Thistle Islington Hotel

, London, United Kingdom
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Thistle Islington Hotel

, London

Rooms: 138

100 King's Cross Road - London - England - WC1X 9DT - United Kingdom | 44 08703339113
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Good service
Submitted by: Eduard in 18/08/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Israel
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Good service, courteous staff, very good location (5 minutes to metro)

Historical Traveller Reviews of Thistle Islington Hotel

Never Again!!

from ptrllry
I stayed in this Travelodge on monday 1st november for one night and i would never stay again. In fact I'll never stay in another Trvelodge again! The staff were rude, unhelpful and the rooms are small and dirty. I know people say "you get what you pay for" but i wouldn't be paid to stay there again. Besides, manners and standard hygiene don't cost that much.

After a 6 hour journey I was ready to get to my room only to stand in reception for 20 minutes while a number of complaints were being made by other guests. There were sighs of dispair as the staff seemed to stare blankly back at them.

I finally checked in and paid for my room. I was given a key card and without directions, headed off to room 228 which i presumed was on the 2nd floor so i took the lift. From the lift on the 2nd floor it was a fair walk down the corridors to my room carrying a heavy suitcase. (I'm 5.2" and 8 stone)

When I got to my room, I swiped the key through the lock. Again. Again and again. I turned it round and tried it the other way. And the other way. And the other. It didn't work. I hauled my suitcase back down the corridor and in the lift, waited in a queue of yet more unhappy guests. I spoke to an asian lady receptionist who didnt say a word to me, snatched my card off me, swiped it through a machine and gave it back to me. I asked her if this meant it would now work. She nodded her head and seemed to "shoo" me off leaving me feeling rather stupid that i couldnt use my key properly.

I pressed the button for the lift, waited for it to come, got back in up to the 2nd floor, got out, dragged my suitcase down the corridor and tried my key again. It didnt work. I tried it every way possible again and asked a passing guest if i was doing the right thing. He said I was and tried it himself. He also said he had just returned from reception to get a different key and he "always has this problem". I thanked him and off i went again back to the reception.

As I got there yet again there were groups of people still complaining and requesting to move rooms or have refunds or for "someone to actually do something". While I waited, I 'phoned my boyfriend to tell him I was there safely but couldnt get in my room. I saw the same lady and told her it still wasnt working and handed her the key. She looked at me angrily and said "keep it away from your mobile phone then!" I wasnt aware that it had been near my mobile phone before, however, I took her advice, she swiped it and I began my journey back to my room. I put my mobile phone deep into my suitcase (before it had been in my handbag) and held the key card as far away from my suitcase as possible (without looking ridiculous!).

I arrived at the door to the room I was yet to see, having been at the hotel nearly 45 minutes! I tried the key card and to my complete and utter frustration, it didnt work again. By now I couldnt hold in the tears any longer. I had travelled alone for 6 hours, over 350 miles by bus, train and taxi yet I couldnt manage to make that final step of my journey and get into my room!!! I pulled myself together and went back to reception.

The same lady saw me standing at the back of the queue with my red teary, tired eyes and smirked and walked slowly into the back office staring at me like it wasnt her problem. I spoke to the man who had checked me in and I said I couldn't get into my room and I wanted someone to actually let me in this time. As I said it, another man appeared next to me, slammed his card on the desk and demanded "Me too! I'm sick of this!" He got different keys and let us both in our rooms. Without a single apology I might add!

Finally! I could relax? Nope. the room was dirty and smelly. There were chewing gum wrappers in the middle of the floor and a crisp bag sticking out from under the bed. If the cleaner had missed these then what else had he/she missed! The net curtain looked discusting- grey and ripped. The carpet couldnt have been hoovered after the last guests (or even the first ever guests) I wouldnt take my shoes off in there. The sheets looked clean enough but no mattress covers underneath. All that dead skin from other people and I dont like to think what else. The shower head was manky and I wasnt sure that water would even get through the mank, had I dared get into the shower.

I was staying alone and my window was facing the back. The window did have safety catches but they had snapped off and were left on the window sill. Being a family room I thought that safetly catches on a window would be fairly standard. Had the window even allowed me to close it properly it may have helped. When I decided I would have to make do with what I had paid for I thought about getting something to eat. I had been there over an hour and still not properly relaxed. I decided to phone down to reception, as i realised that if I left my room, I may not be able to get back in. I looked for the phone but the wires had been ripped out of the socket where a phone had once been. So I decided to risk it. I left my room and phoned a take away across the road. Which was very good! And yes, by some miracle, I managed to get back into my room and eat it! My only concern was that the delivery man came directly to my room with my pizza and as a single woman alone in her room, I found it rather unnerving, especially as I wouldnt have been able to contact reception, had I had any problems. I suppose I would have been able to jump 2 storeys out of the window though, thanks to the missing safety catches!

My advice.... don't even book it!! I'm put off all Travelodges for life!

Inefficiency rules but cheap enough

from JInch
We stayed from Sun 17th Oct to Wed 20th Oct in this Travelodge which was recently acquired from the Thistle group. You can tell that Travelodge haven't quite got a grip on the transition yet, and the mixed nationality staff seem to struggle at times with the language.

Good points:
(1) decent location, especially for Kings X or when driving in from the north
(2) cheap at £60 per room
(3) erm...
(4) hmmm....

Bad points:
(1) it may have been a Travelodge no smoking room, but what's the point if it's spent the last 100 years as a Thistle smoking room? Cough.
(2) It certainly looked like a double/twin room with two beds, but the cleaning staff didn't seem to grasp the concept of that meaning there'd be two people in there. We consistently got 1 towel between us (and consistently failed to get a 2nd when requested)
(3) there was no room phone, so any problems of missing towels, no milk, decaff only coffee, poor tv reception, etc etc meant a lift ride and a 10 minute wait in the...
(4)...massive queues at the desk. There was a constant gaggle of disgruntled looking people at the desk, either trying to check in, trying to check out, or trying to get a 2nd towel for their room. The staff were invariably not English speakers as a 1st language, and struggled to understand what people wanted.

Maybe a lot of the issues are down to the takeover and in the future this will be a tighter run ship. At the end of the day, it's only £60 so no-one expects a choc on the pillow but we'd had a lot better from Travelodge in the past so felt a bit disappointed.

I guess the best indicator of what to expect came with the parking situation. On arrival on the Sun we drove straight into the car park, and when I asked how we paid to park I was met with blank expressions and orders to pay at a machine on the wall (which was obviously to pay at the end of the trip, using a ticket from the barrier on entry). I tried to explain that the barrier had been up and no ticket had been issued, but again got blank looks and more pointing.) After 4 days of parking I spent an entertaining 10 mins at the desk trying to pay so we could get out of the car park, and no-one behind the desk could cope with the fact that the machine had not issued me with a ticket with which I could pay. So, their solution was for me to pay in cash, go to the exit barrier and press the buzzer to be released. Fine.

Except that all the staff then walked off and ignored me standing at the desk with a pile of tenners waiting to pay. Frustrated, I decided to test them by driving to the exit barrier and seeing if they spotted their faux pas. They didn't. The barrier went up, we left with £60 in our pocket instead of their car park fund.

Good Value

from bebranyon
We stayed at the Travelodge last month and it is a good value for the money. It's an easy walk to King's Cross and about a 10 minute walk over to the bars & restaurants in Islington.

It's not fancy but it is clean. However, there are no phones in the room and no alarms so you have to bring your own alarm clock.

Great value stay

from A TripAdvisor Member
(Note: The reviews prior to this one refer to the hotel when it was owned and operated by Thistle Hotels. It's now been sold and is now owned by Travelodge)

The Travelodge Islington represents really good value for money. All parts of the hotel were exceptionally clean and tidy. It's a two minute walk from the King's Cross Thameslink station which connects with the Underground. There were one or two signs of wear in the rooms - but according to a leaflet, they are currently in the process of refreshing rooms. I'd definately stay there again. As long as you go expecting the standard Travelodge no-frills facilities, you'll not be dissapointed.

Very nice restaurant and friendly people

from A TripAdvisor Member
it was very nice i enjoyed very much to stay at the hotel all the staff where friendly and nice especialy in the restaurant well done to everybody Emiliano, Eleonora, and Hakim the restaurant manager

Only one night

from Crotale
Just came back from 4 days in London ( easter ) Orginally I had booked 4 nights at The Thistle Islington. Before we flew to London I became aware of these reviews. Then I knew I had made a mistake. I immediately phoned and cancelled the 3 last nights. What a relief! - small rooms - a lot of noise from the elevator during the night - unattractive neighboorhood - paid 77 pounds

The breakfast was OK

Thistle London, Godd value for money

from A TripAdvisor Member
Excellent buffet English and Continental Breakfast. The rooms were fine, but a little to small, but then again you use them only at night.
Very clean. The cleaners weren't very good at english, but they did their jobs well. On the whole, excellent value for money. The Kings Cross area is not very nice, but then again reflected in the good price. The staff were helpful, so I can't really see the other complaints.

Reasonable value for money

from A TripAdvisor Member
We found this hotel to be acceptable for the price we paid, London is an expensive city & hotel prices reflect this. Our room was small, but bright & cheerfully decorated it included every thing you would require including an iron & board. The bathroom was very small but had bath with shower. Breakfast & service was very good, the dining room is large when the second room is opened. We found all the staff very friendly & concerned about our opinion. On the location of the hotel, in cities in our experience areas around railway stations are quite often less than glamorous. In any tourist destination some research needs to be done to ensure the location meets the needs. If visiting London as a tourist I personally would stay in a more central location.

Very small rooms!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed here over Valentine's Day weekend. As soon as we opened the door to the room we noticed how tiny it was. We never spent this much money on a hotel room and was shocked at the size. Even the bathroom is tiny. My 6'4 husband had so many problems getting around. Breakfast buffet was good though. Close to tube.

not as bad as others say

from A TripAdvisor Member
everyone has individual tastes and experiences but, as a regular hotel user who has stayed here twice, I would say this is an unexciting but OK hotel. not a first choice but acceptable if the price is right (£60 my last stay). I woudl imagine that rooms overlooking the main road are noisy though. also, whilst the surroundings are a bit edgy, if youre used to urban environments its not as dangerous as some others suggest - there are a fair number of people on the street and indeed there are some quite pleasant pubs and restaurants around. you just need to be observant without getting paranoid (which applies in smarter areas of london also).

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  • london travelodge
  • london travel lodge
  • Address: 100 King's Cross Road - London - England - WC1X 9DT - United Kingdom
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