Green Abacus Hotel (Ex Sarba 6 )

, Marmaris, Turkey
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Green Abacus Hotel (Ex Sarba 6 )

, Marmaris
3 star

Rooms: 84

Göktürkler Cad.Bakacak Mevkii No:14 Armutalan - Marmaris - Turkey Hotel Website | | +90 (0252) 417 50 52
54 Traveller

Reviews - Green Abacus Hotel (Ex Sarba 6 )

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The best holiday ever
Submitted by: Beth n Tash in 30/08/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
The food nice the hotel was really clean.
Loved every minute of it staff were excellent, helpful and very friendly.
We went for 2 weeks in august and we are going back in October because we loved it that much... the entertainment was great Ahmed is really funny we love him. Can't wait to go back just 1 month an a bit to go!!!!!!!!!! An every1 loved us!
It was amazing
Submitted by: Bethany in 24/08/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
Excellent service, food not bad, waiters are very friendly, and the hotel is very clean. One of the bests holidays I've been on. It was that good I'm going back.
Thay r the best
Submitted by: Crazy lady in 14/08/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Been 8 times. Love every min
Turkey - Marmaris - Abacus Green Hotel (previously known as - Club Sarba 6)
Submitted by: Graham in 10/08/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Turkey - Marmaris - Abacus Green Hotel (previously known as - Club Sarba 6).

Agent – First Choice Travel.

Operator - Goldtrail Holidays.

Flight - Bristol to Dalaman (Duration 3 and 3/4 Hrs).

Accom - All Inclusive.

Dates - Dep 31st Jul 2006 to 7th Aug 2006.

Party – Self and wife only.

Okay, this is a log of good and bad stuff about our holiday.

This Hotel is rated as a THREE STAR, and has been billed as 3 Superior by text appearing on .

We were told straight from the off on the telephone when we were purchasing our holiday using our credit card, that we would need a British ten pound note PER PERSON, to be paid to the Turkish Authorities upon arrival at Dalaman Airport for each of our Visas, to allow entry into Turkey. NOT one twenty pound note, but TWO TEN POUND NOTES. Nothing else will do ! Indeed this proved to be accurate. Any travellers making the same trip are well advised to do the same. However it should be noted that I have read in more than one place on the internet that Visas are not actually required at all to enter Turkey, and conversely I have read that Visas must be obtained in advance of arrival . The two ten pound notes system worked well, and other passengers from all flights landing simultaneously from anywhere were doing the same. Great ! First step completed painlessly.

We were not told that as soon as we walked into the Hotel, we would be parting with lots of money. The Hotel required 10TRY (Turkish New Lira) for a wrist strap to be worn for the week, PER PERSON. This evidently identifies to the staff what board-basis we are on during our stay. Then optionally the Hotel required 10TRY for the remote control to the AirCon unit in the room, and a further 20TRY for the Safe Key. So we handed over 50TRY and get back 30 at the end of the week, because the wrist bands get removed and the AirCon remote will be returned.

Right, so we get shown to our room. The Hotel is a low-rise one, only having 4 floors, and others around it are the same. First impression when we walked in was “Oh my god !! “ We couldn't believe that we were to be having our holiday here. It was awful. I won't get carried away just yet though.

Lets start with the good stuff ; The AirCon was great. Its directed at the beds from high on the wall. Laying in the beds with that on is simply bliss at night. The Fridge ; this was very welcome, a standard UK domestic kitchen size, and works a lot better than ours at home. It cools bottled water quickly to a low temperature, and doesn't cost anything extra. The Maid service is good, coming every day to clean and replenish items such as loo rolls et al, but the towels are only replaced twice a week. General cleaning of the Hotel is performed every day, and all the cleaning staff, the kitchen/restaurante staff, the bar staff, the waiting staff, the reception staff and the Company Rep (Goldtrail) are all very helpful, very pleasant, and enjoy a joke or two with us into the bargain. Their spoken English is a lot better than any non-Turk persons Turkish that we have run into thus far, including ourselves naturally.
The FREE shuttle that takes clients to and from the beach is an excellent service. One day the bus broke down before picking us up in the morning. The Staff organised the Hotel Security Guard to take us there in his personal vehicle. FAB ! Couldn't ask for more.

That's it for the good stuff. Unfortunately we have to report a lot more bad stuff than good.

There were no plugs, that is, bathroom plugs. Not one for the bath or the sink.
When darkness eventually fell, we tried the lights around the place. Two bulbs were not lighting.
There was no waste basket. There is a bin in the bathroom, but this is supposed to be used strictly for waste toilet-paper, as putting paper down the toilet itself and flushing has been regulated against in this Hotel, with the reason being stated as the sewage pipes cannot handle human-waste-paper. So the bathroom bin is not the general waste basket for the room.
The built-in wardrobe was dreadful. It looked as if a school boy project had gone wrong, but they utilised it anyway. You can see the untreated and unpainted timber on one side, as it has clearly been thrown against the wall as a last thought… quickly before someone comes to rent the room ! It contains a grand total of three hangers ! Yes, just three. Never mind my wife, but I struggled to unpack onto just three coat-hangers in the wardrobe, and in fact we both elected not to unpack at all and skip the wardrobe use altogether.
Luckily, we had a rear facing room on the 4th floor, but any room on any floor at the front face of the Hotel will get the music from this Hotel, and the opposite Hotels lights, and road and shop/eateries noises. However, that said, our balcony (and all others of the Hotel) deserves to be in the bad section here because it was just about as useless as a broom cupboard can be for eating or drinking in. Firstly it was very small, just big enough to have two plastic chairs on, but no round table… there simply isn't the room. And secondly, the AirCon unit that is so loved inside the room, has its exhaust fan blasting out hot air onto half of the balcony. Thus, the balcony is rendered completely useless to us. Its too small, too hot, and too noisy, but not with noise from the surrounding town, but from the AirCon unit.
The general workmanship of the Hotel is tatty, or as one may say it's simply a tardy place. For example some of the paintwork is peeling.
The single lift in the building broke down two times during our stay of one week. After a day swimming, or out on an excursion and arriving back in the middle of the hot day, or evening, the last thing you need is to find out you have to walk up four floors to your room carrying your beach bags, and wet towels et al.
The food quality is poor. The range is poor, and the care of the food is poor. For example, the meat may be properly heated and hot when you sit to eat, but every day we found that the vegetables were cooling in there steel tin, and in fact when eating the veg, it was cold or near cold. We figured that the reason for this is that they vigorously heat the meat tins, which have just come out of ovens anyway, but the veg tins are simply (attempting) to be heated by a single oil-flame under the tin. This will never work. They need overhead heater lamps, such as you might find in a Tesco/Asda restaurante or a fish and chip shop. That will surely cure the problem.
Additionally, with foodstuffs like Pasta or Rice, its all sticking together, much worse than I cook myself. Again I think this is because its left to get cold. And on the puddings table I found that the Hotel kitchen staff must have discovered a way of routing the stale cornflakes and/or coco-pops to be finally eaten by the guests. They re-use the corn flakes/coco-pops in chocolate puddings. It looked great on the table, much as my first thick chocolate pudding looked when I followed a Blue Peter recipe decades ago, but there they were, one mouthful of the delicious looking pudding revealed the leftover cornflakes now smothered in chocolate, and I knew they were stale yesterday at breakfast, or before !? Salads ; they are laughingly and allegedly being kept cooler than the ambient air temperature by a common-all-garden office desk fan. It doesn't do the job. There isn't a refrigerated display counter, such as you may find at a deli or a local butchers.

Now onto two more general and unhappy aspects about the Hotel, rather than specifics aimed at the Hotel managements' failings.

The first is this… if you imagine that you are locked up in a prison cell at night, trying to get a solid sleep, but keep being wakened by the cell door of the next cell, and/or another farther down, being banged open and shut, and opened and shut, and opened and shut , and opened and shut, banged and banged and banged and banged and banged, and then on top of that someone shouting as loud as possible from the corridor in order to wake the occupants on the inside for some reason, and following this a fist hammering on the door, and hammering, and hammering . you must have the picture now. It was an absolute nightmare in real waking time during the nights. On more than one occasion the reception manager came up and shouted to all the noisy clients upstairs to keep it down. In fact this is not a failing of the Hotel. This is a failing of all those parents who let their children, from 6 to 26, go out far too late for their bed-times, and then allow them to wake the whole floor (or house) up wanting to get in very late and start playing and generally making a din one way or another. For those young children it is simply VERY annoying that the parents don't get a grip on the situation, and for the older children returning from a club/pub, its VERY annoying that they wish to disturb everyone with their drunken antics, and their parents also don't get a grip on the situation. The Hotel can do little with this situation, but travellers to this Hotel be warned. Its almost noisier at night from the inside that it is during the day from the outside. You will not get a decent nights rest therefore. And, in the mornings, around 6:30 onward, it all starts up again with all the little ones wanting to knock for their new-found friends in another room. Again, the parents must simply be happy to be rid of them, and let the children ruin the peace for everyone else.

The second is…. Projected Enhancements. According to the Hotel management, as can be seen at there were supposed to have been some enhancements made during 2005. TV in the rooms, Hair dryers in the rooms, a water slide (which many surrounding Hotels already have) and perhaps not too thrillingly, an English Pub/Bar on the grounds. Whilst we may have enjoyed the water chute, we thought that any other enhancement probably wouldn't have changed our minds about this place, or indeed would have persuaded us to visit it instead of another Hotel. The fact that the management have not actioned the planned enhancements suggests that they too believe that the Hotel simply isn't worth any further investments ?

Overall, we are very disappointed with this Hotel. Its true that some of the bad stuff is insignificant, like the bulbs or the plug(s), but the fact is simply that the Hotel is not performing a thorough job on the customer satisfaction front. How hard can it be to turn on switches to see if bulbs light ? These items are small things to fix and should have been picked up, and not left to us to point out. The pool is small, and many of the sun-loungers can only be used in the sit-up position around two sides of the pool. This is because there is simply no space to fully lie-out and roast. The perimeter wall prevents sun-loungers being fully extended. Also, bearing in mind that we are told that this Hotel was only built in the year 2000, it is in pretty poor shape, and especially when you consider it is supposed to be a superior, or otherwise well maintained and presentable 3 star Hotel. In our opinion it isn't. We would not rate it more than 2 star. We have been to 3 star rated Hotels before, and they have proved to be much much better than this one. Looking back to when we first arrived there, we both recall seeing some not-too-happy long faces. These were the people that we came to speak with during our stay, and discovered that they too were not impressed with the Hotel generally, but specifically with the food. More than one couple, for example one couple from Scotland, said that happily wasted their All Inclusive status mid-day meals to eat out. My wife and I did the same. Paid for AI, but we weren't in the Hotel grounds during the day, and we too ate at other venues. It wasn't simply or only the poor food, but the whole feel of the place. Noisy, cramped, tatty.

We fully accept that we have to live and learn, and we are in no way asking for funds back, or any compensation of any kind. This was our first trip to Turkey. We would definitely go back again. What we have seen of Turkey is reason enough to return, and we will one day. It's a lovely place, with beautiful flowers and clean roads et al. Marmaris and Icmeler and surrounding countryside and sea views were just stunning, and the sea is beautifully clear. We have learned that we should avoid the Abacus Green Hotel, and probably any other that is below a 4 star rating.

We told the Goldtrail Rep our non-specific concerns, and said that we would be writing to all concerned, including to this, our Internet travel-log of a kind, duly submitted for all to see on the Interweb !! Hopefully someone will find it useful.
Holiday from hell
Submitted by: Heather & Allan in 10/08/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Marmaris for a holiday great, but beware! The hotel or brothel requires new management and staff also the cook could benefit lessons from Andrew Worrall Thompson. All the ingredients but don't know what to do with them.
There is a total lack of entertainment discipline, and order. And fellas, look after your wives girlfriends, and daughters very closely.
Best part, meeting nice people, Linda +co, Fran, girls from Bridgend, Colin +co, ruby +co, and many more. Best boat trips are with Eric on sea front look out for Sarah works on boats, very helpful lady. p.s. Linda where is my e. Mail
Submitted by: Lynda in 31/07/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We booked a holiday with Goldtrail, we should have flown from Gatwick 16th July at 10pm but the times were altered on the tickets to 23.59pm. Then at the airport the screen it said 0.45am, this was not a delay flight it was altered again without telling us, so we got on the plane 17th July .

We arrived at Sarba about 10.30am on the 17th July. We were told to vacate the room at midday, on 23rd July. We then had our wristbands removed for the all inclusive. This was after only 6 days and we had paid for 7.

Our flight home was not until 24th July at 7.30am, so this is 19 1/2 hours after we had to vacate the room. We are a party of 3, and 1 of us is diabetic and so they need food and a bed in case of illness. Another 1 of our party suffers with back problems and also needed a sleep in the day as they would be driving home from Gatwick which is a 3 hour drive.

We got in touch with the rep, who said it was Monarch Airline's fault as the room was booked from Sunday 12 noon to the following Sunday 12 noon. But because Goldtrail put the package together, we only got 6 days all-inclusive. They wanted us to pay to keep the room and the all-inclusive at £30 a head. We refused to do this as we believed we had already paid for this. We managed to get 1 room out of them for free but were told not to tell anybody.

The shower only had hot water from around 8am till 9am, and then in the evening it was hot water between 5pm till 7pm. Some guests said that their water was fine but plenty of others agreed with us. As for the actual room (201): the ceiling in the bathroom was discoloured by an up stairs leak. The bin for the toilet paper was not changed regularly enough. We never had a telephone, and the mini bar was just a fridge. Also it costs extra to have air conditioning and sat tv. We were not told about paying for a visa and wristbands but it is mentioned on the small print please so read carefully.

The food was a laugh and was recycled daily. But luckily food was cheap else where - and edible! The pool was not supervised, and as the week went on people were getting really silly (to much sun and beer) by chucking people in. It was very noisy most nights until 4am, when you could finally get to sleep, due to people shouting.

I would not recommend this hotel, or even Goldtrail, to anyone as the rep was useless and we had to speak to her boss to get any kind of results.

Best part of this holiday was all the new friends we made. If it wasn't for them it would have been worse then ever. To top the holiday off, our flight was delayed a further 3 hours so some people were out of a room for 22 1/2 hours.
Why should we pay for Sunday when we were still in the UK?
Total price paid £1,008.00 it was not worth ½ of that.
Our paper work said date of arrival 16/07/2006 but we did not fly till 17/07/2206
Brilliant staff
Submitted by: Michael in 27/07/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
it was a perfect first holiday to turkey,the rooms are basic but comfortable,food very edible with a good choice with plenty of salads,deserts+fruit.the staff were absolutly awsome,took us to discos and made sure we were looked after.genuine people who we are still in contact with.cannot wait to return as we had a holiday to remember.
Great service & staff
Submitted by: Dona and Toni in 24/07/06
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
Not long been back from Turkey the hotel is very basic but clean. The food is not very nice but the staff are wicked. its gr8 if u wanna get pissed all the time.
Staff very friendly
Submitted by: Laura in 18/07/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
Just recently back from turkey staying at abacus green hotel. Overall the holiday was great plenty entertainment during the day and at night in this hotel. Staffs are very friendly and go out their way to make sure u have a gr8 holiday. Rooms are basic but clean air conditioning excellent in rooms. Food edible but not up to much. However there soup and bread is delicious. The hotel can be a bit noisy at night with doors banging. Would recommend this hotel and will definitely use it again.

Top Local Tips for Marmaris

dolmus these were great! We were in armulatan area so nowhere near the beach or town but dolmus stop just at end of street. get the number 2 dolmus say beach/town get off at burger king/mcdonalds(last stop) your're in town.(takes about 5-10 minutes) All for one lira(50p) Goin to Icmeler? do as above then hop straight on to orange icmeler bus at same stop. All these buses run every 5 minutes!

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"The best holiday ever" - Beth n Tash

"It was amazing" - Bethany

"Thay r the best" - Crazy lady

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