Royal Oak Hotel

, Leominster, United Kingdom
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Royal Oak Hotel

, Leominster
2 star

Rooms: 6

South Street - Leominster - England - HR6 8JA - United Kingdom Hotel Website | | 44 01568612610
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Reviews - Royal Oak Hotel

Submitted by: Eileen in 08/08/10
  • Age Group: 60plus
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Retired
Looked at bad reviews in 2009, after our stay. We founf the staff to be friendly, apparently recently taken on hotel, room aduquate, comfortable, carpets and curtainsnew and beds comfortable. Breastfest good. Room and breakfast was very good value for price.
It was obvious that present owners are in process of reburbishing and there are obvious improvements from previous comments of both environments and staff.
Lovey panelled bar/lounge but offputting because of blaringly loud T.V.with large screen.
Overall a comfortable and interesting stay.
wedding party
Submitted by: martin in 05/10/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Large Group/School
we booked a wedding party paid for the room two months before ane we was gettin married on the 3 rd oct 09 and all invites out disco booked caters ready and then on the 1st oct o9 at 8 pm the staff at the hotel rang and said we could have the room but there would not be any bar sevice due to lack of funds but if we supplied £1000 staff could sort it out. becouse the manager was sacked and the owner had sold the hotel and the new owner did not take over till monday . But also i went into the hotel on the 1 st oct and they watched me sort the tables out putting them for how i wanted it for saturday and i also asked them if they could hoover the room for me and they said yes it would all be clean and tidy . while showin round the new owners telling them there was a big wedding there on saturday i think the owner of this hotel should compensate us becouse we had to find somewhere else and such short notice and all the phone calls to tell people we had to change venues which cost us money
Submitted by: Hannah in 09/07/09
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Special Interest/Event
From the outside, the Royal Oak looks like a pleasant, quaint little inn. It is not. My friends were throwing a wedding party and, presumably due to the time of year, the Royal Oak was the only place in Leominster with rooms available that didn't cost the earth. It was easy to see why when we got in. Firstly, there was a huge queue of party guests waiting at an unmanned reception whilst one member of staff ran around like a headless chicken because he couldn't locate the room key and one man - with the most disgusting attitude to customer service I have ever seen - stood and argued with an elderly guest because she had been double-booked and was obviously in a panic. As it turned out, she'd needn't have had a problem as she was double-booked with our friends who ended up at the Talbot anyway! As, eventually, did the lady. Lucky them.

My husband and I were escorted to our room (having to carry our own suitcases up two flights of stairs) to what was the second most expensive room. I've seen documentaries on Channel 4 about drug addicts with better accommodation than ours. The carpet was BROWN, threadbare and filthy, the furniture was mismatched and looked like it belonged in an office rather than a room, the mattress was thin and foam and so utterly uncomfortable, the bathroom radiator was not piped in, the bathroom was filthy, the window (which would not close) backed onto the fire escape stairs so we had to keep our things in the car for fear that they'd get stolen! We paid for a double room and the bed wasn't even double. There was only one hand towel in the bathroom and the hot water didn't work. We also had the stopcock for the entire building in an unlocked cupboard in our room with unprotected, boiling water pipes and loose electrical wires. I'm so glad we left our son with my parents as if we'd had him, we would have walked straight back out.

However - our's wasn't the dirtiest room. Our aforementioned friends who ended up in The Talbot did so because, when taken to their room, found hairs on their pillows from the previous occupants. Another couple who were in the so-called honeymoon suite (television wasn't plugged into the arial - incidentally nor was ours, hot water didn't work, bed was smaller than a double) found hairs in their shower. I'll let you work out what type of hairs...

Then, when we returned from the party at around 1:30am, they had a heavy metal night on in the bar downstairs until 3am. It's also worth mentioning that, despite new laws, they have smoking rooms as another guest informed me she walked in and was tasting tobacco for the whole night.

I can't highlight enough what a horrible place this is - the staff are so uninterested it's disheartening, they don't have an electronic booking system, they don't accept card payment, when they get things wrong they don't even have the decency to apologise and in fact try and make it your fault and when you finally get to your room, you can't get out fast enough. The Talbot which is about two minutes up the road is much nicer with friendly staff. Avoid the Royal Oak at all costs.
Submitted by: Mike in 28/05/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
I stayed at this hotel for 2 nights. The reception was unmanned, and I had to seek someone to book me in, and check me out. The lack of interest in me as a customer was very very poor. The food was not brilliant, but for the price what more can you expect. However on the plus side, my room was adequate for the cost.
Submitted by: Mark in 08/05/09
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
I booked a 2 night stay at this "hotel" as my partner and I were visiting my father who lives in Leominster. Why did I book here? take a look at the website.....looks good....believe me looks can be deceiving!! Upon our arrival the reception desk was unmanned so we had to go into the bar to find a member of staff. It transpired that said young man was in fact trying his hardest to cover reception,bar,kitchen a function that was happening and it seemed just about everything else as well.When he finally (through no fault of his own) got to us he informed me that I could only pay for the room cash up front. I am a businessman and only carry cards so I had to run down to the nearest cashpoint. He then showed us the room which was at the top of the building up various flights of stairs on which the carpet was dirty and threadbare. The double room was a disgrace...a hotch potch of unmatching old furniture, and it looked as though it hadn't been cleaned for weeks.We went back down to the bar to enquire about dinner and was told that it was a carvery but they only had beef and pork. My partner who doesn't eat either asked if chicken was available and was told no, and no other alternatives were offered. I feel the owners of The Royal Oak need to take a good hard look at the way they do business, and not rely on one young man running himself ragged. This establishment will be lucky to last the year out in my opinion. We didn't even bother to unload the car and demanded our money back which was given back straight the feeling we wern't the first. On a happier note I went just across the road and booked into The Talbot Hotel. Go there first.....they are superb and steer well clear of The Royal Oak.........
Paid up front for meal we never got
Submitted by: A Travel-Library User in 19/01/09
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Did not stay at hotel, booked a meal for party of 16 for 2pm. Arrive at 1.50pm to pay straight away before we could go to our table, only paid for main meal not sure wanted starters etc. As it was a carvary we thought we would be able to help ourselves straight away (as we had paid and booked for 2pm) but no such luck, we went to get food and was told they had run out. It would be 15mins so ok, went to get a drink and told no drink sold as they had no licence, so went to supermarket then went for 30mins later. Got shouted at by lady dishing out food as she not enough for all of us as they had in more people than they thought. When asked how long a wait and why was she serving some told she was serving staff and ours would be 20mins or so . The male waiters were great, said the chef had not done enough food and the waiters had to go and peel potatoes nearly 1hour. Later the manager came up to me right in my face saying we only booked a table not food, he started to wave his hands in my face and was very unpleasant. One of my party stepped in and asked him not to be so rude, he was nasty back and we got our money back and left, as did a lot of our customers. We booked even though it said in their advert u did not have to. We still had no food so I would advise anyone thinking of going for meal: DONOT BOTHER!
Submitted by: dave in 30/10/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Due to a lot of travelling for work purposes, I have been staying at a range of 3-5star hotels up and down the country for the past 5months.

Thus, I can safely guarantee that this is absolutely the WORST HOTEL I have had the misfortune to stay at. On the one occasion I have stayed at the Royal Oak a whole series of events occurred: There was no hot water for three consecutive days, thus we had to stay at an alternative hotel for more money & was promised a refund on the difference (which is STILL TO BE RESOLVED, if management ever get back to us), there was no house keeping for two days and there isn't a member of staff ever at the reception desk. Even the corridor that my room was situated on did not have any lighting (the light bulbs had gone!) AND when I checked in, I was led to a room which hadn't even been made up by housekeeping and subsequently had to switch rooms. When we bought drinks from the bar, there was no lemonade available! The evening dinner menu was very exciting - we had a choice of either chicken curry or omelette!!! Luckily we did not eat at this hotel!

The "management" of this hotel is an absolute shambles - today at check-in the so called "Manager" of the hotel refused to let myself and a senior lady check in at 11am (which we had previously been advised by a member of staff at 9am) and yelled at us and thought that the best possible service he could provide his guests was to raise his voice and yell "Well don't stay here then - check out. Goodbye!".

So how they can boast on their website regarding customer service:

"..treated as a 'guest' rather than a 'room number'..." is beyond me.

Take heed - stay at this hotel at your own risk!
Laugh I nearly cried
Submitted by: Mick in 25/10/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
This place is not worthy of calling itself a hotel. Avoid at all costs. It is awful and the staff ignorant and v unhelpful. Food was abysmal to say the least
Worse than faulty towers
Submitted by: Kev in 18/10/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
We had the unfortunate experience of having to stay in this hotel because of a lack of hotel accommodation in the area catering for travelling contract workers. At the time we negotiated a fair tariff with the manager, bearing in mind that we were to stay resident for some 5 months, and at times there was 12 of us resident. Below is a list of some of the faults with the establishment-
1 Management rude and abusive
2 Toilets unsanitary and cisterns hanging off walls
3 Little if any hot water for washing
4 electric heaters hanging off walls in bedrooms
5 Bedrooms not cleaned from one week to the next
6 Carpets thread bear and filthy
7 When breakfast available, lack of basic items i.e. beans, mushrooms, orange juice, milk, etc.
8 Evening food when available poor quality and inedible
9 Alcoholic beverages of little choice and availability
The above is not an exhaustive list, but I think anyone will get the picture that we are painting, most of the above stems from poor management, basic skills such as stock taking are non existent, the management take great delight in abusing the bar facilities and playing on the fruit machines in plain view and hear shot of the residents, majority of there stake comes from skimming off the internet cafe fees.
The management seem to be hell bent on some sort of vendetta against all other places of entertainment and accommodation, up to the point of banning staff from frequenting the other said establishments and sacking them for non compliance, if a resident is known to have frequented such an establishment they have been requested to leave the hotel forthwith, and not in such a polite manner!!!
The main public area is dull and dismal with a mix of cheap b+q type lighting, the whole place has an aroma of burnt wood, probably due to the fact that the chimneys constantly throw out large plums of smoke into the public areas. The furniture is ancient to say the least most is rickety and falling apart, it has obviously been used in a wood working factory at some point because most is covered in saw cuts and paint.
On several occasions we have witnessed residents and members of the general public raise legitimate complaints about the service and food supplied, only to be verbally abused by the management upon receipt of the complaint, an example of such an occurrence was when a member of the public was served a portion of lasagne which was firstly cold, second covered in food wrapping and thirdly there was a date label still attached to the food item, after the complaint the person was abused verbally and left the establishment.
Upon reflection I can honestly say that this so called hotel does not even come up to Basil Faulty standard, we would prefer to stay in the back of a transit van rather than be forced to frequent this establishment again, if you ever find yourself in the unenviable situation of having to stay in The Royal Oak hotel, please add your comments to this site. One point on closing, take your own salt and pepper they never have any in this hotel.

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  • royal oak leominster
  • royal oak hotel leominster
  • Address: South Street - Leominster - England - HR6 8JA - United Kingdom
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