Britannia Adelphi Hotel

, Liverpool, United Kingdom
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Britannia Adelphi Hotel

, Liverpool

Rooms: 404

Ranelagh Place - Liverpool - England - L3 5UL - United Kingdom Hotel Website | | 44 01517097200
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Reviews - Britannia Adelphi Hotel

Could be a better
Submitted by: Lawrence in 24/12/08
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
I recently visited Liverpool on a training course organised by my HR colleagues. I guess I must have upset them at some point because I can see no other reason why they would have booked me in to this hotel?

There are positives - the location is excellent and allowed us to easily pop out to see the sights and for a drink on the evening we arrived. The hotel also has a great 'presence' and is packed full of period features which, with a little renovation, could make the hotel desirable.

However, this is where the problems start. The hotel does need renovation quite badly - much of the decor is getting shabby and some of the fixtures and fitting have clearly seen better days. My room was clean and the bed comfortable so I have no complaints there.

I can live with shabby decor as I hadn't paid for the room so I probably would have given a 5 or 6 at this stage. Unfortunately the staff were ignorant, rude and downright unprofessional. On arrival we were 'greeted' with a grunt as the girl continued her conversation with her colleague. It got no better when we left.

With some renovation, this hotel could be tentatively recommended. With new staff. I might actually visit again.

Until the awful reception staff are replaced, I will be informing my HR staff not to send delegates to this hotel again.
Not again
Submitted by: Al in 04/02/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Being a glutton for punishment I didnt refuse when my company booked me into the Adelphi for the 5th time in 3 years. There was a couple asleep in bed in the room first given to me!. Luckily for me I quietly closed the door and went back to reception where the desl clerk didnt bat any eyelid or apologise to me. My eventual room had the light switch on across the room opposite the door...helpful when you are arriving in the dark.The room smelt of age and carpets were sticky. Great foyer and a throwback to a bygone era but crap staff and even worse rooms.
Never to be forgotten
Submitted by: Catherine in 24/08/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. The lobby was beautiful. The reception staff, are alot to be desired. One lady in our party had booked a non-smoking room, when she arrived she realised someone had been smoking in there. She complained to the staff and was given a can of air freshner. Our room was old, musty the electrical outlet didn't work properly, old blue blankets were on the bed. You do not walk around in bare feet. You didn't even want to put your clean clothes anywhere, my skin just crawled. We were awake at 4.00am by the post office trucks, outside our windows. Other members of our coach part had Karioki playing until 2.00am.
The food was terrible, in short supply and over cooked. When we asked for a glass of water. The reply was "I only have one pair of hands". I feel sorry for the people who paid the 188.00 pounds per night. This was an experience we will never forget.
Filthy and Foul
Submitted by: AJ in 14/06/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
We booked an "Executive Room" at the Adelphi for the May bank holiday, having been aware that the Adelphi is the most well known hotel in Liverpool I expected at least reasonable service.

The hotel itself has lost any of the grandeur it may have had many years ago, it is organised similarly to how Butlins used to be run in the early 80s.

After a lengthy queue to check in they didn't have my details on the computer, which caused a massive tailback of impatient guests. We were then presented with a key attached to an extrenely large piece of plastic which initally I found quite kitch, it transpires that modern doors with keycards haven't yet made it to the Adelphi.

The room itself is without a doubt the worst hotel in which I have stayed. The door itself opened into what looks like a shared bathroom and another bedroom. Reception told me the other bedroom wasn't occupied, however it was an unsual and irritating arrangement to leave the room to use the bathroom.

If you are a regular user of hotels then I urge you to book elsewhere as there was not even a shower.

One plus point is that the bath was original and had water pressure like I had never seen in my life before, the large deep bath filling in less than a minute.

Whilst the electric fire was obviously orginal, it was extremely impractical - the wardrobe had an ovrpowering smell of must and mothballs, the fixtures and fittings were filthy.

There was no view other than the back of the Royal Mail building, and the room was like a council flat from the late 70s.

The bedlinen had obviously been purchased from a charity shop many years ago and was so threadbare I slept with my clothes on.

A completely unpleasant experience. Since Liverpool will soon be European Capital of Culture, I shudder to think what foreign tourists will make of this third rate establishment, which makes a boarding house in Filey look like the Ritz.

The building however is magnificent and should be sold to Mailmaison who I can see turning the hotel around beautifully.
Read and weep
Submitted by: Anna in 23/04/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
A romantic break booked by my boyfriend turned out to be a devestating disaster.

Wooed by the fact that it was famous for Titanic passengers and the glorious pictures of it's "stunning" banqueting halls and rooms, we both thought we would be in heaven.

The outcome..........

The first three rooms we were given/offered were mucky, smelly, in need of desperate repair.... quite frankly I would not put a dog in such rooms. Shabby bed clothes, food stains, chicken legs bones just outside the window, no plug for the sink, no mirror, no enamel on bath and sink, no shower. It made my skin crawl and I thought if I stayed in one of these rooms I would catch something unpleasent, (scabies, crabs spring to mind).

Just so I don't put you off completely after tears and wonderful boyfriend complaining we eventually were "upgraded" to the Lady Adelphi Suite. At no extra charge. I would say this room was acceptable, it was clean and bright and apart from finding a tic tac on the floor you could tell that there had been more effort made however I would not call this a suite it would be my idea of a standard hotel room. It was very private to the main part of the hotel but the lift which only accessed the Suites smelt of pee and looked like someone had puked on the door and it had become encrusted (unless someone spilt some food but with the experience you think the worse). The entrance hall, the main lounge were beautiful and it is hard to believe that that is the only nice thing about the place.

When my boyfriend complained he stated that when he booked the break the website specified it as a 4 star hotel, however the manager said this was not the case, the Adelphi is a "No Star Hotel, we only have 4 star facilities" straight from the horses mouth!

After all the stress we reduced our stay from a three night stay to two and went home early.

I would like to say though when we complained the staff were very polite and I thank them for their efforts in resolving the situation I undrstand though from reviews not everyone has the same assistance. When I read bad reviews i took them with a pinch of salt. I wish I'd taken more heed.

We could not bring ourselves to use any of the facilities and ate out for fear of potential food poisoning.

It is a shame but I now pledge to forget my experience, when I return to Liverpool again I know that I won't stay here!

I'm far from posh, I'm not a snob but as any normal person would i expect standards to match the room price. Thank you for reading.
No credit to Liverpool
Submitted by: Nick in 26/03/06
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
This hotel was built at the time of the Titanic and, as such, has some wonderful period features. Unfortunately that is the only plus point. The Adelphi is an experience best avoided. The rooms have not been updated for years and, in the case of my room, not cleaned properly for the same amount of time. The bathroom ceiling has had a recent coat of paint, something it was possible to ascertain by the splatters of paint around the toilet bowl. There is no shower and two of the room bulbs were not working. The bedroom windows were absolutely filthy.

The food is third rate. Breakfast consists of a buffet with everything cooked well in advance and put under hot lights. This means that the fried eggs are like bullets, the scrambled egg made from powder, the tomatoes are straight out of a tin and, judging by the bacon, they have some very strange shaped pigs in Liverpool. The fruit juice is sterilised and either out of a tin or a carton. On three of the four mornings there were no tea spoons with the cups and getting tea from the staff is a major task in itself. Instead of bringing a pot to the table staff come around and fill up your cup, that's if they can be bothered. Attracting their attention is next to impossible and they certainly do not show they are alert to the needs of guests.

We ate dinner in the hotel three times and the quality and service was no better. Food is overcooked well in advance and is very much of school dinner quality with an extremely poor choice. We ordered wine, from their abysmally small range to have it arrive at the table with the cork already out and the white at the same temperature as the red.

The highlight of the stay was watching two security guards remove an intruder from the fourth floor. The hotel does not appear to have any security on the door and there were some interesting characters hanging about in reception. The street life outside is pretty rowdy and you need to avoide the debris of discarded kebabs, food wrappers and various unmentionable deposits on the street outside if you venture out first thing in the morning.

Liverpool is due to be the European City of culture in 2008. It would really improve the visitor experience if the Adelphi was demolished before that date.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Britannia Adelphi Hotel

A Great Weekend

from A TripAdvisor Member
My wife and I stopped at the Adelphi in early September for the weekend and the room we had was exellent. The staff were very polite and we could not fault the food, we hope to return soon. Thanks to the staff at the Adelphi for a great weekend Garry & Lorraine Jones

hore house

from A TripAdvisor Member
i stayed at the adelphi this month with my boy friend the room was like an old peoples home i come home with flea bites on my legs and in the hotel bar there were prostitutes propositioning men and asking me for ciggarettes i felt so uncomfortable i left the bar and took my drinks to my room.Absoloutly disgusting never again but what a shame it could be really nice if they cleaned their act up!

The Shining Revisited

from A TripAdvisor Member
I had the mispleasure of staying at the adelphi hotel last night. Never have i seen a *** sold bag of crap hotel ever. Marketed as a 4 star hotel , but reality is that it was probably 4 star in 1986. This hotel is stuck in a time warp. peachy marble foyey, useless staff that can't bring you an extra pillow when you ask, The most disgusting wallpaper you have ever ever seen. The hallways are badly light, and it really does remind you of the shining with the boy pedaling round on the trike. Rooms are equally in a time warp, with a nice green marble effect done in MDf in the bathroom. Something seen on 80's DIY programs. A bed that is so sft it sags in the middle, and just can't get comfy on. no matter how ard you try. No iron, and no chance of getting one brought to you because te service is so -- slow. I much rather put a bullet in my head than ever stay here again.

I have ever stayed in.

from A TripAdvisor Member
Stayed here last year. Only decent thing was the size of the rooms. All old furniture! They call themselves 4 star and recently refurbished. 2 stars would be more like it and already in need of another refurbishment.

Cracked hand basin in room, windows that open, but don't close. Metal spring poking out of the bed. Noisy downstairs. Carpets on the stairs designed to trip you up. Denied all knowledge of problems when I wrote to them. Finally obtained a partial refund. Can't get onto room service, reception or housekeeping.

Unless the RSPCA kennels are full along with every other hotel within 100 miles of Liverpool, don't stay there!

Good stay at The Adelphi

from A TripAdvisor Member
Enjoyed a good stay at the Adelphi Hotel. The location is perfect, the room was good and the staff helpful to solve the minor problems I had.
One thing that could be improved is the room key system, a card system would make it a lot more efficient.

if your on oyur last legs walk on

from marcdocklands
I was raised in liverpool and as a child wanted to stay in this hotel.
It looked grand and posh to a childs eyes.

So going back to liverpool this year I decided to stay - Big Mistake.

Every one of the managers should be sacked appalling service, rude, nasty staff, filthy rooms and run down facilities. DO NOT STAY THERE!!!! you have been warned !!

hotel? you must be joking

from bill1951NIreland
Stayed for one night with my two sons, luckily i had only booked one night.The staff wre useless , totally unhelpful and could not care less. As to the room it was worse than the flat i stayed in as a student over twenty years ago and that has since long ago been demolished on health grounds. I believe it was build over 100 years ago and it obviously has not been cleaned since. To sum up, it is the reverse of Docter Who's Tardis it looks great from the outside but is total "crap" on the inside. It is a blemish on an otherwise charming city which i still visit regularlyBill

Lack of disabled facilities

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed at the Adelphi on April 30 - May 2 and were told there were disabled facilities as my son is in a wheelchair. Upon arriving at the hotel we were greeted by stair and not a ramp in sight. We had to carry my son up the stairs in his wheelchair (he's only 5). When we went for dinner, we asked if there was wheelchair access to the kitchen, we were taken in a service lift and made to walk through the kitchen, it was really embarrasing. As my son is only 5, we thought it would be easier to carry him down the stairs and bump his wheelchair down the stairs, instead of having to walk through the kitchen every time we had a meal.
It was hard work, but would be even harder if it was an adult who was disabled. I was really dissapointed. Never again.

never ever again

from A TripAdvisor Member
After a one night stay at the Adelphi I can honestly say that there is only one positive point I can make about it, the location. Everything about the hotel is tired. In such a great location, in such an improving city. Come on and make this a hotel for Liverpool to be proud of!!

Terrible Terrible Hotel And Furious Hotel Staff

from A TripAdvisor Member
We booked 1 double room and 1 triple room for 5 nights from 26 June 2003 to 1 July 2003 and requested to have connected rooms through the agent in Hong Kong. The charges of the 2 rooms were 140 US doallars and 200 US dollars per night respectively.After having had travelled for over 17 hours from Hong Kong to Liverpool, we arrived at the hotel about 10:00 a.m. on the 26th June. We asked for early check-in as we were so tired. Unfortunately, we were rejected by a very unfriendly and brunt voice. The reason for no early check-in was the hotel policy. So, we hanged around and had to checked-in at about 2:00 p.m.The 2 rooms were miles away, about 40 rooms apart from each other. No shower in both rooms, widows were broken, doors could not shut properly, mattresses were worn out as if you were sleeping on the floor. All facilities seemed to have been used for 100 years and without proper maintenance.Staff with poor manners at the reception could not understand non-Liverpool ancent. They don't understand what air-conditioning means. You will never get what you want from the reception. They always told you to come back later.When I asked for changing rooms that have shower facility we were blamed for not placing the request when making the bookings. The reason for the two rooms were allocated miles aways was that we should not have requested a triple room.We checked-out on the 27 June as we could not stay in such an uncivilized hotel any longer despite the fact that we have already paid for 5 nights.Ling Wai-king Hong Kong 10 July 2003

Top Local Tips for Liverpool

Friendly people The people of liverpool are really nice and there are loads of things to do. Went with a big group of lads and had no hassle at all and had a really great time except for the kip of a hotel.

The Quarter Cafe The Quarter Cafe in the Edwardian Quarter is fantastic for pizza, pasta, etc. Very reasonable prices, excellent attentive service. Brilliant!

easy transport from London Virgin train journey to Liverpool from London excellent. About 2.5 hours, very comfortable. Adelphi hotel is 5 min walk from Lime Street station. Tourist sights 10 min walk. University 10 min walk. Very convenient.


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  • hotel britannia adelphi
  • britannia adelphi liverpool
  • adelphi hotel liverpool
  • Address: Ranelagh Place - Liverpool - England - L3 5UL - United Kingdom
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