Britannia Hotel Manchester

, Manchester, United Kingdom
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Britannia Hotel Manchester

Rooms: 363

Portland Street - Manchester - England - M1 3LA - United Kingdom Hotel Website | | 161 228 2288
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Reviews - Britannia Hotel Manchester

staff not to bad food ok
Submitted by: gary in 16/07/11
  • Age Group: 4150
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
would not give this a 1 star rating it was very grubby bad decoration paper peeling off walls mould along bottom off bathroom tiles carpets stained and didnt appreciate the cleaner coming into the room at 8.30 to do the room when we were not checking out until 11 am we stayed in room 536 certainly not an exec room it needs to be closed down and re furbished certainly not worth 91 quid for the night
Fantastic Hotel
Submitted by: Mark in 11/10/08
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
We only stayed for 2 nights, but this is the 4th time we have been to the Britannia. It is cheap, has a great location, the rooms vary from small to HUGE (if you drop on). The staff are friendly, the hotel itself is beautiful and clean. The perfect hotel for a short stay in Manchester!
Rather Sleep In My Car!!!
Submitted by: Julie in 20/02/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
I would rather have slept in my car. This is the worst hotel my Boyfriend and I have ever stayed in. The wardrobe was broken, the TV was on the floor, the bed looked sleazy, the carpet was grimy and thank god I had a shower before I went to the hotel.
Upon asking to move rooms we were given the key for another room however outside the door were three buckets strategically positioned to catch the falling water from the leaking ceiling. Also there was major building work going on in the hotel, which they failed to report on there web page. I would hate to have seen what the economy suite looked like!!!!
Avoid at all possible costs
Submitted by: Niky in 17/12/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Thank god only stayed one night. No tv, then no ariel - was promised a call from duty manager, still waiting. Cannot use laptop unless have wireless connection, can not get more then 1 glass of orange juice at breakfast, broken taps and smell of damp in bathroon, 1" dust in corners and on window seals, burnt dinner, kettle with something floating in old water, charge a minimum of £5.50 for a miniature bottle of drink. Total lack of customer care or consideration.
Don't go there
Submitted by: Judith Hedgley in 19/09/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
The worst hotel I have ever stayed in. A double room with a wobbly bunk bed sold as a family room. Badly in need of refurbishment, gritty bedding, shattered glass to fire escape door, damaged electric socket in the hallway, and lift in need of servicing. Stayed as part of a stay and park deal for Manchester Airport. Bad start to thankfully a great holiday, but met a couple on Holiday who had their wedding at the Britannia and had made big complaints. It may be near to the airport, but I'd rather travel!!!

Historical Traveller Reviews of Britannia Hotel Manchester

not as bad as that.....was it

from A TripAdvisor Member
Preferred hotel by my company?!?!. I had read the reviews in advance, but being an adult of open mind and game for a laugh, I thought I would try it at least once (had booked up for two sets of nights with 3 more sets if ok). Great looking place, friendly reception, grand/quirky staircases. All good until I reached the room. Tow lights not working - only 25w to find my way around a room with a 2ft by 1 ft window in the top corner (could only see the sky). Bedding was clean BUT did have holes in it. Pillow cases had oil stains on that had been cleaned but not removed. Man with new light bulbs arrived within 10 minutes of my call (very good). Breakfast good (although bacon tasted of something very peculiar). Evening meal held in my own private dinning room - well no other diners!. Parked the car in the recommended NCP with 20% discount but still cost me £25 from Wed 9PM to Fri 9AM. Surfice to say I will be staying at the new Novotel nearby on my next stay - shame because it definately has potential.

weirdo heaven

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have never in my life stayed in such an amazing hotel!!!
In all hotels you have to expect some problems, but it has to be said, none beat flea bites!!
the dirty smelly blankets that were on the beds were infested. we removed them when we arrived and shoved them in a cupboard, but on are return to the room each day we had to remove them again bcos the cleaners had put them back on the beds - dont know why they didnt get the message!!
Anyway this hotel is a great place for the lonely traveller. To let some air into your room with a window that doesnt open, simply leave your bedroom door open for an hour or so and many of the hotels other guests will walk in at their leisure and sit down and have a chat with you. For some entertainment, its best to do this at night time as you get a wider range fo visitors, including florists with anger management problems, and pakistani airline pilots. If you are extra lucky, you may also get people wandering into your room off the street and offering to take you on their own tourist trips to blackpool in their car.
some guests may after meeting you, bscome obsessed and write you love letters and bang on your door throughout the night, so it cant be said that this isnt a lively hotel!
Make this hotel your first choice if you are REALLY into meeting new weird and wonderful people, and you like being kept awake all night and coming home from the hotel bitten by fleas.

Never again!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I cannot express my disgust! This hotel is the worst I have ever stayed in!!! The rooms smell and the hotel is dark and dingy! Don't expect things to happen in a hurry when you go to this place, i spilled mayonaise on a table, and it was still there three days later. Please do not waste your money here...i would rather stay at a travel inn.

Worst Hotel

from JakartaAdvisor
This is definitely a 1 star hotel!!! The room & toilet is so dirty. The carpet is stained, the wall paper is falling off and there's a leakage on the ceiling of the room. There's no pillow casing for the pillow and when i complained to the housekeeping, they told me that they ran out of clean pillow case. This is such a nightmare!! I reserved this hotel for 2 nites but after the 1st nite i moved to ibis hotel!! And i can assure you that ibis is a better choice with a better rate!

The pride of Manchester?

from A TripAdvisor Member
This establishment is a flop-house staffed by poorly trained/extremely rude people. It makes Liverpool's Adelphi (also owned by the Britannia Group, look like and feel like a palace.

What a dump

from SazzleDerby_England
If you like rooms with no windows, blood and candle wax smeared on the walls and carpets, black mould in the bathroom, holes in the sheets and a foul smell then this will be your ideal hotel. If you don't then steer well clear, this is by far the worst hotel that I have ever stayed in and it is a absolute disgrace that it is listed as 3 or 4*, I would not even give it 1*.

An Absolute dump - avoid it like the plague!

from Riggy69
What an absolute dump. This so-called hotel is listed on Expedia as FOUR STAR - how? why? This place is 1 star at best. My tiny room was on the 6th floor - the lifts only go as far as the 5th! The room was small and basic with only around half of the advertised amenities - no fridge/mini-bar for example. The toilet pedestal was filthy-dirty. The shower barely worked, spraying water in every direction except towards me. The whole place looked to me as if it was last decorated circa 1945. Whoever owns it should shut it down and either gut it and refurbish, or just demolish it and start again. The Britannia is an eyesore and must be an embarrassment to the City of Manchester. Avoid at all costs!

s nearly as bad as they say

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed here on three separate occasions recently. The first was actually pretty good, a reasonable room on 5th Floor with a window so huge it amounts to half the wall, and quite a nice view through it as well. The second and third were terrible however, with the worst room (hot, noisy, windowless, and stinking of pest spray) directly across the corridor from the first nice one.

The hotel generally is very run-down and tacky. The decor is horrid, the staff are so-so at best, and it has a generally sleazy feel to it (I wasn't surprised when a lady I met in the elevator asked if I knew where to buy drugs.)

If it were not for one particular point I would recommend people avoid this hotel entirely and instead choose for example the two nearby Ibis properties which are far superior and in the same price range. What the Brittania does have going for it however is absolutely first-class wireless internet access. Only works in the lobby but sit on the comfy sofas with your wireless laptop and enjoy blazing-fast internet access entirely for free and with no registration hassle.

But if you're not a net-head, stay somewhere else.

okay for a one night stand

from A TripAdvisor Member
I had already booked a room here for one night before I read the chronically pejorative reviews of the hotel and although I can understand where they were coming from I have to say I think they were slightly exagerated and to say it was the 'worst hotel in the uk' would be slightly over the top.

There is no doubt that there were deregatory aspects to the hotel. My room was extremely dark and dingy due to a tiny window and having only one dim light in the corner of the room. The decoration style in my room was a bit of a contrast, it seemed to be a mutation of a 1960's hospice and Victorian townhouse. The entrance lobby was extremely pretencious and tacky, having cheap gold paint on the bannisters on the stairways in a rather feeble attempt to create a sense of class, the staff were relatively dreary and uninviting and overall to say it was a four star hotel would be a lie.

However, the room was clean and the infestation of lice and cockroaches that I was anticipating after reading the disgusting reports, which I would have to call false, were not there and it felt clean enough for me to use the bath. The room was fairly airy and pleasant smelling, they had a number of complimentary facilities for use such as a trouser press, hairdryer, scales etc. and overall my attitude of the hotel is ambivilance.

The hotel itself on the outside was undoubtedly gorgeous and it had a good geographical location being in the centre of the city. I personally wouldn't have wanted to have stayed there for longer than one night but if I had to I'm sure I could have been staying somewhere a lot worse. So overall I think the other reviews were a bit misleading and they should not have picked on poor Britannia so much. I wouldn't stay there again but if you just want somewhere to lay your head down for the night in relative comfort then this could be for you.

All of the reviews I read were one out of five star ratings, I feel that is slightly unfair which is why I am turning that one into a big fat two.

Christmas stay from hell

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at the Britannia hotel in Manchester over Christmas 2003 on a inclusive Christmas package. I and two friends checked in on Christmas Eve. There was some confusing as to our board arrangements, the receptionist was not very efficient at all. And did not inspire me with much confidence at all. Im afraid to say from there on things just got worse. I was in room 596 on the 5th floor, one friend in 562 and the other in 459. I took a shower pre dinner and slipped in the bottom of the bath as there was no none slip mat in the bathroom. Or notices to say the baths are slippy and do not use the shower unless you use a none slip matt. I was told later when I tackled the duty manger there should have been. He soon ran up with one. I asked the incident be recorded in the hotel accident book but fear it wasnt as the staff are not efficient at all.Dinner that evening was @ 7pm in Jennys restaurant. We had to stand around as no one greeted us or offered to seat us, until we asked a waitress were we were supposed to sit. Very unfriendly for our first meal.Christmas night the fire alarm went off.
The staff members are either stupid or have a death wish telling people to ignore it at first. Two fire engines turned up and the police. The staff were no where to be seen and strangers were walking in off the street at this point and just wandering around the hotel at there leisure. This turned out to be a false alarm; it would have been nice if one member of staff had come out to inform the sensible ones of us who had followed the fire evacuation procedures to the letter.Boxing Day was the icing on the cake. I went down to breakfast to be greeted by an appalling smell in the entrance to Jennys restaurant. This in fact was still there the next day. It was busy in there. I waited ¾ of an hour and asked three staff members for a coffee and was ignored each time. I went up stairs and spoke to the duty manageress. Told her I wasnt happy with things .She came down and served myself and friends with coffee. Later on my way back to my room I found a pair of womens knickers on the hallway floor; they in fact remained there all day and evening as well. The room attendant must have pasted them several times that day. As her cart was outside my room when I returned from breakfast. My room wasnt serviced Boxing day till gone 4 PM.The gala dinner Boxing Day evening was a farce. A man at our table asked for an extra roll only to be told there wasnt any. Not until he kicked up a fuss did anybody go and see if there was any. Most of the staff serving meals in the crystal suit where students of design as we asked them.
What do they know about food service most of then barely spoke English.
We witnessed one member of staff giving another a quick guide as to how to use a spoon and fork for service! The beef was tuff and tasted bitter. Coffee was served from a pot with lunch times coffee stains all down it and a roast potato dropped off the bottom of the pot onto the table. I refused to accept the coffee and was given another one from a different pot. The girl then just moved on to the next table and continued to serve from the dirty pot. Did any of the staff that evening or any other evening for that matter have food hygiene certificates? I very much doubt it.Boxing Day afternoon we tried to get a drink and not one bar was open despite having guests on a Christmas break holiday in the hotel. When we asked at reception was there a bar open. We were treated like lepers by an Asian looking male receptionist. He told my friend I dont know if theres a bar open, look over there they have drinks ask them where they got them. Earlier that day were witnessed the same receptionist being down right rude to a PIA pilot. The pilot asked him how to make an outside call from the phone on reception. He told the pilot abruptly dial 9 first, this didnt work so the pilot asked again. Again he was rude and said to a female receptionist oh you deal with him Ive had enough and walked off. My friend in room 562, first of all found in the wardrobe a part used tube of tesco value tooth paste. The next day he dropped some coins on the floor and had to move the bed to find them. He found not only his coins but thick dust and a dried up used condom. The Hygiene standards leave more than a little to be desired, on the mirror and pictures in this room there was thick dust. And he was left with out toilet rolls till Boxing Day.My room had recently been decorated and in the wash hand basin where white emulsion stains they where there on arrival and where still there the day I left. Despite the fact the fact the room had supposed to have been serviced Christmas day and Boxing Day. The left hand curtain was half hanging off all my stay too. I was left with out toilet rolls all Christmas day and part of Boxing Day.The radiator in room 459 didnt work all my friends stay.This hotel is a festering pit of filth waiting to explode on unsuspecting customers. There is no management there it just hambles along hoping nobody will complain.The Britannia Manchester is a disgrace to the city of Manchester.

Top Local Tips for Manchester

Tourist Office We got very lucky and happened to arrive the day that the Christmas lights were going up, and that there was an outdoor concert featuring a Mama Mia perfomance and Simon Webbe singing. We wouldn't have know if we hadn't visited the tourist office. It was full of info on what to do while in Manchester. We found it very valuable.

COMEDY STORE Reasonably priced drinks in the bar-- Great staff--- Great performance---- GREAT ticket prices!!!!

GAY VILLAGE Behind the hotel is the Gay Village in Canal St - great fun, gay or not, and probably the safest place in Madchester !


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  • manchester britannia hotel
  • britannia hotel manchester
  • Address: Portland Street - Manchester - England - M1 3LA - United Kingdom
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