Britannia Country House Hotel

, Manchester, United Kingdom
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Britannia Country House Hotel

, Manchester
3 star

Rooms: 255

Palatine Road Didsbury - Manchester - England - M20 2WG - United Kingdom Hotel Website | | 161 434 3411
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Reviews - Britannia Country House Hotel

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Dont Leave your car Here
Submitted by: Douglas in 30/10/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We decided to start our holiday off to a nice relaxing start, by booking a park and stay with this Hotel. On our arrival it was obvious that the parking facilities where completely inadequate for the amount of cars parking at the hotel. At the check in we where told to park in the field on the right, as you enter the Hotel grounds. I informed the staff at the time that the field which was completely hidden from the hotel with trees and overgrowth was not a very secure parking area. Which I was informed that this is all that is available as we are very busy.
On our return from our holiday I found my car had been broken into through the passenger side window and rear windscreen, the open vehicle had been half heartedly covered with black bin liners, which failed to keep the rain out from the vehicle, so my vehicle was also now water logged. At this time I could also see a number of other vehicles had also been broken into within this field waiting to be claimed buy unexpected holiday makers on their return.
The hotel informed me that the offence took part sometime between the 6th June and the 8th June but the police where only informed on my return so any evidence after my two weeks away would have been washed away, I was also informed by the hotel that they held no responsibility for the loss of personal belongings or damage to my vehicle.
Was it not possible for the hotel to 1.Inform the police and 2. Place the vehicle under a car cove. Of couse the hotel showed the same level of care as previous NONE.
Submitted by: Stanley in 10/10/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
When I read some of the report about the hotel I thought I had made a mistake.
The only mistake I made was almost being influenced by a lot os proffesional moaners
The Hotel was clean and well staffed,the room excellent the food first class,and the transfers to and from the airport were right on the published time.
The car was safe, left in a protected car park,and I for one will recomend the hotel to my friends and aquantances. Thank you Britania, long may you reign.
Cold and dirty!
Submitted by: Janet Emerson in 23/03/07
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
I was waiting for the free bus from the airport, and tried to ring the hotel to see how often they ran, but nobody answered the 'phone.
When I eventually got there, there was a huge queue waiting at reception. I was given the key to room 13 (I'm not superstitious!) after about ten minutes wait, but was offered no help to carry my bags.
The room was freezing cold. I fiddled with the knob on the radiators to try and warm the place up, but it didn't seem to work. There was only one blanket on the bed under a thin bedspread. I found another blanket in the wardrobe, but still hardly slept as I was so cold.
The room wasn't very well decorated. flowery wallpaper with flowery curtains that didn't match the wallpaper, and a flowery bedspread that didn't match either!
And it wasn't clean. The television and table were thick with dust, there was a shopping list under the dressing table that the previous occupant had thrown down and hadn't cleared up, and there were hairs in the bath.
After a night, shivering, I went down to breakfast at 7.30, thinking that the food would be fresh, as I was quite early. The bacon was hard and overcooked, the tomatoes were tinned, and the continental breakfast just seemed to be cheese and a couple of types of meat very thickly sliced, and tinned grapefruit.
The red carpet looked as though it hadn't been vacuumed for a long time.
And it was March, and CHRISTMAS CAROLS were playing in the background!
I'd just come from India where hotels are pretty basic, and I'm not a fussy person, but I expect a reputable hotel to at least be clean and offer good service. now I see all the other bad reviews I realise that it's not just me, and I wish that I'd complained while I was there.
Worst hotel in I have ever stayed in
Submitted by: Ant in 04/02/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From:
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Copy of the original complaint to FlyPark: For your information. Dear Sir/Madam,

Upon return from my recent holiday I write to complain about the hotel service I recieved as part of your "FlyPark" package. (Booking ref xxxxxx)

My husband and I arrived a The Britannia Country hotel on Saturday 27th January, at around 7pm and were allocated a room numbered 237. Our intention was to retire early that evening as we needed to be at Manchester airport by 4.55am the following morning.

On entrance the room was absolutely freezing. The bedroom window was wide open and no heating was on. The sheets on the bed felt damp to the touch and it became immediately evident that the room had not been aired for several days. We returned to reception and after negotiation with the duty manager, were offered an alternative room, numbered 247.

This room was slightly warmer as it had had a fan heater on, so we duly turned in for an early night, however with an ill fitting, internally unlockable, rattling door, and inconsiderate TV watching neighbours on both sides (we could only presume they were profoundly deaf), sleep managed to evade us for quite a long time. Just as we were dropping off we were awoken and startled by the noise of a key in the lock of our room door and rather surprised to see the duty manager enter, with his arms full of electrical equiptment. (The same duty manager who had actually arranged our room transfer.) He of course made a swift exit whilst delivering a bumbling apology and we were left to go back to sleep, the time was 11.45.

At 12.15 we were awoken again by the same sound, a key in the lock of our door and this time saw two people trying to enter the room. We believed these to be hotel customers who had been given a key to our room. Once again a quick exit was made by them once they realised the room was occupied. By now both my husband and I were wide awake, upset and angry at the way the evening had turned out. At the point we relaised that the electricity had gone off in the room as the fan heater wasn't working and niether was the kettle. This meant we couldn't even make ourselves a warm drink

After a further hour of unsucessfully trying to settle, my husband got dressed and went downstairs to the reception desk to complain and request a refund as compensation for our inconvenience. He was advised that as we had not directly booked with the hotel, we had to take the matter up directly with yourselves. My husband fortunatley had with him a digital camera and therefore recorded this conversation.

From the information detailed above we are sure that you will agree that the service we experienced was unacceptable and therefore request a full refund of £56.84 from yourselves and compensation from the hotel chain, for our inconvenience. Using your service in the future will no longer be considered by us, as it neither increased the amount of sleep we had, nor reduced or stress levels.

We strongly recommend that you reconsider using this hotel for airport transfers, as in our opinion it turned out to be a 24 hour transit camp for drunks, nothing like a normal hotel environment. At no time did the staff or management take any cognicance of the roudyness and general unpleasantness going on around them. This carried on until 4am in the morning when we left the hotel. A copy of this letter and video evidence is also being sent to other bodies that may be interested in the way this so called hotel chain run their business.

What has happened to this hotel??
Submitted by: FM in 29/10/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Cheap Getaway Holiday Maker
This was meant to be a good start to a holiday in Barbados [early flight] but was so dissapointng. I booked this hotel on the back of pleasant memories of ten years ago but how things have changed!!! The Cabin for the watchman for secure carparking is now boarded up. I awoke early to move my car as I was not happy with where I had to abandon it the previous night. Parking outwith area A is a lottery. Due to overnight departures, my car was now stranded alone, so I was glad I moved it, especially as the first sight I was greeted with was a customer and helper hoovering out the back of his car where the windows and back windscreen had been panned in. The room was tiny and very basic, with a view of empty paint tins and brushes. You couldn't shower with the door open for fear of setting off the smoke alarm but the windows were more or less painted shut making the room stifling!!! Downstairs, the bar was running a " Happy Hour" with pints and drinks at £1.50. This was very welcome but the 15 minute wait for the one barman on duty was not so welcome, nor was the fact that he had no change in his till. The resturant area was only about a quarter busy, so waiting a full 45 minutes for a burger and a pizza to be cooked was a bit annoying. The table next to us were given their main dish before their starters and most people's food was being offered around everyone until it found the correct table. I overheard a young waitress asking her supervisor if they could start a system that would tie the orders up to tables [ duh!!!!] The food was fine but £26 for a burger ,a pizza and two bottles of lager is a reach, especially with such appalling service. We headed back to the bar intending to have another couple of drinks. However, the bar which was now busier with people staying over at a conference, was stil being run by the one person, still with no change in the till. As everyone was bulk buying to get around the 30 minutes plus wait, we just headed to bed, and the un-expected early morning alarm call at 01:00am just made us laugh really. I won't be back here again.
Disgusting Shambles
Submitted by: Miss Unsatisfied in 30/05/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Recently returned from a supposed "pamper weekend" at this tired shabby dump. Arrived late afternoon to be whisked into the first batch of "luxury" treatment where one tiny room with one beautician attempted to rush as many of us through as possible. The hotel accepted 28 treatments over the weekend where only 11 were achieved and rushed.

The first rooms were worse than any youth hostel I have stayed in and had previous residents' hair on the bathroom floor and sink to greet you.

When asked for an upgrade the receptionist said
'lets see who we can downgrade'!!!!! so some other poor sod got our awful room.

The executive room was not much better with toilets and showers not working, fire alarms going off during the night roudy parties in rooms all night.

The restaurant food was reheated and congealed slop. The 'four night clubs' were full of weirds group of people with people throwing up in the bushes and walking round the perimeter naked in the middle of the afternoon.

It was like Fawlty Towers without the humour.

Absolute disgrace.
Submitted by: John Leak in 12/12/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
I've stayed in some pretty ropey hotels in India, but this place surpassed all of them.
Arrived at 0230. Bar, which adjoins reception area, full of 100 or more scruffy noisy drunks. First room offered was poky, badly lit, and we had to walk through the scrum at the bar to reach it. Second room (executive!) was marginally better though the curtains were ragged and the carpets dirty. Decor is appalling, presumably meant to be country house style; there's nothing else to justify having this in the name. Fire alarm went off just after we turned in. Cheap mattress and foam pillows. Daylight revealed that the windows had not been washed for many weeks.
We were so unimpressed we didn't even bother with the breakfast we had paid for.
Never again
Submitted by: Dave Elliott in 03/10/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
On arrival the drive up to the hotel was impressive. After parking the car I went to check in. I was presented with two doormen (bouncers) and two of their friends. As I got closer the topic being discussed was how many people they have beaten up and how they did it. I continued to walk into the reception through these people without them even acknowledging me. I then walked to the reception desk and there was nobody there to greet me, I waited for around 10 minutes and made the decision to go to the bar to find somebody. After speaking to the barman he said he would call somebody at reception. I went back to the reception and the phone just rang out. A few minutes later the Bar man appeared to try and find the people that should have been on reception. He walked into the office located behind the reception to find staff sitting around laughing and joking. At this point a gentleman walked out of the office and began to check me in. I was asked if I would like to authorise a larger amount of money to my card just in case I would like to use the Bar or to get Food. I decided this would be a good idea so he added an extra £20.00. I went back out of the front doors of the hotel past the door men to get my bags from the car. When I got back a few seconds later the doorman stopped me and asked to see my room key! (So finally he had spotted me). We then went to our room which was ok based on the money charged and was well equipped with all the standard items required for an overnight stay. After settling in we decided to go down to the bar to relax and unwind when we got there we ordered our drinks and tried to put them on our room. The barman told us that we haven't had this setup on our check in process so he called the gentleman on reception who told him the same thing! Please bear in mind we authorised an extra £20.00 on top of the room charge and I had a Visa slip to prove it. To save arguments we paid cash. The following morning the same thing happened again at breakfast but this time we came down without cash so it was a little awkward to say the least. The cost for breakfast was £10.50 per person which I felt was a little expensive for an English breakfast. After breakfast we checked out and left the hotel. All in all our stay at this hotel was not a very good experience and I don't think I would stay there again based on this trip. I am a frequent traveller around the UK and this has been the worst so far.
Horrible Horrible Horrible
Submitted by: A Travel Library User in 12/08/05
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
The bad smell of the corridors puts you of your sleep - not to mention the shabby decor - dark rooms and bad lighting in place in the rooms.......looks like this was the worst night of my life.....its a shame I paid for the privelage
Shabby and Smoky
Submitted by: Adriano Vincentelli in 04/05/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Restaurant service depressingly slow (inefficient).
Tired Entrance Hall. Rapid decline from the early days.
It's a shame.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Britannia Country House Hotel

awful don`t do it

from Robbie/stourbridge
we atayed here one night with parents before flying off to florida . don`t be fooled by the grand title .
we had to move rooms our first ones had mouldy bathrooms ,ripped wallpaper , and stains on the sheets i don`t even want to think what it was !
check in agreed they "werent` the best rooms "
our second rooms were a little better but below standard.
very noisey hotel , beer glasses left outside rooms and very dirty ,this hotel has seen better days .
you would be better off at a travel lodge cheaper and better standard

Honeymoon from Hell

from A TripAdvisor Member
I got married on 28th May and my new husband and I were due to fly out on honeymoon two days later. We therefore booked the Bridal Suite at the Britannia Country House Hotel for a stop-over close to the airport. We arrived on the Saturday afternoon at about 4pm having not eaten since breakfast. We were told that we couldn't get any food whatsoever. We then carried our own bags upstairs to the 'bridal suite' - what a massive disappointment. The room had a lumpy, ordinary-looking double bed, a z-bed and a baby's playpen in it. The bath was filthyand there was only one towel and one pillow between us which is ridiculous! I tried to order room service but was rudely informed that the room service didn't start until 6pm which is when the restaurants open anyway. I phoned reception to complain and to get pillows and towels sent to the room. The towels arrived 3 and a half hours later but I never managed to get through to the surly manager. I was told that he was busy and that he'd phone me back - 3 weeks on and I am still waiting! I have written a letter of complaint because I feel that the service we received was appalling. It ruined the beginning of our honeymoon. We had dinner in Jenny's restuarant in the hotel. We had the carvery roast beef which the chef tried to carve but the meat was so tough that he gave up, hacked it in half and dumped the remains on our plates - needless to say we didn't manage to eat it. We left the hotel feeling extremely disappointed, tired (lumpy bed) and very hungry (no early breakfasts available!). DO NOT EVEN HOUSE A DOG IN THIS HOTEL IT IS DIABOLICAL!

worst hotel in the world

from A TripAdvisor Member
where do I begin? The hotel looks nice from the outside, but the rooms are tiny, and poorly maintained. The bathroom was dirty, the towels damp, the floor filthy. No pillowcases on the pillows, stains on the sheets. The TV didn't work, the room had no glasses in it. I was so incensed by this, I am writing this review whilst still sat in this dump. I have just tried to order room service, and was told "sorry, not tonight!". The food here is disgusting, overpriced, and served by people who cannot understand English, and therefore get your oredre wrong. If you try and phone reception to complain, they simply ignore your call. If you tyr and go to complain, you cannot work your way through the throngs of people doing just that. The only way I can sum up this hellhole is to say that if you know somebody you truly hate, reccommend this hotel to them.

Warning - do not tie the knot at the Britannia!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Don't get married here! We had the misfortune to attend a family wedding at this poorly maintained establishment. Consistent with the findings of other reviewers, the hotel facilities were dirty, the staff were rude and the food at the wedding banquet was bad. As my partner proclaimed: 'What do you expect from a Britannia Hotel. Have you read the reviews for their hotels in Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham?' But what has motivated me to write was the appalling condition and inappropriate environment in which the ceremony was conducted. It was a truly dreadful service and sadly it was a very tacky start for a young couple who deserved, and had paid for, much better.

absolutely hated this hotel

from yahla
we had a bus of 53 ladies who go away every year for a week-end,and we were very unfortunate to have been put in this place.
i can only describe it as a follow up to the bates motel in the horror movie.
the rooms were filty and not fit for any one to stay in, the staff were very unfriendly, the only good thing about it the food in the cavery was very good,even then we were ushered in lines like sheep to get our meal, we had 53 ladies who usually have a great time very disapointed, and would not advise any one to ever to to this place.


from A TripAdvisor Member
The previous reviews just about sum up this DUMP.The reception like so many hotels was quite impressive,but the rooms however were a different story.The corridors leading to our room had bare walls,the carpets were thread bare and beerglasses were lying outside some bedroom doors(4.30 pm !!).The restaurants were very poor and expensive.I wish i had drove down the next day, early ,and saved £93. TERRIBLE !!!!!!

rude staff

from A TripAdvisor Member
We arrived at the hotel at about 12 noon and were told we could not check in because our room was not ready, despite the fact that we had specifically requested an early check in as we were travelling from London and I had had a serious accident two months previously and was still in poor health. The staff were extremely rude and unhelpful. We eventually got a room by being refusing to accept what the receptionist was saying and demanding to speak to a manager. The room was ok, but we stayed on a Saturday night and they have some sort of club/disco which is very noisy until the early hours of the morning. We would not use the hotel again.

NEVER use this hotel!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Unfriendly staff. Filthy room. Lights didn't work in bathroom. TV didn't work. Bed linen filthy. Fire alarm went off at five in the morning, not a single member of staff appeared until AFTER the fire brigade! ie NO FIRE SAFETY procedure at all. All I can say is never use this hotel.


from Carlau
As with most of the other reviews I also found this hotel to be the worst ever. My partner and I stayed here for one night before going on holiday from Manchester airport. We booked an executive room which cost more money and I thought would be much nicer. When we arrived I felt truly dissapointed, the room smelt, the tv did not work - this was later replaced and underneath the old tv was loads of dust and dirt which the member of staff proceeded to clean with loo roll!! The bedding was dirty and covered in brown stains, the floor had not been hoovered (i did not want to remove my shoes), the bed was really lumpy - I was unable to sleep, the bath was filthy, full of pubic hairs and grime, the phone socket was hanging out of the wall. Complained to reception who were very unhelpful and told us they were too busy to do anything about it!! Had a drink in the bar and was given a glass covered in lipstick, the bar area smelt very unpleasent and was full of empty glasses on the tables and floors - where lots of little children were running about. The only slight good thing about the hotel is that we had the cavery in one of the resturants - the food was really nice, we did not have any problems leaving our car and returned to find it still in one piece. We choose this hotel as we had booked a very last minuet deal and did not have much choice plus from the photo's and discription of the hotel on the website it appeared to look and sound a nice place to stay - I could not have been more wrong. I felt that this experience spoilt the start of our holiday and I would never return. I just wished I had know about this website sooner! Do not stay at this hotel - its the pits!!!

s All Been Said Already!

from clovaglen
Where can I start. This place is terrible. Booked the hotel over the internet for a 1 night stay before flying from Manchester Airport.
Spent first hour on arrival driving round and round their truly insecure car park before having to leave it almost on the main road beside all the cars with the smashed windows and missing radios.
Checked into the grimiest, dirtiest hotel room I have ever seen which had a bath that actually had stale water sitting round the edge of it.
The whole room smelt musty and damp. The corridoor carpets were sticky and filthy and staff not particularly pleasant. To escape the depression of the hotel spent the evening at the Trafford Centre in the vain hope that on our return we could park our car within half a mile of the hotel building. No chance. Ended up arguing with the security over safety of car and parking and eventually managed to persuade them to allow me to park on the patio right outside the restaurant entrance.
Better than on the main road. Do not stay here if it is not necessary, the place is truly horrible. A disgrace.

Top Local Tips for Manchester

Trafford Centre Shopping Probably the best indoor shopping centre in the country; plus eating there is a real treat - so much to choose fromand good quality. Easy to find; well signposted and free parking too.

Traffic Watch Manchester's rush hour traffic - the road network around south and west Manchester cannot cope with the volume. Keep your wits about you!

Good night out. Look carefully for good standard hotels


Other names for Britannia Country House Hotel

  • britannia country manchester
  • britannia country house
  • britannia country hotel
  • Address: Palatine Road Didsbury - Manchester - England - M20 2WG - United Kingdom
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