Kensington Close Hotel

, London, United Kingdom
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Kensington Close Hotel

, London
3 star

Rooms: 550

Wrights Lane Kensington - London - England - W8 5SP - United Kingdom Hotel Website | | 0870 7517770
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Reviews - Kensington Close Hotel

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Submitted by: Ruth Choo in 30/06/09
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Is this the only hotel that charges £8 [per person]to use the swimming pool! There is one front manager who is quite arrogant and is incapable of making any real decision but prefer to let customer 'sweat it out' yes, it was a double booking and he was going to charge my account twice.
unbelievable! Avoid this hotel you won't regret it.
Submitted by: soph4500 in 15/06/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
When a mistake was made with our booking due to an error by their staff they initially told us that the problem would be dealt with, then told us they didn't have a room for us. They became offended when we (understandable) got upset at their inconsistency. AVOID THIS HOTEL. Their appalling customer service made what should have been a plesant trip into a nightmare.
Bad service
Submitted by: kevern batten in 28/05/09
  • Age Group: 60 +
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
On arrival we were allocated a tiny room that in m opion would be consodered small if classed as single.Paying for an upgrade to what we were told was 'The best in the House'we were moved to a room without space to move around the double bed.
Returning to thr room at 11pm the fridge was making a noise like a car alarm.After two telephone calls to the front desk and two visits the fridge was finally removed at midnight.
At breaklfast the food was cold yet the glasses for the fruit juice were almost too hot to touch.Verbal and written complaint to the desk got no response.Aletter to the on our return home did not receive a reply.This is the first hotel I have stayed in where I have been charged a fee to use the swimming pool.London does not deserve to have a tourist trade if this is an example of way visitors are treated.The note gives only a brief overview of the lack of care we experienced on our long weekend at this hotel.
Awful rooms, awful service
Submitted by: Vincenzo in 29/08/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Italy
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
* Room was incredibly small and not exactly clean
* the carpet was stained with what looked like coffee
* the bathroom floors and walls had "hair" on from the moment we entered the room
* sink was totally inadequate, it was as small as airplane's sinks
* room was a smoking room but I didn't expect it to smell so bad (stale smoke smell when we moved in)
* towels small and worn out
* TV only had national channels, no satellite. I would expect sat news chanels at least
* various magazines left in the room, clearly second hand, they were stained with coffee rings and some pages stuck together (thankfully from the coffee rings)
* service at the restaurant was a total joke, we were left in the dining room without any waiter or staff for at least 30 minutes. Food was ordinary and overpriced
* breakfast wasn't included within the rate, fair enough, but charging nearly £40 for two english breakfasts (especially when it's not buffet and there's no chance of having a second helping) is ridiculous
* gym was adequate and so was the swimming pool and sauna, however the jacuzzi did not work
* concierge not exactly helpful
* reception not helpful
Bad Service
Submitted by: Carine in 10/05/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: Monaco
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
I slept 3 nights there. The room was really tiny and was not clean. The heating was not functioning, so I have been freezing all night.
The staff did not care about the problem.
We asked to change for another room and we had to pay 20 or 30 pounds more for what they called a "superior" room... This one was bigger and the heating was functioning, at least.
The breakfast was disguting.
I will not stay again in this hotel.
Bad service
Submitted by: Tina in 08/01/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
My partner, myself and 2 friends of us attended your NYE James Bond Ball on Sunday 31st December 2006.
I have to say that we are very dissapointed with the organisation and the hotel.
When we checked in at around 2.30pm we have been informed that the spa would be open til 9.30pm on the same day. We checked into our room, what was obviously not a double room, nor a non smoking as we booked it. I worked for over 10 years in different 4 and 5 star hotels in Europe and I can say I know what a single or double room looks like. Anyway, when we called reception we asked for another room, the lady apologzied to us but told us that this is a standard double room and they are fully booked so they are not able to move us. We then asked for second set of towels and blanket, because it was only provided for 1 person, she promise us to deliver it to the room, but it never arrived. Needless to say that I hadn't had much sleep. We went out to get something to eat and came back to use the spa, only to find it closed at 4pm!
My friends were in the same situation with the room size and also only one set of blanket and towels. The second set never arrived!
At around 20.30 we were on our way to the party, we try to get it in but we were told we have to get our tickets first from the reception!!???? Why haven't they been handed out at check in?
We had to queue for about 20 min., then we had to queue again for security checks(fair enough!).
By the time we made our way to the complimentary chamapagne reception it was just after 9pm! Another big queue! Why not have 2 champagne receptions and prepare everything in advance?
We never received our complimentary champagne, as there were not enough glasses nor champagne, unless we wanted to wait for another 30 min.
So we went to one of the many bars just to find out that the lady was on her own at the bar and it took another 10 min to get our drinks. She also was not able to give us our correct change as the till was not working/open???
By the time we were able to enjoy the party it was almost after 10pm. We have never seen any canapes, only empty trays passing us!
But then they gave us the choice of a finger buffet for £10, what was overpriced for not very appetizing food!
Each of the bars were only occupied by 1 ore 2 person of staff.What is not enough for this kind of party, most of your staff could not understand english very well and were certainly not trained very well.
The only good thing i can say about that evening where the people trying to have some fun and the DJ's music!
Breakfast next morning was as bad as the evening, another queue.....
The poor lady who escorted the people to their tables was on her own to sign in and escort!! Why not have a second person who can sign or escort??

We were really looking forward to this night, but we were just being dissapointed by this poor service and organisation.

Submitted by: Graham Anthony in 22/12/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Germany
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
2.30 in the morning, and there's another guest standing in my wife's room! Panicky phone call to reception. Lightning response, it must be said. His keycard wrongly programmed - with wrong room number! She won't be staying there again in a hurry. Awful breakfast (fine if you like frozen croissants) and abismally trained young staff. Earlier this year given a smoking room despite printed reservation. No hot water in the entire wing, although all the staff seem to know this. Again, pathetic response from overwhelmingly undertrained employee, along the lines of "it's no problem, like it's no problem, I'll send you a bottle of wine, no problem like", needless to say it never arrived. Avoid.
room changes
Submitted by: Lynda in 29/11/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We specifically asked for a non smoking room, got to the hotel early and the room wasn't ready. When we returned from the theatre, our room had be reallocated to someone else and we had the grottiest, smelliest room in the hotel. It reeked of old smoke and the bathroom door would not open properly. Needless to say they couldnt move us but why give our room away in the first place. Won't be going back there. No non-smoking areas to sit either
Avoid this hotel
Submitted by: sko in 27/08/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Japan
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
The hotel was close to High Street Kensington, but it was not a very convenient station. We don't have many Circle Line services, so we had to wait at least for 15 minutes every time we took a train.
Our first impression of the hotel was that the it was a big hotel, not clean, and that the staff were very young. I felt that there were some staff who were not trained well enough to serve in the polite way we usually expect from hotel clerks. Nobody came out to carry our luggage. We were given two card keys, but they often didn't work. The room was OK, but very tiny. One good thing was that it had a fridge, though it often made strange beep sounds that annoyed us at midnight. The beds moved very easily probably for easy cleaning. One of the beds had a big hollow at the centre and was very uncomfortable. I had a backache at the end of my stay.
One of the biggest reasons we chose this hotel was that it offers internet access service in every room. Though the hotel had not answered my question via e-mail whether they had "fast" internet access service or not, we finally decided to stay there because one staff wrote to me saying that the voucher for 24-hour access was available for 15 pounds. We thought it quite reasonable, and actually bought one. We used the internet for an hour on the first night (which turned out to be very very slow!!!), didn't use it on the next day, and tried to use it again on the following day. What we found then was that the voucher was already expired. I asked the reception and was informed for the first time that we have to use the internet continuouslly for 24 hours!!! Nobody had told us about that, so I complained to some of the hotel staff that they must offer us more information about the voucher (which just says, "24 hours") beforehand. But they didn't accept my complaint. One black guy even told me that the fault was mine because the voucher clearly said, "24 hours." But who would take it literally? Who would use the internet for 24 hours continuously? He also said that the internet service is offered in the same style at every hotel and every internet cafe in the UK, which is obviously a lie. The way this guy talked to me was so rude that I even forgot for a moment that I was talking with a hotel clerk. Finally I was compelled to give up and leave the reception. But still unable to consent to the black guy's explanations, I went to the reception again. This time I was advised to visit there again on the following day and talk to another staff who might solve the problem. It turned out then for the first time that when I bought the voucher the staff at the reception forgot to give me necessary information about the voucher. The voucher had already caused some misunderstandings among customers, so the staff had usually explained that the voucher is for a continous use. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't returned to the reception. On the following morning I went to the reception, talked to a lady staff, who understood my situation and gave me a new 24-hour voucher. To tell the truth, we had only one more day to stay, and didn't need one at all.
We weren't satisfied with the hotel from the beginning, but this event made us decide to change it. We chose Country Inn, which is quite close to Cloucester Road. This station is more convenient than High Street Kensington. It is located very close to Sainsbury's which is open 24 hours. The staff at the reception is a well experienced gentleman, and young staff help you carry your stuff. It offers wireless internet access service in every room, and you don't need to use the internet continuously. What was disappoinging was that you can't log in to Gmail possibly because of firewall. When I told the reception about that, a man came to solve the problem. Though the problem wasn't solved, I felt a very sincere attitude of the hotel. What's more, this hotel is much cheaper than Kensington Close Hotel.
I will never choose Kensington Close again. You will waste your money!
One of the best stays I've had in London!
Submitted by: Jim in 11/12/05
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Simply one of the best stays i have had for along time in London... Well done to all the staff at the Kensington Close 10/10

Historical Traveller Reviews of Kensington Close Hotel

V.Good Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
I found the Kensington Close to be a wonderful hotel. It was my first trip to London and I was very nervous.... I was with tour group-Cosmos-and just loved the hotel. It was close to everything. My friend and I were able to walk to the tube and do some sight-seeing on our own. Rooms were VERY clean and food in the Carvery were excellent.
I also loved Marlowe's PUb. I had a very nice chicken sandwich there.
Service was great and everyone was helpful. I would recommend this hotel to anyone and hope to stay there next time I go there. Please email me if you have any questions about this hotel or Cosmos trips.. I would reccomend both. My email is Thanks!

a sign of relief!

from A TripAdvisor Member
This Hotel was like a breath of fresh air in comparison to many of the so called 3 star Hotels in London. I found the reception assistance to be extreemly helpful and friendly. The hotel was clean and the spa was awsome.. The room was a bit small, but I didn't mind. It was comfortable, clean and it appeared as if it had been refurbished. I would highly recommend this hotel. Especially if you're looking for something up to par that you won't pay an arm and a leg for, like many of the hotels in London... Big ups to the Kensington Close. I will be returning...

Great value for the money

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have just returned home from my first visit to London, England. We booked a package through go-today. It was a terrific value for the money. for only $499 we received round trip airfare and 6 nights at the Kensington Close Hotel. Our airline tickets alone had a price on them of over $1400.00 That is a $900 saving right off the top. The Hotel had a great location for easy Tube access. We had no trouble finding our way to any of the historical sights. There were 3 restraunts and a bar. The concierge and tour desk were always helpful. A continental breakfast was included in our package. Ham, cheese, hard boiled eggs, toast, danish, croissants, rolls, mellon, sliced oranges, plain yougurt, cereal, orange juice, grapefruit juice, milk, coffee and tea were the daily selections. The posted nightly rate for a twin room was over 149 pounds which would equal over $240 US dollars. We requested an extra nights stay and they would only give us the same room at 99 pound with no breakfast. This forced us to buy an extra night online at a foreign hotel consolidator. We were able to stay the extra night for 65 pound which equals $110 US Dollars. It was annoying to have to take the extra step but I believe it was worth it. We still had not seen Buckingham Palace or the London Eye and needed the extra day. The best part of our trippackage was that we were able to stay and additional week in London and have no increase in our airfare. We did not even have to book the hotel with this part of the package. This was a big plus for us since we have friends outside London with whom we would be staying the extra week. The room was small comapared to our American standards. One of the twin beds was quite soft. The rooms have no airconditioning but the window was able to be opened very far with a special tool the concierge would open it with. Our average temperatures were only in the low 70's so air was not a life or death situation, but it did get quite stuffy due to no cross ventilation. Our first night I had eaten a bad meal down on Canary Wharf and was very ill. They quickly bought me up a fan to the room which helped tremendously the rest of the week. We had attempted to buy a fan at several stores with NONE to be found. We had a wonderful trip and felt completely safe at all times. If the heat bothers you at all I would be sure to make another choice. I know we will go again if we have the opportunity.

For the same price as a hostel...

from A TripAdvisor Member
... you can get a hotel.

When my friend and I were looking for London lodging, she wanted hostel and I found the Kensington Close hotel for the same price. I didn't expect much, but was pleasantly suprised.

The staff was nice, location was perfect, and it was only a two minute walk to the tube. Yes the rooms were small and there was no air conditioning, but that is the norm in Europe. We Americans are a little spoiled.

It is hard to find a liveable hotel in London for less than $125 a night. This was a great bargain. I would definitely recommend it for the budget traveler.

Fantastic Value for a Nice Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
We also got a room at the hotel's website for 65 pounds but we had a Superior Room, which is larger than their standard room (approximately the size of a standard US hotel room), because we had to have a cot in the room for our daughter (it apparently would not fit into a Standard room so they must be small). Although the beds were a little on the short side, we found our room to be clean and very quiet (we were at the back of the hotel, not much of a view but we didn't mind). We also found the staff to be helpful and quick with helping us--they were also great about answering questions via email before we arrived. Also, as others have noted, the location is fantastic. We would definately stay there again.

Great Deal!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We found a great deal on the hotel website for Sunday night (65 poounds rather than the usual 160 pounds). The room was very small, a standard room for London. It was very modern and clean in the room although the lobby and hallway had some terrible smoke filled carpet. The staff was a little slow, but helpful. The best thing about the hotel was the price for a hotel in that location - lots of shopping and good restaurants abound and it was two minutes to a Tube station! If I get that deal again I will defintely return!

To Hot

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed at the Kensington Close at the beginning of the heat wave in mid July, for 9 days. It was unbearable as far as the heat was concerned.
With no AC and fans at a premium and windows that bearly open. The rooms are small to say the least but they where clean and kept after.
The coolset place was the pub, in more ways than one. Actually thought about sleeping in the pub after it closed since it has AC. The location was great, near the underground and many attractions that are in walking distance.Would I stay again, yes, but for only 2 or 3 days.

t recommend...

from A TripAdvisor Member
When we arrived we were told that they only had a twin even though we booked a double. After some hassle, they found us a double - which was horrid. It reeked of damp and the bed and desk could barely fit into the room it was so small. When we went down to complain they said that it was a superior room! I don't want to know what the standard rooms look like. The second double they gave us (Didn't they said they didn't have any???) was the same size but at least it didn't smell of damp. I will say that the bathroom was clean but the room's walls were filthy and the carpet hadn't been vacuumed. It was stifling hot and overall it was the worst hotel I have stayed at in London (and I am there quite alot).

It was hotter than Hades!

from A TripAdvisor Member
It was a hot horrible place! The Kensington Close needs to come into the 21st century. The room was hot, there was nothing to offer relief in the midst of London's Heat Wave. Even the water and the juices available at the breakfast buffet were not iced. I was disgusted that we were charged PER glass of soda at the dinner buffet. I tried to reach reception, and the phone rang over 50 times with no answer. There was no working ventilation system in the bathroom, you shower, attempt to dry off, and then were wet again from the steam. I suppose during other seasons the situation is bearable. On a good note, the concierges were very helpful and efficient. The maid staff did a good job keeping the room clean.

Great hotel with amenities

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I stayed at this hotel during the first 2 nights on a sight-seeing tour of Europe. It was wonderful.

The lobby, hallways and rooms were very clean. The rooms were a bit small, but they and the bathrooms had been recently refurbished and were very nice/modern.

The hotel is not air conditioned, but we left the window open and were not uncomfortable (1st week in June).

The best part of this hotel is definitely the spa downstairs. Residents of the neighborhood can join the spa (and do) - it's that good. They have a lap pool, jacuzzi, weight room and more. The only drawback is that it closes at 9:30pm. However, we found it a lovely way to start and end a long day of sight-seeing (especially soaking your feet in the jacuzzi).

The carvery breakfast is also excellent, so I'd recommend trying to get that included (I think it was about 10 pounds otherwise).

I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.

Top Local Tips for London

avoid middle priced properties London offers only excessively expensive or run down accomodation. Therefore either choose a USD 65.- room in e.g. a Bed&Breakfast in Sussex Gardens or go for a USD 300.-+ hotel. Anything in between will offer rooms/interior of perceptibly inferior standard (only service level will vary).

avoid middle priced properties London offers only excessively expensive or run down accomodation. Therefore either choose a USD 65.- room in e.g. a Bed&Breakfast in Sussex Gardens or go for a USD 300.-+ hotel. Anything in between will offer rooms/interior of perceptibly inferior standard (only service level will vary).

Airport Pickup I contacted the concierge at the Kensington Close by e-mail last summer and told him I and my friends would be staying there for 10 days in March 2007. The fellow's name was Boyd and he was terrific. He arrainged several tours for us via e-mail, gave tips on buying rail passes at a a discount, and arrainged for us to be picked up at the airport upon arrival and dropped off on departure. Since there were six of us and we had large bags for a 10 day stay, Boyd sent two drivers. The price was very good and beat the heck out of a taxi and it also beat the heck out of trying to lug heavy bags onto the tube.


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  • Address: Wrights Lane Kensington - London - England - W8 5SP - United Kingdom
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