Wentworth House Hotel

, Bath, United Kingdom
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Wentworth House Hotel

, Bath
2 star

Rooms: 22

Bloomfield Road - Bath - England - BA2 2AP - United Kingdom Hotel Website | | 44 01225339193
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Reviews - Wentworth House Hotel

Submitted by: dan in 06/03/09
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Avoid this hotel at all costs. They stole £75 of my money. They gave the wrong room (a twin when i ordered a double) in which there was dust everywhere, odd stains under the matress and an indescribable stain on the bed cover. we then got moved to the pokiest double room i've ever seen where there was, what we can only presume to be blood on the inside of the bed and an fungus type thing growing out of the skirting. the dust on the bedside table was about 2mm thick. There was mould on all of the walls and the bathroom looked like it has never been cleaned. The staff are rude and unhelpful and still owe me my money and the girl who told me i couldn't get a refund laughed as she told me. Trading standards, environmental health, the AA and my family solicitor have all been informed. AVOID AVOID AVOID!! find a nice B&B as there are hundreds in Bath.
Comfortable great stay
Submitted by: Lacy in 05/10/08
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Best stay I could expect. Free parking, hot tub and swiming pool, friendly staff .
Welcoming hotel
Submitted by: Tom in 09/07/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
We had fantastic wedding aniversary. Food was supurb. Staff is welcoming and most helpful

Historical Traveller Reviews of Wentworth House Hotel


from cb280182
I think my review will beat all others. I booked a 'romantic four poster bed' to celebrate my 25th birthday with my boyfriend. I booked
on-line and received confirmation and stated i would not be arriving until 5pm. On arrival I had to wait a good 10 minutes while the receptionist slowly dealt with a complaining customer (this should of
given me an indication of what was to come) When it was my turn I was
told that they had no record of my booking! After another 10 minutes of getting 3 different people to look for my reservation I was told they were full! As the rugby was on that weekend all other hotels were fully booked. After another 10-15 minutes of ringing around to find another room I was told they did have one room spare. However the room didnt have a lock as the previous occupant had taken it with
him - all valubles had to be locked in the car. On getting into the room it was small dingy and smelly. Not the romantic stay I had in mind. After wedging a chair against the door I attempted to have a shower and suprise suprise no hot water. Again 3 people came to try and work it but to no avail. After complaining in person and via a recorded delivery letter i have still had no reply from the company to the issues raised or about getting a refund! bad hotel, awful service - wish i'd stayed elsewhere!


from hootingowl
My boyfriend and I travelled to Bath looking for a nice romantic getaway to celebrate our 1st year anniversary and we chose this hotel because the website looked promising. UNFORTUNATELY, appearances in this case are VERY deceiving. Upon our arrival we were made to wait for a good 15 minutes despite having rang the doorbell continuously. After the wait we were greeted by the proprietor who was busy chatting on his phone. After he finished and we attempted to check in, his phone rang AGAIN and we were made to wait some more. Finally having done with the payment we were shown to our room, which was very small, dingy and had a faint odd smell to it. The lighting was poor, it was dreadfully cold at night due to lack of heating, and the bathroom was cramped as well as in need of maintenance. The staff were less than helpful, obviously ignorant of what makes proper service, and slow. Although as hotel guests we were promised the use of hotel facilities, the truth was the proprietor charged extra for their use (ie the hottub and swimming pool). The charges for the room and the facilities were extremely unreasonable for the quality of services rendered. In conclusion, it looks good on the website, but in truth it leaves everything to be desired. Would not recommend to anyone looking for a good holiday. Our only solace is that we only went there to sleep and spent our days entirely in town.

Friendly Owners, Okay Hotel

from Leebee9
After reading some of the reviews for this hotel I was a bit worried about staying here but we got a good deal and were just looking for a place to put our heads at night so thought it must be okay.

And it was okay...not great, but okay. I can understand why and how some previous travellers would have had a less than ideal experience but ours was okay. I think overall, that the owners are just having some teething problems while they take over the running of this hotel and are very approachable and welcoming of comments.

On arrival the owner and the reception girl he was training were very welcoming and we were showed to our room. It was a bit on the small side but since it is a small, privately run hotel in an old Georgian house there isnt much more that you could expect. It was lovingly decorated, had a good view and was perfectly adequate for our stay...we werent going to be spending a great deal of time here since we wanted to see the city.

We decided to pay the little bit extra and use the hot tub (even if it was January!). The owners uncovered to pool for us and made sure we were all set before we settled into the tub. It was very relaxing and had a lovely view over the lights of the city.

In the morning we found our room was a little cold but once I found the knob on the heater we were easily able to rectify the situation ourselves.

The shower experience was probably the low-light of our stay....it took an incredibly long time for any hot water to come through to the shower...so long that we were about to resign ourselves to the fact that we would either have cold showers or no showers.

Dont forget, this isnt a large chain hotel with no personality...this is a small, privately run hotel.

Rip off merchants

from GoodenoughKent
Avoid this hotel at all costs. It is dated, dirty, expensive and the service is diabolical. I refused to pay the full amount only to find that they had subsequently charged my credit card without my permission.

Dreadful hotel , cold and uninviting .

from jillyu
We were booked to stay here for 2 nights but left after one as it was uncomfortable and cold in the bedroom and we could not sit in the lounge area because it stank of cigarette smoke . There was one bathtowel and one handtowel between the two of us and 40 folded sheets of toilet paper , they were not topped up after the maid 'cleaned' the room the next morning. The tea making facility was fine but the cups were not clean and the TV did not work . The room had an 4 poster bed which dominated the bedroom which was small, the bathroom had a shower but no bath which is fine if the shower works but this one was useless with a trickle of either scalding hot or freezing cold water.
The tea at breakfast the next morning was served in a large tea pot with just one teabag floating in it , the breakfast was adequate but the dining room was freezing cold . We wondered when we got there why the staff were alll wearing large coats or jumpers but soon realised that it was because there was no heating on . We complained and was told it was 'timed' and would be on soon. It did come on at about 6.30 and as we could not sit in the lounge bar and have a drink because of the cigarette smoke we thought we would go up to our room and watch TV , no TV . Complaints were met with a smile and an apology but no remedial action. It is a shame because it is a nice old house and deserves better and just to mention that we dont complain very much preferring just to leave quietly but we did complain this time and were told with a smile that we would still have to pay the rate for 2 nights even though we only stayed one . Dont go there-- its awful !

Not as it seems in its advertising...

from SsAwb
My wife and I stayed at this hotel for just 2 nights, as booked, but almost left after just one.

The hotel is advertised as a traditional english country house on the outskirts of Bath, and it certainly looks that way in the pictures. However, it isn't. The previous owners have sold the business to new proprietors of foreign origin. This would be fine, except that it did create a number of problems for us.

The owners can barely speak english, making and communication difficult at best. Our requests for additional toilet paper (we were supplied with 7 sheets!), heating in the room (there was none, as it was turned off!) and help on getting around (taxi's etc) were either not understood, or just ignored.

The cleanliness of the establishment left a lot to be desired, and the place was just freezing with no heating turned on. General repair seemed poor also, with too many things to mention not working.
The worst was when we came to pay and leave. We had booked through the English Tourist Board website(at a rate of £90 per night), and paid a 10% deposit in advance. On checking out, the owner tried to say that the deposit was a 'fee' payable to the ETB for finding the hotel! Luckily, I had my email confirming the booking to hand, and it showed the deposit, which, after a long conversation in Indian (held in front of us, including pointing at us!) with his collegue, he grudgingly accepted. At this point, he referred to his 'pricing manual' (again in Indian), and tried to increase the room rate to £105 per night, as we had had a 4-poster bed!

Eventually we managed to get him to accept our correct balance owed (which, given the standard, we now feel to be totally over-priced!), paid and left. Never to return.

Please be warned, this is worth no more than £40 per night!

Clueless staff!

from KK77
This has the potential to be a great hotel, but only if the owners get someone in to teach them how to run it. We (2 couples) stayed there for one night in Sept 2006.

The building is very nice and well situated - a quiet location with wonderful views of the city, and only 15 minutes walk from the centre. The food was absolutely excellent, both dinner and breakfast, although the dinner menu is very limited. The rooms are fine, although quite small (particularly the bathroom) and there was no soundproofing at all - we could even hear our neighbours spraying deodorant in the morning!

When it comes to the staff, I have never seen such cluelessness!
The owner told us that they have just recently bought the hotel, and it certainly shows. It appeared that all but one of the staff were part of the same family, and I'm pretty sure that none of them have any previous experience of working in a hotel, restaurant or even a bar. This was clear from literally every interaction that we had with them - there are far too many examples to post here, so I'll stick to a few of the lowlights!

First of all, we got a phone call from the front desk about 30 mins before our dinner reservation, asking us to place our dinner orders immediately (we didn't even have a menu!). I said we would be down shortly to have a pre-dinner drink and would order then. When we arrived in the bar we were immediately presented with menus. We explained that we were still waiting for our friends to come down, and wouldn't be ordering until then. The waitress said that was ok, but persisted in standing right beside us, staring straight at us, notebook at the ready! We reiterated the fact that we were waiting for her friends - again she said that was fine, but still stood there staring at us! Bizarre! We caved in and ordered, just to get rid of her! Now for the drinks.... I ordered 2 beers, a glass of white wine and a gin and tonic. There were no beer taps visible, but the barman asked if I wanted "bottles or pints", so I assumed they had draft beer after all and asked for pints. To my surprise, he produced two 440ml cans of Stella and poured them into pint glasses! He then poured a room temperature glass of white wine, and looked utterly perplexed when it came to the gin - he actually had to go and get someone else to show him which bottle was gin! Incidentally, he wasn't a teenager with a part-time job, he was a 30-something man who clearly worked there full time. The best was yet to come though! Before going through to the restaurant for dinner, I ordered a bottle of red wine. He came through to the restaurant some time later with a single glass of red wine, with ice cubes floating in it!!!!!! I told him I wanted a bottle, and without ice! He then came back to say that they didn't have the wine that I ordered (Merlot) and offered a completely unrelated alternative (Cabernet Shiraz). We then had to ask for wine glasses, as it had not occurred to him that we might need them!

The people that run this establishment are generally friendly and try to be helpful, but they simply have no idea of how things should be done. They badly need help, and I hope they get some before they do any more damage to the reputation of their hotel.

strangely disappointing

from quartus
I came across this hotel whilst Googling for 4-poster hotels and thought it looked fantastic from its website. The price quoted when I phoned to book was more than stated on the website so they said they'd honour the website price. I was pleasantly surprised when the booking confirmation arrived to see that the actual cost was even lower - £250 for two nights DBB in a king-size 4-poster.

The room, when we got there, seemed rather drab. The corridors to get there were just as unappealing. The wallpaper was starting to come away at the seams. The shower cubicle could have done with a bleaching and a scrub with an old toothbrush in the crevices but, other than that, it was clean enough. The small TV wasn't tuned in properly (BBC 1 for West Wales was on channel 7, other channels unwatchable). A large glass of wine with dinner was a staggering £4.25, a small glass £3.50.


The staff are very friendly and helpful.

The bed was extremely comfortable.

The food is superb. I have a good appetite but struggled to finish the large portions of cajun chicken and rump steak, which were cooked to perfection.

Pleasant hotel with friendly staff

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I stayed at the Wentworth House Hotel from 17 to 21 August 2006. The room was clean but very small and I could have done with a stool or small steps to climb up on to the bed which had a half canopy over it. The bathroom (shower, no bath) was really very small indeed but clean. The hotel was very quiet and had nice small gardens with a heated outside swimming pool and a hot tub (you had to pay extra for the tub) but we didn't see anyone using either. Breakfasts were extremely good with fruit juices, lovely fresh fruit salads, grapefruit (tinned), peaches (tinned), yogurts, homemade muesli and a choice of several other cereals. The cooked breakfast was good, not at all greasy and cooked to order. There were no croissants or pastries.

The hotel was well situated and had an added advantage of having a good car park. All the staff were very friendly indeed. I must say though that I have to agree with other reviewers in that the hotel is definitely overpriced for the size of accommodation. We would not return to the hotel simply because the cost is just too high for what you get.

Improvements to the hotel made my time there perfect!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have stayed at the Wentworth previously three years ago, and i felt that it was ok but staying here for two nights in may i could see how much it has improved. The room that i stayed in was much cleaner than when i went there before, the service is of such a higher standard and the extra facilities add to the break away. For me and my boyfriend it was the perfect break away, evidently there are many changed happening at the hotel at the moment due to new owners but i feel although the room was not paradise, staff certainly made me feel at home with the lovely family-like environment. Perhaps a note should go out to staff Becca and Jackie for their willingness to help us have a lovely break away. I would recommend a boat trip down the weir for couples, one of the boats stops off in a pub (Bathampton Mill) that does a lovely lunch, was a nice day out! The hot tub is worth the extra money in my eyes...it made the holiday the extra bit more relaxing and luxurious. I hope that the hotel continues it's great service in all areas, and i will most certainly be returning as soon as possible.

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  • wentworth hotel bath
  • Address: Bloomfield Road - Bath - England - BA2 2AP - United Kingdom
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