EH El Pinar Hotel

, Torremolinos, Spain
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EH El Pinar Hotel

, Torremolinos
4 star

Rooms: 253

Urb. El Pinar - Torremolinos - 29620 - Spain | 952374737
542 Traveller

Reviews - EH El Pinar Hotel

Is this really a 4 Star?
Submitted by: Fran in 22/09/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Spain
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
On arrival the hotel staff were friendly and we were quickly allocated our apartment. Our friends were staying in a hotel room and were told that their room wasn't ready.

On arrival to our apartment, I was a little disappointed as it was supposed to be one bedroom, but was more of studio. But had a lovely view both of the pool and the sea.

On closer inspection we found that the floor was still dirty - didn't appear to have been cleaned at all. The rest was reasonable, but certainly not 4 Star accommodation, we decided not to complain as we were only staying one night and our friends room hadn't been ready because of the cleaning. The rooms really do need up-grading.

The pool area was good. Reception staff friendly and helpful.

Breakfast not so good - stale rolls etc.
Good hotel
Submitted by: Scott Manley in 23/08/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Was at El Pinar in February, it was a nice hotel and will b going back in November, so it must b good! All was ok.
Have i found rudest hotel staff on earth?
Submitted by: Paul B in 21/06/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Pleasure Seeker
I begin this review with the question, are the staff at hotel el pinar the rudest i have ever encountered? (baring in mind i am a teacher and holiday three times a year due to my 12 week holiday entitlement).

#The arival#.
I arrived at hotel el pinar for ten day break. The first day i was on my own, the second a friend joined me, and on day five two other friends arrived.

#The Fridgeless room#.
So, when i got to my room (a box room), i discovered there wasn't a fridge, it did state that there was in the review on the web site hotelopia.
I rang down to reception and they said that none of the rooms have a fridge in the el pinar hotel, then said sorry and put down the phone.
I went down to reception and asked to speak to hotel manager, and discovered this was the person i had just been speaking to. Friendly guy!
After i made a scene shouting and jesticulating in a threatening manner, he rang hotelopia, and spoke to person called Alex who said the manager had to give me a room with a fridge. So to my surprise, he was actually lying about el pinar being the only 4 star fridgless hotel i had ever encountered.
I then got upgraded to an apartment that slept five. HA!
#The TV#.
It had a smaller TV, with only one channel. To turn the TV on, i had to turn it on its side and then gently turn it back. How tacky and run down is place?
#The Bar inside#.
It took about five minutes before we got served at the inside bar, and then we were then told we had to go sit down at a table and wait. It was service with a while. :)
#The Pool#.
My friends arrived, we had some fun jumping and diving into the pool when the large bottomed life guard would blow her whistle at us, point and glare. Each time she walked over and told my friend (not me) to stop having fun (he said she did anyway). A twenty four strong bunch of lads arrived from essex and chanted football songs including "there were no german bombers in the air". Many of these were divebombing into the pool, and also using the "c" word in front of families. The lifeguard didnt seem to care.
A hotel suitable for stag and hen parties only.
And the pools a mile from the beach whatever anybody tells you!
Great, pleasant & friendly place
Submitted by: El-seaud in 02/10/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
Very nice place... 3 times I have been there 3 times and It is just fantastic... well recommended.

Historical Traveller Reviews of EH El Pinar Hotel

Rip off scam ,never, never ,never again.

from A TripAdvisor Member
The space panel allocated is not half large enough to record just how bad this "Hotel" really is. I could write a book on it, to put it in a nutshell even the famed cockroches wouldent touch it. Where does one start.Let it be the Diningroom. For B/Fast. & dinner one had to first go looking for a cruet-set with salt/pepper, they seemed to have just 6 set's. Many time's one could not get even a simple teaspoon. The food was stone cold most of the time and when this was pointed out to the staff one was directed to the microwave.Another thing that use happen was that the D/Room was void of staff and when one went to one of the counters for some alternitive meals one would be served by one of your waiters working from the kitchen, it seem's that at time's there were no kitchen-staff either.
We spent 2 weeks there and from day one we had noise in our room (116) which we found out later was from a faulty Air-Con. unit which "they" said was in bad need of repair and it was only after many complaints did they offer to move us. This was a week later, wewere not too keen to pack up and start again in another room. I did challange the Manager on these and other matters but it got me nowhere except for a bottle of red wine and a bottle of water given us a a "Bribe" of some sort.
The whole place seemed to be run like a "micky Mouse" club. As I told the Manager, and I tell you now, it certainly is NOT a 4 Star hotel, it was not even a 4 Star Hostel and If I ever get enough money I'll Sue the --------. James Ryan.

Disappointing Accommodation and Location

from A TripAdvisor Member
The 'studio' we had at El Pinar was pretty ramshackle and not worth the money or the 4 stars. Light and electrical fittings were coming off the walls and the electricity supply constantly flickered. But the swimming pool and the maid service were good, as was the evening buffet. The Meson and bar food were pretty appalling so avoid those if you can. If you wish to find a night life, then expect to get taxis everywhere. Taxis to Torremolinos beach cost 8-13 Euros; Benalmadena about 15Euros and Puerto Banus a whopping 40-65Euros one way. For 10 days, we ended up paying approx £200 in taxi fares each as El Pinar is far removed from the nightspots. It would be a good family hotel though and try and get into the new building, which is much nicer! However, for us, a bit disappointing on the accommodation and location...

Incorrect Rating

from A TripAdvisor Member
I read various comments before visiting about the lack of quality regarding the dining and unfriendly staff. My initial thoughts were people were exagerating. However, there is no way on earth that this hotel merits a 4-star rating. It was the worst food I have ever seen in all my years visiting many different hotels. Stay there again, I don't think so!!

brilliant hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
Both me and my husband thought that this was one of the nicest hotels that we have stayed in. The gardens were spacious and pleasant. The food was as good as any other Spanish Hotel. The staff were very friendly. It definitely deserved its 4 stars and the free bus into town was excellent. I would recommend it to any one.

Too many stars.

from mopsey1
Rooms very good as are the communal areas. The staff are very friendly and helpful.Many of the spirits in the bar are unbranded. The food is not up to much either. Thankfully we only stayed 3 nights. How did it merit that star rating!

Excellent stay at El Pinar! (Wonderful in every way!)

from A TripAdvisor Member
i think hotel el pinar was AMAZING! truely great family hotel, EXACTLY the same as the pictures! clean, respectful, friendly staff, truely delightful! evrything was clean, you were always stuffed with gorgeous food!i only wish we were staying longer! 2 weeks was just NOT enough! trust me if your stopping at el pinar TAKE ME WITH YOU!! regardingChristeenxx

Give it a good manager

from A TripAdvisor Member
Excellent reception, my wife wanted a view over the bay, the guy went off to see if the room that he had in mind was ready. It was'nt but he had found one better. We were pleased and impressed. We had previously read the web reports. They are true, the rooms are good, but it does state 4 star! The food, first let me say the staff are nice, the food is sort of two star, there is a limited choice, the restaurant is like something from the early days in a 2 star hotel. There is nothing 4 star about the food. if you compare a 4 star with the same in Teneriffe you would see the wide wide difference between the two. Sweets are packet mousse every night. They vary the flavour. Really poor stuff.
You can have icecream with it if you wish. The evening entertainment is the same, the room is like floodlit and never changes, not even for the cabaret, well parrot show. This guy hangs around in black sort of gear and plays with his mobile a lot. plays music that is not suitable to dance to, while the room is full of people wanting to dance, then after the show he puts on dance music when everyone has gone to bed. Crazy or what. This place screams out for a manager who can turn this 2 star into the 4 star it purports to be.

Good hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
the el pinar is situated above torremolinos right by the main road from malaga to benalmadena e.t.c. a long walk to the town 9 a bus is available (free) recently refurbed and in its own grounds with its own shops. if it was nearer to the beach i would go again. email me for more details

El Piner Hotel Torremolinos once but never again

from JOHNandJOYCE_8
Although it is rated a 4* Hotel.... It is not a 4* star hotel in most of what you would expect from a 4* be it English or otherwise. We found that the accommodation was very good. The Staff ie Working... Serving Staff [not Management] were top class The Food was nowhere up to the standard one would expect from such a star rating. It was varied and sometimes edible but sadly never desirable. It is 'eat as much as you like' and the illustrations above the trays are helpful such as a cow, pig or chicken as it is the only way to know what you are eating. On the whole we went in December / January and the sun shined producing a very pleasant stay. The distance from the hotel is walkable to the beach. The hotel offers free transport to and from the hotel and beach up to 8pm,every 30 minutes with the exception of 1pm and 4 pm. Due to the fact that the Management chose to ignore our concerns with regards to the standard of the food we will not stay in the El Pinar again and we would doubt that all of the clients who agreed with us would return either

Food - Edible but not desirable

from wazieUKSheffield
This is not a 4* star but the accommodation was very good. The Food was not up to the same standard. It was varied and edible but sadly not desirable. It is 'eat as much as you like' and the illustrations above the trays are helpful such as a cow, pig or chicken as it is the only way to know what you are eating. On the whole we went in December and the sun shined producing a temperature of around 70 f or 21 c. So this made the holiday. The distance from the hotel is walkable to the beach.
We did it a few times. However prior training is vital. Stop your car about a mile from the service station on the motorway and start walking. It was a very busy road and a reasonable fitness level is vital. To their credit the hotel offers free transport to and from the hotel and beech up to 8pm,every 30 minutes with the exception of 1pm and 4 pm.

Top Local Tips for Torremolinos

Lack of choice The thing I found with Torremolinos is that there is a lack of choice when dining out. We did go out of season, but seeing as it is a year-round resort, I did expect a bit more than was available. We walked round a lot trying to find somewhere which offered more than just porkchop and chips or chinese but they were few and far between! Haven't been to Spain for a few years, last time was before the Euro. Was shocked at the massive increase in the cost to eat and drink. Although we paid little for the hotel and flight, the cheap holiday was made expensive because of the amount we paid to eat and drink -we only had 1 main meal a day and 1 course, with few drinks, still cost a heck of a lot! My daughter was having adult meals because children were not catered for - they would servce child-sized portions if asked, but the size wasn't actually much smaller and charged 1 euro less. I was also a little disappointed with the level of service. It was slow and not as friendly as it could be

Water park Hire your own rubber rings and get there early



Other names for EH El Pinar Hotel

  • torremolinos el pinar
  • torremolinos eh el pinar
  • el pinar torremolinos
  • el pinar hotel
  • eh el pinar torremolinos
  • Address: Urb. El Pinar - Torremolinos - 29620 - Spain
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