light-control provided by the two sets of curtains, plus the great bed, resulted in sound and restful sleep for both me and my husband--which is, for me, the most important thing when evaluating a hotel room.

Other good things about the King David: Although the lobby was packed with American families when we checked in (Brian was having his bar mitzvah--mazel tov, Brian!--and hundreds of his friends and family members arrived at the King David about the same time we did) we were shown to our room in less than 20 minutes. Our luggage arrived immediately. Five minutes after that, a waitress appeared with a tray of compimentary sweets, fruit, nuts and wine. The complimentary food--great for an afternoon snack--was replenished every day we were there (though not the wine, alas!), along with 2 bottles of mineral water. Housekeeping was swift, excellent, and unobtrusive. Bellmen were fast and friendly. The concierge was helpful. All interactions (except one, below) with the hotel staff were great.

There were only a couple of problems: the wireless Internet did not work in our room, despite many conversations between my husband (who has a PhD from Caltech!) and the internet technician. No matter what he did, he could never get a signal. It worked fine in the lobby and in the most-excellent Oriental Bar.

Re: the much-praised breakfast buffet, the food was indeed outstanding and delicious. However, one morning when I ordered tea, the waiter brought me a cup and a generic (Lipton-like) tea bag, with no spoon, no milk or lemon, and no sugar. I wasn't all that concerned, until I saw him present a lovely display of dozens of tea bags and fixings to an Israeli man at the next table. When I asked for a second cup of tea, I specifically requested the entire tea display. The waiter seemed surprised but brought it over, so I could also select my own tea. I still didn't get a spoon, lemon, milk or sugar. I don't know if this happened because I am an American, because I am a woman, or both, but it was very annoying. To be fair, my husband enjoyed the liveliness and repartee of this particular waiter--who looked like Groucho Marx, and even walked like Groucho Marx!--but then again he didn't get dissed on the tea service.

Also on the buffet: while I was serving myself a big delicious spoonful of salmon roe (my favorite!) from the salad bar, a little girl came over and started coughing directly into the plates of food, without covering her mouth. Since I was already fighting an ugly cold that I'd picked up in the dining hall in Ein Gedi, and didn't want to ingest any more strangers' germs, I must have jumped two feet. When her father noticed me backing away from the newly germ-laden salad bar, he said, "Susan! I told you not to cough on the food!" Too little, too late. At that point, I looked around the room and noticed: that there were no sneeze guards on the hot entrees; and that people were grabbing the cut-it-yourself loaves of bread with their bare hands, rather than using the napkins provided. Call me Howard Huges if you must, but still, that was the end of the breakfast buffet for me. And, yes, I do know the King David is not responsible for the bad manners--and unhealthy habits--of their guests.

Other than those two minor quibbles, I have only good memories of the King David and would definitely stay there again.

Horrible Hotel - Even Worse Staff!

from goldkold
Horrible isn't an enough word to describe this overrated dump.
This was the most expensive yet the least satisfying hotel during a 3 week trip to the Middle east. I arrived after an exhausting trip from Egypt to be greeted by grim-faced reception staff whose answer to every question was a nod and a grunt. It gets worse, restaurant and reception were either pushy or living in a haze.

The rooms are in dire need of renovation and the food --. Tasteless and bland, so much different from the spicy wonders of Egyptian food.

After 5 nights, I was glad to return home, was getting sick and tired of the pushy arrogant attitude of this hotel's staff in this less than beautiful city.

If I ever had the misfortune to visit Jerusalem again, I will try the American Colony hotel which supposedly is the best hotel in the city.

Very Underwhelmed

from neilgins
We booked reservations for 7 nights and were given a double upgrade to a large room facing the old city which was very nice.However, the customer service was horrific. When I went to check out after 7 nights the front desk was arguing with me about a $1.50 phone call which i did not make (After much investigation they realized it was the hotel maanger's cell phone # that I was mistakingly charged for) Shabbat lunch had really bad service and the food was dissapointing. It took 3 hours to check in because our first room was swarming with flies. I called the front desk who informed me that it was summer in Jerusalem and that there are many bugs. He said that even HE was kept up the night before with bugs. However, they sent a woman up to investigate, who ran out of the room. Needless to say, we were then re-upgraded. Breakfast was very good. The view is unbeatable. The hotel has a lot of history and is centrally located. Next time in Israel I would consider going back but I would also consider alternatives. Had I paid full price for the room I was given I would have rated lower

Below Expectations

from SoFLTraveler
I was a bit disappointed with my stay at the King David. I had a deluxe room on the sixth floor, but was taken aback by the simple furnishings, lack of drawer space, and old TV. The room was very well kept, with nightly turn down service. Fresh fruit and chocolates, as well as bottled water were provided twice during my six nights here. A lovely Sabbath cake was left in the room on Friday night. The breakfast service was excellent, with a great selection and a staff of professional waiters who are overseen by two supervisors. This is what a deluxe hotel should be about.
The front desk staff and concierge were very helpful.
I understand that the hotel is being refurbished, hopefully this will help the dated feeling in the room. I guess the historical significance of the King David lands it on the list of "The Top Hotels in the World", although furnishings do not.

Splendid time in King David Jerusalem

from A TripAdvisor Member
Recently I had opportunity to spend some time in King David Jerusalem. That was really very special. Best choice to stay over in Holy City. Gorgeous building at the beautiful place, few minutes on foot from Old city, variety of the different rooms and halls for weddings, banquets, receptions, little parties, luxurious and wonderful shops in the lobby, one of the most lovely gardens with swimming pool I have ever seen, greenery, comfortable chairs and beds, cocktails, snacks, amazing view on the city, what else I could ask for. Stuff is extremely helpful, patient and kind, consider every guest and their sometimes weird requests with special courtesy so I really felt atmosphere like at home.


from Simon0965
Quite exceptional in all manners.It has to be the best hotel in Israel if not the Middle East.
From the concierge to suite to restaurants to breakfast to the pool area to room service everthing was wonderful not the cheapest but well worth every penny.

King David beautiful

from Cruzangirl
My husband and I stayed at the King David for 3 nights in March. We booked thru American Express Platinum Fine Hotels and Resorts. By doing this we were upgraded to an Old City View and were given a voucher for dinner. Our room was excellent.
Very spacious and the view was breathtaking. The bathroom was large and we enjoyed the robes and slippers. The towel warmer was a treat also. We arrived on a Friday afternoon. Upon arrival a small dessert for two was in our room that said "Sabbath Peace" on it. Turn down service was each night. The meat restaurant was excellent, but what we really enjoyed was the breakfast buffet. The food quality was outstanding and the wait staff very professional. The King David was one of the best stays we have had on our international travels.

Old fashioned class with warmth

from Ms_Moggy
We were staying at the sister hotel, the Dan in Tel Aviv, where they were indifferent and we were rather unhappy, so we checked out Tripadvisor from an internet café (there was no guest internet unless you had a laptop). There we found the review from someone who loved the King David after a less than happy experience at the Dan... just like us. That was the deciding factor, so we booked immediately and transferred for the last five days of a fortnight's holiday. We fell in love with Jerusalem AND the hotel. Within minutes of arriving, with complimentary coffee and cake on the beautiful terrace, we felt at home and welcome, and by the next day the staff were greeting us warmly. The standards of service are high, traditional, and will not disappoint. The food was excellent, especially in 'La Regence' restaurant, which is a meat restaurant. There could be a little more choice in the King's Garden 'milk' restaurant and snackbar. I had the feeling that if you asked for something specific off the menu they would prepare it for you, within kashrut limitations. The breakfast has been described as 'The eighth wonder of the World' and rightly so.
Our room was large and splendid (a superior one) with a view of the YMCA, THREE wardrobes, electric curtains, a marble bathroom with private cubicles for the lavatory and shower. The beds were hard, however, and we had to soften them with our duvets. We were told that no extras were available: the hotel should offer optional mattress softeners or toppers. Turndown was when we were out having dinner, not when we were bathing or dressing, as it was each night at the Dan T.A.
The hotel was only 15 minutes walk from the Jaffa Gate of the Old City, and when we took taxis we were proud to say that we were staying at the King David. We'll be back.

s reputation

from A TripAdvisor Member
I agree with a former poster:
The King David seems to be living off it's good name. While the location and view are still breathtaking, the rooms (after an upgrade) are about on par with other 5 star hotels (although for 400+ dollars a night I wasn't impressed. After all this is Israel and not New York City).
What really disappointed me was the service and staff.
The fabled terrace restaurant had lackluster food, but service took ages, was rushed (even though there weren't many guests) and not thourough (I can set a better table, and I'm a bachelor ;-)
We were only asked if we wanted to order additional drinks with our food after repeated signaling. The worst thing happened at the end of our meal, when empty dishes sat on our table for 30 minutes. The staff was standing around in a group happily chatting amongst themselves, and didn't even look at the guests. Only when we eventually got up to leave did they react (to present the bill). I didn't leave a tip, which did not prompt a reaction at all.
And to be frank: The breakfast buffet at a very touristy place in Tel Aviv (the Crowne Plaza) was at least a category better than the one at the king david.
Upon checkout the next day I wasn't asked if I enjoyed my stay in general, or any comment was made regarding the dinner.

Cannot recommend it (although you should visit the garden if possible). Or maybe you have to be a head of state or spend more than 1000$ per night?!?

Top Local Tips for Jerusalem

Tunnel Tour If you are going to Jerusalem, see the tunnels and book in advance

Don't Worry---Its safe---and AMAZING I have been to Jerusalem on three trips in the last 4 years. It is totally comfortable from a safety perspective. do not let fear prevent you from visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

N.Y.Long Island Queens girl goes to Israel! August is the most busy time in Israel for travelers. Bring or buy a hat. You may not be used to the heat/sun. Always carry a drink. Become adventurous, don't be afraid to go to the attractions, it has become very peaceful in recent years. Bring the pre-teens and teens with you, they will love Tel Aviv and make sure to visit the big party town of Eliat. I have taken my children to Israel several times, they LOVE Eliat! Go to the Old City,eat all the different foods and enjoy! The King David Hotel is a must see.If you are not lucky enough to be able to stay there, take advantage of the resonable day rates for the use of pool and grounds.


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  • king david jerusalem
  • king david hotel jerusalem
  • Address: 23 King David St. - Jerusalem - 94101 - Israel
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